Rare Book Holdings by Classification

Effective April 2003

Note: Due to a search limitation in LUIS, LC classifications can only be searched in a very general manner - letters - or very specifically. To search PL 2 will locate only PL 2, not PL 2 - PL 2999.

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Class General Subject Specific Subject Titles
01x General Works Bibliographical Science 252
02x General Works Library Science 38
03x General Works General Encyclopedias 15
04x General Works General Collected Essays 1
05x General Works General Periodicals 157
06x General Works General Societies, Museums 6
07x General Works Journalism 29
08x General Works Collected Works 17
09x General Works Book Rarities 79
10x Philosophy Philosophy, Esthetics 14
11x Philosophy Metaphysics 10
12x Philosophy Metaphysical Theories 26
13x Philosophy Pseudopsychology 54
14x Philosophy Specific Philosophical Viewpoints 12
15x Philosophy Psychology 21
16x Philosophy Logic 9
17x Philosophy Ethics 162
18x Philosophy Oriental and Ancient Philosophy 21
19x Philosophy Modern Philosophy 119
20x Religion Religion 84
21x Religion Natural Religion 91
22x Religion Bible 281
23x Religion Systematic or Doctrinal Theology 381
24x Religion Devotional Theology 196
25x Religion Pastoral Theology 345
26x Religion Ecclesiastical Theology 213
27x Religion Christian Church History 199
28x Religion Christian Churches and Sects 411
29x Religion Non-Christian Religions 76
30x Social Sciences Social Sciences, Sociology 96
31x Social Sciences Statistics 12
32x Social Sciences Political Science 834
33x Social Sciences Economics 260
34x Social Sciences Law 143
35x Social Sciences Public Administration 71
36x Social Sciences Social Welfare 34
37x Social Sciences Education 78
38x Social Sciences Commerce 40
39x Social Sciences Customs 123
40x Linguistics Linguistics 8
41x Linguistics Comparative Linguistics 8
42x Linguistics English Language 49
43x Linguistics German, Germanic Languages 2
44x Linguistics French, Provencal 17
45x Linguistics Italian, Rumanian 9
46x Linguistics Spanish, Portuguese 10
47x Linguistics Latin, Other Italic 24
48x Linguistics Greek, Hellenic Group 16
49x Linguistics Other Languages 33
50x Pure Sciences Pure Science 43
51x Pure Sciences Mathematics 43
52x Pure Sciences Astronomy 46
53x Pure Sciences Physics 26
54x Pure Sciences Chemistry, Crystallography, Mineralogy 20
55x Pure Sciences Earth Sciences 16
56x Pure Sciences Paleontology 8
57x Pure Sciences Biological Sciences 68
58x Pure Sciences Botany 72
59x Pure Sciences Zoology 92
60x Applied Science Applied Science 5
61x Applied Science Medical Sciences 101
62x Applied Science Engineering 34
63x Applied Science Agriculture 77
64x Applied Science Home Economics 12
655x Applied Science Graphic Arts Industries 157
65x Applied Science Business and Business Methods (except graphic arts) 47
66x Applied Science Chemical Technology, Industrial Chemistry 1
67x Applied Science Manufactures, Continued 11
68x Applied Science Manufactures, Continued 14
69x Applied Science Building Construction 6
70x Arts & Recreation Arts and Recreation 94
71x Arts & Recreation Landscape Architecture 27
72x Arts & Recreation Architecture 302
73x Arts & Recreation Sculpture 50
74x Arts & Recreation Drawing, Decorative Art 154
75x Arts & Recreation Painting 119
76x Arts & Recreation Prints and Printmaking 105
77x Arts & Recreation Photography 7
78x Arts & Recreation Music 80
79x Arts & Recreation Recreation 161
80x Literature Literature 252
81x Literature American Literature 3356
82x Literature English Literature 6180
83x Literature German and Other Germanic Literatures 238
84x Literature French, Provencal, Catalan Literatures 700
85x Literature Italian, Rumanian, Romansch Literatures 316
86x Literature Spanish and Portuguese Literatures 130
87x Literature Latin and Other Italic Literatures 436
88x Literature Greek and Hellenic Group Literatures 205
89x Literature Literature of Other Languages 138
90x History History 75
91x History Geography 671
92x History Biography 125
93x History Ancient World History 47
94x History European History 1036
95x History Asian History 26
96x History African History 23
97x History North American History 544
98x History South American History 97
99x History Oceanian History 18

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AC General Works Collections. Series. Collected Works 15
AE General Works Encyclopedias (General) 11
AG General Works Dictionaries. General Reference Works 8
AI General Works Indexes (General) 0
AM General Works Museums (General). Collectors and collecting 2
AN General Works Newspapers 0
AP General Works Periodicals (General) 31
AS General Works Academies and learned societies (General) 5
AY General Works Yearbooks. Almanacs. Directories 7
AZ General Works History of scholarship and learning 1
B Philosophy. Psychology. Religion Philosophy (General) 92
BC Philosophy. Psychology. Religion Logic 3
BD Philosophy. Psychology. Religion Speculative philosophy 12
BF Philosophy. Psychology. Religion Psychology 40
BH Philosophy. Psychology. Religion Aesthetics 2
BJ Philosophy. Psychology. Religion Ethics 80
BL Philosophy. Psychology. Religion Religions. Mythology. Rationalism 46
BM Philosophy. Psychology. Religion Judaism 315
BP Philosophy. Psychology. Religion Islam. Bahaism. Theosophy 4
BQ Philosophy. Psychology. Religion Buddhism 1
BR Philosophy. Psychology. Religion Christianity (General) 45
BS Philosophy. Psychology. Religion The Bible and exegesis 188
BT Philosophy. Psychology. Religion Doctrinal theology. Apologetics 91
BV Philosophy. Psychology. Religion Practical theology 157
BX Philosophy. Psychology. Religion Denominations and sects 359
C Auxiliary Sciences of History Auxiliary sciences of history (General) 0
CB Auxiliary Sciences of History History of civilization 7
CC Auxiliary Sciences of History Archaeology (General) 0
CD Auxiliary Sciences of History Diplomatics. Archives. Seals 12
CE Auxiliary Sciences of History Technical chronology. Calendar 5
CJ Auxiliary Sciences of History Numismatics 4
CN Auxiliary Sciences of History Inscriptions. Epigraphy 46
CR Auxiliary Sciences of History Heraldry 14
CS Auxiliary Sciences of History Genealogy 12
CT Auxiliary Sciences of History Biography 33
D History: General and Old World History (General) 1069
DA History: General and Old World Great Britain 227
DAW History: General and Old World Central Europe 0
DB History: General and Old World Austria. Czechoslovakia. Hungary 10
DC History: General and Old World France 93
DD History: General and Old World Germany 57
DE History: General and Old World The Mediterranean region. Greco-Roman world 62
DF History: General and Old World Greece 12
DG History: General and Old World Italy 50
DH-DJ History: General and Old World Netherlands. Belgium. Luxemburg 9
DJK History: General and Old World Eastern Europe 0
DK History: General and Old World Russia. Poland. Finland 10
DL History: General and Old World Northern Europe. Scandinavia 7
DP History: General and Old World Spain. Portugal 28
DQ History: General and Old World Switzerland 3
DR History: General and Old World Eastern Europe. Balkan Peninsula. Turkey 2
DS History: General and Old World Asia 180
DT History: General and Old World Africa 98
DU History: General and Old World Oceania (South Seas) 176
DX History: General and Old World Gypsies 0
E History: America American History (General) 421
F History: America America (Specific) 341
G Geography. Anthropology. Recreation Geography (General) 51
GA Geography. Anthropology. Recreation Mathematical geography. Cartography 7
GB Geography. Anthropology. Recreation Physical geography 1
GC Geography. Anthropology. Recreation Oceanography 5
GE Geography. Anthropology. Recreation Environmental Sciences 0
GF Geography. Anthropology. Recreation Human ecology. Anthropogeography 0
GN Geography. Anthropology. Recreation Anthropology 24
GR Geography. Anthropology. Recreation Folklore 25
GT Geography. Anthropology. Recreation Manners and customs (General) 13
GV Geography. Anthropology. Recreation Recreation 379
H Social Sciences Social sciences (General) 5
HA Social Sciences Statistics 3
HB Social Sciences Economics 11
HC Social Sciences Economic history & conditions. National prod. 15
HD Social Sciences Land. Agriculture. Industry 69
HE Social Sciences Transportation and communication 12
HF Social Sciences Commerce 39
HG Social Sciences Finance 14
HJ Social Sciences Public Finance 7
HM Social Sciences Sociology 8
HN Social Sciences Social History. Conditions. Problems. Reform 8
HQ Social Sciences The Family. Marriage. Woman 31
HS Social Sciences Societies: Secret, Benevolent, etc. 5
HT Social Sciences Communities. Classes. Races 17
HV Social Sciences Social Pathology. Social & Public Welfare. Criminology 68
HX Social Sciences Socialism. Communism. Anarchism 18
J Political Science Official Documents 6
JA Political Science Collections and General Works 2
JC Political Science Political Theory 15
JF Political Science Political Institutions & Public Administration 0
JK Political Science United States 6
JL Political Science British America. Latin America 9
JN Political Science Europe 7
JQ Political Science Asia. Africa. Australia. Oceania 0
JS Political Science Local Government 1
JV Political Science Colonies and Colonization 6
JX Political Science International Law. International Relations 10
K Law Law (General ) 1
KD Law Law of England and Wales 15
KDC Law Law of Scotland 1
KDE Law Law of Northern Ireland 0
KDG Law Law of Isle of Man and the Channel Islands 0
KDK Law Law of Ireland (Eire) 0
KDZ Law North America 0
KE Law Federal Law (Canada) 0
KEA - KEY Law Law of Individual Provinces and Territories (Canada) 0
KEZ Law Law of Individual Cities, A-Z (Canada) 0
KF Law Federal Law. Common and Collective State Law 25
KFW Law Washington 0
KFX Law Law of Individual Cities, A-Z 0
KFZ Law Law of Individual Territories 0
KG Law Latin America 7
KGA - KGH Law Mexico & Cental America 0
KGJ Law West Indies 0
KGK - KGZ Law Caribbean Area 0
KH Law South America (General) 1
KHA Law Argentina 1
KHB - KHW Law South America. Individual Countries 0
KJ - KKZ Law   0
KK Law Law of Germany 3
KKB Law German States, Provinces, Territories, etc. 2
KL Law History of Law 0
KLA - KWX Law   0
L Education Education (General) 2
LA Education History of Education 12
LB Education Theory and Practice of Education 10
LC Education Special Aspects of Education 18
LD Education United States 1
LE Education America, except United States 1
LF Education Europe 7
LG Education Asia. Africa. Oceania 0
LH Education College and School Magazines and Papers 2
LJ Education Student Fraternities and Sororities, United States 0
LT Education Textbooks 0
M Music Music 31
ML Music Literature on Music 75
MT Music Music Instruction and Study 2
N Fine Arts Visual Arts (General) 225
NA Fine Arts Architecture 135
NB Fine Arts Sculpture 30
NC Fine Arts Drawing. Design. Illustration 62
ND Fine Arts Painting 169
NE Fine Arts Print Media 71
NK Fine Arts Decorative Arts. Applied Arts 32
NX Fine Arts Arts in General 18
P Language and Literature Philology and Linguistics (General) 11
PA Language and Literature Classical Languages and Literature 245
PB Language and Literature General Works 9
PC Language and Literature Romance Languages 11
PD Language and Literature Germanic Languages 0
PE Language and Literature English 30
PF Language and Literature West Germanic 7
PG Language and Literature Slavic 57
PH Language and Literature Finno-Ugrian, Basque Languages and Literature 5
PJ Language and Literature General Works. Oriental Philology & Literature 108
PK Language and Literature Indo-Iranian Philology & Literature 11
PL Language and Literature Languages and Literatures of Eastern Asia 88
PM Language and Literature American Indian Languages 3
PN Language and Literature Literary History and Collections (General) 322
PQ Language and Literature Romance Literatures 2415
PR Language and Literature English Literature 3314
PS Language and Literature American Literature 4645
PT Language and Literature Germanic Literature 353
PZ Language and Literature Fiction and Juvenile Belles Lettres 90
Q Science Science (General) 140
QA Science Mathematics 31
QB Science Astronomy 40
QC Science Physics 27
QD Science Chemistry 20
QE Science Geology 11
QH Science Natural History (General) Biology (General) 44
QK Science Botany 89
QL Science Zoology 126
QM Science Human Anatomy 7
QP Science Physiology 14
QR Science Microbiology 0
R Medicine Medicine (General) 48
RA Medicine Public Aspects of Medicine 15
RB Medicine Pathology 0
RC Medicine Internal Medicine 31
RD Medicine Surgery 6
RE Medicine Ophthalmology 0
RF Medicine Otorhinolaryngology 1
RG Medicine Gynecology and Obstetrics 7
RJ Medicine Pediatrics 3
RK Medicine Dentistry 1
RL Medicine Dermatology 3
RM Medicine Therapeutics. Pharmacology 4
RS Medicine Pharmacy and Materia Medica 12
RT Medicine Nursing 0
RV Medicine Botanic, Thomsonian, and Eclectic Medicine 0
RX Medicine Homeopathy 0
RZ Medicine Other Systems of Medicine 0
S Agriculture Agriculture (General) 24
SB Agriculture Plant Culture 92
SD Agriculture Forestry 0
SF Agriculture Animal Culture 17
SH Agriculture Aquaculture. Fisheries. Angling 8
SK Agriculture Hunting Sports 15
T Technology Technology (General) 15
TA Technology Engineering (General) 4
TC Technology Hydraulic Engineering 3
TD Technology Environmental Technology 2
TE Technology Highway Engineering 1
TF Technology Railroad Engineering & Operation 6
TG Technology Bridge Engineering 0
TH Technology Building Construction 8
TJ Technology Mechanical Engineering & Machinery 0
TK Technology Electrical Engineering. Electronics. Nuclear Engineering 4
TL Technology Motor Vehicles. Aeronautics. Astronautics 5
TN Technology Mining Engineering. Metallurgy 5
TP Technology Chemical Technology 4
TR Technology Photography 10
TS Technology Manufactures 14
TT Technology Handicrafts. Arts and Crafts 5
TX Technology Home Economics 27
U Military Science Military Science (General) 6
UA Military Science Armies 6
UB Military Science Military Administration 3
UC Military Science Maintenance and Transportation 1
UD Military Science Infantry 2
UE Military Science Cavalry. Armor 1
UF Military Science Artillery 1
UG Military Science Military Engineering 4
UH Military Science Other services 2
V Naval Science Naval Science (General) 2
VA Naval Science Navies 0
VB Naval Science Naval Administration 0
VC Naval Science Naval Maintenance 0
VD Naval Science Naval Seamen 0
VE Naval Science Marines 0
VF Naval Science Naval Ordinance 0
VG Naval Science Minor Services of Navies 0
VK Naval Science Navigation 6
VM Naval Science Naval Architecture 4
Z Books in General Bibliography. Library Science 994

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