University of Florida Archives Moving Image Collection

Production number 10

Production title:  [1951 Homecoming]

Black and white / no sound

Total running time:  22 minutes

There is no information regarding the production of the film.

Derived from 16 mm film.

Available in VHS, DVD, and Sony DV-cam.

The film documents homecoming activites and events in 1951.  The HC slogan was "Renew Old Fun in '51".  There is footage of the homecoming parade, the Florida Blue Key Banquet, Gator Growl, Swimcapades, and the football game.  A shorter version of this film appears as production number 42.


0:00    Two female baton twirlers doing a routine with the special effect of fireworks around them.

0:47    A group of people leaving Tigert Hall.  Among them is J. Hillis Miller, president of the University of Florida.

1:05    Homecoming parade
           Cars with their occupants

            Dean Marna Brady watching the cars

            J. Hillis Miller and others in a car


            Man carrying a small live alligator



            Review stand with dignitaries


            Men in uniforms

             J.J. Finley students

            Kirby Smith students


            Phi Gamma Delta fraternity members do tricks on bicycles

            Car with men dressed in officer uniforms



            Honor Guard

            A barrel with a young woman beside it - "a barrel of money to fight cancer"

            Review stand with dignitaries

            Announcer with microphone


            Parade onlookers



            People disperse from the review stand and sidewalk below the stand

6:35     Women on a float with a sign, "we hit a tree"

6:39     Women in front of a sorority house sawing and putting up large boards in front of the house

            Men place a sign on a constructed decoration, "under Fuller Warren governor"

            Views of house decorations

8:30     Florida Blue Key Banquet - Florida Gym

            Guest speaker General Carl Raymond Gray, head of Veterans' Affairs

            Views of people in audience as J. Hillis Miller and Fuller Warren

9:02     Gator Growl


            Skit - jungle theme

            Male baton twirler

            Skit - live piglet carried off

            Skit - a sorority

            Skit - fraternity (jungle theme)

            Male acrobat

9:41      Interview segment.  Men handed microphone to speak into it and then three women

10:30    Swimcapades


             Two women dance on pool deck then dive into pool and do a water ballet

             Water ballet by large group of men and women in the pool

             Audience applauding

             Eight women in penguin outfits waddle on deck and then dive into pool and commence water ballet

12:36    Football game at Florida Field - UF versus Vanderbilt University

            Game action

17:07    Ends with fireworks

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