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A Guide to the Bob Campbell Papers

Finding aid created by Dan Reboussin and Janna Royal

University of Florida Smathers Libraries - Special and Area Studies Collections

July 2016

Descriptive Summary

Creator: Campbell, Bob (Bob Ian Martin)
Title: Bob Campbell Papers
Dates: 1948-2011
Bulk dates: 1965-1995
Abstract: Bob Campbell is best known for his success encouraging and filming the first peaceful close encounters between a human and mountain gorillas, as part of Dian Fossey's conservation and primatology field research at the Karisoke Research Center in Rwanda, Central Africa. The bulk of the collection is Bob Campbell's professional photographic work, primarily on the subjects of African wildlife and orchids, with an emphasis on East African species.
Extent: 11.15 Linear feet. 19 boxes (including approximately 15,050 slides).
Identification: MSS 0345
Language(s): English
Online ContentItems from this collection have been digitized and are available online in the UF Digital Collections. For more information please see the note below.

Biographical/Historical Note

Born on October 29, 1930 in England, Bob Campbell was raised in Kenya. He attended primary school in Nairobi and public school in Surrey. After working several jobs, he joined the army in 1952, serving in the Kings African Rifles until 1955. Following military service, he worked as an auto mechanic and partnered in an independent garage. Through his future wife Heather, a veterinarian, Campbell met Emmy Award-winning wildlife filmmaker Des Bartlett, who offered him his first photography-related work. Bob processed film for Bartlett's Operation Noah, a documentary on the Kariba Dam wildlife rescue project. In 1963, he joined Armand Denis Productions and became friends with Richard Leakey on a paleoanthropology filming expedition for ABC-TV in 1964. Bob and Heather equipped the entire safari in eleven days. Campbell began freelancing as a camera operator that year, working with filmmaker Alan Root on Leakey's projects for National Geographic in 1967 and 1969.

Through his friendship and project work with Richard Leakey, Campbell was asked to watch over Fossey's research camp at Karisoke during her two-month absence in 1968. He filmed gorillas on his own, but soon began working for National Geographic, which in January 1970 published his work as a cover story. He is best known for his then-unique success in encouraging and filming Fossey's historic first close peaceful interactions with gorillas in the field, continuing to film such encounters over the three-and-a-half years they collaborated. His final film with gorillas was shot in 1972, when he met Aubrey Buxton, founder of one of television's longest running and most successful nature documentary series, Survival. Campbell began work for Survival in 1973, filming many documentaries over the following 17 years. After Fossey's 1985 murder, Bob shot production stills for Gorillas in the Mist. Uncomfortable with the Academy Award-nominated film's dramatic embellishments, Bob authored his own account, The Taming of the Gorillas (published in 2000). He retired from Survival shortly thereafter. Campbell died on June 14, 2014 in Nairobi.

Scope and Content

The bulk of the collection (1948-2011) is Bob Campbell's professional photographic work with African wildlife species as the primary subjects, most notably Dian Fossey's research with mountain gorillas and (later) African orchids. Another important focus is on the Leakey's excavation of prehistoric hominin fossils at various sites. Campbell documented Richard Leakey's projects throughout his career, including his campaign against the illegal trade in ivory as head of Kenya's Wildlife Conservation and Management Department (later, the Kenya Wildlife Service). Most numerous are images of East African wildlife, including large game species, predators, primates, birds, reptiles, and insects. Evidence documenting his creative process, such as field notes and editorial correspondence evaluating film for publication, may be of particular research interest. Included are incomplete typescript chapter drafts for his 2000 book, The Taming of the Gorillas (with unpublished autobiographical chapter drafts) and a documentary screenplay typescript on mountain gorillas. Audio recordings and silent motion picture film offer additional perspectives, with many fragments or unedited B-rolls, but also several high quality examples of this aspect of his creative work. Some personal materials (historical and contemporary photographs of his family, friends, colleagues, pets, homes, as well as passports, logbooks, daybooks, and expense records) are also included. These may help researchers to associate photographs, film and audio recordings with specific projects, dates, and locations.


This collection is arranged into two series: "Series I. Audio and visual media" and "Series 2. Professional and personal papers." Each series is further divided into subseries, based on format, following the original arrangement.

Access or Use Restrictions


This collection is open for research.

Related or Separated Material

Bob's autobiographical account of his work with Dian Fossey, his oral history with Wild Film History, and the National Geographic documentary all provide insight into his life and work:

  • Campbell, Bob. The Taming of the Gorillas. London: Minerva, 2000.
  • National Geographic Television and Film. The Lost Film of Dian Fossey. New York, N.Y.: Films Media Group, 2010.
  • Hartley, Jean. "Robert Ian Martin Campbell". WildFilmHistory. Bristol (UK): Wildscreen, 2008.

Administrative Information

Alternative formats

Digital reproductions of selected audio, video, and photographic images in the Bob Campbell Papers are available online via the University of Florida Digital Collections (UFDC). Please read the Permissions for Use statement for information on copyright, fair use, and use of UFDC digital objects.

Preferred Citation

[Identification of item], Bob Campbell Papers, Special and Area Studies Collections, George A. Smathers Libraries, University of Florida, Gainesville, Florida.

Acquisition Information

The collection was donated by Heather Campbell in February 2015.

Processing Notes

Access to audio recordings and 16 mm silent motion picture films is provided through digitized files at UFDC. Campbell's labels for slide folders (or trays) and tabs within trays are used, with some added or modified for clarity, consistency, or to reflect current terminology. Based on their apparent priority selection and use by Campbell for presentations, all 35 mm slides housed in transparent binder sheets were also digitized, along with the slides labeled "Gorilla lecture, 1967-1974." These originals are rehoused in binder sheets.

Items returned to the family include personal correspondence of Ronald J. Campbell (Bob's father) from his Royal Artillery service in India and Europe, immediately before and during World War I. The donation included several Kenyan serial titles, several of which will be cataloged (e.g., Women in Kenya). Newspaper clipping files were discarded.

Contents List

I. Audio and visual media.

Subject species include: African wild dog, baboon, buffalo, bush baby (galago), bushbuck, butterflies, caracal, cheetah, climbing (Dendromus) mice, colobus monkey, crocodile, eland, elephant, flamingo, flatid bugs and nymphs, gerenuk, giraffe, gorilla, grasshopper, hippopotamus, honey badger (ratel), hyena, hyrax, impala, lion, macaque, mongoose, moths, oryx, ostrich, praying mantis, rhinoceros, snakes (cobra), spiders, vultures, vulturine Guinea fowl (guineafowl), wildebeest, and zebra. In some cases, skeletal fossil species are depicted in situ at excavation sites or as reconstructions and models at laboratories and museums. There are photographs of ivory destruction and game trophy burning events in 1990 and 1991.

Places depicted include: Aberdare National Park (Kenya), Amboseli National Park (Kenya), Laetoli (Tanzania), Lake Baringo (Tanzania), Lake Magadi (Kenya), Lake Manyara National Park (Tanzania), Lake Naivasha (Kenya), Lake Turkana [formerly Lake Rudolf] (Kenya) including Richard Leakey's excavation sites at Allia Bay and Koobi Fora, Luangwa (Lower Zambezi National Park (Zambia), Maasai Mara National Reserve (Kenya), Mount Kenya (Kenya), Mount Kilimanjaro, Kilimanjaro National Park (Tanzania), Nairobi National Park (Kenya), Ngong Hills (Kenya), Olduvai Gorge (Tanzania), Samburu National Reserve (Kenya), Tsavo East National Park and/or Tsavo West National Park (Kenya), and Volcanoes National Park (Rwanda) where Dian Fossey founded the Karisoke Research Center.

I.a. Slides.

I.a.i. 35 mm format color transparencies in original order.

Box Folder
11 Giraffe slides. 1970
12 Giraffe slides. 1970
13 Giraffe slides. 1970
14 Giraffe slides. 1970
15 Giraffe slides. 1974-1975
16 Giraffe slides. 1970, 1975
17 Giraffes and gorillas. 1970-1972, 1975
18 Gorilla slides. 1972
21 Gorilla slides. 1969-1972
22 Gorillas, orchids, ivory burning, elephant TV special. 1970, 1972, 1988-1991
23 Ivory burning and elephants TV special. 1987-1988, 1990
24 Elephants TV special, ivory, Des's bird pictures, Dr. Carmichael Dr. Paynes. 1989, 1971, undated
25 Dr. Carmichael and Dr. Paynes, Rwanda, Gorillas, Leakey expedition. 1969-1972
26 Gorillas, orchids, elephants, East Rudolf. 1968-1969, 1985, undated
27 Pumphouse baboons, Mara animals. 1979-1981, 1986-1988
28 Pumphouse baboons, Mara animals, footprints. 1966-1978, 1980-1983, 1985
31 Various animals including baboons and wild dogs. 1970, 1974, 1979-1982
32 Baboons, Magadi, Etosha, and other animals. 1977-1978, 1980-1982, 1985
33 Animals from Mara reserve, Amboseli, and Nairobi Park. 1973-1974, 1978, 1980-1982, 1985
34 Amboseli, Mara, Magadi, bamburi, elephants, gorillas. 1969-1972, 1974, 1976-1978
35 Luangwa, Amboseli, Mara animals, orchid show. 1974, 1976-1978
36 Animals photography. 1974, 1978-1983
37 Animal photography. 1974, 1978-1981, 1985, 1987
38 Mara animals, Lake Bogoria, gorillas. 1969-1972, 1978, 1980-1981
41 Gorillas, bushbuck, Lake Natron, house. 1964, 1969-1972, undated
42 Ngong hills, Lake Rudolf, orchids, Mara lions, gorillas. 1969-1972, undated
43 Gorillas, orchids. 1969-1972
44 Gorillas, Lake Rudolf. 1969-1972
45 Gorillas, other wildlife, landscapes, orchids. 1964-1981,1985
46 Landscapes, wildlife, and orchids. 1964-1979
47 Kenya maps, flowers, Grand Canyon, balloons, Brazil. 1965-1979
48 Flatid bugs, L. Magadi, Illainyamok, Tucson area, rock garden. 1973-1977,1985
51 Rock garden, Dr. Leakey fossil excavation, Dian and dog, baby gorilla, Rafiki, Nairobi, birds and flowers, animals, Heather, Mara animals. 1965-1978
52 Mara, Amboseli, Luangwa animals. 1976-1978
53 Luangwa animals and gorillas. 1969-1972, 1977
54 Gorillas, snakes, people(Masai Norok), Keith Norak, jadini caracal, hyrax, Mara. 1966-1972
55 Manyara lamp, orchids, dogs, Olduvai party, Sievkwe Vanessa, animals, sunsets and landscapes, Baringo lake, Rena's pictures, gorillas. 1966-1972
56 Various topics, gorillas, elephants, animals, Rudolf. 1966-1972
57 Various animals, Rudolf, gorillas. 1966-1976
58 Various animals, Rudolf, gorilla research, afterbirth, gorillas. 1966-1976
61 Gorillas. 1969-1972
62 Gorillas. 1969-1972
63 Gorillas. 1969-1972
64 Gorillas. 1969-1972
65 Gorillas. 1969-1972
66 Gorillas. 1969-1972
67 Gorillas, nose prints, various. 1969-1972
68 Gorillas, Tsavo and Mara, Amboseli animals, dupes, Naivasha. 1969-1972,1974, 1976, 1978
69 Mara animals, Mt. Kenya, Magadi, skull, landscape, plants, spider. 1974-1975, 1978, undated
71 Black and white prints, 35mm slides of gorillas in binder sheets. (8 sheets). 1969-1972
72 Black and white prints, 35mm slides of gorillas, other wildlife in binder sheets. (11 sheets). 1969-1972
73 35mm slides of giraffes, baboons, rhinos, and other wildlife in binder sheets. (15 sheets). 1963-1982
74 35mm slides of lions, rhinos, elephants, and other wildlife in binder sheets. (11 sheets). 1966-1982
75 35mm slides of gorilla research in binder sheets. (10 sheets). 1969-1972
76 35mm slides of gorilla research in binder sheets. (19 sheets). 1969-1972
77 35mm slides of gorilla research in binder sheets. (13 sheets). 1968-1972
78 35mm slides of gorilla research, Omo river, and Manyara in binder sheets. (3 sheets). 1969-1972, 1978-1979

I.a.ii. Medium format (60 x 60 mm) mounted color transparencies (most undated, subjects from divider tabs).

Box Folder
81 Orchid slides. 1970s, undated
82 Orchid slides. 1966, 1970s, 1990, undated
83 Orchid slides. 1966, 1969, undated
84 Orchids, wild animals, trees, lion surgery. 1967, 1969, 1974, undated
85 Domestic cat, wild animals, landscape. undated
86 "Fossils zinj," wild animals. undated
91 Wild animals, flowers. undated
92 Wild animals, landscapes, fossils, illustrations. 1970s, 1980s, undated
93 Dr. Leakey, wild animals, flowers, illustrations, dendromus. 1960s, 1970s, undated
94 Lion surgery, fossils, landscape, domestic and wild animals, illustrations, Leakey expedition, flowers. undated
95 Wild animals, illustrations, artwork, flatid bugs. undated
96 Elephants, Africans, orchids, flatid bugs, other bugs and animals. undated
17 Bruce Coleman, Ltd. stock photo transparencies of animals, insects, and orchids (approx. 167 5"X4" mounted slides). undated

I.b. Photographic prints, slide transparencies, and negatives.

Several of the folders in box 10 with cardboard album pages and typed captions had prints removed prior to accession. Box 10, folders 8-11 contain plastic albums. Box 16 items with BC are black and white contact prints with cropping indications and negatives in small booklets.

Box Folder
101 Gorilla research, porters and guards, bushbuck, Bob's work as mechanic, Leakey family and fossil skull (sleeved prints). undated
102 Personal photographs of Heather Campbell, Campbell's cars, house, pet hyraxes, boat, and pet dogs (sleeved prints). Elephants sleeved negative with cropping instructions. undated
103 "Bob's life" (sleeved prints). Bob with ciné cameras, with gorillas and guards, at Olduvai, in Karisoke cabin. Black and white colobus monkeys. Pet hyraxes, Flurry and Curry. Family group photograph, house at Karen. undated
104 Gerenuk, buffalo at Samburu 1965, color sleeved prints, black and white contact prints, and negatives of African wildlife. undated
105 Wildlife photographs including lizard, wildebeest, lion/leopard hybrid, rhino, giraffe, and guide book illustrations (bird and monkey identification images without creator or publication identified). Bob and Heather Campbell wedding in 1961 (sleeved prints). undated
106 Bulk is separated album pages with captions and some prints removed. Gorillas, Photographs of Bob Campbell, some with gorillas or cameras in field or at camp by Dian Fossey at Karisoke, photographs of Dian Fossey (one signed by Bob Campbell, 1970), personal photographs of pet dogs with names (sleeved prints). undated
107 Gorilla picture book, Dian meeting tracker Sanwekwe with guards, Dian with first student resident Alan Goodall, cattle on mountain slope, Digit, Flossie and Augustus. Includes posters for Gorillas in the Mist, photographs of Richard Leakey, Australopithecus fossil skull 1470, Lake Rudolf 1968, Mursi fishermen, Omo River 1967. "Years of Survival" and personal photographs of Campbell including from his service with King's African Rifles at Ragati Forest. undated
108 Red album. Wildlife photographs including Mara buffalo 1980?, "Charlie" chimpanzee, gorillas including Rafiki (Group 8 leader, 1969); landscapes, aerial map of Mount Visoke and Karisoke camp location, Ileret (Kenya) in 1970 and 2010, Lake Turkana central island, Koobi Fora spit in 1968 and 1974, expedition vehicles "on the way to Lokori 1967", orchid shows, Bob Campbell (album with sleeved prints) includes personal and historic family photographs, Campbell's decorated honeymoon car, Heather's orchid exhibits and trophies, family homes in 1966, 1926, 1929, photographs of Campbell's army service, Ithwagi [Ihwagi?] Hill camp, on patrol in Mt. Kenya forest, 1954. undated
109 Green album. Gorilla identification photographs (collage), Rafiki 1969. Karisoke cabins and camp site, Digit and other gorillas. Pages from "Gorilla picture book." "Sandy Harcourt and Dian, 1971." [UC Davis Professor Emeritus of Anthropology Alexander H. Harcourt]. Snared bushbuck, other wildlife including albino frog, apparent production stills from Gorillas in the Mist, published images possibly from a magazine, topographic map of Mount Visoke, Dian Fossey with her Congolese tracking guide Sanwekwe, Heather Campbell, Louis Leakey, MG car restoration, safari or expedition images, "Bob Campbell with Des Bartlett and Alan Root, 2006, © Jen Bartlett." "Mara 4 Feb., 2006 at Sue Allan's Ol Seki Safari Camp," personal family photographs including Bob Campbell's father Ronald J. Campbell in Royal Artillery uniform, on a tractor, with a lion in 1924, Bob as young man, on motorcycle, in the army with soldiers, home computer printed images of himself, airplane, dog (album with sleeved prints). undated
1010 Brown album. Python tooth extraction photograph, Leakey expeditions 19674, 1968, Omo River 1967, Mursi people, gorillas including Digit, Uncle Bert, Flossie, Maisie, buffalo in foreground with mountain in background, Taming of the Gorillas book cover, Mt. Visoke aerial with labels, baboon, elephant, zebra, rhinoceros, hippopotamus, flamingo, other wildlife including kudu, wild dog, albino giraffe, black and white colobus monkeys, snakes (album with sleeved prints). undated
1011 Black album. Computer printouts from scanned photographs of Cusco, Cuenca and Machu Picchu, Ecuador 2004, Panama hat making, "Elephants bathing in Ewaso Ng'iro River, 1978," Maasai spear hunting rhinoceros 1976, giraffe, lions, Etosha (Namibia) Kudu 1981, Luangwa River hippos 1976, Olduvai Gorge, 1978, Kanapoi 1994, Omo River delta 1967, W. L. Turkana, oryx, dhow 1974, Lake Natron 1965. Photograph by Bob Campbell's father, Ronald J. Campbell: "Mkamba ladies, Machakos area, 1926". undated
151 Unmounted orchid transparencies. undated
152 Unmounted transparencies of wildlife, skyline. undated
153 Various orchids and beryl herb plants (unmounted transparencies). undated
154 Unmounted transparencies of orchids, Ngong hills, and Beryl herbs. 1998, undated
155 Unmounted transparencies of orchids and birds. undated
156 Unmounted 35mm transparencies and loose papers of Campbell's autobiography. undated
16BC1-100 Various animals (unlabeled black and white contact prints and negatives in binder). undated
16BC101-200 Various animals, rodent skulls, insects, people (unlabeled black and white contact prints and negatives in binder). undated
16BC201-300 African people, insects, lions, elephants (unlabeled black and white contact prints and negatives in binder). undated
16BC301-400 Birds, bones, jaguars (unlabeled black and white contact prints and negatives in binder). undated
16BC401-500 Various animals (unlabeled black and white contact prints and negatives in binder). undated
16BC501-600 Various animals (unlabeled black and white contact prints and negatives in binder). undated
16BC601-700 Insects, scenery (unlabeled black and white contact prints and negatives in binder). undated
16BC701-800 Rhino capture (unlabeled black and white contact prints and negatives in binder). undated
16BC801-900 Animals, portraits, and landscapes (unlabeled black and white contact prints and negatives in binder). undated
16BC901-1000 Birds (unlabeled black and white contact prints and negatives in binder). undated
16BC1001-1100 Portrait, scenery, landscapes, various animals (unlabeled black and white contact prints and negatives in binder). undated
16BC1101-1200 Elephants, scenery (unlabeled black and white contact prints and negatives in binder). undated
16BC1201-1300 Various animals, flowers (unlabeled black and white contact prints and negatives in binder). undated
16BC1301-1400 Crocodiles and other animals (unlabeled black and white contact prints and negatives in binder). undated
16BC1401-1500 Vultures, flowers, lion (unlabeled black and white contact prints and negatives in binder). undated
16BC1501-1600 Lion surgery, bush baby, zebra (unlabeled black and white contact prints and negatives in binder). undated
16BC1601-1700 Various subjects (unlabeled black and white contact prints and negatives in binder). undated
16BC1701-1800 Fossil skulls, various animals, orchids (unlabeled black and white contact prints and negatives in binder). undated
16BC1801-1900 Various animals, fossil skulls (unlabeled black and white contact prints and negatives in binder). undated
16BC1901-2000 Various animals, fossil skulls (unlabeled black and white contact prints and negatives in binder). undated
17BC2001-2100 Lions and other animals, scenery (unlabeled black and white contact prints and negatives in binder). undated
17BC2101-2200 Aerials, various animals (unlabeled black and white contact prints and negatives in binder). undated
17BC2201-2300 Aerials, rhino (unlabeled black and white contact prints and negatives in binder). undated

1.c. Audio recordings (reel-to-reel, unless otherwise noted).

Box Folder
18A1 Dian Fossey lecture on "The Mountain Gorilla" to National Georgraphic Society. 1973 Novemer 16
18A2 Field recording labeled "baboon youngsters, calling and screaming, et cetera". undated
18A3 Field recording of bird chorus, Karen (Nairobi, Kenya). 1972 June 12
18A4 Field recordings of Black-Headed Oriole, Verreaux's Eagle-Owl, shrike, and dove; bird calls with calls of Colobus monkeys at Lake Naivasha, Kenya. 1976 February 20
18A5 Field recordings of weaver birds, including Speke's weaver. 1978 March 9
18A6 Field recording: the early morning bird chorus at Karen (Nairobi, Kenya). 1972 June 8
18A7 Field recording: early morning chorus of unidentified bird calls. 1972 April 8
18A8 Field recording of hyrax, crickets, squirrel, Robin Chat, Francolin, shrikes. undated
18A9 Field recording of gorilla vocalizations, chest beating and other behaviors. 1968 October
18A10 Field recording of Group 8 gorilla chestbeats, warning shout, et cetera. 1968 October
18A11 Field recording of gorilla "warning calls and a few chestbeats from Geronimo". 1968 November 6
18A12 Field recording of "a few [gorilla] chestbeats and towards the end one or two warning-danger calls". 1968 October
18A13 Field recording of gorillas, Group 9 "one chest beat and a few shouts from Geronimo mainly on 1st half of tape". 1968 November 5
18A14 Field recording of Group 9 gorilla chest beats and shouts. 1968 November 6
18A15 Field recording of birds, lions, bushbabies, wildebeeste, zebra, helmeted Guinea fowl calls at Amboseli National Park. 1977
18A16 Field recording labeled "Marula lions roaring 200 ft". undated
18A17 Field recording labeled "crickets, hyaena, and night jar, followed by hyrax. Impala rutting, Francolin". undated
18A18 Field recording labeled "lion, leopard, birds, hyaena, elephant, rhino, buffalo, frogs". undated
18A19 Field recording labeled "hyrax, hyaena, leopard, lion and lion cub". undated
18A20 Field recording of Alan Walker and Richard Leakey discussing fossil Hominid skull no. 1813 that Alan has just cleaned and reconstructed. 1974 June 7
18A21 Field recording labeled "Colobus monkeys, baboons, Omo River". 1967
18A22 Field recording of Baboon, Colobus, birds, honey guide labeled "Omo River no. 1". 1967
18A23 Field recording of Baboon, Colobus, birds; labeled "Omo River no. 2". 1967
18A24 Field recording labeled "Omo River expedition 1973." No. 3. 1973 September 4
18A25 Field recording: birdsong, frogs, cicadas, river, airplane, De Brazza's monkeys. Interview with Peter Gibbs. "Omo River expedition 1973." No. 4. 1973 September 5
18A26 Field recording of interview with Peter Gibbs, Jim Moody continued on Roll 6. "Omo River expedition 1973." No. 5. 1973
18A27 Field recording of interview with Jim Moody on running Omo rapids. "Omo River expedition 1973." No. 6. 1973
18A28 Field recording of boatmen who ran big Omo rapid, Vulcan. "Omo River expedition 1973." No. 7. 1973
18A29 Field recording continues group discussion on African people met on river banks, other highlights. "Omo River expedition 1973." No. 8. 1973
18A30 Field recording labeled "Hyrax calling, Hartlaub's turaco". undated
18A31 Field recording of a group talking and singing in an African language. undated
18A32 Field and other recordings labeled "Nagra 4.2L tests". undated
18A33 Richard Leakey lecture, "Man -- A new perspective from Kenya" to National Geographic Society narrating Bob Campbell's film (1 cassette). 1973 March 29
18A34 Survival: the music of nature (2 cassettes). 1997
18A35 Audio book, Taming of the Gorillas (11 cassettes). 2000 September
18A36 Recorded lecture: Campbell introduced at beginning by Richard Leakey. undated
18A37 Recorded lecture: Campbell narrating his gorilla films. undated
18A38 Recorded lecture: Campbell narrating his gorilla slides. undated

I.d. Motion picture film and video (film reels, unless otherwise noted).

Numbers M1-M22 are 3 5/8" reels, M23-M27 are 5" reels, M28-M29 are odd sizes, and M30-M36 are 3" reels. M37-M38 are VHS tapes and M39 is a filmstrip. The numbering sequence is not continuous due to blank reels being discarded during processing of the collection.

Box Folder
19M1 "Climate" re: Richard Leakey's research site at Lake Turkana, Kenya. Images of lake shore, rocks and fossils on ground in situ, forested mountains with waterfall. undated
19M2 Film fragment of Richard Leakey holding stone tools in front of museum display cabinet. undated
19M3 Film fragment of gorillas, title credits "by Dian Fossey" and "Edited by Ronald S. Altemus". undated
19M4 Group of about 17 elephants crossing a river, feeding on shore grass and tree leaves. undated
19M5 Mountain gorilla family groups in Rwanda: day nesting, youngsters playing, close up. undated
19M6 "Africa…..The Birth of Man" labeled EM 20120, bulk is map of Kenya. undated
19M7 Aerial views of mountains, lake shore, shorebirds labeled 171867 [Underexposed, spotty lens]. undated
19M8 Silhouette map of Kenya and Africa, Baringo fossil mandible, Kilimanjaro mountain landscape, Boeing jet, animated chart; label: 172034. undated
19M9 Gilgil baboons playing, drinking, carrying young around water trough; labeled O/N 154312 NBI 7252. undated
19M10 Guinea fowl, cats, lakeside camp, maps of Africa and Rift Valley, urban scenes with people, automobile traffic, museum, buildings; labeled 17201, 20108. undated
19M11 Mountain forest and agricultural landscapes in Rwanda, historical photos of gorillas as trophies. Faded. Labeled "original". undated
19M12 Photos of gorillas as trophies from historic books, aerial Mount Visoke scenics, terraced hillside, aerial images of Visoke, Mt. Visoke crater lake, Mt. Mikeno, Karisimbi. Label: Original. Faded. undated
19M14 Film fragment of mountain gorilla environment, behavior. Faded. Label: "Tree bridge reel 1, 3 and 4". undated
19M15 Dian Fossey in cabin, identifying gorilla skulls, mutilated gorilla, cattle damage, equipping park guards. Labeled "reel 1 30 31 32". undated
19M16 Includes map of Africa, images of Great Rift Valley. Includes partial closing credits. undated
19M17 Film fragment of mountain gorilla mother "Flossie" feeding, nursing day old infant. undated
19M18 Film fragment labeled "reel 1. 21. Dian with Peanuts." Mountain gorillas feeding, with Dian Fossey observing them in field. undated
19M19 Bob and Heather Campbell at gathering outside a church. Labeled "No. 5986 Heather wedding". undated
19M20 Bob and Heather Campbell leave church, at outdoor wedding reception. Labeled "No. 5988 Heather wedding". undated
19M22 Museum lecture: "What is a man?" includes stills of faces and fossils. Label: Beaulieu 12x120 + 90 1/2 s. over. 1971
19M23 Gilgil baboons foraging, grooming, at water trough, chasing gazelle in natural savannah setting. Labeled "484466 o/n 154317; 16 ASA; roll 2". 1974 September 22
19M24 Porters, Dian leaving cabin to track gorillas, observing behavior in field, Coco and Pucker playing with dog Cindy. Labeled "reel 1. 13-20. AMOK C/B-18". undated
19M25 Film fragment of mountain gorilla troop in field labeled "Gp 5 on slope Gp4-Gp5 confrontation, Bravado kidnap, Gp 4 moving L-R over stream". undated
19M27 Dian observes gorillas in field. Label: Uncle Bert on slope looking, Digit watching, Tiger on tree, Papoose and Tiger groom Old Goat. Papoose, Tiger, Augustus. A + T in Vernonia and daynest, T demo, Digit F Prep daynest, Uncle Bert sitting in daynest and looking to L. undated
19M28 ANG lens test only with color control patches, gray scale: "Angenieux 10-150" and "12-120". 1978 July
19M29 Water hole activitiy, birds, herds, boat, expedition vehicles, sunset. undated
19M30 Duplicate 3" reel 8 mm not digitized. undated
19M31 Duplicate 3" reel 8 mm not digitized. undated
19M32 Duplicate 3" reel 8 mm not digitized. undated
19M33 Duplicate 3" reel 8 mm not digitized. undated
19M34 Duplicate 3" reel 8 mm not digitized. Label: Wedding. undated
19M35 Duplicate 3" reel 8 mm not digitized. Label: Elephant Lion Flower. undated
19M36 Duplicate 3" reel 8 mm not digitized. Label: P.E. Highway no good. undated
19M37 "Time to Act." Michael Backes and Brian Callier (VHS cassette). undated
19M38 "Promises in the Mist" Morris Animal Foundation (VHS cassette). 1988
19M39 "Kingdom of the Animals. Africa: Imperiled paradise." National Georgraphic Society (filmstrip). 1972
19M40 Unknown content approx. 100' on 5" clear plastic reel, 8 mm. Not digitized. undated

II. Professional and personal papers (logbooks include specific context by film rolls).

Daybooks are calendar diaries, primarily recording errands, expenses, et cetera, while logbooks contain field notes and accounts of encounters with wildlife.

Box Folder
1117 Accounting records for garage and photography business. 1965-1967,1978-1986
1118 Accounting records for garage and photography business. 1966-1974
131 Accounting records for personal expenses. 1968
132 Accounting records for personal expenses. 1969
133 Accounting records for personal expenses. 1970
134 Accounting records for personal expenses. 1971
135 Accounting records for personal expenses. 1972
136 Accounting records for personal expenses. 1973
137 Accounting records for personal expenses. 1974
138 Accounting records for personal expenses. 1975
139 Accounting records for personal expenses. 1976
1310 Accounting records for personal expenses. 1977
1311 Accounting records for personal expenses. 1978
1312 Accounting records for personal expenses. 1979
1113 African Garden program plans. 1974-1975
157 Bob's notes for autobiography. undated
1315 Daybooks: Gorilla encounters and accounting records. 1970
1316 Daybooks: Gorillas and scenics, landscapes. 1971
1317 Daybooks: Gorilla encounters. 1972
1318 Daybooks: Orchids, travel to U.S. 1973
1319 Daybooks: Orchids, travel to U.S. 1973
1320 Daybooks: Various wildlife encounters. 1974
1321 Daybooks: Various subjects. 1975
1322 Daybooks: Wildlife and scenics. 1976
1323 Daybooks: Roll processing. 1977
1324 Daybooks: Various wildlife encounters (especially cheetahs). 1978
1325 Daybooks: Wildlife and scenics, landscapes. 1979
1326 Daybooks: Wildlife and scenics, landscapes. 1980
121 Daybooks: Wildlife and scenics, landscapes. 1981
122 Daybooks: Various wildlife encounters. 1982
123 Daybooks: Wildlife and scenics, landscapes. 1983
124 Daybooks: Trip to America, African wildlife. 1984
125 Daybooks: Various wildlife. 1984
126 Daybooks: Wildlife and scenics, landscapes. 1985
127 Daybooks: Wildlife and scenics, landscapes. 1986
128 Daybooks: Daily activities and errands. 1987
129 Daybooks: Daily activities and errands. 1988
1210 Daybooks: Daily activities and errands, work on book (autobiography?). 1989
1211 Daybooks: Daily activities and errands, worked on book. 1990
1212 Daybooks: Daily activities and errands, worked on book. 1991
1213 Daybooks: Daily activities and errands. 1992
1214 Daybooks: Daily activities and errands. 1993
1215 Daybooks: Daily activities and errands. 1994
1416 Daybooks: Daily activities and errands. 1995
1217 Daybooks: Daily activities and errands, orchids. 1996
1218 Daybooks: Daily activities and errands, orchids. 1997
1219 Daybooks: Daily activities and errands. 1998
1220 Daybooks: Daily activities and errands. 1999
1221 Daybooks: Daily activities and errands. 2000
1222 Daybooks: Daily activities and errands. 2001
1223 Daybooks: Daily activities and errands. 2011
147 Digital backup files, with hundreds of captioned tiff and jpeg images, several PowerPoint slide presentations, personal files (on compact discs). 2005-2010
145 Digit fund, Fossey fund, and veterinary projects. 1993-2001
111 Expired passports. 1953-1997
1313 Film processing details. 1974-1982
143 General correspondence, including with publishers on image credits, fees for Gorillas in the Mist. 1984-1985
144 General correspondence. 1984-1986
141 Giraffes, rolls 1-51. 1970-1971, 1974
1114 Gorilla film presentation manuscript. undated
142 Gorilla research, rolls 1-364. 1969-1972
112 Logbook: Hunters, giraffes, cheetahs, Gilgil. 1977-1978
113 Logbook: Amboseli, Luangwa, Quarry, hunters, giraffe. 1977-1978
114 Logbook: Gilgil, cheetah. 1979
115 Logbook: Armyworm, Bogoria, jackal. 1980
116 Logbook: Buffalo, hyena, jackal. 1981
117 Logbook: Cheetah, Gilgil, Bogoria, armyworm. 1979
118 Logbook: Jackal, buffalo, hyena. 1980-1981
119 Logbook: Amboseli (park description and script). 1976
1110 Logbook: Amboseli, parenthood, long hot day, Quarry. 1976-1977
1111 Logbook: Lake Rudolph, dhows, Flatid bugs, African Garden. 1973-1974
1112 Logbook: Colobus. 1975
1115 Logbook: Daily logs and roll descriptions, including gorilla encounters. 1969, undated
1116 Logbook: Gorilla encounters. 1968-1983
1314 Orchids photography expenses. 1985-1988
146 Survival Anglia correspondence (includes detailed film shot lists, notes, and recording logs for projects on hyrax, armyworm, antelope, baboon relocation, buffalo, hyena, hornbills, vulture). 1977-1985

Selected Subjects and Access Terms

Africa, Sub-Saharan
Field recordings
Fossey, Dian
Fossil hominids
Karisoke Research Center
Leakey, Richard E.
Mountain gorilla
National parks and reserves
Wildlife conservation
Wildlife photography

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