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Research Assistance:
American Colonial South

Detail, George Washington, by Charles Willson Peale


This web page provides guidance for students undertaking research in Prof. Jon Sensbach's course AMH 3930: The Colonial South. For tips on searching the library catalog, see the first section below. Then look through the compilation of primary source material that follows it. I have put together an annotated list of primary documents that deal with the American colonies before and during the Revolution. All these materials are available from the U.F. Library. They are listed under four headings: (1) general primary sources or documentary collections on the colonial period; (2) regional information (mostly for the southern colonies), including runs of colonial newspapers held on microfilm; (3) primary sources about the American Revolution; and (4) selected papers and writings of the Founders. There are additional materials (not listed) concerning the early American republic and the early history of the thirteen states (plus the territories and neighboring borderlands).

Note: Due to the closing of the Main Library, I have given you the most up-to-date information I have on the current location of materials. At least some of the microfilm sets must be requested from off-campus storage. Others will be on-hand in Special Collections. If you need assistance, feel free to contact me: James Cusick, curator, P.K. Yonge Library of Florida History ( or 273-2778.


To do a subject search of the library catalog use
"Basic Search, Browse Organized Lists" with the following search strings:


For a broad list of titles and topics dealing with the colonial period, enter
Subject, LC: United States--History--Colonial Period ca 1600-1775 [you can stop after "colonial" and the search will still work]

For a particular colony, try (for example):
Subject, LC: Georgia--History--Colonial Period ca 1600-1775



For a broad list of titles and topics dealing with the American Revolution, enter
Subject, LC: United States--History--Revolution 1775-1783

For a particular colony, try (for example):
Subject, LC: Virginia--History--American Revolution 1775-1783


If you want to find only published first-hand accounts from the colonial or Revolutionary eras, then add “--Personal Narratives” to the end of the strings above. Similarly, to find source material, add "--Sources". You must enter the full string, including the date range, in order for this search to work properly.  (Also, you must separate the string with double dashes).


Searching for newspapers can be difficult.  I have listed holdings for Virginia, South Carolina, and Georgia below. If you need help with others, contact me.




Colonial Records: General Primary Sources


Published American Colonial Records

New Haven, Conn.: Research Publications, 197-?. 166 microfilm reels.

Contents:  CR 1-5 Connecticut (9 reels); CR 6-10 Delaware (4 reels); CR 11-13 Georgia (13 reels); CR 14, 16 Maine (9 reels); CR 17-19 Maryland (2 reels); CR 21-28 Massachusetts (23 reels); CR 29-30 New Hampshire (16 reels); CR 31-34 New Jersey (8 reels); CR 35-42 New York (17 reels); CR 43-45 North Carolina (15 reels); CR 46-48 Pennsylvania (17 reels); CR 49-51 Rhode Island (4 reels); CR 52-53, 55-59 South Carolina (7 reels); CR 60-61. Vermont (3 reels); CR 62-70 Virginia (19 reels)

Basic sources on the colonial period, mostly microfilm of published series, like the proceedings of the colonial assemblies, acts of the legislature, etc.

LIBRARY WEST (must request from off-campus storage)

E187 .P821 Microfilm



Records of the British Parliament at the University of Florida

An online guides to resources:



Records of the British Colonial Office, Class 5

Edited by Randolph Boehm. Frederick, Md.: University Publications of America, 1981?, 48 reels. Notes:  "British Crown Copyright 1972. Reprinted by permission of the Controller of Her Britannic Majesty's Stationery Office.  The materials in this collection are selections from the volumes of transcripts in the Manuscript Room of the Library of Congress."

Pt. 1-3: guide compiled by Linda Womaski and Randolph Boehm; Pt. 4: guide compiled by Diane Dimkoff and Robert Lester; Pt. 5: guide compiled by Robert Lester.

Contents:  Pt. 1, Westward expansion, 1700-1783 (12 reels); Pt. 2, The Board of Trade, 1660-1782 (6 reels); Pt. 3, The French and Indian War, 1754-1763 (8 reels); Pt. 4, Royal instructions and commissions to Colonial officials, 1702-1784 (12 reels); Pt. 5, The American Revolution, 1772-1784 (15 reels)

LIBRARY WEST (must request from off-campus storage)

JV1016 .G83 1981  Microfilm


Early American imprints, 1639-1800

Edited by American Antiquarian Society. New York: Readex, 1981-1982.  Description:  26,195 microfiches, ill.; 11 x 15 cm.

LIBRARY WEST (must request from off-campus storage)

Z1364 .E25 1990z Microfiche


Fulham Papers.  American colonial section

Lambeth Palace Library, London.  Filmed 1970, 19 reels.

Religious life in colonial America, from the files of the Bishop of London.  Covers all colonies.  Reel 59F “The Anglican Church in Florida” contains items specifically selected out of the collection the Episcopal Church.  See William W. Monross, The Fulham Papers in the Lambeth Palace Library: American Colonial Section, Clarendon Press, Oxford, 1965 (F016 M285f) for a description of contents.

SPECIAL COLL., Florida history    Reels # 59F-Y


Race, Slavery, and Free Blacks: Series I, Petitions to southern legislatures, 1777-1867

Edited by Loren Schweninger; assistant editor Robert Shelton.

Bethesda, Md. : University Publications of America, 1998.

SPECIAL COLL., Florida history    E441 .R27 1998


Race, Slavery and Free Blacks: Series II: Petitions to Southern County Courts, 1777-1867, Part A: Georgia, Florida, Alabama, and Mississippi

Bethesda, Md.: LexisNexis/UPA, 2003.





Colonial Records: Regional




Criminal proceedings in colonial Virginia

(Records of) fines, examination of criminals, trials of slaves, etc. from March 1710 (1711) to (1754), (Richmond County, Virginia).

Edited, with an introduction, by Peter Charles Hoffer; edited and transcribed by William B. Scott.

Athens, Ga.: Published for the American Historical Association, Washington, D.C., by the University of Georgia Press, 1984. Description:  lxxvi, 262 p.: ill.; 26 cm.

LIBRARY WEST (must be requested from off-campus storage)

KFV2916.R5 A7 1710


Virginia  Newspapers


The Virginia Gazette

Published:  Williamsburg Va.: Printed by W. Parks

Frequency:  Weekly

Publishing history:  Began Aug. 6, 1736? Ceased May 19, 1781?

LIBRARY WEST (must be requested from off-campus storage)

071 V817  Microfilm


The Virginia Gazette, and General Advertiser

Published:  Richmond Va.: A. Davis

Frequency:  Semiweekly, 1799-1809

Former frequency:  Weekly, 1790-1798

LIBRARY WEST (must be requested from off-campus storage)

F221 .V8  Microfilm



South Carolina

South Carolina begins: the records of a proprietary colony, 1663-1721.

Charles H. Lesser; with finding aids by Charles H. Lesser and Ruth S. Green.  Columbia, S.C.: South Carolina Dept. of Archives and History, 1995.  Description:  iv, 530 p., ill.; 28 cm.

SPECIAL COLL., Florida history   F272 .L57 1995


Colonial and State records in the South Carolina Archives; a temporary summary guide.

Edited by Marion C. Chandler.  Columbia, University of South Carolina Press, 1973.  Description:  52 p. 23 cm.

SPECIAL COLL., Florida history   F975.7 C456c 1973


Moore, Caroline T.

Records of the secretary of the Province of South Carolina, 1692-1721.

Compiled and edited by Caroline T. Moore.  S.l.: s.n., 1978.  Columbia, S.C.: R. L. Bryan Co. Description:  xi, 457 p., maps (on lining paper); 24 cm.

SPECIAL COLL., Florida history    F975.7 M821r


Arthur Middleton Papers, 1767-1783 microform.

Charleston, S.C.: South Carolina Historical Society; Spartanburg, S.C. Reprint Company, distributor, 1980.  10 microfiches.  The papers of Arthur Middleton of South Carolina, a member of the Continental Congress, chiefly consist of correspondence and memoranda concerning both public and military affairs in Charleston (S.C.) and Philadelphia (Pa.), and such issues as the currency, the national debt, motions made in Congress, and naval and army defenses. There are also notes in code about the deliberations on the Declaration of Independence.  Papers at the South Carolina Historical Society.

LIBRARY WEST (must request from off-campus storage)

F273.M52 A2 1980 Microfiche


The Papers of Henry Laurens in the South Carolina Historical Society microform.

With introduction by Philip M. Hamer. Wooster, Ohio: Micro Photo Division, Bell & Howell, 1966.  19 reels.  Papers and writing of a major southern patriot.  Henry Laurens (1724-1792) led the movement to overthrow British rule during the American Revolution--first in his native state of South Carolina and then as President of the Continental Congress (1777-1778). The documents in this mini-edition highlight the American patriots' successful efforts to oust the royal governor of South Carolina in the fall of 1775.

LIBRARY WEST (must be requested from off-campus storage)

E302 .L381 Microfilm


Selected papers online:



Pinckney family papers, 1703-1847.

South Carolina Historical Society, 1980.  75 microfiches + guide.  Microfiche copy of the original manuscripts in the South Carolina Historical Society Manuscript Collection.  Correspondence of a major family of southern patriots.

LIBRARY WEST (must be requested from off-campus storage)

F272 .P651 1980


Records of the Court of Chancery of South Carolina, 1671-1779.

Edited by Anne King Gregorie, with an introd. by J. Nelson Frierson.

Washington: American Historical Association, 1950.  Description:  676 p.; 26 cm.


KFS1845 .A19 1671


LIBRARY WEST (must request from off-campus storage)

F272 .S671 1975


Journals of the Commissioners of the Indian Trade, September 20, 1710-August 29, 1718.

Edited by W. L. McDowell.  Columbia, South Carolina Archives Dept., 1955. Description:  xi, 368 p. facsims. 28 cm.

SPECIAL COLL., Florida history   F975.7 S7262ji 1710- 1718


The Journal of the Commons House of Assembly.

Edited by J. H. Easterby.  Edition:  1st ed.  Columbia, Historical Commission of South Carolina, 1951-.  Description:  v. illus. 28 cm.

Contents:  (1) Nov. 10, 1736-June 7, 1739; (2) Sept. 12, 1739-Mar. 26, 1741; (3) May 18, 1741--July 10, 1742; (4) Sept. 14, 1742-Jan. 27, 1744; (5) Feb. 20, 1744-May 25, 1745; (6) Sept. 10, 1745-June 17, 1746; (7) Sept. 10, 1746-June 13, 1747. (8) Jan. 19, 1748-June 29, 1748; (9) Mar. 28, 1749-Mar. 19, 1750; (10) 23 Apr. 1750-31 Aug. 1751; (11) Nov. 14, 1751-Oct. 7, 1752; (12) Nov. 21, 1752-Sept. 6, 1754; (13) Nov. 12, 1754-Sept. 23, 1755; (14) Nov. 20, 1755-July 6, 1757.

SPECIAL COLL., Florida history   F975.7 S826j


Documents relating to Indian affairs, May 21, 1750-August 7, 1754.

Edited by William L. McDowell, Jr. Published:  Columbia, South Carolina Archives Dept., 1958.  Description:  v. ill.

PAGED COLLECTION, LIBRARY WEST (must be requested from off-campus storage) 970.457 S726d


Records in the British Public Record Office relating to South Carolina, 1663-1782.

Public Record Office, Colonial Office.  Filmed by Department of Archives and History, South Carolina. 12 reels.

Contents are summarized on the film boxes and explained in Charles M. Andrews Guide to the Materials for American History to 1783 in the Public Record Office of Great Britain, Vol. 1., Carnegie, Washington, D.C., 1912 (F016 A565gu).

SPECIAL COLL., Florida history     Reel # 60A, 1-12

Reel 12, index to persons, places, and topics


South Carolina Newspapers


The Charlestown Gazette

Charlestown, S.C.: Printed by Mary Crouch & Co.

Frequency:  Weekly

Publishing history:  Began in 1778. Ceased in 1780?

LIBRARY WEST (must be requested from off-campus storage)

071 S726  Microfilm


The Gazette of the State of South-Carolina

Charles-town S.C.: Printed by Peter Timothy

Frequency:  Semiweekly, July 26, 1784-Mar. 24, 1785

Former frequency:  Weekly, Apr. 9, 1777-July 22, 1784

LIBRARY WEST (must be requested from off-campus storage)

071 S726  Microfilm


The Royal Gazette

Published:  Charleston S.C.: Printed by R. Wells & Son

Frequency:  Semiweekly

Publishing history:  Vol. 1, no. 1 (Mar. 3, 1781)-

Ceased in 1782?

LIBRARY WEST (must be requested from off-campus storage)

071 S726  Microfilm


The Royal South-Carolina Gazette

Published:  Charles-Town, S.C.: Robertson, MacDonald & Cameron

Frequency:  Semiweekly, 1781-1782

Former frequency:  Triweekly, 1780

LIBRARY WEST (must be requested from off-campus storage)

071 S726  Microfilm


The South-Carolina & American General Gazette

Published:  Charlestown S.C.: R. Wells and D. Bruce

Frequency:  Semiweekly, Oct. 13, 1780-Feb. 28, 1781

Former frequency:  Weekly, 1764-Oct. 6, 1780

LIBRARY WEST (must be requested from off-campus storage)

071 S726  Microfilm


The South-Carolina Gazette

Published:  Charlestown, S.C. : T. Whitmarsh

Frequency:  Weekly

LIBRARY WEST (must be requested from off-campus storage)

071 S726  Microfilm


The South-Carolina Gazette and Country Journal

Published:  Charles-Town, S.C.: Printed by Charles Crouch

Frequency:  Weekly

LIBRARY WEST (must be requested from off-campus storage)

071 S726  Microfilm




The Colonial Records of the State of Georgia.

C omp. under authority of the Legislature by Allan D. Candler.  Atlanta, Ga., The Franklin Printing and Publ. Co., 1904-

SPECIAL COLL., Florida history   F975.8 C719


Walker, George Fuller, 1910-

Abstracts of Georgia colonial book J, 1755-1762.

Compiled by George Fuller Walker.  Atlanta: R. J. Taylor, Jr., Foundation, 1978.

SPECIAL COLL., Florida history   F975.8 W179a


Beckemeyer, Frances Howell.

Abstracts of Georgia Colonial Conveyance Book, C-1, 1750-1761.

Compiled by Frances Howell Beckemeyer.  Atlanta: R. J. Taylor, Jr., Foundation, 1975.

SPECIAL COLL., Florida history   F975.8 B394a


An Index to Georgia Colonial Conveyances and Confiscated Lands Records, 1750-1804.

Atlanta, Ga.: R.J. Taylor, Jr., Foundation, 1981. Description:  97 p., map; 29 cm.

SPECIAL COLL., Florida history    F975.8 I38


Index to Probate Records of Colonial Georgia, 1733-1778.

Published:  Atlanta, Ga. : R.J. Taylor, Jr., Foundation, 1983.

Description:  v, 106 p.: map.; 28 cm.

SPECIAL COLL., Florida history   F975.8 I383


Colonial Georgia Land Records (electronic resource)

Gainesville, Fla. : University of Florida, 1998.  Technical note:  System requirements: networked computer with Internet browser, prefer a higher version of Netscape.

Notes:  Produced by Dorothy H. Hope.

Electronic access:


Candler, Allen Daniel, 1834-1910, comp.

The Revolutionary Records of the State of Georgia.

Published:  Atlanta, Ga., The Franklin-Turner company, 1908.

Description:  3 v. 26 cm.

SPECIAL COLL., Florida history     F975.8 R454


The Papers of General Nathanael[Nathaniel] Greene.

Richard K. Showman, editor, Margaret Cobb and Robert E. McCarthy, assistant editors, assisted by Joyce Boulind, Noel P. Conlon, and Nathaniel N. Shipton.  Published for the Rhode Island Historical Society by the University of North Carolina Press, 1976.  8 volumes.

            LIBRARY WEST (must be requested from off-campus storage)

973.33 G811p


Selected papers online:



Georgia Newspapers


The Georgia Gazette

Published:  Savannah, Ga.: James Johnston, 1763-

Frequency:  Weekly

LIBRARY WEST (must be requested from off-campus storage)

AN .G352  Microprint


SPECIAL COLL., Florida history

Reel # 201H-I


The Royal Georgia Gazette

Published:  Savannah, Ga.: John Daniel Hammerer

Frequency:  Weekly

SPECIAL COLL., Florida History

Reel # 201I



Louisiana, Gulf Coast, and the Mississippi River Valley


Provincial Archives Series.

The three sections of the provincial archives, assembled by the Department of Archives and History, Mississippi, contain selected documents regarding French, British, and Spanish rule in Louisiana and along the Gulf Coast. 


English provincial archives, 1763-1783

Public Record Office, London.  Filmed by Department of Archives and History, Mississippi, 1968.  5 reels.

Transcripts pertaining to the Board of Trade, West Florida; America and the West Indies; War Office, Secretary of State, correspondence.

SPECIAL COLL., Florida history   Reel # 61A-E; Calendar on Reel 1


French provincial archives, 1612-1763

Paris.  Compiled by Department of Archives and History, Mississippi, 1968.  13 reels.

SPECIAL COLL., Florida history  Reel # 61F-R; Calendar on Reel 1


Spanish provincial archives, 1759-1820

Madrid, Seville, Simancas. Transcripts of originals, Department of Archives and History, Mississippi, 1968.  7 reels.

SPECIAL COLL., Florida history  Reel # 61R-X; introduction on Reel 1


Archives des colonials [selected manuscripts, 1699-1748]

Archives nacionales, Paris. Selected by William Coker, University of West Florida.  1 reel.

The materials duplicated on this film are described in N.M. Miller Surrey’s Calendar of Manuscripts in Paris for the History of the Mississippi Valley, 2 vols.  Carnegie, Washington, D.C., 1926 (F016 S926c).

SPECIAL COLL., Florida history, Reel # 61Y


Correspondance politique: Espagne, 1792-1796

Archives du Department des Affaires Etrangeres, Paris. 1 reel.

Highly selective.  Mostly about French plans to take Louisiana from Spain.  Contents are described in Waldo Leland’s Guide to Materials for American History in the Libraries and Archives of Paris, vol. 2, Carnegie, Washington, D.C., 1943, pp. 509-510 (F016 L538g).

SPECIAL COLL., Florida history   Reel # 61Z





The library’s holdings on Spanish Florida (1518-1763) are vast.  However, use of primary sources requires a good reading knowledge of Spanish and (for early material) a facility with paleography (deciphering Spanish shorthand conventions in handwriting).  Undergraduates  interested in Spanish Florida are advised to use published English translations for research, or, if they wish to use original source material, to focus on documents from the 1680s and later, which are written in Spanish that is close to the modern idiom.  Some small collections, often used by students during their first efforts at doing research in the Spanish colonial records, are:


John B. Stetson Collection

150,000 photostats of early Spanish documents on Florida, 1518-1821.

Reproduced on microfilm. 62 reels.

This collection is an introductory research collection for the study of colonial Florida under Spanish rule.  The library has a 14,000 card index giving English-language descriptions of documents.  Documents on the film are in handwritten Spanish.  Although not comprehensive, the Stetson Collection contains selected material pertaining to early missionary efforts, Spanish settlement in the southeast, the creation of Fort Mose as a free black town, English attacks on the colony, etc.  The collection is arranged in chronological order.

SPECIAL COLL., Florida history  Reels # 144B, 1-62


Jeannette Thurber Connor Collection

Typescripts and Photostats of documents on early Florida.  16 reels.

The Connor Collection is another selective collection on Spanish Florida, containing materials on subjects that interested Connor.  In some cases, it includes English translations of important documents.  However, most of Connor’s translations are more easily found in her published works.  These include her translations of such early exploration accounts as those of Ribault for the French colony in Florida (1562-1564) and Fontaneda’s chronicle of his life as a shipwreck victim among the Calusa Indians of south Florida.

            SPECIAL COLL., Florida history  Reels 142D, 1-16        


Later British period (1763-1783) and Second Spanish period (1783-1821) sources can be found in:


Joseph Byrne Lockey Collection

Documents related to the history of Florida, 1763-1821. 16 linear feet.

About half of this collection consists of material from the Public Record Office duplicated as either Photostats or typescripts concerning the colonial Floridas.  Much of this material can also be found on the film collection.  It is heavily weighted towards coverage of British West Florida.  The arrangement is chronological.  Includes important reports by John Stuart, Indian agent, on relations with the southern tribes.  The remainder of the collection covers Spanish East and West Florida (1783-1821). 

            SPECIAL COLL., Florida history    Manuscript collection


Marie Taylor Greenslade Collection

Papers, 1764-1900. - 2 ln/ft.

Typescripts of original business papers of the Indian trading houses Panton, Leslie & Company and John Forbes & Company. Greenslade was a descendant of a company partner, John Innerarity. Other typescripts of these documents are held by the Florida Historical Society.  The collection covers both the operation of the trading company under the British and its subsequent (post-Revolution) continuation under the Spanish.

SPECIAL COLL., Florida history    Manuscript collection



British East and West Florida (1763-1783)


Legislative Records of British West Florida

Public Record Office, London.  Colonial Office, Class 5.

Filmed by the Library of Congress.  10 reels.

SPECIAL COLL., Florida history   Reel # 65A-J


America and West Indies

Public Record Office, London.  Colonial Office, Class 5.

Filmed by the Library of Congress. 2 reels.

SPECIAL COLL., Florida history  Reel # 65K-L


Records of British East and West Florida

Public Record Office, London.  Colonial Office, Class 5.

Filmed by the Library of Congress. 31 reels.

A complete set of the Public Record Office collection concerning the British Floridas as collected and duplicated in the Library of Congress.  Contains the legislative records, council minutes, board of trade entries, and governors’ correspondence for both colonies, as described in Charles Andrews’s Guide to the Materials for American History to 1783 in the Public Record Office of Great Britain, Vol. 1, Carnegie, Washington, D.C., 1912 (F015 A565gu).  The legislative and council records for East Florida are on reel 67C.  There is a separate collection of film for the more extensive legislative records of West Florida (see above).

SPECIAL COLL., Florida history   Reel # 66A-Z, 67A-E


Spanish East Florida (1783-1821)


The East Florida Papers

Library of Congress.  178 reels.

The local archive of Spanish colonial documents kept at St. Augustine, capital of East Florida, by the governors between 1784 and 1821.  Contains almost all military and public records of the colony for that time period.  Although documents are in Spanish, sections of the papers are often in English (especially correspondence with American officials or with English, Scottish, Irish, or American settlers living in East Florida).  Although this collections is a colonial collection for Florida (Florida’s colonial period did not end until 1821), it actually corresponds to the early American Republic in the United States.

SPECIAL COLL., Florida history Reel # 55A, 1-178.





American Revolution:  Primary Sources


Documents of the American Revolution, 1770-1783 (Colonial Office series).

Edited by K. G. Davies. Shannon, Irish University Press 1972.  Notes:  Documents selected from Colonial Office records in the Public Record Office. Includes bibliographical references.

Contents:  v. 1. Calendar, 1770-71; v. 2. Transcripts, 1770; v. 3.  Transcripts, 1771; v. 4. Calendar, 1772-73; v. 5. Transcripts, 1772; v. 6. Transcripts, 1773; v. 7. Calendar, 1774-30 June 1775; v. 8. Transcripts, 1774; v. 9. Transcripts, 1775, January to June; v. 10. Calendar, 1 July 1775-1776; v. 11. Transcripts, 1775, July-December; v. 12. Transcripts, 1776; v. 13. Calendar, 1777-1778; v. 14. Transcripts, 1777; v. 15. Transcripts, 1778; v. 16. Calendar, 1779-1780; v. 17. Transcripts, 1779.

LIBRARY WEST (must request from off-campus storage)

E203 .G68 1972


B. F. Stevens's Facsimiles of manuscripts in European archives relating to America, 1773-1783 microform: with descriptions, editorial notes, collations, references and translations.

London: Malby & sons, 1889-1898.  25 v., maps, port., facsims.; 36 cm. (fol.); New York, AMS Press 1972?, 14 microfilm reels

LIBRARY WEST (must request from off-campus storage)

973.3 S844f Microfilm


Journals of the Continental Congress, 1774-1789.

Edited from the original records in the Library of Congress.  Washington, U.S. Govt. print off., 1904-37.  Description:  34 v.

A printed version of the deliberations and acts of the Continental Congress during the Revolution.

SPECIAL COLL., Florida history  F973 U56cj


Papers of the Continental Congress, 1774-1789

Washington: National Archives and Records Service, General Services Administration, 1971.

Description:  204 reels.



Dorchester, Sir Guy Carleton, 1st baron, 1724-1808

British Headquarters (Sir Guy Carleton) Papers, 1747-1783

10,434 items.  Public Record Office, London.  Film made from Photostats in Colonial Williamsburg, 1957.  30 reels.

Weighted towards 1781-1783, this collection contains correspondence of the British commanders in chief regarding the war effort and the various theaters of action in the colonies during the Revolution.  The first reels provide an introduction and calendar of contents from Report on American Manuscripts in the Royal Institution of Great Britain, London, Mackie & Co., 1901.

SPECIAL COLL., Florida history  Reel # 58 A

Index to the collection on Reels 1-2


Haldimand, Sir Frederick, 1718-1791


Public Archives of Canada.  5 reels

Haldimand was senior British officer in West Florida prior to the Revolution and during its early years.  He also had responsibilities for East Florida as well (where he often disagreed with Governor James Grant).  Contents:  Regimental returns relating to Florida, 1760-1774; Correspondence with the governors of provinces, 1765-1774; letter book on affairs in Florida, 1768-1770; letters and accounts on ordinance at Pensacola, 1764-1773; Pensacola accounts, 1767-1773; Correspondence with General Gage, 1758-1777; Correspondence with Brig. Generals Stanwix, Abercromby,  and Murray, and Col. Robertson, 1756-1775; Correspondence with Brig. General Taylor and others on Indian affairs, 1765-1774; letters from various persons, 1769-1777.  See Robert R. Rhea’s “Index to the Haldimand Papers,” on file in Florida history, F016 C212er.

            SPECIAL COLL., Florida history Reel #59A-E


Haldimand, Sir Frederick, 1718-1791

Haldimand Papers: Correspondence with General Gage, 1758-1777, vol. III

Ontario: Public Archives of Canada, 1970. 197 p.; 37 cm.

This is a typescript version of letters between Haldimand and General Thomas Gage, commander in chief of British forces, regarding affairs in Florida.  Among other topics, Haldimand discusses problems with the Choctaw and Creek Indians in the 1760s.  The library also has microfilm of the original letters.

SPECIAL COLL., Florida history   F.03 H159cg


Gage, Thomas, 1721-1787.

Gage Papers, Letters from the Officers in St. Augustine to Gen. Gage, 1763-1773

Published:  n.p., 19--. 

Typescripts of original manuscript letters in the William L. Clements Library, University of Michigan.  As a complement to the Haldimand-Gage correspondence, this set of typescripts covers letters from officers stationed in East Florida, at the capital of St. Augustine, to the commander in chief regarding affairs in their province.

SPECIAL COLL., Florida history   F.03 G133e


Gage, Thomas, 1721-1787.

Gage papers:  Letters from Gen. Gage to the officers in St. Augustine, 1765-1775

Published:  n.p., 19--.  Description:  159 pp. 31cm.

Typewritten transcript of original mss. in the William L. Clements Library, University of Michigan.  The companion to the above, General Gage’s responses to letters from St. Augustine, East Florida.

SPECIAL COLL., Florida history F.03 G133


Letters to the Ministry, from Governor Bernard, General Gage, and Commodore Hood microform. And also, Memorials to the Lords of the Treasury, from the Commissioners of the Customs. With sundry letters and papers annexed to the said memorials.

Boston: New-England. Printed by Edes and Gill, 1769: and, London: re-printed for J. Wilkie, 1769.  Microfilm. Woodbridge, Conn.  Research Publications, Inc., 1985. 1 reel; 35mm. (The Eighteenth Century; reel 1471, no. 11).

LIBRARY WEST (must request from off-campus storage)

PR1134 .E541 1982 Microfilm  reel 1471 no. 11



Selected manuscript documents in the British Museum relating to American colonial affairs and the British period in Florida history, 1718-1796.

Selected papers only.  2 reels.

Contents:  Informe sobre las provincias de Texas y Luisiana (Spanish, Report about the Provinces of Texas and Louisiana); Haldimand correspondence with General Gage, 1758-1777 (also in Haldimand film collection and in typescript);  Haldimand miscellaneous, Indian affairs; Miscellaneous papers; Papers relating to Henry Bouquet; Auckland papers (selected); Hardwicke papers (selected); Papers relating to West Indies (selected); R. Morris miscellaneous collection (selected); Ports of North America, 1770; R. Cumberland narrative on secret negotiations with Spain, 1780-1781.

            SPECIAL COLL., Florida history  Reel # 58B-C


American loyalist claims

Nendeln, Kraus-Thomson Organization, 1972-1975.  Public records of Great Britain, series 1-4.  Microfilm of ms. collection (AO 12-13) in the Public Record Office, London.

Includes personal name index. 175 reels.

This is a basic source of information on the fate of American loyalists after the American Revolution.  Loyalists (those who sided with Britain during the Revolution) pleaded with the Crown to compensate them for loss of lands and property after the war was over.  Often loyalists were displaced persons, who had to leave the new United States to start life over in nearby British possessions, such as the Bahamas.  These petitions often present service regards, testimony about losses suffered during the Revolution, and sometimes personal and family information or brief accounts of war-time experiences.

You ought to consult Daniel Parker Coke’s The Royal Commission on the Losses and Services of American Loyalists, 1783 to 1785, New York, Arno Press, 1969 (E277.C6 1969) by way of introduction.  Then you will also need to consult the indexes to the claims (Series I and II).  There are copies of the indexes in both Main Reference and in Florida history. 

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            E277 G74 Microfilm


(A small subset of the claims pertaining to Florida and South Carolina (4 reels) is held in Florida history)


The indexes to the film are as follows:


Index to Series I of American loyalists claims: 2 series

AO 12, series 1, microform 30 reels ; AO 13, series 2, microform 145 reels; transcribed for Ray Jones by Clifford S. Dwyer.  DeFuniak Springs, FL: Ram Pub., 1985?.  114 p.; 28 cm.

LIBRARY WEST REFERENCE    E 277 .G74 Ser. 1 Index

LIBRARY WEST MICROFILM    E 277 .G74 Ser.1 Index

SPECIAL COLL., Florida history   F973.31 G786a Ser. 1


Index to Series II of American loyalists claims : 2 Series

AO 13, series 2, microform 145 reels, AO 12, series 1, microform 30 reels; transcribed for Ray Jones by Clifford S. Dwyer.  DeFuniak Springs, FL: Ram Pub., 1985?. 113 p.; 28 cm.

LIBRARY WEST REFERENCE    E 277 .G74 Ser. 2 Index


SPECIAL COLL., Florida history    F973.31 G786a Ser. 2


Selected Papers & Writings of the Founders




Washington, George, 1732-1799.

Papers, 1741-1799 microform

Washington: Library of Congress, Manuscript Division, 1964.

Description:  124 microfilm reels; 35 mm.

Request Retrieval    973.41 W318p

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Washington, George, 1732-1799.

Selections. 1997

Writings of George Washington. Selected by John H. Rhodehamel.

New York: Library of America, 1997.

Description:  xxiii, 1149 p. ; 21 cm.

Request Retrieval  E312.72 1997


Jefferson, Thomas, 1743-1826

The papers of Thomas Jefferson. Index.

Princeton, New Jersey: Princeton University Press, 1954.

Request Retrieval   E302 .J463 Index


Jefferson, Thomas, 1743-1826.

The papers of Thomas Jefferson / Julian P. Boyd, editor.

Princeton, N.Y.: Princeton University Press, 1950.

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Franklin, Benjamin, 1706-1790.


Writings of Benjamin Franklin. Edited by J.A. Leo Lemay.

Published:  New York, N.Y.: Library of America, 1987.

Request Retrieval  E302 .F82 1987


Franklin, Benjamin, 1706-1790

Works. 1970

The writings of Benjamin Franklin. Collected and edited with a life and introduction by Albert Henry Smyth.

New York, Haskell House, 1970.

Request Retrieval  E302 .F82 1970


Pennsylvania gazette (Philadelphia, Pa.: 1729)

Philadelphia, Pa.: B. Franklin and H. Meredith, 1729-1778. Weekly

Publishing history:  No. 40 (Sept. 25-Oct. 2, 1729)-no. 2533 (June 20, 1778).

Notes:  Also available on CD-ROM with title.

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Madison, James, 1751-1836.


Writings / James Madison.

New York: Library of America, 1999.

Request Retrieval  E302 .M192 1999


Madison, James, 1751-1836.

The writings of James Madison: comprising his public papers and his private correspondence, including numerous letters and documents now for the first time printed. Edited by Gaillard Hunt.

Published:  New York: G.P. Putnam's Sons, 1900-1910.

Description:  9 v.: ill. ; 24 cm.

LEGAL INFO CTR  20th CLT no. 1,124-1,179  Microfiche