Federal Writers' Project

Florida Documents

at the University of Florida

The P.K. Yonge Library of Florida History contains 33 published titles and 308 typescripts of works produced by the WPA's Federal Writers' Project.

These works cover the following areas:  guides to Florida cities and counties; biographical sketches of individuals living and deceased; typescript copies of early published works pertaining to Florida; articles on commerce, trade and industry.

The quality of the typescripts and the potential research value of the material contained therein vary greatly, according to the knowledge and ability of the men and women who researched them.

Each bound typescript, particularly those bound together by geographical designation, may contain chapters dealing with several different subjects. Each typescript contains a brief but comprehensive index prepared by the staff of the Yonge Library.

The typescripts are invariably carbon copies rather than originals.

The following bibliographies may aid the researcher:

F331.13 M227d, The Dream and the Deal, The Federal Writers' Project, 1935-1943
by Jerre Mangione

F331.1 P882w, WPA Writers' Publications, A Complete Bibliographic Check List and Guide of Items, Major and Minor, of the Federal Writers' Project and Program
by Evanell K. Powell

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