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Production number 42

Production title:  [1951 Homecoming]

Black and white / no sound

Total running time: 00:08:02 minutes

There is no production information available for this film.

Derived from 16 mm film.

Available in VHS, DVD, and Sony DV-cam.

Part of Earl Jernigan's Film Archive.

Homecoming 1951 shows two baton twirlers performing.  A group of men and a few women are then shown leaving Tigert Hall and getting into automobiles.  The University of Florida Homecoming Parade follows with floats, marching bands, other groups, and views of the spectators.  The final scenes are of some of the Homecoming  house and dorm decorations, the Florida Blue Key Banquet, and a few events at Gator Growl.  Many of the scenes also appear in production number 10.  However, that reel includes footage of the football game and Swimcapades.  


0:00    Blank

0:17    Two female baton twirlers do a routine with fireworks juxtaposed around them.  A cascade of fireworks appears alone in the last few seconds.

1:00    Men and a few women are seen leaving Tigert Hall and getting into automobiles parked by the curb.  UF president J. Hillis Miller is among the group.  A group of men in a convertible are shown waving.

1:45    Group of spectators seen applauding


    a band

    group of children

2:42    Review stand with spectators watching the parade

2:50    Floats seen again

3:20    Group of children holding a sign, J.J. Finley

    Group of children hold a sign, Kirby Smith


3:56    Fraternity men in tribal garb are shown climbing up on the review stand and then climbing down

    A man stands up in a moving convertible and speaks to the crowd


    Car with women

    Decorated car with sign, Delta Chi

4:37    People leave the review stand

4:45    Women on a float holding a sign which reads, "We Hit a Tree"

    Brief scene of women working on house decorations at AOT

    Some men work on house decorations and put up a sign "under Fuller Warren governor"

5:16    Scenes of some of the house and dorm Homecoming decorations

6:23    Florida Blue Key Banquet with the speaker (possibly guest speaker General Gray)

    Men at some of the tables shown listening

    J. Hillis Miller shown

6:58    Gator Growl skit - jungle theme

7:29    Male baton twirler does intricate routine

8:02    Film ends


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