Catherine L. Hart to her family
5 January 1865
Transcription by Katie Walters



Jan. 5 1865

My dear mother, sisters, and brothers,

            A good opportunity offering I embrace it to write you a few lines, and let you know we are still in the land of the living, and in the enjoyment of good health, and have not forgotten the many warm hearts beating for us far away, and we have been very anxious to hear from you all.  I wrote you in my last to direct to me by way of Key West, but I have not received a line for many months, and can not but feel anxious to hear from you, and know how you are getting along through these troublesome times.  God grant you may all be well, and spared to each other; I hope Charley and Obey have not been compelled to go in the army, I know of course their love for the Union would naturally lead them to do so, but I know also, they are not fighting men, and such business would be repugnant to their natures.  I do so long to see you all once again; and to mingle with you all, as in days past, but when when will that day come again; when will this unnatural war be over, when will peace and prosperity bless our distressed country again;  this the fourth year has dawned upon us; and still the two sections of country stand in antagonism toward each other,  sometimes I am led to think God has forsaken us, and intends to let us destroy each other;  wickedness of all kinds prevails, on the right hand and on the left.  We still have our home here, and enjoy its comforts much more than thousands,  Ossian is in good health and home with us, he is engaged at the present in making salt and supplying the necessities of the people; sends much love to all at home.  How is Aunt Elmina and all her family? Give much love to them when you see them;  and how is Luly and Jeannie and Charley and all the rest of the little ones, and how is Mary and her children? Do write me soon I want to hear from all but I want to see you all more; and write me how Ma bears her increasing years; and how Em and Lottie look, feel, and what their prospects are for the future; are you both to be old maids; one of you should get married; do do write soon you cannot imagine how much pleasure it would give us to hear from you all, give much love to Dealia and Charley, and all my friends and a large share for yourself.  From the ever loving heart of your dear daughter and sister

Kate L. Hart

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