David Levy Yulee to his Wife
1 June 1864
Transcription by Katie Adams

Mrs. D.L. Yulee

At Captain Taylor's

Near Ocala

Gainesville, June 1, 1864

My dear Nan,

            I send you a piece of linen and one of cotton that you may at once begin making clothes for the children and yourself to replace the supply lost.  Also 6 pair stockings and a bottle of McMillan.  For the children I send the two Dixie spelling books, and two bonnets.  For the ??? I send the measure of the head which is not fit that I may have one made.  I thought that by getting two only at first there was a chance that out of the three heads there were two they would suit, that the third could be made a measure.  I send also a coat you wanted for Wick.

            I am looking around for a home for you, and will soon come into consolation with you.

            There is much excitement here today at the news from Baldwin.  The enemy has advanced and as our force was very small they have fallen back to Baldwin.  I would not be surprised if it might prove necessary to fall farther back abandoning Baldwin and making a stand at St. Mary's.  The chances are that we are to have trouble - but I do not think the enemy has force enough in the state to spread over it.  If I find the danger thickens, I will come to you.

            I am somewhat at a loss what to do about the negroes.  This movement in the direction of Baldwin presents a new phase.  Perhaps it may be best to send the women and children at once, as they are now broken up, across the Suwannee.  It will depend upon two circumstances - 1st if the occupation of Baldwin should oblige us to leave East Florida so that we can't give some personal attention to our people, and 2 If they can't be comfortably housed in the vicinity of the plantation, until I hear from this of the final and the Yankee operations at the place it is not practicable to decide definitely.  And of course much depends upon affairs in the Baldwin direction.

            I send also a box of caps to go to Mr. Lewis.

                        The dear little girls are very much annoyed at their losses at home - but unless they burned the house, the children's clothes and doll clothes will probably be left.  Elbert tells me Cicely got their bonnets and cried over them very much.  He said she was in great distress all the while.  We must take her with us as soon as possible.

            Give my kindest regards to all the household whose generous hospitality you are enjoying, and with blessings upon my children and kisses for them receive for yourself renewed pledges of the devotion of your husband.


Mr. D.L. Yulee


            Read and then seal the letter to Mr. Lewis.

            Send Peter to Mr. Lewis with the letter.  He wants to see his children, and carries some caps which I forgot to send by Elbert and some more powder.  But charge him to return at once and to be careful of the horse, as we may have to travel at any moment.

I send you also a ball of knitting thread.

Thursday morning.  Nothing from Baldwin this morning.  The latest about 12 o'clock they were quiet there, but the line is not working this morning.

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