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A Guide to the Harry T. Moore Documentary Collection

Finding aid created by Amanda Beyer-Purvis

University of Florida Smathers Libraries - Special and Area Studies Collections
September 2016

Descriptive Summary

Creator: University of Florida. Documentary Institute (Collector)
Title: Harry T. Moore Documentary Collection
Dates: 1937-2001
Bulk dates: 1943-1992
Abstract: This collection consists of material used in a documentary on the bombing of Harry T. Moore's home in Mims, Florida, in December 1951. The film was entitled Freedom Never Dies: The Legacy of Harry T. Moore.
Extent: 3.25 Linear feet. 6 Boxes.
Identification: MSS 0366
Language(s): English

Biographical/Historical Note

Harry T. Moore (1905-1951) was the founder and secretary for the Brevard County NAACP in Florida. He and his wife Harriette Moore were killed in a bombing of their home on Christmas night 1951. Moore had been an early leader in the civil rights movement in Florida. He fought for equal pay for African-American teachers, led the state's first African-American voter registration drive, organized the first state conference for the NAACP, and advocated against police brutality against blacks. Born in Houston in Suwannee County, Florida, in 1905, Moore was raised by his mother and aunts after his father's death in 1915. He graduated from Florida Memorial High School in Live Oak in 1925. Before becoming involved in civil rights activism, Moore became a teacher in his home town of Houston, then moved to Brevard County to take a position as an instructor and principal at a black elementary school in Mims. In 1934, Moore was introduced to the NAACP by a neighbor which prompted him to become involved in founding the Brevard County Branch.

Harriette V. Simms was born in 1902 in West Palm Beach Florida. She graduated from Bethune-Cookman College with an Associate's Degree in 1941 and began teaching elementary school classes at Titusville Colored School in Mims where she met Moore. They married on December 25th 1926, twenty-five years exactly before they were both killed by an explosion in their home. They had two daughters: Annie "Peaches" Rosalea and Juanita Evangeline. In 1946, both Harriette and Harry Moore were fired from their teaching positions with Brevard County because of their civil rights activism.

A bomb detonated under the Moore house on December 25, 1951. Placed specifically under the Moore's bedroom, the bomb injured the Moore's while they slept. Harry Moore died on the way to the hospital. Harriette Moore died nine days later from her wounds. Despite an extensive FBI investigation, no arrests were made. In 2005, the state of Florida - under the direction of State Attorney General Charlie Crist - reopened an investigation into the bombing. The investigation concluded that the Moore's were killed by members of a central Florida branch of the Ku Klux Klan, headed by Klan members Earl J. Brooklyn, Tillman H. Belvin, and Joseph Neville Cox.

Scope and Content

The files in this collection were compiled for a documentary entitled Freedom Never Dies: The Legacy of Harry T. Moore, which was produced by The Documentary Institute at the University of Florida and broadcast by PBS in 2001. The documentary script was written, directed, and produced by Churchill Roberts and Sandra Dickson.

The collection includes copies of Moore's personal documents and correspondence. Notes and background material collected by the documentary researchers is also included along with NAACP files regarding Moore's civil rights projects in Brevard County. Additionally, the collection includes articles on the NAACP in Florida and the Moore bombing. A large portion of the collection is FBI files both on the Moore bombing and on the Groveland case. Finally, there are a number of photographs included in the collection of Harry and Harriette Moore, their children Evangeline and Annie, and other members of the Moore's extended family. More general photographs, including pictures of the Klan, Florida towns, and NAACP figures and events are included in the photograph collection.

Access or Use Restrictions


This collection is open for research.

Usage Restrictions

Reproduction of photographic material requires the permission of the Moore family.

Administrative Information

Preferred Citation

[Identification of item], Harry T. Moore Documentary Collection, Special and Area Studies Collections, George A. Smathers Libraries, University of Florida, Gainesville, Florida.

Acquisition Information

Collection received from the University of Florida Documentary Institute.

Contents List

Personal Documents.

1 1910 Census, Suwannee County, Florida - Harry T. Moore's Parents.
1 Speeches / Poems From Evangeline Moore.
1 Harry T. Moore High School and College Transcripts.
1 Harriette Moore Teaching Contracts.

Documentary Files.

1 Notes.
1 Book Catalogue - African American Studies.
1 Documentary Editing Guidelines.

Background Material.

1 The Great Migration.
1 "Overview of Official Attitudes Toward African Americans and General Climate of Racism in Florida During the Period 1900-1950" by Scott Litvack.
1 KKK [Ku Klux Klan] Material.
1 Moore Investigation - 1978.
1 Moore Investigation - 1992.
1 Joseph Cox Death Certificate.
1 Stetson Kennedy.


1 Summaries / Timelines of Harry Moore Correspondence. 1937-1951
1 NAACP [National Association for the Advancement of Colored People] Correspondence. 1937-1947
1 NAACP Correspondence. 1948-1963
1 "Mims Colored Elementary School". 1941-1950
1 Groveland Case. 1949
1 NAACP / Harry Moore. 1937-1980
1 NAACP Defense of Blacks Arrested in Florida. 1943-1948
1 Letters to Fuller Warren on Moore Bombing, Groveland Case. 1951-1953
1 Moore Bombing. 1952
1 Communication Around the Harry Moore Documentary. 1998


1 General.
1 Arrest / Lynching In Florida.
1 International Headlines on Moore Bombing.
1 Thurgood Marshall.
1 Moore Bio Articles.
1 Creation of Moore Memorial. 1995
1 Moore Bombing.
1 Sanford Hospital.
1 Socialist Reaction to Moore Bombing.
1 "Florida's Year of Terror".
1 NAACP Actions in Florida.
1 Marianna, Florida.
1 List of Newspapers Articles About Harry T. Moore / Groveland.
1 The Crisis. 1952 November


2 Harry and Harriette Moore.
2 Annie and Evangeline Moore.
2 Harry T. Moore.
2 Harriette Moore.
2 Evangeline Moore.
2 Annie Moore.
2 Harry and Harriette Moore with Evangeline and Annie - baby photographs.
2 Baby photographs of Evangeline and Annie.
2 Graduation photographs of Evangeline and Annie.
2 Moore Relatives.
2 Grandparents House - Lake Butler.
2 Sims Family.
2 Scenes of Florida.
2 Unknown people.
2 Schoolmates.
2 NAACP Membership Drive.
2 Ku Klux Klan.
2 Florida Postcards.
2 Titusville, Florida.
2 Florida Memorial College.
2 FBI photographs of Moore House Bombing.
2 Groveland.
2 Live Oak Trains, Live Oak Goff.
2 Lynching.
2 Black Troops in WWII.
2 Thurgood Marshall.
2 Schools.
2 Voter Registration.
2 Walter White.
2 Whites Only Signs.
2 Franklin Williams.
2 Roy Wilkins.
2 Negatives / Slides.
2 Fernald Laughton Memorial Hospital.

National Association for the Advancement of Colored People.

3 Florida NAACP Membership.
3 Chronology NAACP State Conference and Progressive Voters League.
3 NAACP Problems.
3 Report of the Florida Trip - Florida NAACP. 1949 November 25-30
3 NAACP "Great Night" Program. 1952 March 6
3 NAACP Meeting Programs.
3 Lynching Case Investigations.
3 Lynching of Claude Neal.
3 NAACP Crusade Against Lynching.
3 "Teachers' Salaries in Black and White Pamphlet," "A Picture of Florida Schools" The Crisis. 1937 September
3 Teacher Salary Legal Petition, Cocoa, Florida.
3 Notes on Teacher Salaries.


3 Petition to Squash Indictment Denied August 25, 1949.
3 Groveland Trial -"Charges of the Court at Trial".
3 Testimony of Irvin and Shepherd.
3 Transcript of Groveland Trial (Includes Norma Padget Testimony).
3 Southern Reporter "Irvin v. State".
3 Second Trial Brief of Appellee.
3 Irvin's Second Trial (Part I).
3 Irvin's Second Trial (Part II).
3 Answer to Motion to Disqualify J. W. Hunter As State Attorney.
3 Motions After Second Trial.
3 Answer to Application for Removal of Cause in Shepherd and Irvin Case.
3 Motion Prior to Second Trial - Before It Was Moved to Marion County and Before McCall Shot Prisoners.
3 Certified Copy of Coroner's Jury, Sworn Statement of Deputy James L. Yates, Sworn Statement of Sheriff McCall, Sworn Statement of Walter Lee Irvin.
3 Chronology of McCall Shooting Prisoners.
3 Statement by Governor of Florida on His Decision to Commute the Sentence of Walter Irvin.
3 Summary Statement by Charlie Greenlee Regarding "Groveland Rape Case".
3 U.S. Supreme Court Petition Rehearing of Order Denying Petition for Writ of Certiorari Walter Irwin.
3 Walter Irvin Reclassification and Progress Report-Florida State Prison.
3 FBI Files on Groveland Rape Case, File # 44-2722, Volume 1.
3 FBI Files on Groveland Rape Case, File # 44-2722, Volume 2.
3 FBI Files on Groveland Rape Case, File # 44-2722, Volume 3 (Part 1).
3 FBI Files on Groveland Rape Case, File # 44-2722, Volume 3 (Part 2).
4 FBI Files - Volume I.
4 FBI Files - Volume II.
4 FBI Files - Volume III.
4 Testimony from the Groveland Trial.
4 Groveland Investigation.
4 Chronologies of Groveland Events.
4 State of Florida Records on Walter Lee Irwin.
4 Articles on Groveland.
4 Articles on Groveland Case Coverage.
4 National Guard Report on Groveland.
4 NAACP Reaction to Groveland.
4 Willis McCall - Lake Co. Sheriff.
4 Shepherd versus Florida; 341 US 50 (4-9-51).
4 Groveland Case - Report of Grand Jury.
4 Groveland Case - Brief of Appellants Filed By Akerman, Akerman, and Price: Attorneys for Appellants.
4 Interview with Walter Irvin By a Special Investigator for the Governor of Florida Concerning Abuse By Law Enforcement.

Federal Bureau of Investigation Files.

4 "Interesting Comment That There Definitely Exists an Excellent Motive" [For George Sims to Kill His Brother-in-Law].
4 Hoover Letters.
4 "FBI Suspects Nitroglycerin" Investigation into Explosives.
4 "Murders in Winter Garden - January-July 1951".
4 "Mrs. Tillman Belvin was Head of the Klan Auxiliary".
4 Earl Brooklyn Family Members.
4 Carver Village Bombing.
4 "Bombing in Florida".
4 "Peason NAACP Removed Moore as Executive Secretary".
4 "Moore's Itinerary: January-June 1951".
4 "Progressive Party Denouncement of Murder and Violence in Florida".
4 "Winter Garden and Orlando Klan Believe Someone is Furnishing Info to FBI".
4 "Dorothy Hester Says Mrs. Moore Told Walter White (At The Hospital) Who Was Behind the Crime".
4 "Criticism / Threats Against Moore".
4 "NAACP Difficulties with Moore".
4 "Moore Working in Miami Area Records? 1) NAACP Troubles 2) Moore Threatened in West Palm Beach 3) Attempts on Moore's Life".
4 "White Locals Really Resented Attention Moore was Bringing to Area Because of Groveland Case; Death "Not Connected with Miami".
4 "Bill Bogar said Brooklyn had Floor Plans".
4 "FBI Follow-up on Hutcheson Boys?".
4 "John Hill said Moore Wrote Fuller Warren Asking for Protection for NAACP Workers".
4 "Ernestine Jamerson Does a Good Job of Relating this Story (of the Bombing)".
4 "Dissent Within NAACP - Ask Ernestine About Warning by Arnold Sims to Harry Moore".
4 "Mims Sheriff Liked By Black Community".
4 "NAACP Official Points Finger at Harriette Sims Brother - No Motive".
4 "Civil Rights Congress".
4 "Communists Attending the Funeral (Some of Cora's Relatives)".
4 "Correspondence Between Moore and Superintendent of Schools in Brevard".
4 "Nearest Residents to the Scene of the Explosion at Moore's House - Several Hundred Yards north of Moore's House".
4 "Residents in the Area Where Moore Home Was Located".
4 "Moores Had Burial Policies From 'Lillie White' Burial Fund Which Refused to Pay for Burial, Claiming Policy was Not Paid".
4 Fortenberry.
4 Brooklyn and Belvin Actions.
5 Preprocessed File - Section 1, 190-37098-10.
5 Preprocessed File - Section 1 and 2, 190-37098-12.
5 Preprocessed File - Section 3, 190-37098-12.
5 Preprocessed File - Section 4 and 5, 190-37098-12.
5 Preprocessed File - Section 6 and 7, 190-37098-12.
5 Preprocessed File - Section 8 and 9, 190-37098-12.
5 Preprocessed File - Section 10-12, 190-37098-12.
5 Preprocessed File - Section 13 and 14, 190-37098-12.
5 Preprocessed File - Section 15, 190-37098-12.
5 Preprocessed File - Section 16, 190-37098-12.
5 Preprocessed File - Section 17 (Part 1), 190-37098-12.
5 Preprocessed File - Section 17 (Part 2), 190-37098-12.
5 General.
5 "Orlando Klan of the Association of Georgia Klans is Different from the Winter Garden Klan, Although Both Hold Meetings in the Same Building".
5 "Former State Representative Roy Roberts, A Suspect".
5 "Recalling Incident in Which Two White Men Came Into the Mims Confectionary Store and Asked Where Moore Lived".
5 "Foggy Christmas Night 1951-Armand Potluck Saw a Car in Front of Moore Home Around 9PM".
5 "List of Persons Interviewed" "List of Follow-Up Interviews".
5 "Suspect E. E. Campbell".
5 "Obviously, The FBI Thought an Informant Who Was Close to Bill Hendrix Could Find and Out the Moore Bombing".
5 "Earl Brooklyn Belonged to Apopka Klan".
5 "An Account of All the Florida Bombings".
5 "Hoover's Request on Possibility of Sending in Agent to Infiltrate the Klan in the Orlando Area".
5 "Investigation Regarding Suspect Earl J. Brooklyn".
5 "Investigation Regarding 1) Suspect A Fortenberry 2) Suspect James B. Johnson 3) Occupants of Colored Quarters 4) Terrorist Incident".
5 "People Who Resided in the Vicinity of Moore Residence".
5 "C. F. Flake Former Klan Member".
5 "Interview with Harriette Moore".
5 "Talks About a Meeting Between Moore and Thurgood Marshall That was to Have Taken".
5 "About the Two Men Who in July Inquired About Moore's Place of Residence".
5 "Lucille Warren Lived Near Moore Home--Heard Bomb".
5 Moore and NAACP.
6 "Trail Leads to Georgia and Alabama".
6 "Hendrix Might Be an Interesting Character".
6 "Madison County Sherriff Connected with Groveland".
6 "Racial Crimes Related to Moore Case?".
6 "Photographs of Known Klansmen(?) Supposed to be in Miami Office".
6 "Belvin As Suspect".
6 "Meeting Place of Apopka Klan".
6 "Suspicion of Brooklyn and Belvin".
6 "Race Riot in Ocoee, Florida - 1919 or 1920".
6 "Investigator Trying to Identify Man Involved in Beating of Coleman".
6 "Little Harlem Café, Apopka, Florida Attempt to Blow Up in December 1951".
6 "Car in Front of Moore's House".
6 "Rooks on Smathers-Pepper Sensational Campaign and Formation of Florida State Voters League".
6 "Ebb B. Farrow Pensacola, Florida".
6 "Two Issues of Newsweek Received by Relatives of Victims".
6 "Bill Hendrix, Klan Granddragon, Claims Moore Wanted Him to Protect Moore".
6 "Moore Supported Fuller Warren for Governor".
6 "Threatening Remarks from Madison Co. Fax Assessor on the Issue of Blacks Registering to Vote".
6 "Bill Hendrix (Grand Dragon) Regarding Nitro Glycerin".
6 "Pursuit of Groveland Attorneys From Tavares to Orlando Airport".
6 "Explosive Tests".
6 "Groveland".
6 "O. K. Washington Testimony".
6 "Belvin Interview".
6 "3 Letters: Howard Investigation".
6 "Joe Cox - 1978 Investigation".
6 "Groveland: Ervin's Statement to Williams".
6 "Harrington Polygraph from 1992 Investigation".
6 "Hoover Correspondence".
6 "McCarthy Letter to Hoover".
6 "35 Hardware Stores Contracted Concerning Recent Sales of Dynamite".
6 "Investigation of Earl J. Brooklyn".
6 "Whereabouts of Belvin and Brooklyn on December 25".
6 "Chief Suspects Renegade KKK of Apopka and Winter Garden, Klans".
6 Orlando KKK.
6 Communication Log.
6 "1) State Attorney Thinks Commies Did It 2) Sherriff McCall has Limited Recollection of Moore".
6 "Moore in Apopka in Late November 1951 to Raise Money for NAACP".
6 "Daughter Annie Sees White Men in Grove On Christmas Day".
6 "1) Moore's Public Remarks About Groveland 2) NAACP Papers from Winter Park Meeting of August 1951".
6 "Letter from Moore to Ormond Beach Police Chief Concerning Cutting of Bethune-Cookman Student August 1951".
6 "Interview with Wife of Tillman Belvin".
6 "Interview with Wife of Earl Brooklyn".
6 "Interviews with Brooklyn Neighbors".
6 "Interview with David S. Nisbet".
6 "Moore's Teaching Background".
6 "Two Reasons Moore May Have Been Killed: 1) Involvement in Political Activities 2) Groveland Case".
6 "Moore Wasn't Dismissed by NAACP?".
6 "FOIA Requests Filed with Patrick AFB Another Example of Brooklyn's Actions Against Blacks".
6 Physical Evidence.
6 "Interview with Thomas Humbert Belvin".
6 "Summary of Investigation to Date".
6 "Interview with Jay Edward Belvin".
6 "Criticism of Moore by Ellis of Orlando NAACP".
6 "Brooklyn - Floor Plans and Comment on Moore".
6 "E. E. Campbell".
6 Summary of FBI Files Investigation Harry T. Moore Bombing.
6 "Virgil Hawkins, Friend of Moore, Also Believes a Black Person Planted the Bomb Under the Moore House".
6 "Arthur Brown, President of Riviera Beach Branch of Palm Beach County Voters League, Believes "the Bombing was Done by a Negro but Planned By Someone Else".
6 "Carl Sanders of Ocoee, Constable of 3rd District of Orange Co. is Also a Member He Refused to Cooperate with FBI".
6 "Note Who Belong to the Klan - Dr. Harter, Pays His $8 Annual Dues but Never Attends Meetings - Says Most Businesses and Professional Men in Orlando Area Belong".
6 "Lee Davis / Brantleys - Winter Park - Seems Like the Kind of Persons Who Would Not Think Twice About Killing a Black Person".
6 "Interview of Tillman Belvin Who was in Frail Health".
6 "Earl Brooklyn was at James Thomas Rice's House Xmas Day 1951 - Left Around 8 or 9 PM".
6 Informant Floor Plans.
6 Index of Names of Persons Interviewed.
6 Arnold Sims; George Sims.
6 "Ordinance Officers Believe 10 to 12 pounds of TNT Used in Bombing".

Selected Subjects and Access Terms

African Americans--Civil rights
Documentary films
Florida--Brevard County
Ku Klux Klan (1915- )
National Association for the Advancement of Colored People
Police brutality
University of Florida. Documentary Institute

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