The P.K. Yonge Library of Florida History at the University of Florida has an extensive collection of Spanish colonial documents on microfilm. These include (1) the East Florida Papers from the Library of Congress, (2) documents from the Archivo General de Indias, Seville, collected as part of the John B. Stetson Collection on the Spanish Borderlands, (3) partial and complete legajos about Florida filmed by the Archivo General de Indias for use at the University of Florida, and (4) additional collections of materials gathered by John Worth, Matt Childs, and other historians working in Spain, the Caribbean, and Mexico.

This website provides an inventory of the holdings at UF. Increasingly, this material is now available online either through PARES in Spain or through other interfaces. However, in many cases, the microfilm reels are still the chief resource available to researchers within the United States. Materials are available by InterLibrary Loan from UF for institutions that agree to terms of use. Queries and requests for materials can be sent to UF Interlibrary Loan.

The John H. Hann Collection of Colonial Papers consists of the translations and transcriptions made by historian John Hann, research historian for the Mission San Luis Archaeological Park, and author of major works on the Calusa, Timucua, Apalachee, and other indigenous peoples of Florida. Many of his translations related to the mission system and to early Florida are now available online in the Hann Collection and there is a Table of Contents for these items.

The East Florida Papers (176 reels) comprise the local government archive of Spanish East Florida during the late colonial period (1783-1821). Originals are housed at the Library of Congress. The University of Florida and Flagler College have created a searchable online index to the Papers (some 55,000 short abstracts of the documents) at Index to the East Florida Papers. Microfilm of the East Florida Papers is available in the Special Collections or research rooms of the Jacksonville Public Library, Florida State University, University of Florida, University of West Florida, the St. Augustine Historical Society, and the Dade/Broward Public Library; by interlibrary loan from the Library of Congress and University of Florida; and in some places as a licensed digital product produced by Gale Publications.

The Spanish Land Grants for Florida, curated by the State Archives, were once part of the East Florida Papers but are now stored separately. They have been digitized and are available in their entirety online at Spanish Land Grants.

The John Batterson Stetson Collection (Reels 142B 1-62, 150,000 photostats) was originally curated at the University of Florida and is now held at the St. Augustine Historical Society. It contains documents drawn from the Archivo General de Indias and relates to all phases of Spanish activity in the Southeast Borderlands from 1518-1819. Often used as a "starting point" by graduate students undertaking research, the Stetson Collection reveals records of voyages of exploration, the attacks of English and French corsairs, the development of negro slavery in the Borderlands, the emergence of the English presence on the Atlantic seaboard, and reports on Indian customs, languages, migrations, and populations, as well as the civil, military and ecclesiastical development of posts and missions. The collection is organized by date. It has been calendared by both the University of Florida/Library of Congress (Reels 144A 1-9) and by the St. Augustine Historical Society (Reels 143 J-L). Microfilm versions of both the calendars and the collection are available. The UF calendar is approximately 14,000 cards and has been scanned for viewing online. To see it go to the host site at Unearthing St. Augustine's Colonial Heritage and enter a search for the "John B. Stetson Jr. Card Calendar." Cards are arranged chronologically beginning in 1512 and provide provenance, salutation or title of document, date, and an abstract of contents. Also, you can see an Inventory of the Reels.

Florida Legajos from the Archivo General de Indias (c. 290 reels). In an effort to obtain essential documentation on the early exploration of Florida (1513-1565), the Menendez era, and the First Spanish Period, historians and archivists at the University of Florida identified and requested microfilm copies of many legajos or bundles of historical documents preserved in the Archivo General de Indias in Seville, Spain. These microfilm copies are available in the P.K. Yonge Library of Florida History by convenio with the AGI. See the hyperlinks below for descriptions of holdings. Patronato is particularly important for early exploration. Casa de Contratacion, Escribania and Justicia contain many details of the Menendez era. Holdings in Santo Domingo are strong in 18th century documentation. Researchers should also familiarize themselves with materials that are now available online through PARES and may want to consult A Primer on Using Online Colonial Spanish Archival Sites compiled by Dr. John Worth at the University of West Florida.

Additional AGI Materials: The Papeles Procedentes de Cuba (c. 528 microfilm reels). Materials from this section of the Archivo General de Indias in Seville hold records of the Spanish colonies throughout the Caribbean and on the North American continent. They contain documentation from the mid-seventeenth century well into the nineteenth cantury and are particularly rich for the period from circa 1760 to 1821. These documents complement the Stetson and East Florida collections as they contain the records of the Spanish posts on the northern rim of the Gulf of Mexico. The Reales Cajas legajos of both East and West Florida found in the Papeles Procedentes de Cuba contain the most complete New World treasury records in existence. The calendar of the P.K. Yonge Library's holdings of the Papeles Procedentes de Cuba incorporates about 60,000 abstracts on catalog cards. The calendar is maintained in the Special Collections research room at UF and, in addition, a 12-reel microfilm version is available (Series 12-25). The table below provides general information about the contents of the legajos in the UF holdings. The collection is organized by legajo number and then by date within each legajo. Individual reference entries generally represent documents, but may represent various document details, depending on what the legajo contains (letters, court cases, etc).


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Archivo de los Condes de Revillagigedo (641 microfilm reels). This massive collection of materials, from the private archive of the family of Don Álvaro Armada Barcáiztegui, contains primary source materials that lay the foundation for Pedro Menéndez de Avilés' enterprise of Florida, the establishment of Santa Elena and Saint Augustine, and the creation of La Florida as a permanent colony of the Spanish empire for more than two centuries. Also included in the millions of pages of this archive are essential materials in the study of colonial Mexico. Researchers interested in working with the papers should confer with the curator of Florida history. As this remains a private archive, made available through microfilm, permission to reproduce documents must come in written form from the family. There is a brief content index for the holdings on the microfilm.

Other Collections of Interest. Although the digital age is rapidly making microfilm obsolete, the collections at the University of Florida have continued to expand in recent years through contributions by noted scholars. The John E. Worth Collection and the Matt D. Childs Collection are two examples of materials identified and duplicated by major historians. The first contains many documents related to the early explorers of Florida and to Native American culure. The second provides materials on militia and military organizations in Cuba. Other collections that are available include:

  • DeSoto Papers (1537-1544) containing Patronato 19 Ramo 2, 3, and 15; 21 Ramo 4; 51 Ramo 1-3; 57 Ramo 1, 4; 60 Ramo 6-7; 63 Ramo 9-10; 69 Ramo 2; 77 Ramo 1; 90 Ramo 5; 101 Ramo 18; 105 Ramo 6; 109 Ramo 4; 111 Ramo 7; 150, Ramo 6; 177 Ramo 20; 194 Ramo 34; 231, Ramo 12; 275 Ramo 34; 277 Ramo 241; 281 Ramo 108-109; Contratacion 3309 Folio 60-143, 5009; Santo Domingo 118, Docs. 70, 72; Mexico 95, 168, 204, 207; Indiferente General, 415 Folio 37-41, 737, 1205, 1962 Folio 287-288, 301-203-331-332; 1963 Folio 172, 221-222, 318 (Archivo General de Indias, Seville), 2 reels, 29B 1-2
  • Various Legajos (Archivo General de Indias, Seville) 10 reels, Reel 1: Indiferente General 1578, 1604, 1606; Santo Domingo 1527; Papeles de Cuba 1290-1291; Reel 2: Papeles de Cuba 1291, 1301, 1318, 2358; Mexico 3189; Santo Domingo 1231, 1322, 1235-1236; Reel 3: Papeles de Cuba 1227, 1281-1283, 1301, 1319; Reel 4: Papeles de Cuba 1354; Reel 5: Santo Domingo 2597-2598; Reel 6: Santo Domingo 850; Reel 7: Santo Domingo 2574, 2584, 2591-2593, 2658-2660; Reel 8: Santo Domingo 657, 847; Reel 9: Papeles de Cuba 1437, 1470; Reel 10: Papeles de Estado (Archivo Historico Nacional) 3884. 56N 1-10.
  • Padre Ramano, Eclesiastico #90, Audiencia de Quito; Probanza de Francisco de Arganaras, #98, Audiencia de Charcas (Archivo General de Indias, Seville), 28Q
  • Papeles de Cuba, Legajos 31, 52, 153A, 200, 222B, 687, 688, 2354, 2359 (Archivo General de Indias, Seville), 24M
  • Catalogo de Pasajeros a Indias durante los Siglos XVI-, Sevilla, Imprenta Editorial de la Davidia (Archivo General de Indias, Seville), 25B
  • Transcripts from the Archivo General de Indias c. 1706-1721, 24L
  • Papeles de Estado (Archivo Historico Nacional, Madrid), 6 reels, 56A, Legajos 3883, 3887-3893, 3897, 1900-1902
  • Various documents related to St. Augustine (Biblioteca Central Militar, Madrid), 141N
  • Expediciones de Indias relativos a la provincia de La Florida, 1806-1819 (Museo Naval, Madrid), 141O
  • Selected manuscripts relating to the history of Florida (Biblioteca Nacional, Madrid), 141P-Q
  • Cradona, Cabeza de los Martires, MS 2463, Mendoza, Itinerario, 1575, MS 3104, Escobedo, "La Florida," MS 187, and Pulgar, "Historia general de la Florida, 1669, (Biblioteca Nacional, Madrid), 141S
  • Coleccion de documentos ineditos relativos al descubrimiento, conquista y organizacion de las antiguas posesiones espanolas (Real Academia de la Historia, Madrid), 7 reels, 25 vols., 144E 1-7
  • Manuscrito 56, Documentos de la Obra sobre Limites, Tomo XIX, Documento XIX (Minsterio de Asuntes Exteriores, Biblioteca General, Madrid), 24M
  • Cedulario de la Florida, 1570-1604, SD 2528, 25A
  • Consejo de Hacienda, Legajos 44 (1-2), 45 (1), 47 (1-4); Secretarias de Estado, Legajos 816 (1-7), 818 (1-8), 819 (1-2), 820 (2-3), Secretaria de Guerra Legajos 47, 49 (305) (Archivo General de Simancas). 30A-1
  • Secretaria de Guerra, Hojos de servicios militares de Cuba, 1787-1809, Legajos 7259-7265 (Archivo General de Simancas), 7 reels, 30A 2-8
  • Secretaria de Guerra, Hojos de servicios militares de Cuba, 1787-1809, Legajos 7291-7292 (Archivo General de Simancas), 2 reels, 30A 9-10
  • (Archivo General de Simancas), Legajo 6912, 24M
  • Ramo Marina, Registers of Situados, (Archivo General de la Nacion, Mexico), 1792-1796, 56I
  • Establecimiento de los Indios Panazolenos del pueblo de San Carlos (Archivo General de la Nacion, Mexico), 1764-1766, 56I
  • Selected documentes from Reales Cedulas 1645-1749 (Archivo General de la Nacion, Mexico), 141M
  • Papers concerning San Miguel de Panzacola 1760-1763 (Archivo General de la Nacion, Mexico), 144F
  • Charles Spellman Collection from various Mexican Archives (3 reels, 144G-I)
  • Transcripts from Mexican Archives concerning West Florida 1702-1781, made by the Newbery Library, 144J
  • Documents concerning medicine at Pensacola and St. Augustine (Archivo Nacional, Havana), 56L
  • Parish Records, Ceiba Mocha, Matanzas Province (Cuba) 1757-1920 (14 reels, 144D-1-14)
  • Papers relating to the Evacuation of St. Augustine (Typescripts) 56J
  • Documents relating to the Arredondo Grant 56-K
  • Mississippi Provincial Archives, Spanish Dominion (1759-1820), Department of Archives and History, Miss., 7 reels
  • Spanish Records of North Carolina Department of Archives and History, 23 reels, 10A-P, 11Q-W
  • Golden Book of the Minorcans (Diocesan Archives, St. Augustine), 142A
  • Buckingham Smith Papers 1500-1785 (3 reels, 141J-L)
  • Jeanette Thurber Connor Papers (16 reels, 142D-L and 142A-H)
  • Woodbury Lowery Collection 1551-1680 (9 reels, 141A-I)
  • Vicente Sebastian Pintado Collection 1781-1742 (Library of Congress) (6 reels, 144C-1-6)

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