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NEW!  St. Augustine & Magnolia, Florida, in March 1888
This portfolio of 72 photographs depicts the hotels and sights of St. Augustine and a trip to Magnolia on the St. Johns in 1888 at the time of the opening of the Ponce de Leon Hotel. Included are images of St. Augustine's churches, the Castillo de San Marcos, the Ponce de Leon, Alcazar, and Casa Monica, views of the beach, and many other interesting shots taken by a private photographer and not published in other sources. From the William and Sue Goza Collection.
NEW!  Jacksonville in Flames! The 1901 Fire in Photographs.
May 3, 2001 marks the 100th anniversary of the great fire of Jacksonville. To commemorate the event, we present a digitized version of a little-known pamphlet depicting the fire and its aftermath. Joseph A. Ingram captured images of the conflagration shortly after it broke out. In a series of before and after shots, his photographs depict the city, the people who fought to save it, and the ruins left by the flames.  [Learn more about the Jacksonville fire from another contemporary account, Acres of Ashes digitized for the Web by the University of North Florida.]
A Tour of Central Florida and the Lower West Coast
In December, 1865, George F. Thompson commenced a tour through Florida as Inspector, District 5, for the Freedmen's Bureau.  His notes and final report, filled with information about the early months of Reconstruction, present lively observations on Gainesville, Ocala, Silver Springs, Tampa, Ft. Myers, Charlotte Harbor, Key West, and South Florida.
Images of Alachua In the Age of Sinks and Citrus
Explore the marvelous sink holes, prairies, and citrus groves of Alachua County in the 1890s. An online presentation of historic photographs, prints, sketches, and watercolors, including the work of James Calvert Smith. This exhibit was made possible by the E. Ashby Hammond Memorial Fund.
Behind Closed Doors: A Television Documentary
This web exhibit documents one of the most heinous episodes in modern Florida history, the witch hunt for communists and homosexuals conducted by the Johns Commission during the McCarthy era of the 1950s. Produced by Allyson A. Beutke and Scott Litvak at the University of Florida School of Journalism. A videotape of their television program on this subject is also available.
Up the St. Marys, an extract from Army Life in a Black Regiment
The 1st South Carolina Volunteers, commanded by abolitionist Thomas Wentworth Higginson, was one of the first black regiments to serve in the Union Army during the Civil War. This exhibit reproduces Higginson's stirring account of the regiment's operations on the St. Marys River, Florida.
In Preparation
The Florida Letters of Achille Murat, Prince of Tallahassee, translated by E. Ashby Hammond.
Achille Murat was one of Florida's most eccentric pioneers, son of Joachim Murat and Caroline Bonaparte, one-time crown prince of Naples, and nephew of Napoleon. Disenchanted with the reactionary monarchies of Europe, Murat emigrated to America in 1823 and became one of the great essayists on culture and mores in the new Republic. This digital exhibit of 19 of his letters is made available through the E. Ashby Hammond Memorial Fund.

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