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Production number 1

Production title:  Miracle on 13th Street

Production date: 1965

Color / Sound

Total running time: 00:29:10

Story and script by John Paul Jones

Producer: Harold Dillinger

Director: Dwight Godwin

Narrator: Steven C. O'Connell

Derived from 16 mm film.

Available in VHS, DVD, DVCAM, Mini-DV and online here .

Produced by the University of Florida Alumni Association, Motion Picture Services of the University of Florida, and WUFT-TV.

Miracle on 13th Street is a promotional film aimed at a general audience.   Narrator Steven C. O'Connell was Chief Justice of the Florida Supreme Court at the time.

The opening sequence of the film was damaged.

The film begins with a history of the University of Florida and proceeds to describe the physical plant, curriculum, faculty, student life and recreation, the university's service to the people and the state, and the university's plan for the future.  Some faculty are depicted and identified.


0:00    Introduction

    History of the university. Narrator O'Connell depicted followed by still footage from the archives and student yearbook.

6:00    The campus

    Aerial views

    Tigert Hall

    Smathers Library

    Matherly Hall

    Bryan Hall (College of Law)

    Dauer Hall (Student Union)


    J. Hillis Miller Health Center


    Weil Hall

    McCarty Hall

    Norman Hall

    Anderson Hall

    Florida Gym

7:40    The students

    Images of students in second floor reading room of Smathers and cafeteria.

    Broadcast students at WUFT-TV

    Journalism students at Gainesville Sun

    Architecture students

    Art students

10:00    The faculty

    Lester Dragstedt, Dept. of Surgery. Operating room.

    John C. Slater, theoretical physicist

    Oscar Svarlien, Political Science

    Charles Morris, Philosophy

    Myron Wheat, Surgery. Depiction of heart surgery.

13:40  How the University ranks

    Library stacks (1 million volumes)



    Foreign Service

    Education (African-American student depicted)

    University Placement Service

    Sponsored Research. Lab shots.

    Professional consultants.  Water treatment plant.

18:10    Student life

    Golf course

    Tennis and handball courts

    Swimming pool

    Lake Wauberg.  Water skiing, swimsuit competition.


    Homecoming parade

    Philadelphia Symphony

    Art exhibit in Florida Union


    Record listening room

    Student Government

    Honor Court

22:30    Service to the people and state

    Graduation (stadium)

    Water treatment lab

    Beef cattle

    Coastal engineering

    Sunshine Skyway

    Experimental farms

24:30    Plans for the future

    Reitz Union (drawing and ground breaking ceremonies)

    Dormitory room

    Greek houses

    Architecture and Fine Arts complex

    Aerial views   

    Drawing of Library West

    Cobalt-60 irradiator (food irradiation)

    Alex G. Smith / radio astronomy

29:10  Ends with shot of graduation line and credits.


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