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A Guide to the H. Harold Hume Collection

Finding aid created by Dept. Staff

University of Florida Smathers Libraries - Special and Area Studies Collections

December 2008 (Updated July 2019)

Descriptive Summary

Creator: Hume, H. Harold (Hardrada Harold), 1875-1965.
Title: H. Harold Hume Collection
Dates: 1898-1962
Bulk dates: 1937-1960
Abstract: Personal, professional, and administrative papers of horticulturist and educator H. Harold Hume, as well as photographs, manuscripts of his publications, and a collection of historical documents related to Florida agriculture. The collection contains documents related to his administrative duties in the University of Florida's College of Agriculture, including records related to the Experiment Stations at Lake Alfred and the Everglades.
Extent: 15.45 Linear feet. 39 boxes and 1 microfilm reel.
Identification: Ms Coll. 066
Language(s): English

Biographical/Historical Note

Of rural Canadian roots, H. Harold Hume's college training was received at the Ontario Agricultural College (Guelph), the most respected school of agriculture in Canada. He earned an M.S.A. from Iowa State and in 1899 Hume became head of the Department of Botany and Horticulture at the Florida Agricultural College in Lake City. After five years of vacillating support from the Florida legislature, Hume resigned his position and accepted a similar post at the North Carolina Experiment Station. Fortunately for Florida, however, Hume's work with pineapples and other crops had established for him an excellent reputation. Thus opportunities opened up which led Hume back to the land which he must have already come to love. Relinquishing his academic career, Hume became associated with the Glenn St. Mary Nursery Company, one of the two oldest, and at the time, one of the largest nurseries in the state. His active association with the Nursery lasted for twenty-five years; he concluded his tenure as Chairman of the Board. During the same period Hume was president of the E.O. Painter Fertilizer Co. of Jacksonville.

In 1929 Florida agriculture faced a major crisis - that of the Mediterranean Fruit Fly. So great was the threat to the state's fruit and vegetable industry that practically every state employee in agriculture and many from private industry were recruited to fight the invasion. Hume was among these, and his work in the eradication campaign led in 1931 to his appointment as Assistant Director of Experiment Stations. Since his previous association with the state, the number of employees in the experiment station(s) had increased from four to seventy-five. In a few years Hume was promoted to Assistant Dean and then in 1938 was appointed Dean of the College of Agriculture. In 1943 with the retirement of Wilmon Newell he acquired the title of Provost of Agriculture which he held until his own retirement in 1949 at the age of 74.

With his release from administrative duties, Hume pursued his horticultural interests with renewed fervor. European travel expanded his circle of camellia enthusiasts to include some of England and the Continent's foremost plantsmen and taxonomists. His interest in Hollies deepened and he published a definitive work on the subject, his eighth major horticulture work. He continued to play an active role on numerous boards and committees, including several of international scope. His vigorous mind did not succumb until his ninetieth year.

Scope and Content

This collection contains Hume's personal, professional, and administrative papers as Assistant Dean from 1931-38 (sparse for those years), and then Dean of the College of Agriculture (1938-1943), Provost for Agriculture (1943-1949), and Acting President of the University (September 1947), as well as for the thirteen years of active retirement during which time he came to be even more widely recognized as a leading educator and one of America's foremost horticulturists of the twentieth century.

The collection is divided into three series. Included in the first series (MS66a) are chronologically-arranged correspondence, various reports, an alphabetically-ordered subject/genre file, manuscripts, and photographs. The second series (MS 66b) is comprised of various materials accumulated by Hume relating to agriculture in general or peripherally related to his professional duties. The third series (MS66c) is made up of early drafts of several of his major works along with a number of miscellaneous writings on a variety of subjects. Also included are public addresses and radio talks. Each series is described separately.

Access or Use Restrictions


The collection is open for research.

Related or Separated Material

See Series 87 and Series 88 in the University of Florida Public Records Collection for Hume's correspondence during the years 1899-1904.

Administrative Information

Preferred Citation

[Identification of item], H. Harold Hume Collection, Special and Area Studies Collections, George A. Smathers Libraries, University of Florida, Gainesville, Florida.

Contents List

MS 66a: H. Harold Hume Papers, 1909-1962 (bulk: 1937-1960).

1 Correspondence (General). 1921-1941
2 Correspondence (General). 1942 May-Dec
3 Correspondence (General). 1943 Jan-May
4 Correspondence (General). 1944 May-Oct
5 Correspondence (General). 1943 Jun-1944 Apr
6 Correspondence (General). 1944 Nov-1945 Mar
7 Correspondence (General). 1945 Apr-Sep
8 Correspondence (General). 1945 Oct-1946 Feb
9 Correspondence (General). 1946 Aug-Dec
10 Correspondence (General). 1946 Mar-Jul
11 Correspondence (General). 1947 Jan-Jun
12 Correspondence (General). 1947 Jul-1948 Feb
13 Correspondence (General). 1948 Mar-1949 Dec
14 Correspondence (General). 1950 Jan-1951 May
15 Correspondence (General). 1951 Jun-1952 Dec
16 Correspondence (General). 1953-1954
17 Correspondence (General). 1955-1957
18 Correspondence (Personal). 1958-1962
19 Subject and Genre files.
19 Addresses and statements (by others).
19 Analytical chemistry notebook.
19 Charts and tables.
19 Citations.
19 Correspondence, Personal (no date).
19 Fairchild Tropical Garden. 1939
19 Fairchild Tropical Garden-Glen Saint Mary Nurseries. 1952-1960
19 Income Tax Returns (scattered). 1909-1942
19 Inter-American Institute of Agricultural Science (Reports). 1946-1948
19 Inter-American Institute of Agricultural Science-Lignan Plant Exchange. 1944
19 Lists (Horticultural).
20 Manuscripts (Various authors).
20 Memos (c.). 1938-1948
20 News Releases (Publishers).
20 Notes (Fragments of Botanical Notes).
20 Questionnaire.
20 Societe Haitiano-Americaine Development.
20 Societe Haitiano-Americaine Development-Agricole (By-laws).
20 Travel notes (fragmentary).
20 Trips (Botanical).
20 Photographs.
21 Camellias #1.
21 Camellias #2.
21 Camellias #3.
21 Camellias #4 - People and Events.
21 Citrus #1.
21 Citrus #2.
21 Citrus Industry and Trade.
21 Color photos from brochures - Camellias.
21 Family, friends, colleagues.
21 Color photos from brochures - Camellias and others.
21 Photos from brochures - Groves.
21 Plants, Equipment, Misc.
21 Persimmon notes. 1912
22 Lantern Slides.
22 Microreel Newspaper clipping scrapbook.
23 Wooden plaque in the shape of a shield: Awarded to Doctor H. Harold Hume in grateful recognition of his service, devotion, and loyalty through many years to the Florida Future Farmer Association. 1948 June 18
23 Wooden plaque: The American Camellia Society grants this award of honor to Dr. H. Harold Hume for distinguished service to the cause of camellias and to the society. 1951 February 10
23 The Norman Jay Colman Award wooden plaque: To H. Harold Hume for the most valued contribution published in the field of horticultural science for the year 1955 from the American Association of Nurserymen, Inc.. 1955

MS 66b: Hume's Collection of Agricultural Documents, Circa 1930-1950.

1 Belling to Rolfs on Plant Breeding Experiment. 1910
1 Bradford Farms (Raiford Prison). 1913
1 China Tung Oil Co. 1935-1941
1 Chinsegut Hill. 1932
2 Citrus Experiment Station. 1935-1953
2 Citrus Experiment Station. 1919-1931
2 Citrus-Frozen Concentrate. 1955
2 Citrus Marketing. 1934-1943
2 Commercial Interests. 1910-1947
2 Commonwealth Prickly Pear Board. 1928
2 Crop Production Documents. 1946-1949
2 Entomologists Experiment Station. 1896
3 Environmental Concerns. 1951-1954
3 Everglades Experiment Station. 1949-1959
3 Everglades Experiment Station. 1932-1935
3 Everglades Experiment Station. 1928-1929
3 Everglades Experiment Station. 1926
3 Everglades Experiment Station. 1925
3 Everglades Experiment Station (1 of 2). 1924
4 Everglades Experiment Station (2 of 2). 1924
4 Everglades Experiment Station. 1921
4 Everglades Experiment Station. 1911-1912
4 Everglades Experiment Station. 1905
4 Everglades National Park Assoc. 1930-1949
4 Everglades Misc. 1911
4 Experiment Stations. Everglades "Record of Deep Well Drilled at Everglades Experiment Station.". Circa 1931
4 Experiment Station Fund. 1906-1918
4 Experiment Stations. "Money Invested in Agricultural College Yields Big Returns". 1919
4 Experiment Station. Projects, Station Descriptions. 1948-1949
4 Experiment Stations. Records, Correspondence. 1943-1945, 1948
4 Experiment Stations. Records and Correspondence. 1927-1928, 1931-1932, 1934, 1938.
5 Experiment Stations. Records and Correspondence. 1912/1936
5 Experiment Stations. Records and Correspondence. 1905-1909
5 Fairchild Tropical Garden by Marjorie Stoneman Douglas. Circa 1935
5 Florida Agricultural Council- Citrus Subcommittee.
5 Forage Crops. 1940-1942
5 Forestry. 1939
5 Growers Administrative Committee (Citrus). 1949-1968
5 Highway Beautification. 1924
5 Howard R. Fawcett Correspondence. 1929-1944
5 Iris. 1932-1933
6 Land Use Planning. 1941
6 Land Use Planning. 1941-1942
6 Livestock. 1948
6 Miscellaneous-Interests. 1883-1957
6 Official Correspondence. 1935-1951
6 Other Ornamental Horticulture.
6 Patents. 1914-1939
6 Personal Effects.
6 Policy. 1951-1954
7 Printed Material. 1929-1941
7 Printed Material. 1910-1918
7 Printed Material. 1902-1909
7 Printed Material. 1890-1900
7 Ramie Production. 1947
7 Report on Conditions of Wacico Grove. 1932
7 Ruprecht, Dr. R. William. 1959
7 Scientific Articles. 1938-1955
7 Sea Island Cotton. 1940
7 Sea Island Cotton. 1938-1939
8 Speeches and Radio Talk. 1931-1936
8 State Defense Council 1941. 1941
8 Sub Tropical Experiment Station (Reports). 1938-1939
8 Tobacco Experiment Station. 1922-1929
8 War Manpower Commission. 1942
8 Weeds and Pest Problems. 1952-
8 World War II-Dairy-Lab-Military Products. 1944
8 World War II-Ellison's Scheme for the Obscuration Military Targets. 1942
8 World War II- Federal register. 1942-1943
8 World War II- National Fertilizer Assoc. War Notes. 1944-1945
9 World War II- Fertilizer Assoc. War Notes. 1943
9 World War II- Fertilizer Assoc. War Notes. 1942
9 World War II- List of Fertilizer Companies in Florida. 1942
9 World War II- Fertilizer Consumption Reports -Misc. Papers, Articles and Circulars. 1942
9 World War II- Fertilizer Outlook Office of Materials and Facilities. 1943-1944
9 World War II- Fertilizer Restrictions. Circa 1942
9 World War II- Government Emergency Regulations Fertilizer. Correspondence Mowry, et. al. 1942
9 World War II- Fertilizer Recommendations- Experiment Station. 1943
9 World War II- The Fertilizer Review. 1942
9 World War II- L.H. Kramer- Co-Chair of State Defense Council. 1942-1943
9 World War II- Office of Price Administration Re "fertilizer". 1943-1944
10 World War II- Post War Planning. 1944
10 World War II- State Defense Council of Florida- Division of Agriculture. 1941
10 World War II- Unusual Chemical Materials- Report. 1942
10 World War II- USDA War Boards. 1942-1945

MS 66c: H. Harold Hume Manuscripts.

This series is chiefly made up of the first drafts and edited proofs of a number of Hume's published works on Camellias, Hollies, Zephryanthes, and other topics reflective of his wide horticultural interests. In addition to these may be found miscellaneous short titles reflective of Hume's horticultural and professional activities. These include, for example, three presidential or keynote addresses to the Florida State Horticultural Society ranging over a thirty year time span, material on natural conservation, on beautification, and on horticultural history. Also added to this series is a box containing medals awarded to Hume for his contributions to horticulture.

1-6 H. Harold Hume Manuscripts.

Selected Subjects and Access Terms

Agriculture -- Experimentation.
Bailey, L.H. (Liberty Hyde), 1858-1954.
Barbour, Thomas, 1884-1946.
Small, John Kunkel, 1869-1938.
Swingle, Walter T. (Walter Tennyson), 1871-1952.
University of Florida. College of Agriculture.

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