AMH 3930

Research Assistance:
Civil War Homefront
in Florida

Detail, the Battle of Olustee, Feb. 20, 1864, from an 1894 print by Kurz & Allison.


The following references are provided for students taking Prof. Matt Gallman's AMH 3930: The Civil War Homefront.  Listed here are (1) general works on the Civil War in Florida (2) unpublished theses and dissertations held in the Florida history collection (3) resources on service records and regimental histories (4) published or transcribed memoirs (5) manuscript materials and (6) selected Web sites.  Feel free to contact the curator, James Cusick, if you have questions or need help ( or 273-2778.


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General Works, Civil War in Florida


There should be copies of these works both in Florida history and in the general circulating collection.  Check LUIS for the call numbers.


Brown, Canter.

"The Civil War, 1861-1865," pp. 231-48, in The New History of Florida, edited by Michael Gannon.  Gainesville: University of Florida Press, 1996.

This essay is an excellent overview of what has been written about the Civil War in Florida by a historian who knows the topic well.


Buker, George E., 1923-

Blockaders, refugees & contrabands: civil war on Florida's gulf coast, 1861-1865

Tuscaloosa , Ala., University of Alabama Press, 1993.

Discusses the federal blockade of Florida and its effects-an important work from a leading historian known for his works on Jacksonville and on the Second Seminole War.


Coles, David James, 1957-

Far from fields of glory: military operations in Florida during the Civil War, 1864-1865

Electronic access:

Although not yet published as a book, this dissertation is considered to be the most up-to-date and complete work on the major battles in Florida during the Civil War.


Johns, John Edwin.

Florida during the Civil War

Gainesville, University of Florida Press, 1963.

Although this work is now somewhat dated, it has an excellent overview of the political situation in Florida on the eve of the war and also covers the decisions of U.S. Senators Stephen Mallory and David Levy Yulee as they decide to side with the secessionists.


Nulty, William H.

Confederate Florida: the road to Olustee

Tuscaloosa , Ala., University of Alabama Press, 1990.

Electronic access:

More recent that Johns's work, Nulty's is just as good on the political history of secession and is a well-illustrated account of the progress of the Civil War in Florida leading to the major battle of the region.


Rivers, Larry E., 1950-

Slavery in Florida: territorial days to emancipation

Gainesville: University Press of Florida, 2000.

Electronic access:

Rivers's award-winning book is the accepted authority on everything pertaining to slavery and slave life in Florida before and during the Civil War.


Taylor, Robert A., 1958-

Rebel Storehouse: Florida in the Confederate Economy

Tuscaloosa, Ala., University of Alabama Press, 1995.

An important analysis of Florida's major role in the Civil War-that of providing foodstuffs and other necessities to the other Confederate states.


Taylor, Paul, 1959-

Discovering the Civil War in Florida: A Reader and Guide

Sarasota, Fla.: Pineapple Press, 2001

Intended as an introduction, this book not only covers major events and themes related to Florida in the Civil War but also illustrates them with extracts from primary sources. 


Wynne, Lewis N., and Robert Taylor

Florida in the Civil War

Charleston: Arcadia Press, 2002

Perhaps the best general introduction to the Civil War in Florida currently in print; covers all the major events and people, and has chapters on important themes, such as Florida's role as a supply depot for the Confederacy, the problems facing the Union blockade, and the split in popular sentiment between residents who supported secession and those who opposed it.



Other Important Secondary Sources


Brooks, Bert E.

"Old Oaks": Civil War in North Florida-Columbia, Bradford, Union and Baker Counties.

Edition:  Revised edition.

Gainesville, Fla., New Century Publishing, 2000

Florida History



Brown, Canter.

Tampa in civil war and reconstruction.

Tampa, Fla.: University of Tampa Press, 2000.

Florida History

F319.T2 B769x 1999


Gerrell, Allen R.

The Civil War in and around St. Marks, Florida.

Edition:  Rev.

Published:  S.l.: s.n., 1993

Description:  155 pp., ill., 29 cm.

Florida History

F.073 G378c 1993


Holmes, Jack David Lazarus, 1930-

Pensacola's Civil War art: Benjamin Labree and Thomas Nast.

S.l.: s.n., 1985

Florida History

F.2 P41 H751p


Martin, Richard A. (Richard Albert), 1927-2003, with Daniel L. Schafer

Jacksonville's ordeal by fire: a Civil War history.

Jacksonville, Fla., Florida Publishing Co., 1984.

Florida History

F.07 M382j


Pearce, George F., 1925-

Pensacola during the Civil War: a thorn in the side of the Confederacy.

Gainesville: University Press of Florida, 2000.

Main Library

F319 .P4 P36 2000

Electronic access:


Schmidt, Lewis G.

The Civil War in Florida: a military history.

Edition:  1st ed., 4 parts in 6 volumes, arranged by region.

Published:  Allentown, Pa., .G. Schmidt, 1989.

Description:  xxii, 388 p.p, ill., 24 cm.

Florida History

F.073 S353c




Reprints of classic works


Although these works are outdated, they remain important both for the information they contain and as a record of how previous historians have dealt with the topic of the Civil War in Florida.  Dickison's Men, although written 25 years after the war, can be considered a primary source, since it is a memoir of the war by a Confederate participant. 


Davis, William Watson, 1884-1960.

The civil war and reconstruction in Florida

Gainesville, University of Florida Press, 1964.

An early example of the "Dunning School" in Civil War history, so called because many state histories were written by students of Prof. William Archibald Dunning.  These works, initially praised for their detail, late came under criticism, especially by black historians, for ignoring the role of people of color in the post-war South.  This is therefore an outdated but still important work.


Dickison, Mary Elizabeth.

Dickison and his men

Gainesville, University of Florida Press, 1962.

A reprint of the original 1890 work.  Although Mary Dickison is listed as the author, her husband J.J. Dickison, a Confederate military leader in Florida, probably dictated much of the book to her.  It is a Confederate version of the Civil War and the defense of Florida, from someone whose loyalties were pledged completely to the southern cause.


Wallace, John.

Carpet-bag rule in Florida; the inside workings of the Reconstruction of civil government in Florida after the close of the Civil War. A facsim. reproduction of the 1888 ed., with introd. & notes by Allan Nevins.

Gainesville, University of Florida Press, 1964.

Written by a former slave from North Carolina, and possibly co-authored by Governor William D. Bloxham, this work is an important near-contemporary account of Reconstruction  in Florida by a major participant.  Wallace strongly condemns the Freedmen's Bureau as an agency that failed its mission to bring blacks fully into the democratic process.



Thesis and Dissertation Research on the Civil War in Florida


Barnard, Church Edward, 1942-

The Federal blockade of Florida during the Civil War.

Published:  1966.

Description:  iv, 78 leaves; 28 cm.

Thesis (M.A.)--University of Miami, 1966.

F.07 B259f

  Florida History



Coles, David James.

"A fight, a licking, and a footrace": the 1864 Florida campaign and the Battle of Olustee

Published:  c1985.

Description:  v, 190 leaves; 6 maps, 29 cm.

Notes:  Typescript.

Thesis (M.A.)--Florida State University, 1985.

F.073 C693f

  Florida History



Dillon, Rodney E. (Rodney Earl), 1957-

The Civil War in South Florida.

Published:  1980.

Description:  x, 385 leaves; 28 cm.

Thesis (M.A.)--University of Florida, 1980.

F.07 D579c

  Florida History



Futch, Ovid Leon, 1925-

Salmon P. Chase and radical politics in Florida, 1862-1865.

Published:  Gainesville, Fla., University of Florida, 1952.

Notes:  Manuscript copy.  Typed on one side of leaf only.


Thesis (M.A.)--University of Florida, 1952.

F.07 F996s

  Florida History



Loderhose, Gary L., 1956-

A history of the 9th Florida regiment.

Published:  1988.

Description:  v, 157 leaves; 28 cm.

Thesis (M.A.)--University of Richmond, 1988.

F.073 L821h

  Florida History



Nulty, William H.

The 1864 Florida federal expedition: blundering into modern warfare.

Published:  1985.

Description:  ix, 470 leaves; ill., maps; 28 cm.

Thesis (Ph. D.)--University of Florida, 1985.

F.07 N969e

  Florida History



Patterson, Ellen Hodges, 1949-

The Stephens family in East Florida: a profile of plantation life along the St. Johns River, 1859-1864.

Published:  1979.

Description:  viii, 107 leaves; map, ports., 28 cm.

Thesis (M.A.)--University of Florida.

F.077 P317s

  Florida History



Reiger, John Franklin, 1943-

Anti-war and pro-Union sentiment in Confederate Florida.

Published:  Gainesville, University of Florida, 1966.

Description:  iii, 105 leaves; illus. 28cm.

Thesis (M.A.)--University of Florida.

F.071 R361a

  Florida History



Taylor, Robert A., 1958-

Rebel beef: Florida cattle and the Confederacy, 1861-1865.

Published:  1985.

Description:  vi, 181 leaves; 29 cm.

Notes:  Thesis (M.A.)--University of South Florida, 1985.

F.07 T245r

  Florida History



Weinberg, Sydney Jay, 1913-

Slavery and secession in Florida, 1845-1861.

Published:  1940.

Description:  223 leaves; 28 cm.

Thesis (M.A.)--University of Florida, 1940.

F.06 W423s

  Florida History





Military Service Records


Florida National Guard

Special Archives Series [Military history and records of Florida]

See Library Catalog for holdings

Florida History Call No. F354 A2 F6362s

This series, assembled by the Florida National Guard, coverers the regimental histories and the service records of units and soldiers serving from Florida in the Civil War.  It's a basic resource for finding out about military personnel.


Hartman, David L.

Biographical Rosters of Florida's Confederate and Union Soldiers, 1871-1865.

Broadfoot Publishing Co., Wilmington, N.C., 6 volumes, 1995.

Florida history Call No. 7.074 H333 Reference




Regimental Histories



Florida (Confederate) Units

Carlson, Charlie, 1943-

The First Florida Cavalry Regiment C.S.A.

New Smyrna Beach, Fla., Luthers, 1999.

Florida History

E558.6 1st .C37 1999


Hillhouse, Don.

Heavy artillery & light infantr : a history of the 1st Florida Special Battalion & 10th Infantry Regiment, C.S.A.

Rome, Ga. (P.O. Box 2651, Rome 30164): D. Hillhouse, 1992.

Florida History

F.074 H653h


Loderhose, Gary L.

Far, far from home: the Ninth Florida Regiment in the Confederate Army.

Carmel, Ind., Guild Press, 1999.

Florida History

E559.5 9th L34


Reddick, H. W. (Henry W.)

Seventy-seven years in Dixie microform: the boys in gray of 61-65.

Santa Rosa, Fla., H.W. Reddick, 1910.

Main Library

E492 .C581 1990 FL:12 Microfiche


Florida (Union) Units

Curenton, Mark.

Tories and deserters: the first Florida Federal Cavalry.

Laurel Hill, Fla., M. Curenton, 1988.

Florida History

F.07 C975t


Non-Florida (Union) Units serving in Florida

A history of the seventh Connecticut volunteer infantry in the Civil War. Compiled by a member who was second in rank.

N.P., 1910.

Florida History

F.074 C752


Cadwell, Charles K.

The old Sixth regiment, its war record, 1861-5.

New Haven, Tuttle, Morehouse & Taylor, printers, 1875.

Florida History

F.074 C126o


Crowninshield, Benjamin William, d. 1892.

A history of the First regiment of Massachusetts cavalry volunteers, with roster and statistics by D. H. L. Gleason.

Boston and New York, Houghton, Mifflin and co., 1891.

Florida History

F.074 C953h


Egan, Patrick, 1846-

The Florida campaign with Light Battery C, Third Rhode Island Heavy Artillery.

Providence, R.I.

Rhode Island Soldiers and Sailors Historical Society, 1905.

Florida History

F.074 E28f


Emilio, Luis Fenollosa, b. 1844.

History of the Fifty-fourth regiment of Masachusetts volunteer infantry, 1863-1865. By Luis F. Emilio.

Boston, The Boston Book Co., 1891.

Florida History

F.074 E53h


Higginson, Thomas Wentworth, 1823-1911.

Army life in a black regiment.

Boston, Fields, Osgood & Co., 1870.

Florida History

F.074 H637a


Little, Henry F. W., 1842-

The Seventh regiment New Hampshire volunteers in the war of the rebellion.

Concord, N. H., I. C. Evans, Printer, 1896.

Florida History

F.074 L778s


Morris, Gouverneur.

The history of a volunteer regiment. Being a succinct account of the organization, services and adventures of the Sixth regiment New York volunteers infantry known as Wilson Zouaves.  Prepared from official data, by Gouverneur Morris, late U.S.V., illustrated by James E. Taylor.

New York, Veteran Volunteer Publishing Company, 1891.

Florida History

F.074 M876h


Palmer, Abraham John, 1847-1922.

The history of the Forty-eighth regiment New York State volunteers in the War for the Union.  1861-1865.

Brooklyn, Pub. by the Veteran Association of the Regiment, 1885.

Florida History

F.074 P173h


Price, Isaiah, 1822-

History of the Ninety-seventh regiment, Pennsylvania volunteer infantry, during the war of the rebellion, 1861-65, with biographical sketches.

Philadelphia, By the author for the subscribers, 1875.

Florida History

F.074 P945


Roe, Alfred S. (Alfred Seelye), 1844-1917.

The Twenty-fourth regiment, Massachusuetts volunteers, 1861-1866, New England guard regiment, by Alfred S. Roe and the Regimental committee on history:  Charles B. Amory, John C. Cook, George Hill.

Worcester,Mass., Twenty-fourth Veteran Association, 1907.

Florida History

F.074 R698


Schmidt, Lewis G.

A Civil War history of the 47th Regiment of Pennsylvania Veteran Volunteers: the wrong place at the wrong time.

Allentown, Pa. , L.G. Schmidt, 1986.

Florida History

F.074 S353c


Trudeau. Noah Andre, 1949-

Like men of war: Black troops in the Civil War, 1862-1865.

Boston: Little Brown, 1998.

Main Library

E540.N3 T78


Walkley, Stephen W., jr.

History of the Seventh Connecticut volunteer infantry, Hawley's brigade, Terry's division, Tenth army corps, 1861-1865.

Hartford, Conn., 1905

Florida History

F.074 W186h




Diaries, memoirs, letters, and reports

(Published, on film, on in transcript)



Babcock, Willoughby, 1832-1864.

Selections from the letters and diaries of Brevet-Brigadier General Willoughby Babcock of the Seventy-fifth New York Volunteers: a study of camp life in the Union armies during the Civil War, by Willoughby M. Babcock, Jr.

Albany, N.Y., The University of the State of New York, 1922.

Florida History

E601 .B13 1922


Baker, Henry H.

A reminiscent story of the great civil war: a personal experience.

New Orleans: Ruskin Press, 1911.

Electronic access:


Bludworth, Timothy W., 1821-1864.

Letters, 1862-1864

Summary:  Letters of Timothy W. Bludworth written to his wife Hester Ann Brigman Bludworth of Walton County, Florida, from battle sites in Chattanooga, Tennessee and Petersburg, Virginia.  Floridians in the Civil War.  Part of William Henry Watson Family.

Electronic access:


Civil War diaries: Robert Watson and Samuel Lowry.

St. Augustine, Fla.: State Arsenal, St. Francis Barracks, 1992?

Florida History                         

F354 A2 F6362s no.132                          

Reference, Main Library

E605 .C581 1992


Dorman, G. H.

Fifty years ago,  microform. Reminiscences of '61-65.

Tallahassee, Fla. , T.J. Appleyard, 1912?

Microfilm, Main Library

E492 .C581 1990 FL:16


Du Pont, Samuel Francis, 1803-1865.

Samuel Francis Du Pont; a selection from his Civil War letters, edited by John D. Hayes.

Ithaca, N.Y., Cornell University Press, 1969.

Florida History

F973.75 D938s


Elderkin, James D., 1820-

Biographical sketches and anecdotes of a soldier of three wars, as written by himself. The Florida, the Mexican war and the great rebellion.

Detroit, Mich., Record Printing Company, 1899.

Florida History

F.052 E37b


Ellis, T. B. (T. Benton), 1842-

Short record of T.B. Ellis, Sr.

S.l.: s.n., 1913

Description: 10 leaves; 28 cm.

Florida History

F.2 A31 E47s               


Farley, Charlotte Corley.

Florida's alamo: the battle of Marianna as 'twas said to me

S.l.: s.n., 1981?

Florida History

F.2 J13 F231f


French, Samuel Gibbs, 1818-1910.

Two wars: an autobiography of General Samuel G. French: Mexican War, War between the states, a diary: reconstruction period, his experience: incidents, reminiscences, etc.

Nashville, Tenn., Confederate Veteran, 1901.

Electronic access:


Hentz, Dr.

Diary of Doctor Hentz, Marianna and Quincy, Fla., May 3-31, 1863. Historical records survey, State archives survey, 1937.

Description: 7 numb.,  28cm.

Florida History

F.077 H528d               


Holmes, Henry McCall, 1834-1899.

Diary of Henry McCall Holmes: Army of Tennessee, Assistant Surgeon, Florida troops, with related letters, documents, etc.

State College, Miss., s.n., 1968.

Main library

E605.H6 A351 1968


Ives, Washington, 1843-1925.

Civil War journal and letters of Serg. Washington Ives, 4th Florida C.S.A.;  transcribed by Jim R. Cabaniss; illustrations by the author.

Tallahassee?: Fla., J.R. Cabaniss,  1987.

Florida History

F.07 C113


Kelsey, Albert Warren, 1840-

Autobiographical notes and memoranda, by Albert Warren Kelsey, 1840-1910. (For private circulation only).

Baltimore, Munder-Thomsen Press, 1911.

Florida History

F.077 K29


Kinsman, Oliver Dorrance, 1835-

A loyal man in Florida, 1858-1861. Prepared by Companion Brevet Lieutenant-Colonel Oliver D. Kinsman and read at the stated meeting of May 4, 1910.

Washington, 1910

Florida History

F.062 K56l                               


Lee, Edmund C.

Civil war letters, by Edmund C. Lee, Chaplin in Confederate army, 1858-1864.

Historical records survey, State archives survey, 1937.

Description: 6 pp., 28cm.

Florida History

F.077 L477c               


Report of Board of Survey on steamer Maple Leaf sunk by a rebel torpedo on April 1, 1864.

Transcribed from a copy of a handwritten document by St. Johns Archaeological Expeditions, Inc. Vessel files, National Archives record group no. 92, records of the Office of the Quartermaster General.

Accompanied by St. Johns Archaeological Expeditions, Inc. report (10 leaves)

Florida History

F.07 M297


Moore, Samuel Lewis.

Autobiography of ... a Confederate soldier, written in 1924 and covering from 1820 to that date.

Miami, Fla., Historical Records and State Archives Surveys, 1937.

Florida History

FB M824ml


Papers from family of Judge Swann

Fernandina, Fla.? : Federal Writers' Project 193-?

Description:  1 v. (various pagings) 28 cm.

Florida History

FB R357w


Percival, James C.

Diary of James C. Percival, 1863-1865: 83rd. Pennsylvania Regt., 6th Army Corps., Co. G.

Jacksonville, Fla., Historical Records Survey, 1937.

Paged Collection, Main Library

973.782 P429d


Richardson, Wade H.

How I reached the Union lines, microform.

Milwaukee, Meyer-Rotier Print. Co., 1905.

Description: 48 pp., 23 cm.

Main Library

E492 .C581 1990 FL:3 Microfiche                                      


Robinson, Calvin L.

A Yankee in a Confederate town: the journal of Calvin L. Robinson.

Sarasota, Fla., Pineapple Press, 2002.

Florida History                        or                        Main Library

F319 .J1 R63 2002                                         F319 .J1 R63 2002


Rose Cottage Chronicles: Civil War letters of the Bryant-Stephens families of North Florida, edited by Arch Fredric Blakey, Ann Smith Lainhart, and Winston Bryant Stephens, Jr.

Gainesville, University Press of Florida, c1998.

Florida History                        or                        Main Library

E605 .R77 1998                         E605 .R77 1998


Sawtelle, Daniel W. (Daniel Withum), 1838-1931.

All's for the best: the Civil War reminiscences and letters of Daniel W. Sawtelle, Eighth Maine Volunteer Infantry, edited with an introduction by Peter H. Buckingham.

Knoxville, University of Tennessee Press, 2001.

Florida History

E511.5 8th .S28 2001


Silliman, Justus Mitchell, 1842-1896.

A New Canaan private in the Civil War: letters of Justus M. Silliman, 17th Connecticut Volunteers; Edward Marcus, editor.

New Canaan, Conn., New Canaan Historical Society, c1984.

Florida History

F.07 S584n


Vann, Enoch. Mrs.

Fragments of the Confederacy, by Mrs. Enoch Vann, historian of the Elizabeth Harris Chapter, U. D. C.

Madison, Fla., Historical records survey, State archives survey, 1937.

Florida History

F.07 V264f


Watson, Robert, 1835-1911.

Title:  Southern service on land & sea: the wartime journal of Robert Watson, CSA/CSN / edited by R. Thomas Campbell.

Edition:  1st ed.

Knoxville, University of Tennessee Press, 2002.

Description:  xiv, 207 p.: ill., maps ; 24 cm.

ISBN:  1572331933 (alk. paper)



Letters and memoirs, Civil War (Manuscript)



Major Collections


Stephens Family Papers, 1850-1930.  6 ln/ft.

Correspondence, diaries and accounts of Winston J.T. Stephens, plantation owner, militia officer, and Confederate army officer; his wife, Octavia Bryant Stephens (1841-1908); and other family members including Henry H. Bryant (1847-1930), Davis H. Bryant (1839-1913), and William A. Bryant (1837-1881).  Topics include the Civil War in Florida, military service, the Battle of Olustee, plantation life, slavery, and conditions along the St. Johns River during the mid-19th century.  Gift of Winston B. Stephens, Jr., of Riviera Beach, Fla.; Mrs. Cordelia Bryant McIlwain of Temple Terrace, Fla.; and Mr. William B. Parker of New York, N.Y.


Samuel Ashe Swann Papers, 1850-1914. 30 ln/ft.

Real estate speculator, developer, and entrepreneur.  ledgers and letterbooks and correspondence relating to Swann's activities. Born in North Carolina; educated in Wilmington, Delaware. Moved to Fernandina in 1855 as treasurer of the Florida Railroad (Fernandina to Cedar Key). In Fernandina, he became associated with David Levy Yulee, Joseph Finegan, and George W. Call, Jr. and others involved with both railroads and land transactions. During the Civil War, he moved to Gainesville, but returned to Fernandina after the war. Land agent for the Trustees of the Internal Improvement Fund; agent for the Florida Land and Immigration Company and the Florida Town Improvement Company in selling swamp and overflowed lands. Gift of Elizabeth Swann Carroll.


David Levy Yulee Papers, 1842-1920. 14 ln/ft.

Businessman, entrepreneur, and U.S. senator from Florida; b. David Levy. - Miscellaneous correspondence relating to activities of Yulee, territorial delegate to Congress (1841-1845), U.S. Senator from Florida (1845-1851, 18551861), and member of the Confederate Congress. Born in St. Thomas, West Indies; moved to St. Augustine in 1821. Educated in Norfolk, Virginia. Studied law in St. Augustine. Admitted to the bar in 1836. President, Atlantic and Gulf/Florida Railroad. A microfilm edition of the Yulee Papers is available to researchers in the P. K. Yonge Library of Florida History. Gift.


Smaller Collections


Auld, Isaac McQueen, 1842-1891.

Papers, 1862-1864.

Description:  1 folder (49 p.)

Summary:  Correspondence. Typed transcript of 24 letters sent to his mother, brothers, and sister in Madison, Florida dating from June 11, 1862 to July 20, 1864. After the war he became a Presbyterian minister in St. Petersburg, Dade City, Wildwood, and Orlando.

Florida History

Fl. Misc. Ms.


Bailey, Casermo O. [a.k.a. Cosmo]

Letters, 1861-1865.

Description:  21 letters.

Summary:  Correspondence. The letters in the collection are written by Bailey to his family during his service in the Confederate Army, 1861-1865. Most of the letters originate from a camp near Petersburg, Virginia. Other locations are Camp Beauregard, Chattanooga and Knoxville, Tennessee, Charleston, South Carolina, and Folley Island. They recount the lack of provisions and the cost of a loaf of bread, the promotion and activities of officers including Major Ingram, Colonel Bullock, General Davis Stark, and troop movements. Besides communicating his keen observations of the war, Bailey assures his mother and father of his safety and his abstinence from drink. Many of the letters are from Tennessee.

Florida History

Fl. Misc. Ms.


Bellamy, Calvin B., 1835-1863.

Letters, 1862-1863.

Description:  1 folder (24 items)

Summary:  Correspondence. Many letters to wife in Madison County, Fla. saying that he was okay now and recovering from sickness and inquiring about her health. Wounded at Fredricksburg and transferred to the General Hospital in Richmond. He survived his war wounds to die from disease in the hospital. Includes original handwritten letters plus transcript copies.

Florida History

Fl. Misc. Ms.


Boyd, Mary E.

Records, 1868-1916.

Description:  5 folders (221 items)

Summary:  Correspondence, news clipping, autobiographical sketch. The collection contains business records, dating from 1868 to 1916. They cover a claim against the United States Government on behalf of heirs of Boyd and Munroe, for losses during the Civil War, including correspondence about the lawsuit, personal correspondence, accounts, miscellaneous documents, an autobiographical sketch, and a newspaper clipping entitled "Reminiscences about Palatka, Florida", dated 1903.

Florida History

Fl. Misc. Ms.


Clinch, Duncan Lamont, 1787-1849.

Title:  Clinch family papers, 1804-1904.

Description:  1 box (14 folders).

Summary:  Correspondence, family papers, legal documents, map. Consists of approximately 100 documents relating to the Clinch family. Primarily concerned with the career of General Duncan Lamont Clinch, the life of his daughter, Mrs. Robert Anderson, and the reminiscences of his son, Duncan L. Clinch, Jr. The Clinches were intermarried with the family of John Houston McIntosh of Camden County, Georgia, who was General Clinch's father-in-law . . . Other papers in the collection relate to the Robert Anderson family and the family of John Houston McIntosh Clinch. The reminiscences of Duncan L Clinch, Jr. relate the family's ordeals during the Civil War.

Florida History

Fl. Misc. Ms.


Duren, Charles M., 1842-1869.

Letters, 1864.

Description:  1 folder (17 letters)

Summary:  Correspondence. This collection contains letters written by Charles Duren to his parents, residing in Jacksonville, Florida. The letters were written between February and April 1864 with transcriptions. The first letter details the Battle of Olustee and all the letters are written in the vicinity of Jacksonville. They recount the conditions of the camps and movements of his men around Jacksonville. He advises his mother to consult the New Bedford Mercury of February 26 to find an article in relation to his expedition in Florida. In that letter of March 12, 1864 he answers his mother's concern, 'Yes, I have a good deal of care for one so young. Guess I can stand it if nothing breaks.'

Florida History

Fl. Misc. Ms.


Ellis, Thomas Benton, Sr., 1842-1926.

A short record of Thomas Benton Ellis, Sr., Sept. 30, 1913.

Description:  1 folder (11 p.)

Summary:  Typescript of original diary. Account of life in Alachua County (Fla.) during  the Seminole Wars of 1835 to 1842. During the Civil War Ellis recounts troop movements in Florida, Tennessee, and Kentucky including capturing prisoners in Mumfordsville. Describes returning home to Gainesville after the war, returning to a farmer's life, becoming a merchant, and being elected County Tax collector in 1897 as his father had once been.

Florida History

Fl. Misc. Ms.


Jones, Joel W., 1806-1878.

Memoirs, 1806-1872.

Description:  2 v.

Summary:  Memoirs. Volume 1, dating 1829-1846, contains army appointments and letters of commendation. Volume 2 is an autobiography in which Jones sets forth an engaging history of his life. As a child, he was raised by his grandparents but then came under the supervision of his uncle at age 12, and describes a miserable upbringing.  He entered the army in 1824.  In 1836, he received orders to report to duty in Florida and arrived in St. Augustine the very day the Seminoles attacked and burned the Bulow plantation.  His account of his Florida experiences is taken directly from letters written home to his wife. He describes in some detail the destruction of the plantations--doors and windows smashed, furniture broken up and thrown about.  Jones served with Major Reynold Marvin Kirby, whose account of the war is also held by the library. About 20 pages of the memoir (pp. 142-162) are dedicated to matters in Florida. By September, Jones was fed up with the campaign and transferred to service in North Carolina. The memoir continues to follow his career through the year 1872.

Florida History

Fl. Misc. Ms.


Hart, Ossian Bingley, d. 1874.

Papers, 1839-1906.

Description:  2 folders (3 in.)

Alternate title(s):  Catharine Hart and Emma Campbell papers.

Summary:  Correspondence, papers. - Letters: 1839-1867; Confederate States of America, order to Col. Hart; 1st will and testament, 1873, July 21. The collection consists primarily of letters of Catharine Hart to members of her family, especially her sisters Emma and Lottie. There are later letters (1901-1906) from Mary Bigelow and John H. Douglas to Emma Campbell, John H. Douglas and others. It also includes some documents and biographical material relating to Ossian Hart, and letters from Catharine's father, Abner, consenting to her marriage to Hart. Catharine's letters include much family news, an account of boat and overland travel in Florida to hold court sessions; social descriptions of Key West and Tampa; comments on slavery, secession, and the war, and loss of her mother. The collection also contains an inventory of the documents.

Restrictions on use:  Restricted access; See Curator for Florida History.

Florida History

Florida Misc. Ms.


Keene, Otis L., 1830-

Diary of Otis Keene, 1863-1910.

Description:  31 vols.

Summary:  Diary, correspondence. These diaries (1863-1894, 1903-1910) contain Keene's often terse entries about his daily routines from 1863, when he resided in Washington, D.C., through his years as a citizen of Jacksonville, Florida. They include his reaction to the assassination of President Abraham Lincoln. Unfortunately, the diaries do not cover the crucial Florida years of 1898 (Spanish-American War) and 1901 (Great Jacksonville Fire) but remain important as a local chronicle.

Florida History

F.2 J14 K25d (two volumes, transcription by Richard Martin)


Lang, David, 1838-1901.

Letters, 1863-1864.

Description:  13 letters (1 folder).

Summary:  Correspondence and newpaper clippings. The letters in this collection relate information about the American Civil War written while the author was recovering from wounds sustained in battle. Newspaper photograph of the Surveyor General with title "Gen. David Lang Served Governors...he was in the 8th Florida Regiment Infantry."

Reproduction note:  Photocopy. S.l. : s.n., 19??.

Florida History

Fl. Misc. Ms.


Linsley, James H., Lieutenant.

Diary of Lieutenant Linsley in 10th Conn., 1862-1864.

Description:  1 folder (25 p.)

Summary:  Diary. The diary of Lieutenant James H. Linsley of the 10th Connecticut. His diary (two volumes) begins with an entry for November 4, 1862 and continues with sporadic entries through July 29, 1864. In the first volume, Linsley writes extensively about his experiences in North Carolina, being stationed on ship off North Carolina, 1862-1863, describing skirmishes there. The second volume (commencing September 6, 1863) covers action off the coast of South Carolina and his arrival in Florida for duty at St. Augustine.  There is a partial transcription of his diary in Box 24 of the Miscellaneous Manuscript Collection.

Florida History

Fl. Misc. Ms.


Mallory, Stephen R. (Stephen Russell), 1813-1873.

Letters, 1863-1865, 1948-1961.

Description:  1 folder (25 original items plus photostats 11 items)

Summary:  Correspondence. Letters from Stephen Chandler to his wife, Angela in Pensacola, Fla. dated 1863-1865 giving a personal account of battles, troop movements and everyday life during the Civil War. In particular there is a long detailed letter written during the Seven day's Battles from the battlefield. There is a letter from Angela to President Andrew Johnson dated November 1865 begging for clemency for her husband due to his ill health. Also included are letters, J.C. Yonge to Cora and Rose Mallory dated 1948 to 1949 concerning the donation of this collection and from 1960 to 1961 concerning a photograph of Angela Mallory's portrait to be used in the dedication ceremony for a new women's dormitory at the University of Florida named for her. It is obvious from these letters that Yonge was a close friend of the Mallory family.

Florida History

Fl. Misc. Ms.


Maxwell, David Elwell, b. 1843

Letters, 1862-1863.

Description:  2 folders (57 items)

Summary:  Correspondence. This collection contains family correspondence, dating from 1862 to 1863. The letters are primarily written to Maxwell's mother during his service in the Civil War, 1862-1864. These letters have been transcribed. The collection also contains genealogies as well as photographs of Maxwell and his obituary.

Florida History

Fl. Misc. Ms.


McDonell, Augustus Oswald.

Civil War diary, 1862-1863.

Description:  1 vol.

Summary:  Civil War diary, including writings and drawings. This item contains details about Lieutenant McDonell's experience in the war from August 10, 1862 to April 22, 1863. It also includes poetry and portrait sketches.

Restrictions on use:  Restricted access; Contact Curator for Florida History.


Mickler, Jacob E., b. 1835.

Papers, 1860-1866.

Description:  2 folders (32 items)

Summary:  Correspondence. The collection of 30 Civil War letters reveals information on the mining of the St. John's River, Fla., and the blockade running on Florida's southwest coast. At the same time they outline the lives of the writers and their families and contribute to the knowledge of refugees from the war, non-combatants in Northeast Florida.

Florida History

Fl. Misc. Ms.


Nixon, James J.

Letters, 1861-1863.

Description:  1 folder (10 items)

Bio/historical note:  Confederate Soldier. Nixon was a member of the 8th Florida Regiment and died of wounds sustained in the Battle of Brandy Station a.k.a. Battle of Culpeper (Va.), the largest cavalry battle in the history of the Western Hemisphere.

Summary:  Correspondence. This collection contains letters to Louisa A. Nixon, in Mt. Pleasant, from her husband, James J. Nixon, dated between 1861 and 1863, sent from Apalachicola, Fla., Camp Retrieve, Camp Milton, Charleston, S.C., Culpepper, Va. and the Florida Army Hospital in Richmond, Va. The last letter was dictated to a nurse as Nixon was dying of wounds sustained at the Battle of Culpeper (aka Brandy Station). In his letters Nixon mostly talks about the lack of available food, long marches and disease taking its toll on life and morale and asks his wife to write to him often. One letter is written from the trenches of the Battle of Culpeper at night while both sides are taking a break from fighting.

Florida History

Fl. Misc. Ms.


Perry, Madison Starke, 1814-1865.

Letters, 1860-1862.

Description:  1 folder (11 items)

Summary:  Correspondence. Letter to his wife from Camp Graham (Ark?), July 15, 1862, a letter by his daughter, Sallie J. Perry, to another Mr. Perry regarding her father, two official war documents, seven negative image photocopies of correspondence, and one journal article reproducing a letter to General Lee. Most of the materials in this collection were produced while Col. Perry was near the Tennessee and Arkansas border and speak of the Confederate Tennessee troops.

Florida History

Fl. Misc. Ms.


Raysor, Michael Oliver, 1837-1864.

Papers, 1861-1864.

Description:  33 letters, and other materials.

Summary:  Correspondence. This collection contains 33 letters, fragments of letters and envelopes, an obituary and selected transcriptions of letters. These letters were exchanged between members of the Johnson and Raysor families between 1861 and 1864. The bulk of the correspondence (25 letters plus 3 fragments) is between Michael Raysor and Sarah Johnson Raysor written between August 1861 and August 1863. Two letters, dated 1862 and 1863 are from Michael Raysor to his mother. The collection also contains 5 letters, 1863 to 1864, from various correspondents to Sarah Johnson Raysor and 1 letter, 1862, written by L. J. Johnson to his brother. The letters document the hardships of war, troop movements and family concerns.

Florida History

Fl. Misc. Ms.


Steedman, Charles, 1811-1890.

Letters, 1862-1863.

Description:  1 folder (8 items)

Summary:  Correspondence. Letters to his wife and friends written during the time he was blockading Florida ports, particularly Fernandina, St. Augustine, and the St. Johns' River from a number of Union vessels describing everyday occurrences.

Florida History

Fl. Misc. Ms.


Wilder-Loomis family papers, 1864-1888.

Description:  4 folders.

Arrangement:  Organized into five series: (1) Loomis family general, (2) Eben Jenks Loomis, (3) Mary Wilder Loomis, (4) Wilder family general, and (5) John Augustus Wilder.

Summary:  Correspondence, writings, personal and financial records. This collection is a photostatic reproduction of a section of the Wilder-Loomis Papers held by the Beinecke Rare Book and Manuscript Library, Yale University.  The sections duplicated here pertain to Wilder's military service in Key West during the Civil War, and to Loomis's two cotton plantations in Jacksonville. Papers consist primarily of letters the two men wrote home to their family members in Massachusetts concerning their experiences in Florida.

Restrictions on use:  Researchers interested in publishing from these papers should contact the Beinecke Library at Yale for permission.

Reproduction note:  Photocopy. New Haven, Ct.: Yale University, 19??.

Florida History

Fl. Misc. Ms.



Individual letters, Miscellaneous Manuscript Collection



Box Number:
Description: Hitchcock, Ethan Allen, 1798-1870. - Letter to General Phelps. Pensacola. Dec. 1, 1862.
Box Number:
Description: Allen, William S. - Letter to his father. Key West, Florida. Dec. 1, 1862. Also letter to M.A. Key West, Florida, Aug. 24, 1868.
Box Number:
Description: Drew, Columbus, 1820-1891. - Letter to Reverend E.K. Smith. Jacksonville, Florida. May 26, 1861.

Box Number:
Description: Noble, William R. - Letter to J.P. Hatch. Magnolia, Florida. September 4, 1864.

Box Number:
Description: Skipper, J.W. - Letter to Messrs. McKesson and Robins. Newport. May 26, 1861.
Box Number:
Description: Bright. - Letter to Messrs. Campbell, Longe, and Abercrombie. Pensacola, Florida. May 30, 1861.
Box Number:
Description: Adams, H.A. - Letter to General Braxton Bragg. U.S. Frigate, Sabine, off Pensacola. May 13, 1861.
Box Number:
Description: Bailey, C.F. - Letter to his mother. Chattanooga, Tenn. Sept. 21, 1863.
Keyword: KEYWORDS -- Florida infantry, 6th regiment // Florida infantry, 7th regiment
Box Number:
Description: Davidson, Robert Hamilton McWhorta, 1832-1908 - Letter to his wife. Knoxville, Tennessee. January 9, 1863. Letter to his son. Washington, D.C. November 1, 1877.
Keyword: KEYWORDS - Quincy--History // Civil War

Box Number:
Description: Dawkins, James B. - Letter to General Joseph Finegan. Gainesville, Florida. March 22, 1864.
Keyword: KEYWORDS -- Bailey, James B. // Finegan, Joseph T. // Civil War

Box Number:
Description: Hammond, B.F. - Letters to his family. 1863-1864.
Keyword: KEYWORDS -- Civil War // Correspondence

Box Number:
Description: Maxwell, David Elwell, 1843-?? - Letters, 1862-1863. Photographs, obituary, and miscellaneous.
Keyword: KEYWORDS - Gainesville-History // Civil War // Pictures // Correspondence

Box Number:
Description: Pasco, Samuel, 1834-1917. - Letter to General Winder. Camp of 1st and 3rd Florida Regiment. November 16, 1863.
Keyword: KEYWORDS -- Civil War

Box Number:
Description: Poole, W.G. - Report of the Florida Battalion in the Battle of Shiloh. April 12, 1862.
Keyword: KEYWORDS -- Florida infantry, 1st regiment, 1861-1862 // Civil War // Shiloh, Battle of

Box Number:
Description: Stratton, J.A. Capt. - Letter, on board U.S. Continental. Jan. 26, 1863.
Keyword: KEYWORDS -- Key West-History // Civil War // Naval operations // Continental (ship)

Box Number:
Description: Ward, Elizabeth. - Letter to husband, Michael Ward. Pensacola. June 2, 1861.
Keyword: KEYWORDS -- Civil War // Ward, Michael

Box Number:
Description: Waters, Washington. - Letters to his wife. Marianna, Florida. 1863, Dec. 23, 1864, May 11, regarding desertions
Keyword: KEYWORDS -- Civil War

Box Number:
Description: Barr, W.F. - Letter to S. Bleckley. Culpepper, South Carolina. August 21, 1861.
Keyword: KEYWORDS -- Bleckley, S. // Civil War--Medical & Sanitary affairs // Medicine

Box Number:
Description: Civil War, Letter written by James, a Confederate soldier, to his sister, Nancy. Raleigh, North Carolina. April 9, 1865.
Keyword: KEYWORDS -- Civil War

Box Number:
Description: Fessenden, William Pitt, 1806-1869. - Letter to son James D. Washington, D.C. Feb. 17, 1863.
Keyword: KEYWORDS -- Civil War // St. Augustine--History

Box Number:
Description: Summer, A.G. - Letter to E. Houston. Long Swamp, Florida. March 23, 1864.
Keyword: KEYWORDS -- Civil War // Houstoun, Edward // Marion County

Box Number:
Description: Chamberlain, Valentine - Letters: October 10, 1862, Hilton Head, S.C.; February 18, 23, 1863, Fernandina, Florida.
Keyword: KEYWORDS -- Civil War // Jacksonville--Description // Mayport // St. Augustine // St. Johns River--Description // Sawmills

Box Number:
Description: Brown, Col. P.P., Jr. Letters (5) to his wife regarding Civil War in Florida. Includes March 1, 1864, alarms in Jacksonville after Union defeat at Battle of Olustee.

Box Number:
Description: Smedly, Isaac, to "Friend Ed." March 28, 1862, long letter describing life in Jacksonville during Union occupation.
Keyword: KEYWORDS -- Civil War // Jacksonville

Box Number:
Description: Clinch, Duncan. - Copy of letter to his sons describing life on their two plantations during the Civil War and eulogizing his wife, April, 1887, Incochee Plantation. Damaged Copy.
Keyword: KEYWORDS -- U.S. - History - Civil War - Personal Narrative // Reconstruction // Plantations

Box Number:
Description: Sheldon, George. - Letter to his mother. Camp A Fla., Virginia. Oct. 21, 1861.
Keyword: KEYWORDS -- Civil War

Box Number:
Description: Yearty, Jacob. - Letter to his parents. Chattanooga, Tennessee. Sept. 22, 1863.
Keyword: KEYWORDS -- Chickamauga, Battle of // Civil War

Box Number:
Description: Foster, John Gray, 1823-1874. - Letter to General Sheridan. Tallahassee, August 6, 1865.
Keyword: KEYWORDS -- Marvin, William // Sheridan, Philip H. // Civil War // Military correspondence

Box Number:
Description: Memminger, Christopher Gustavus, 1803-1888. - Letters to A.B. Noyes, Collector of Customs St. Marks, Fla. April 21, 1861- Aug. 30, 186?; C.G. Memminger was Secretary of the Treasury for the Confederate States of America.
Keyword: KEYWORDS -- Blockade // Civil War // Confederate States of America // Noyes, Alonzo B. // Correspondence

Box Number:
Description: Farrand, Ebenezer. - Letters to A.B. Noyes. St. Marks, May 20, 1861 - August 23, 1861.
Keyword: KEYWORDS -- Cedar Key // Lighthouses // Noyes, Alonzo B. // Civil War

Box Number:
Description: Armstrong, James, 1794-1868. - Letters to C.S. Norton, Comdg. U.S.S. Albatross. Commandant's Office, Navy Yard, Pensacola, Florida. April 25 & 28, 1865.
Keyword: KEYWORDS -- Asboth, Alexander Sandor, 1811-1868 // Milton, Florida // Norton, C(harles) S(tuart) // Pensacola // Civil War--Naval Operations

Box Number:
Description: Hobart, Edwin. - Letter to Major [????], New Orleans, Sept. 12, 1865.
Keyword: KEYWORDS - Civil War
Box Number:
Description: Wright, John B. - Letters to wife, May 16, 1862; June 13, 1862.
Keyword: KEYWORDS -- Civil War-Personal narratives
Box Number:
Description: Milton, John, 1807-1865. - Letters as Governor, 1862-1864. Copies of letters to Jefferson Davis, Stephen Mallory, Gen. Beauregard and others. Also an executive document attesting to the loyalty of William Miller, July 20, 1863.
Keyword: KEYWORDS -- Confederate States of America // Civil War // Miller, William // Governors // Correspondence

Box Number:
Description: Berryman, Sarah K. - Copies of letters and testimonials of her husband's records. Lt. Comm. Otway H. Berryman U.S.A.; first Naval pension granted a Civil War widow. Battles of Fort Pickens, Santa Rosa Island, Letters of commendation.
Keyword: KEYWORDS -- Berryman, Otway H., Sr. // Jonett, James E. // Civil War // Saint, Daniel // Santa Rosa, Battle of, 1861 // Correspondence

Box Number:
Description: Boye, Christian, 1817-1862 - Letter to his son, Frank Henry Boye. Sept. 23, 1862. [Confederate view point].
Keyword: KEYWORDS -- Key West--History // Morgan, James S. // Slavery

Box Number:
Description: Ponce, W.G. - Letters to Frank [?] from St. Augustine, no dates. [Confederate viewpoint].
Keyword: KEYWORDS -- Fleming's Island // Huston, George // Civil War--Personal narratives // Confederate States of America

Box Number:
Description: Rawls, C.C. - Letter to Governor F.P. Fleming. Dew, Texas, June 22, 1903.
Keyword: KEYWORDS -- Fleming, Francis Philip, 1841-1908 // Florida infantry, 2nd regiment // Gettysburg, Battle of // Perry Brigade // Civil War

Box Number:
Description: Thompson, J.J. - Letter to Captain David E. Maxwell. Arredondo, Florida. Oct. 24, 1893. [Confederate point of view].
Keyword: KEYWORDS -- Maxwell, David Elwell, 1843 // Civil War--Personal narratives // Confederate States of America

Box Number:
Description: Thompson, John James. - Letter to F.P. Fleming. Gainesville Florida. Oct. 10, 1904.
Keyword: KEYWORDS -- Fleming, Francis Philip 1841-1908 // Skeats, W.N. // Civil War

Box Number:
Description: Wood, Dallas. - Letter to sister, Louisa A. Nixon, wife of James J. Nixon. Dalton, Georgia. Dec. 25, 1863. -Confederate point of view].
Keyword: KEYWORDS -- Nixon, Louisa A. // Civil War--Personal narratives

Box Number:
Description: Beard, Charles. - Letter to Gov. Grancis P. Fleming accompanying Beard's written recollection of the Battle of Natural Bridge. August 7, 1905.
Keyword: KEYWORDS -- Fleming, Francis Philip, 1841-1908 // Florida Military Institute // Natural Bridge, Battle of, 1865 // Civil War

Box Number:
Description: Benjamin, Judah P., 1811-1884. - Letter to James R. Anderson. Richmond, Virginia. March 12, 1862.
Keyword: KEYWORDS -- Anderson, James R. // Confederate States of America // Firearms // Civil War 

Box Number:
Description: Hilton, R.B. - Letter to James S. Herron. Richmond, Va. March 20, 1863.
Keyword: KEYWORDS -- Herron, James S. // Civil War

Box Number:
Description: Jenckes, Harriet B. - Letters to Mary Martha Reid. St. Augustine, Florida. January 7, March 10, May 26, 1862.
Keyword: KEYWORDS -- Civil War // Reid, Mary Martha, 1812-1894 // St. Augustine-Description // Correspondence

Box Number:
Description: Reynolds, Charles Bingham. - Letter to C.O. Reynolds (father) May 21, 1866.
Keyword: KEYWORDS -- Civil War

Box Number:
Description: Bailey, Theodoras (Admiral). - Letter to Commander T.H. Stevens concerning mutinous seamen. Key West. June 1, 1863.
Keyword: KEYWORDS -- Civil War--Naval Operations // Blockade

Box Number:
Description: Burritt, S.L. - Letter to Capt. Thomas H. Stevens describing Jacksonville during the Civil War. Feb. 12, 1864.
Keyword: KEYWORDS -- Stevens, Thomas H. // Blockade // Civil War--Naval Operations // Jacksonville--History

Box Number:
Description: Hatcher, H.K. Admiral - Letter to Commander T.J. Stevens concerning the U.S.S. Oneida. Pensacola Bay. July 13, 1865.
Keyword: KEYWORDS -- Civil War // Navy vessels // Ships

Box Number:
Description: Nicholson, Commander J.W. - Letter on board Smith, St. Augustine to Thomas H. Stevens concerning gun boats on the St. Johns River. March 18, 1862.
Keyword: KEYWORDS -- Civil War--Naval operations

Box Number:
Description: Thomas, Lorenzo, 1804-1875. - Letter to Col. Harvey Browne concerning the attack of rebels around Pensacola. Washington, D.C. Dec. 20, 1861.
Keyword: KEYWORDS -- Browne, Col. Harvey // Pensacola--History // Civil War // Ft. Pickens

Box Number:
Description: Ward, George T. - Letter concerning the Confederate Congress. Richmond, Va. Jan. 17, 1862.
Keyword: KEYWORDS -- Secession // Civil War

Box Number:
Description: Carson, Lewis David, 1834-1894. - Letter to his mother, Nov. 27, 1864. Bound with: Carson, Robert - Letter, March 6, 1863.
Keyword: KEYWORDS -- Civil War

Box Number:
Description: Dickison, John J. - Letter to Captain M.G. Barth. Gainesville, August 17, 1864.
Keyword: KEYWORDS -- Alachua County-History // Civil War

Box Number:
Description: Hentz, Charles. - Letters to his cousin written from Quincy, 1865: June 17, Oct. 6; 1866: Dec. 30.  Keyword: KEYWORDS - Quincy // Civil War // Gadsden County

Box Number:
Description: Hentz, Thaddeus W. - Letter to Paul Willard concerning his imprisonment during the Civil War. Nov. 14, 1864.
Keyword: KEYWORDS -- Civil War--Personal narratives // Marianna // Jackson County
Box Number:
Description: Branch, James O. - Letter to Paul Willard concerning the poems written by Mrs. Hentz during the Civil War. Tallahassee, January 5, 1867.
Keyword: KEYWORDS -- Civil War // Leon County--History // Tallahassee

Box Number:
Description: Sherman, General William T., (1820-1891). - Letters to Mrs. Robert Anderson. 1864, 1865.
Keyword: KEYWORDS - Civil War
Box Number:
Description: Murray, S.J. - Letters (3): 1862: April 9 - Goldsboro, N.C.; June 15 - Richmond, Virginia; Sept. 29 - Camp Bunker Hill, Virginia.
Keyword: KEYWORDS -- Civil War 

Box Number:
Description: Howe, Gile. - Letters (6) 1863-1864.
Keyword: KEYWORDS -- Civil War--Personal narratives // Correspondence

Box Number:
Description: Fleming, Margaret Seton, 18?-1877. - Documents (9) (petitions, depositions, letters) concerning Hibernia, plantation on the St. Johns River. 1864-1876. Originals & transcriptions.
Keyword: KEYWORDS -- Hibernia // Civil War

Box Number:
Description: Griffin, Len M., 1829-1891 - (5th Ga. Cavalry). Letters (2): 1861: April 3. Ft. Barancas; July 28. Richmond, Va.
Keyword: KEYWORDS -- Civil War

Box Number:
Description: Gommelion, A.F. - Letter to Rogero. (Battle: Cold Harbor, Virginia) 1864, June 7. Original, 1 page; Typescript, 3 pages; edited, 10 pages.
Keyword: KEYWORDS -- Civil War--Personal narratives

Box Number:
Description: Blakeman, J. Henry 1850?-? - Letter to Mother. 1867, July 30, Palatka. Xerox.
Keyword: KEYWORDS -- Civil War--Personal narratives

 Box Number: 87
Description: Dunham, David R. - Letter to Gen. Thomas Brown. 1860, 27 Dec. St. Augustine.
Keyword: KEYWORDS -- Secession // Brown, Thomas // Civil War

Box Number:
Description: Brown, Thomas, 1785-1867. - Letter to David R. Dunham. Tallahassee. 1861, Jan. 3.
Keyword: KEYWORDS - Secession // Civil War



Newspapers, journalism, and public opinion



Florida Sentinel (Tallahassee).  Confederate.

1860: July 10,17; Dec. 25 (film 4E/11)

1861: Sept. 17 (film 1G/17)

1862: Jan. 14-1863: Dec.8


Florida Times (Jacksonville).  Union.

1865: Oct. 5-12; Nov. 23; Dec. 7-14, 28 (film)


Florida Union (Jacksonville).  Union.

1864: Sept. 24 (film 2E/8)

1865: Feb. 11-Dec. 30

1866: Feb. 3-July 28; Aug. 1


Florida Herald (Jacksonville). Union.

1865: Aug. 31; Sept. 22; Oct. 13 (film 2A/9)


Jacksonville Standard.  Union.

1859: Feb.24-Mar.24; Apr.21; May 5-12

1860: Apr.5; May 31; Nov.1; Dec.6 (film 1/D-2)

1860: June 7 (film 4/D-12)


St. Johns Mirror (Jacksonville). Union.

1861: May 7; July 17(extra)  (film 2D/12)


Southern Confederacy (Jacksonville). Confederate.

1861: Feb. 1; Apr. 12 (film 1D-4)


Southern Rights (Jacksonville). Confederate.

1862: Oct. 4 (film 4D-1)


Peninsular (Fernandina). Union.

1863: Apr. 18 (film 4E-24); Apr. 30 (film 4E-24,4E-56,1G-11); May 14, 21 (film 2E-3); June 4 (film 1L-1); July 2 (film 2D-14); Aug. 13, 20 (film 1L-1); Sept. 3 (film 2D14); Sept. 17, 24(film 1L-1); Oct. 15(film 1L-1&2A-6); Oct. 22, 29; Dec. 24(film 1L-1) 1864: Mar. 24, 31 (film 1L-1); Apr. 7 (film 1L-1&2A-8), 14 (film1L-1&4D-14), 21 (film 1K-4)


East Floridian (Fernandina).  Confederate.

1860: Mar. 1, 15-29; Apr. 12-26 (film 4E/48)

1860: Mar. 15(film 4D/40); June 7-Dec. 19(film 1E/4)

1861: Mar. 13(film 1D/5); May 29(film 1C/13)


The Cotton States (Micanopy). Confederate.

1861: Sept. 28 (film 4E-14)

1862: June 21 (film 4E-14)

1864: Mar. 19; May 7, 21, 28; June 4,11,18 (film 1J-1); Nov. 26 (film 5E-19)

1864: Apr. 16 (film 4E-14 and 1K-1)

1865: Apr. 20 (film 1L-3)


New Era (Key West).  Union.

1862: Apr. 5 (film 4D/18); May 17, 23; Oct. 4;

Nov. 5 (film 2A/5)

1862: Aug. 16; Sept. 6, 13, 20 (film 2D/18)

1862: Sept. 6 (film 2E/14)

1863: Feb. 14


St. Augustine Examiner

1859: Oct. 29-1861: June 29

1861: July 27 (film 4D/57)

1862: Apr. 9, 16, 24; May 1, 8 (film 2A/4)

1862: Apr. 9, 16; May 1,8 (film 2E/22)


Florida Peninsular (Tampa)

1860: Jan. 7; Apr. 28; July 21 (film 4E/35)

1861: Jan. 19 (film 4E/35); Feb. 16 (film 4K/30)

Index online



Secondary sources


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Florida journalism during the civil war.

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Florida History

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Public opinion in Confederate Florida.

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Pessimism-optimism of Civil War military news in the New York Times and the Richmond Dispatch: June, 1863, through March, 1865.

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Main Library, storage

973.734 L283p

and University Archives, Special Collections

(by year and author)


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The literary elements in the Florida newspapers of the Civil War period.

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Florida History

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Selected Electronic Resources



Florida in the Civil War

(Div. Of Historical Resources)


Florida Heritage Online Collection-Civil War


Florida in the Civil War (Div. Of Historical Resources)


Florida Bureau of Archives and Records Management

Confederate pension applications online


State Library of Florida Civil War Bibliography


Civil War Manuscript Collections at Florida State University Library


Civil War Battle Summaries by State


Civil War Sites in Florida


Florida National Guard Heritage Center-Civil War


Battle of Olustee


War of the Rebellion, Official Records, Online at Cornell University


The Valley of the Shadow; Virginia Center for Digital History


Civil War Maps Collection; Library of Congress


Civil War Photo Collection; Library of Congress


Civil War Women; Duke University Scriptorium


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