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Race & Politics in Florida


The UF Library contains a wide array of books and course materials on ethnic communities and racial issues in Florida. This web page focuses on sources and texts dealing with (a) the histories of various communities and (b) modern civil rights.

For information on Gainesville, Alachua County and Marion County, see the section called "History of Places" below. You can also visit the online version of the Samuel Proctor Oral History Program to find transcripts of interviews with African American residents across Florida, including. Go to the search box at Oral History and type the designation that was used for this oral history project: "Florida Blacks". This search will create a list of all 113 interviews. To see interviews with Gainesville residents only (51 interviews), type "Florida Blacks Gainesville".

To do general searches on topics of African American history, race relations, etc, you can try different searches in the library catalog. For example, search the UF Library Catalog using "Title" from the drop down menu and then type in one of the following:
Black studies research sources
Research collections in labor studies
Research collections in womens studies
Papers of the NAACP

The search results will list the titles of major microfilm collections UF holds in these areas. Two other important collections for race relations in the late 19th century are Records of the Assistant Commissioner, Bureau of Refugees, Freedmen and Abandoned Lands, 1865-1870 (National Archives and Records Administration, Washington, D.C.) and Freedmen's Aid Society Records, 1866-1932 (Wilmington, Del.). There are two copies of the former (one in Florida history and the other in the main library) and one copy of the latter, with a printed guide, in Florida history.

Newspapers can be another good source of information. A useful search for newspapers can be done by selecting "Subject Heading" from the drop down menu and then typing in "African American newspapers Florida" (13 titles). Complete runs of newspapers owned and operated by black publishers are rare for Florida prior to 1900 but the Colored Citizen (Pensacola) and the "Colored People Here and Elsewhere" section of the Metropolis (Jacksonville) are useful for the period 1900-1920. For years after 1920, you would want to look at the Florida Star (Jacksonville) and the Miami Times, among others.


General References


George, Paul S.
A Guide to the history of Florida. Published: New York: Greenwood Press, 1989. SPECIAL COLL. F016 G9464 Ref Florida History and LIBRARY WEST F311 .G841 1989

Harris, Michael H.
Florida history: a bibliography. Published: Metuchen, N.J., Scarecrow Press, 1972. LIBRARY WEST F311 .H351 Reference and SCIENCE LIBRARY 016.9759 H315f and SPECIAL COLL. F016 H315f Ref Florida History

Gannon, Michael V., Editor
The New History of Florida. Published: Gainesville, Fla., University Presses of Florida, 1996. LIBRARY WEST F311.5 G198 and SPEC COLL. F.02 G198 Ref Florida History
Look at both the contents and the notes for source material, especially Chapters 14-16, and 20-21.

Greenberg, Mark I. (ed.)
Florida's heritage of diversity: essays in honor of Samuel Proctor. Publisher: Tallahassee, Fla.: Sentry Press ; 1997. LIBRARY WEST and SPECIAL COLL. F311 .G741 1997

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Catalog of the Negro collections in the Florida A & M University Library. Published: Tallahassee, Friends of the Florida State University Library, 1969. LIBRARY WEST PS153.N5 C371 1969 Oversized

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Governor's Advisory Commission on Race Relations.
Report to Governor Leroy Collins, March 16, 1959. Published: [Tallahassee, 1959] EDUCATION LIBRARY 371.974 F6357r

Commission on Race Relations.
Report of the Fowler Commission on Race Relations. [Cody Fowler, chairman]. Published: [Tallahassee?] [s.n.], 1960. SPECIAL COLL. F354 R25;F636r Florida history

United States Commission on Civil Rights. Florida Advisory Committee.
Police-community relations in Tampa microform: an update. Publisher: [Washington, D.C., The Commission, 1991] SCIENCE LIBRARY, Documents (microfiche) CR 1.2:P 75/26 and SCIENCE LIBRARY, Documents CR 1.2:P 75/26 Regular Loan (documents)


One of the most infamous inquisitions in Florida history was the McCarthy era Johns Committee, headed by Senator Charley Johns. Set up to investigate "subversion" it branded people as communists and homosexuals, and targeted academics, civil rights workers, and organizations like the NAACP. For background on this committee and its activities, see Behind Closed Doors, a documentary project undertaken by students here at U.F.

Schnur, James A.
Cold warriors in the hot sunshine: the Johns Committee's assault on civil liberties in Florida, 1956-1965. Published: University of South Florida Thesis, 1995. SPECIAL COLL. F316.2 .S36 1995a Florida history

Stark, Bonnie.
McCarthyism in Florida: Charley Johns and the Florida Legislative Investigation Committee, July, 1956 to July 1965. Published: University of South Florida Thesis, 1985. SPECIAL COLL. film 124-S and F316.2 .S73 1985a

Florida. Legislature. Legislative Investigation Committee.
Before the Florida Legislative Investigation Committee ... transcript of testimony, Thursday, February 9, 1961. Published: Tallahassee, Fla., The Legislature, 1961]. One of the Johns Committee's publications. LIBRARY WEST F316.2 .F56x 1961 In Reprographics

African Americans & Civil Rights


Jones, Maxine Deloris
African Americans in Florida. Published: Sarasota, Fla.: Pineapple Press, c. 1993. LIBRARY WEST E185.93.F5 M37 1993
Besides being a basic source of information on major people, places, and events in African American history in Florida, also contains "Further Reading" suggestions for each entry.

McCarthy, Kevin M.
Black Florida. Published: New York: Hippocrene Books, 1995. LIBRARY WEST E185.93.F5 M38 and SPEC COLL. F326 M123b
Gives brief historical accounts of towns and places and, like the above, also includes "Further Reading" entries.

Brown, Canter
Florida's Black public officials, 1867-1924. Published: Tuscaloosa: University of Alabama Press, 1998. Description: xiii, 252 p. : ill. LIBRARY WEST and SPECIAL COLL. E185.93.F5 B76 1998
Unfortunately, Canter's excellent introductory chapters in this book cover only the period up to around 1900. However, the second half of the book is a useful biographical dictionary and the "Notes" section points to a lot of primary source material.

Kennedy, Stetson
Jim Crow Guide: The Way it Was. Published: Various Editions. LIBRARY WEST and SPEC COLL. E184.A1 K35
A reprinted collection of key essays and studies by Kennedy. A useful introduction if you will be working with the Stetson Kennedy Papers. Kennedy was one of the first writers to infiltrate and expose Ku Klux Klan activities in the South.

Colburn, David R., and Jane L. Landers
The African American heritage of Florida. Published: Gainesville: University Press of Florida, c. 1995. LIBRARY WEST E185.93.F5.C65 1995
The notes and footnotes to the essays in this book may actually be of more use to you than the essays themselves. However, Chapter 8 deals with La Villa, Jacksonville; Chapter 9 is about Tampa; and Chapter 10 reviews changes in the situation of black women in Florida over time.

McDonogh, Gary W.
The Florida Negro: a Federal Writers' Project. Published: Jackson: University Press of Mississippi, c. 1993. LIBRARY WEST E185.93.F5 F57 1993 and SPEC COLL. F325 F6364
This is an annotated modern edition of Zora Neale Hurston's ethnographic studies of black communities and traditions in Florida collected in the 1930s.

Price, Hugh Douglas
The Negro and Southern politics; a chapter of Florida history. Published: New York: New York University Press, 1957. LIBRARY WEST 324.15 P945n and SPEC COLL. F326 P945n
This book examines the post World War II era, but you may want to consult it for the brief historical background regarding the fight to gain the vote.

Smith, Charles U., Editor
The Civil rights movement in Florida and the United States: historical and contemporary perspectives by Charles U. Smith, editor, and other civil rights experts including former Florida Governor Leroy Collins. Published: Tallahassee: Father and Son Publishing, c. 1989. LIBRARY WEST E185.93.F5 C58 1989b

Saunders, Robert W. (Robert William)
Bridging the gap: continuing the Florida NAACP legacy of Harry T. Moore, 1952-1966. Publisher: Tampa, Fla., University of Tampa Press, 2000. LIBRARY WEST and SPECIAL COLL. E185.93.F5 S28 2000

Gilliard, Deric A.
Living in the shadow of a legend: unsung heros and sheroes who marched with Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. Publisher: Decatur, Ga., Gilliard Publications, 2002. On Order.

NOTE: The library also has biographies of major African American figures in Florida (e.g., James Weldon Johnson, Mary McLeod Bethune, Harry T. Moore, etc.). Search the library catalog for these materials.


Ortiz, Paul A.
"Like water covered the sea:" The African American Freedom Struggle in Florida, 1877-1920. Publisher: Dissertation, Duke University, 2000. LIBRARY WEST E185.93.F5 O78 2000a
A much-talked about recent study of Florida. To be published in 2004. Meanwhile, we have the dissertation version.


Jones, Merrill Otis
Contributions of Selected Privte Foundations to Florida's Public Schools, 1907-1947. Publisher: Dissertation, FSU, 1974. SPECIAL COLL. F370 J78c
Includes discussion of funding for teachers and black high schools within this time frame.

Henry, Annie Belle
Philanthropic foundations and their impact on public education for Blacks in Florida, 1920-1947 microform. Published: 1988. SPECIAL COLL. film 117-Q Florida History

Mitchell, Robert Lenton
Legislative provisions and their effects on Negro public education in Florida, 1869-1947. Published: c. 1970. EDUCATION LIBRARY LC2802.F6 M5734 1979

Rosen, Frederick Bruce
The Development of Negro Education in Florida during Reconstruction: 1865-1877. Publisher: Dissertation, UF, 1974. SPECIAL COLL. F371.9 R813d
Covers Reconstruction only, but provides a framework for the beginnings of black education programs in the state prior to 1900.

Scott, John Irving E.
The Education of Black People in Florida. Publisher: Philadelphia: Dorrance, 1974. EDUCATION LC2802.F6 S38 and SPECIAL COLL. F371.9 S427e

Williams, DeWitt Everett
A brief review of the growth and improvement of education for Negroes in Florida, 1927-1962. SPECIAL COLL. F371.9 W722b Florida History


Rivers, Larry E., and Canter Brown, Jr.
Laborers in the vineyard of the Lord: the beginnings of the AME Church in Florida, 1865-1895. Publisher: Gainesville, University Press of Florida, 2001. LIBRARY WEST and SPECIAL COLL. BX8444.F6 R58 2001

Hall, Robert La Bret
"Do, Lord, remember me" microform: religion and cultural change among blacks in Florida, 1565-1906. Published: 1984. SPECIAL COLL. film 124-L Florida History

Long, Charles Sumner
History of the A.M.E. Church in Florida microform. Published: Philadelphia: A.M.E. Book Concern, 1939. LIBRARY WEST E185.96 .B5281 1987 Microfiche no. 157 and SPEC COLL. F287 L848h Florida History


Bacchus, James
Blacks and the Florida penal system, 1921-1971. Published: 1973. SPECIAL COLL. F326 B116b Florida History
This is an evaluation and critique of The Negro Offender (see below) and other early assessments of the prison system in Florida.

Vandiver, Margaret
Race, clemency, and executions in Florida, 1924-1966. Published: 1983. SPECIAL COLL. F364 V245r Florida History
This work is primarily a study in criminology focusing on the period after 1930, but it does contain a review of the earlier convict lease labor system and some material on punishments, mob violence, and lynchings in the 1920s (pp. 1-50).

Williams, George Croft
The negro offender, presented at the fifty-first congress of the American prison association, Jacksonville, Florida, 1921. Published: New York city, Russell Sage foundation, 1922. LIBRARY WEST 325.26 W7223n


Cotton, Barbara R.
The lamplighters, black farm and home demonstration agents in Florida 1915-1965. Published: Tallahassee, Fla.: U.S. Dept. of Agriculture in cooperation with Florida Agricultural and Mechanical University, c. 1982. SCIENCE LIBRARY S544.3.F6 C68 1982 and SPEC COLL. F630 C851L Florida History
Recommended as an introductory text if you think you will be using source material from the Agricultural Extension Service papers in the University Archives.

NOTE: You should also talk with Carl van Ness, University Archvist, in the Department of Special Collections, about materials in the papers of the University Agricultural Extension Service that relate to African American rural life and labor.


American Beach

Phelts, Marsha Dean
An American beach for African Americans. Published: Gainesville: University Press of Florida, 1997. LIBRARY WEST and SPECIAL COLL. F319.A45 P47 1997
American Beach has been and is one of the major fights to preserve a historic black town from encroaching development on super-wealthy Amelia Island.

Rymer, Russ
American Beach: a saga of race, wealth, and memory. Published: New York, Harper Collins, 1998. LIBRARY WEST F319.A45 R95x 1998


Hebel, Ianthe Bond
Daytona Beach, Florida's racial history. Published: Daytona Beach, Fla., 1966. SPECIAL COLL. F.2 D27 H443d Florida History
A personal memoir of race relations in Daytona, not very good, and not very reliable.


Jenkins, Lizzie PRB
Alachua County Florida Published: Charleston, S.C.: Arcadia Publishing, Inc., 2007 SPECIAL COLL. Florida history F317 .A4 J46 2007
A pictorial history focusing on African American families and businesses.

Alexander, Richard R.
A Smooth Transition: racial integration at the University of Florida, 1954-1958 Published: UF Thesis, 1995? SPECIAL COLL. University Archives LD 1793 .A551 1995

Caudle, Everett W. Postbellum race relations in Gainesville, Fla.: a study of social, economic, and institutional arrangements, 1865-1877 Published: Gainesville, Fla.:, 1986 SPECIAL COLL. Florida history F.2 G14 C371p

Vargas, Manuel
"Who took our dreams away?": a preliminary report on the relationship between the Universityof Florida and the Black community in Alachua County, Florida. Published: Gainesville, Fla.: 1987 SPECIAL COLL. Florida History F.2 A31 V297w and University Archives F319 .G14 V371

Miller, Edward Loring
Negro life in Gainesville : a sociological study. Published: Gainesville, University of Florida, 1938. SPECIAL COLL. F.2 G14 M647n Florida History
Miller conducted his research, including oral histories, in the mid-1930s. Some of his findings are useful for the history of black neighborhoods.

Landers, Jane
The Negro community in Gainesville, 1868-1890. Published: 1982? SPECIAL COLL. F.2 G14 L255n Florida History
Pro. Jane Landers (Vanderbilt) did this essay while she was a history student at UF and it is still heavily cited.

The struggle for survival: a partial history of the Negroes of Marion County, 1865 to 1976. Edited and prepared by Central Florida Community College. Published: Ocala, Fla.: Black Historical organization of Marion County, c. 1977. SPECIAL COLL. F.2 M34 C397s Florida History

Parker, Idella, with Bud and Liz Crussell
Idella Parker, From Reddick to Cross Creek. Publisher: Gainesville, University Press of Florida, 1999. LIBRARY WEST and SPECIAL COLL. PS3535.A845 Z842
A local best-seller. Idella Parker worked for many years as maid for the author Marjorie Kinnan Rawlings and has written two biographies about growing up in rural Alachua county, of which this is the most recent.

Stewart-Dowdell, Betty, and Kevin McCarthy
African Americans at the University of Florida. Publisher: Gainesville, Fla: B.J. Stewart-Dowdell, 2003. SPECIAL COLL. LC 2802 .F6 S74 2003 University Archives and Florida History

Online Collection Guide: African American History in UF Special Collections.

Online Collection Guide: The Visionaires (Gainesville, Florida) being the papers of Gainesville's oldest women's club for women of color.

Online Collection Guide: The A. Quinn Jones Collection being the papers of Prof. A. Quinn Jones, principal of Lincoln High School, together with photos and papers of this historic black school.


Bartley, Abel A.
Keeping the faith : race, politics, and social development in Jacksonville, Florida, 1940-1970. Publisher: Westport, Conn., Greenwood Press, 2000. SPECIAL COLL. F319.J1 B37 Florida history

Crooks, James B.
Jacksonville: the consolidation story, from civil rights to the Jaguars, foreword by Raymond Arsenault and Gary R. Mormino. Publisher: Gainesville, University Press of Florida, 2004. LIBRARY WEST F319.J1 C765 2004

Cassanello, Robert
African-American protest in Jacksonville, Florida, 1895 to 1920. Published: 1995. SPECIAL COLL. F319.J1 C2772x 1995a Florida History

Cassanello, Robert
The Great Migration, migrants and identity in the making of New South Jacksonville, Florida, 1865-1920. Publisher: Florida State University, 2000. SPECIAL COLL. F319.J1 C37 2000a Florida History

Kenney, Patricia Drozd
LaVilla, Florida, 1866-1887: reconstruction dreams and the formation of a black community. Published: 1990. SPECIAL COLL. F326 K3621 Florida History
LaVilla is much in the news as local community leaders try to preserve the area. It was the location of the Freedmen's Bureau during Reconstruction and a center of black film and music in the early 1900s. Urban renewal in Jacksonville has destroyed much of the area's heritage.

Richardson, Barbara Ann
A history of Blacks in Jacksonville, Florida, 1860-1895: a socio-economic and political study. Published: 1975. SPECIAL COLL. F.2 J14 R521h 1977 Florida History

Miami and South Florida

Castillo, Thomas Albert
Big City Days: Race and Labor in Early Miami, 1914-1925. Publisher: Masters Thesis, FIU, 2000. SPECIAL COLL. F319.M6 C36 2000a Florida History

Dunn, Marvin
Black Miami in the twentieth century. Published: Gainesville: University Press of Florida, 1997. LIBRARY WEST, Reserve (2 Hours) 2 hour checkout
and SPECIAL COLL. F319.M6 D86 1997

Lavender, Abraham D., and Adele S. Newson, Editors
Black communities in transition: voices from south Florida. Published: Lanham, Md.: University Press of America, 1996. LIBRARY WEST and SPECIAL COLL. F317.D2 B5 1996
This work contains reprinted columns and articles from the Miami Herald, most of which deal with the 1960s era and later events.

Fields, Dorothy Jenkins
Colored town, Miami, Florida, 1915: an examination of the manner in which the residents defined their community during this era of Jim Crow. Published: 1996. SPECIAL COLL. F319.M6 F53 1996a Florida History

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"They all came from someplace else": Miami, Florida's immigrant communities, 1896-1970. Publisher: Michigan State University, 2002. LIBRARY WEST and SPECIAL COLL. F319.M6 S54 2002a

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Image and reality: perceptions of early black Miami by the "Miami metropolis", 1896-1900. Publisher: University of Miami, 1987. SPECIAL COLL. F.2 M61 F596i Florida History

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The logic of Black urban rebellions: challenging the dynamics of white domination in Miami. Published: Westport, Conn., Praeger, 1999. SPECIAL COLL. F319.M6 H36 1999 Florida history

Florida. Governor's Dade County Citizen's Committee.
Report of Governor's Dade County Citizens' Committee [Irwin J. Block, chairman]. Published: Miami, Fla., The Committee, 1980. Description: 90, [32] p. ; 28 cm. LIBRARY WEST HN79.F62 D121

Evans, Arthur S. and David Lee
Pearl City, Florida: a Black community remembers. Publisher: Florida Atlantic University Press, 1990. LIBRARY WEST F319.B6 E83 1990 and SPEC COLL. F.2 P16 E92p Florida History

Rouson-Gossett, Vivian Reissland, and C. Spencer Pompey
Like a mighty banyan : contributions of Black people to the history of Palm Beach. Published: Palm Beach County, Fla.: Palm Beach Junior College, 1982 SPECIAL COLL. F.2 P16 L727 Florida History

Oliver, Kitty
Race and Change in Hollywood, Florida. Publisher: Charleston, S.C., Arcadia Publishing, 2003. A study published in small press paperback format by Arcadia. ON ORDER for this semester.

Thompson, Sylvia Ann
Community leadership in greater Miami, Florida: what role for blacks and Cuban-Americans? Published 1984. SPECIAL COLL. film 117-O Florida history

Orlando Area

Otey, Frank M.
Eatonville, Florida: a brief history of one of America's first freedmen's towns. Published: Winter Park, Fla.: Four-G Pub., c. 1989. SPECIAL COLL. F.2 O63 O87e Florida History
Eatonville was long the home of Nora Zeale Hurston, anthropologist and novelist of the Harlem Renaissance, and was also the study area for her ethnographic work in the 1930s.

Dabbs, Lester.
A report of the circumstances and events of the race riot on November 2, l920 in Ocoee, Florida / Lester Dabbs, Jr. 1969. SPECIAL COLL. F.2 O63 D111r Florida history


D'Orso, Michael
Like Judgment Day: The Ruin and Redemption of a Town Called Rosewood. Publisher: New York: G.P. Putnam and Sons, 1996. LIBRARY WEST and SPECIAL COLL. F319.R67 D67
Rosewood remains one of the most infamous massacres in Florida history. New material continues to come out as part of an effort to build a history exhibit at the site.

A Documented History of the Incident Which Occured at Rosewood, Florida, in January, 1923. Florida Board of Regents, with Maxine D. Jones, Larry E. Rivers, David R. Colburn, R. Tom Dye, and William R. Rogers. Publisher: Tallahassee: Florida Board of Regents, 1993. LIBRARY WEST F319.R67 D621 and SPECIAL COLL. F354 C81r
There is also a videotape of testimony and interviews related to this document.

Jenkins, Lizzie PRB Jenkins
The real Rosewood Published: Gainesville, Fla.: BookEnds Press, 2003 INSTITUTE OF BLACK CULTURE and SPECIAL COLL. Florida History F319.R67J46 1998

Moore, Gary
Rosewood, Fla., Jan. 1, 1923 St. Petersburg Times, July 25, 1982 SPECIAL COLL. Florida History F326 M822r Oversize

Florida Public Television
Rosewood Produced, directed, written by Kenneth Jones Published: Tallahassee, Fla.: Florida Public Television, c1994. Description: 1 videocassette (28 min.) LIBRARY WEST Video 3871 and SPECIAL COLL. Florida History F319 .R67 R67 1994

Tuggle, Charlie, Brad Wasson, and Cari Peterson Brunelle
Redemption the Rosewood legacy Published: Gainesville: University of Florida, News & Public Affairs, 1994. Description: 1 videocassette (28 min.) LIBRARY WEST Video 3870 and SPECIAL COLL. Florida History F319 .R67 R43

Tampa/St. Petersburg

Brady, Rowena Ferrell
Things remembered: an album of African Americans in Tampa. Published: Tampa, Fla.: University of Tampa Press, 1997. SPECIAL COLL. F319.T2 T47 1997 Florida History
Primarily a picture history of the Tampa community.

Ingalls, Robert P.
Urban Vigilantes in the New South: Tampa, 1882-1936. Publisher: Knoxville: University of Tennessee Press, 1988. LIBRARY WEST F319.T2 I64 and SPECIAL COLL. f.2 T15 I44u

Phillips, Evelyn Newman
An ethnohistorical analysis of the political economy of ethnicity among African Americans in St. Petersburg, Florida. Published: 1994. SPECIAL COLL. F319.S24 P54x 1994a Florida History

Fleming, Douglas L.
Toward integration microform: the course of race relations in St. Petersburg, 1868 to 1963. Published: 1973. SPECIAL COLL. film 122-R Florida History

Greenbaum, Susan D.
Afro-Cubans in Ybor City: a centennial history. Published: Tampa, Fla.: 1986 SPECIAL COLL. F.2 T15 G798a Florida History


Rabby, Glenda Alice
The pain and the promise: the struggle for civil rights in Tallahassee, Florida. Published: Athens: University of Georgia Press, c. 1999. LIBRARY WEST F319.T14 R33 1999

Fendrich, James Max
Ideal citizens: the legacy of the civil rights movement. Publisher: Albany, N.Y., State University of New York Press, 1993. LIBRARY WEST F319.T14 F46 1993 and SPECIAL COLL. F326 F331i Florida history

U. S. Commission on Civil Rights. Florida Advisory Committee.
Race relations in Tallahassee, Florida: transcript of a community forum, September 30, 1993: (report of the) Florida Advisory Committee to the United States Commission on Civil Rights. Publisher: The Commission, 1993. SCIENCE LIBRARY, Documents CR 1.2: T 24

St. Augustine

Garrow, David J. (ed.)
St. Augustine, Florida, 1963-1964: mass protest and racial violence Publisher: Brooklyn, N.Y., Carlson Pub., 1989. SPECIAL COLL. F.2 S11 S1332 Florida History

Colburn, David R.
Racial change and community crisis: St. Augustine, Florida, 1877-1980. Published: Gainesville: University of Florida Press, c. 1991. LIBRARY WEST F319.S2 C65 1991 and SPEC COLL. F.2 S11 C685r Florida History

Florida. Legislature. Legislative Investigation Committee.
Racial and civil disorders in St. Augustine; report of the Legislative Investigation Committee. Published 1965. LIBRARY WEST 323.409759 F636r

Cuban Americans in Florida

As you will find by entering "Cuban Americans" and "Florida" into the keyword search of the library catalog, there is an enormous literature on this subject, in both Spanish and English, with holdings in the main library, the Education Library, and Special Collections. The titles presented here merely scratch the surface. They are all English-language books, and all general introductions.

Mendez, Adriana
Cubans in America. Publisher: Minneapolis, Lerner Publications Co., 1994. LATIN AMERICAN COLLECTION E184.C97 M97 1994

Bretos, Miguel A.
Cuba & Florida: exploration of an historic connection, 1539-1991. Publisher: Miami, Fla., Historical Association of Southern Florida, 1991. SPECIAL COLL. F972.9;B844c Florida history

Drouillard, Lisa
Cuban Miami: exile nation in a global city. Publisher: Ann Arbor, Michigan, University Microfilms International, 1997. SPECIAL COLL. F319.M6 D76 1997 Florida history

Tweed, Thomas A.
Our Lady of the exile [electronic resource]: diasporic religion at a Cuban Catholic shrine in Miami. Publisher: New York, Oxford University Press, 1997. LIBRARY WEST BX1407.C83 T84 1997
and online here

Martinez, Rafael
Afro-Cuban Santeria among the Cuban-Americans in Dade County, Florida: a psycho-cultural approach. Publisher: University of Florida Thesis, 1979. SPECIAL COLL. F.2 D12 M385a Florida history

Masud-Piloto, Felix Roberto
From welcomed exiles to illegal immigrants: Cuban migration to the U.S., 1959-1995 Publisher: Lanham, Md., Rowman & Littlefield, 1996. LIBRARY WEST HV640.5.C9 M35 1996

Masud-Piloto, Felix Roberto
With open arms, Cuban migration to the United States. Publisher: Totowa, N.J., Rowman & Littlefield, 1988. HV640.5.C9 M37 1988

Masud-Piloto, Felix Roberto
The political dynamics of the Cuban migration to the United States, 1959-1980. Published: Florida State University Thesis, 1985. LIBRARY WEST E184.C97 M37x

Morales, Rebecca, and Frank Bonilla (eds.)
Latinos in a changing U.S. economy: comparative perspectives on growing inequality. Publisher: Newbury Park, Calif., Sage Publications, 1993. LIBRARY WEST E184.S75 L369 1993

Jorge, Antonio, and Raul Moncarz
The political economy of Cubans in south Florida. Publisher: Coral Gables, Fla., Institute of Interamerican Studies, Graduate School of International Studies, University of Miami, 1987. LATIN AMERICAN COLLECTION Ltd. Cir. HC107.F6 J673 1987 1-Week Loan

O'Hare, Patrick James
Ethnic and racial conflict in Miami since the Cuban influx, 1960- 1985. Published 1987. SPECIAL COLL. film 117-O Florida history

Gallagher, Patrick Lee
The Cuban exile: a socio-political analysis. Published: 1974 WEST BOOK 301.45168 G162c 1977

Clark, Juan M.
The exodus from revolutionary Cuba (1959-1974): a sociological analysis. Published: University of Florida Thesis, 1975. LATIN AMERICAN COLLECTIONS 378FO 1975 C593e

Wong, Francisco Raimundo
The political behavior of Cuban migrants. Published: University of Michigan Thesis, 1974. LIBRARY WEST 325.21 W872p 1977

Perez-Stable, Maria Felicia
Young Cubans in exile: an initial study. Published: University of Florida Thesis, 1971. LATIN AMERICAN COLLECTIONS 301.4537291 P4386y

Ruiz, Albor
Radicals in exile: problems of some young Cubans. Published: University of Florida Thesis, 1970. Latin America 325.21 R934r

Fagen, Richard R.
Cubans in exile: disaffection and the revolution. Published: Stanford, Calif., Stanford University Press, 1968. LIBRARY WEST or LATIN AMERICAN COLLECTIONS 301.4537291 F153c

Perez, Louis A., Jr.
José Martí in the United States: the Florida experience. Published: Tempe: ASU Center for Latin American Studies, Arizona State University, 1995. LATIN AMERICAN COLLECTION F1783.M38 J655 1995

Johnson, Barbara Ruth
Origin of the Partido Revolucionario Cubano in Tampa: Marti and the tobacco workers. Published: University of Florida Thesis, 1968. SPECIAL COLL. F.2T15 J66o Florida history

Shahi, Laura A.
Conceptual convergences: a study of public diplomacy and public relations in U.S. and Cuban relations throughout the Bay of Pigs and Elián González issues. Published: University of Florida Thesis, 2002. REFERENCE (Paged - Ask Staff) LD1780 2002 .S525 Regular Loan

Sadler, Elena Anne
Elian Gonzalez: comparing two newspapers in the multicultural South Florida community. Published: University of Florida Thesis, 2001. REFERENCE (Paged - Ask Staff) LD1780 2001 .S126 Regular Loan

Ybor City

With a few exceptions during the colonial period, such as the Minorcans of St. Augustine, Ybor City is one of Florida's oldest ethnic enclaves within an urban environment, closely associated with Cuban and Italian immigrants to the area, with cigar-making, and with early 20th century movements in unionization and socialism. Here are some references introducing the history of this vibrant neighborhood.

De Quesada, A. M.
Ybor City Publisher: Charleston, S.C., Arcadia, 1999. SPECIAL COLL. F319.T2 D42 1999

Mormino, Gary R., and George E. Pozzetta
The immigrant world of Ybor City [electronic resource]: Italians and their Latin neighbors in Tampa, 1885-1985. Publisher: Gainesville, University Press of Florida, 1998. LIBRARY WEST F319.T2 M67 1998 and online here

Westfall, L. Glenn, et al.
A Centennial history of Ybor City. Publisher: Tampa, Fla., Dept. of History, College of Social and Behavioral Sciences, University of South Florida, 1985. SPECIAL COLL. F.2 T15 T1596 Florida history

Jewish Society in Florida

As was the case for Cuban Americans, the social literature on Jewish community, religion, and leadership is enormous. The Judaica Library at U.F. has extensive holdings pertinent to life and social issues in Florida, as does Special Collections. Here are just a few of the more general titles.

Schultz, Debra L.
Going South: Jewish women in the civil rights movement. Publisher: New York, New York University Press, 2001. EDUCATION, Judaica Library E185.61 .S364 2001

Bettinger-López, Caroline
Cuban-Jewish journeys: searching for identity, home, and history in Miami. Publisher: Knoxville, University of Tennessee Press, 2000. EDUCATION, Judaica Library and SPECIAL COLL. F319.M6 B48 2000

Shaw, Martin
The Jews of Greater Miami: an historical perspective. Publisher: Florida Atlantic University Thesis, 1992. EDUCATION, Judaica Library and SPECIAL COLL. F319.M6 S421 1992a

Green, Henry A.
Mosaic, Jewish life in Florida: a documentary exhibit from 1763 to the present. Publisher: Coral Gables, Fla., Mosaic, Inc., 1991. SPECIAL COLL. F296 G796m Florida history and EDUCATION, Judaica Library F320.J5 G741 1990

Wheeler, Ray
A social and demographic survey of the Jewish community of Tampa, Florida. Publisher: Tampa, Tampa Jewish Federation, 1980. EDUCATION, Judaica Library F320.J5 W541 1980

Caribbean Immigrants

Stepick, Alex
The business community of Little Haiti. Publisher: Miami, Fla., Latin American and Caribbean Center, Florida International University, 1984. LIBRARY WEST HF5343 .S841 1984

Deckelbaum, Yetta
Little Haiti: the evolution of a community. Published: Florida Atlantic University, 1983. LIBRARY WEST F320 .H27 D431;1983a

Rocheleau, Dianne E.
Geographic and socioeconomic aspects of the recent Cuban and Haitian migrations to south Florida. Publisher: Gainesville, Center for Latin American Studies, University of Florida, 1982. LATIN AMERICAN COLLECTION and LIBRARY WEST F320.H15 R631 Regular Loan

Black immigrants: Bahamians in early twentieth-century Miami. [S.l.: s.n., 198-?]. SPECIAL COLL. F.2 M61 B628

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