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A Guide to the José Moskovits Anti-Semitism Collection

Finding aid created by Katalin Franciska Rac (Updated in January 2018)

University of Florida Smathers Libraries - Special and Area Studies Collections

Descriptive Summary

Creator: Moskovits, José, 1926-2014
Title: José Moskovits Anti-Semitism Collection
Dates: 1976-2017
Bulk dates: 1976-1979
Abstract: Correspondence collected by Argentinian reparation lawyer and president of the Jewish Association of the Survivors of Nazi Persecution, José Moskovits, as part of a world-wide survey on anti-Semitism and attitudes toward Jews and Israel in the second half of the 1970s. Included are letters from various politicians, artists, scholars, literary authors, religious dignitaries, and others. Together with Asher Mibashan (1914-2005), the Buenos Aires bureau chief of JTA (Jewish Telegraphic Agency), Moskovits wished to present the results of the survey in a book on anti-Semitism, which was never realized. The collection includes a draft of the introduction to this planned book as well as statistics and the filing system Moskovits used to manage the correspondence.
Extent: 9.91 Linear feet. 2 Boxes and 45 Binders.
Identification: MSS 0402
Language(s): Includes materials written in English, German, French, Spanish, Hebrew, Italian, Portuguese, and Yiddish.

Biographical/Historical Note

José Moskovits (1926-2014) was born in Hungary. During the Holocaust he was sent to a labor battalion, escaped deportation, and joined the Zionist resistance in Budapest. He was captured and incarcerated in the notorious prison of the Arrow Cross in Budapest, where the paratrooper Hannah Szenes was also imprisoned. One of the underground Zionist organizations active in Budapest, the Hashomer Hatzair, raided the prison and freed him along with another twenty-nine prisoners. After the Soviet liberation of Budapest in January 1945, Moskovits became a leader of Dror Habonim (Labor Zionist Youth Movement) and was active in its covert efforts to help Jewish survivors leave for British Mandatory Palestine. In 1947, the British arrested Moskovits, and he was imprisoned in Cyprus until the end of the mandate period. He volunteered in the Golani Brigade during Israel's War of Independence. He was wounded and honorably discharged in 1949.

In 1953, Moskovits and his future wife Halina (Elena) Parys Feldberg emigrated to South America. Before settling in Argentina, they lived for two years in Paraguay. In 1958 Moskovits opened a law office in Buenos Aires to assist Holocaust survivors from all over South America with reparation claims against Germany. In addition, he contributed to international efforts to capture Nazi war criminals: he maintained close contact with Simon Wiesenthal, set up safe houses for Mossad agents involved in the capture of Adolf Eichmann, and offered his law office as a cover for Israeli agents searching for the infamous Josef Mengele.

In 1967 Moskovits was named president of She'erit Hapleta, the Argentine Jewish Association of the Survivors of Nazi Persecution. In this capacity, he worked to raise awareness of the Holocaust in Argentina, organized survivor reunions and commemorations, participated in international Holocaust events and conferences, and helped holding demonstrations in support of the State of Israel. At the height of Argentina's Dirty War (1976-1983), Moskovits was forced to move to Israel from where he continued to represent his survivor clients.

The acceptance of the United Nation's General Assembly Resolution 3379 of November 10, 1975, "Elimination of all forms of racial discrimination," was probably the most immediate event that motivated the survey. The resolution declared Zionism a form of racism, and one of the questions in the survey directly addressed this issue. (The survey sent out to Arabic countries and Israel did not include this question.) Between 1976 and 1978, of the 4850 addressees 741 reacted either by returning the survey with answers that vary in length: from laconic yes or no answers to long elaborations, often with attachments of journal articles, scholarly papers, and even art work; or letters that inquired about the scope of the survey. Others sent short notes excusing themselves from answering. Many refused to answer quoting official policy of the organization they were associated with or the nature of the position they held. Moskovits sent out another round of inquiries, probably in late 1978, this time to about 1000 persons, of which around 250 replies arrived.

It remains unclear why the book, which Moskovits and Mibashan planned to compile based on the results of the survey, was not realized. Drafts of the introduction are included in this collection. After his return to Buenos Aires, Moskovits continued his work to preserve the memory of the Holocaust and helping survivors claim reparations until his office closed in 2011. He gave a testimony to the United States Holocaust Memorial and Museum in 2005. He died in 2014 in Buenos Aires.

Scope and Content

The collection includes the letters, drawings, scholarly articles, newspaper clippings, and official declarations that Moskovits received in response to his inquiry; copies of his original letter and survey, and additional data regarding the names, titles, and addresses of the recipients of the survey included in various lists of the addressees. To each and every addressee, Moskovits sent a form and an accompanying letter explaining that as a Holocaust survivor, he had a very specific approach to anti-Semitism and he was interested in the recipient's opinion on the questions of the survey. Unlike the letter, the survey forms were not uniform: a separate form was designed for Arabic and Muslim countries as well as to Israelis. Both the accompanying letter and the questions were sent out in Spanish, English, German, Portuguese, Italian, and French, depending on the addressee. An Israeli member of the Knesset expressed disapproval that Moskovits did not send the survey to Israelis in either Hebrew or Yiddish. Others, with few exceptions, replied in the language Moskovits had addressed them. Hence, the letters in the collection are in English, German, Spanish, Italian, French, Hebrew, and Yiddish, most of them are typed.

In July 1978, a statistical analysis of the correspondence was created, which showed the ratio of answers received compared to the number of surveys sent out. The data is organized by the country and profession of the addressees. Moskovits grouped the addressees into six categories based on their profession or occupation: statesmen, diplomats, authors, religious dignitaries, academics, journalists, and miscellaneous, the latter of which included artists, business leaders, and representatives of very different organizations. The replies in each of these categories, regardless of country of origin, were collected in separate binders; the answers of German statesmen, however, were housed separately from the rest of the politicians.

Moskovits's statistics suggest that his letters were sent to 150 countries. In contrast, replies arrived from only 87 nations. For example, only two letters arrived from East Germany and none from the other countries in the Soviet Bloc (Cuba included). The USA (592) and Argentina (512) received the highest number of inquiries. To Israel and to Federal Germany almost the same number of surveys, 336 and 338 respectively, were sent. The rate of response, however remained low: until July 1978 around 15 percent. Only in the case of countries where only one or two surveys were sent, such as Belize, Lichtenstein, Tonga, or the Cayman Islands, was the response rate 100 percent. With regard to the professional division, politicians were the largest group (1500) and their response rate is the highest among all the groups: 295 replies, which is close to 20 percent.

After receiving the answers, each letter was filed with an accompanying form that contains the name, address, country included, and the title of the addressee. It also records what type of survey (A to D) was sent out in which language. The received letters were also numbered.

In addition to the invaluable statistical summary, originally housed in two binders, a two-binder long alphabetized index by country lists all the names of the addressees noting if they responded to Moskovits's inquiry. Additional exchanges of letters, the different forms, and photocopies were kept in a separate folder.

Patrons in the Price Library will find the documents in the collection rehoused in archival sleeves kept in archival binders and in two archival boxes. The collection is divided into two series. In the first series the documentation regarding the creation of the survey, including different versions of the survey, lists of addressees, including the above mentioned two-binder index, Moskovits's drafts of introduction, copies of Moskovits's files and several letters, and oversized materials can be found. The photocopies of correspondence are housed in 9 folders, each containing a lists of the names of the addressees. Oversize materials in folder 11 are letters or newspaper clippings that do not fit the sleeves. They were photocopied to appropriate size and the copies are inserted instead of the original document into the binders of the second series, which includes the answers that Moskovits received. The received letters are kept in an order that generally follows Moskovits's design. In addition to make slight alterations in some of the designations, the categories that he established, separate categories of visual artists, performing artists, royalty, diplomats, lawyers and justices, social leaders and organizations, and business leaders were created. The letters in each category are arranged by sender, according the alphabetical order and are numbered. Different letters by the same person are kept together and arranged according to chronological order, together with Moskovits's letter if available. Additional material sent to Moskovits is kept together with the accompanying letters except for oversize materials and newspaper clippings and full issues in folder 10 of box 1. The names of all the corresponding partners are compiled in a separate list housed in a binder. There are correspondences with 923 addressees in total included in the collection.

The answers Moskovits received not only demonstrate a very broad variety of opinions and views on anti-Semitism, but on related issues as well, such as human rights, freedom of speech, religious freedoms, theological questions, and more. The collection highlights the influence of the Cold War on the discussion of anti-Semitism worldwide and provides diverse views on the role of religious beliefs shaping modern anti-Semitism. Additionally, the reaction of Hassan II, King of Morocco, for example, illustrates the impact of the Arab-Israeli conflict on the interpretation of anti-Semitism in the 1970s and the effect of the UN resolution on the tone of "soft politics" initiated by Moskovits.

The letters sent by leading intellectuals, politicians, artists, journalists, and thinkers, such as Isaiah Berlin, Zbigniew Brzezinski, John Glenn, Elie Wiesel, Otto von Habsburg, Cardinal Ratzinger (Pope Benedict XVI), Herman Hesse, Alan Sillitoe, are fascinating and thought-provoking. As they are placed next to answers from Holocaust survivors, on the one hand, and people who had little direct connection to or first-hand experience of the Holocaust, on the other, they offer an insight of significant breadth and depth into the intellectual and emotional impact of past and current anti-Jewish sentiments and acts globally.


This collection is arranged topically and in alphabetical order in archival binders.

Access or Use Restrictions


The collection is open for research.

Administrative Information

Preferred Citation

[Identification of item], José Moskovits Anti-Semitism Collection, Special and Area Studies Collections, George A. Smathers Libraries, University of Florida, Gainesville, Florida.

Acquisition Information

This collection was acquired in 2017.

Contents List

Series I

1 Moskovits's letterhead, survey forms, drafts of book introduction, and addresses
2 Statistics and lists of addressees
3 Lists of addressees by category and statistics
4 List of addressees with statistics by country: Afghanistan - Barbados
5 List of addressees with statistics by country: Belgium - El Salvador
6 List of addressees with statistics by country: Spain - India
7 List of addressees with statistics by country: England (UK) - Lebanon
8 List of addressees with statistics by country: Liberia - São Tomé and Príncipe
9 List of addressees with statistics by country: Senegal - USA
10 List of addressees with statistics by country: Soviet Union - Zambia
11 Compiled list of corresponding partners

Box Folder
11 Photocopies 1
12 Photocopies 2
13 Photocopies 3
14 Photocopies 4
15 Photocopies 5
16 Photocopies 6
17 Photocopies 7
18 Photocopies 8
19 Photocopies 9
110 Newspaper clippings
111 Oversize materials
112 Copies of Moskovits's letters and questionnaires
113 Additional lists
114 Moskovits's biographies
21 Copies of statistics
22 Copy of lists of addressees
23 Miscellaneous
24 Copies of binder labels and envelopes

Series II.

12 Politicians 1-23.
12 Simeon Olaosebikan Adebo.
12 Sir Charles Aderman.
12 Per Ahlmark.
12 Mario Sandoval Alarcón.
12 Louise Albertz.
12 Dr. Oscar E. Alende.
12 Robert Allgäuer.
12 Mohammad Amin.
12 Lord Averburry.
12 Yehuda Avner.
12 Ehud Avriel.
12 Armando Bacelar.
12 Robert Ballanger.
12 Sixto Duran Ballen.
12 Maria del Socorro de Barreto.
12 Prof. Dr. Baumann.
12 Birch Bayh.
12 Marcus Richard Samuel Bearsted.
12 Menachem Begin.
12 Dr. Traugott Bender.
12 Asher Ben-Natan.
12 Ahmed Bensouda.
12 José Berdichewsky Scher.
13 Politicians 24-55.
13 Linda L. Berger.
13 Liselotte Berger.
13 H. E. Bicheno.
13 Prof. Dr. Kurt H. Biedenkopf.
13 Biermann.
13 Hon. Eardley May Bingham.
13 Dr. Martin Bloch.
13 V. Bommen.
13 Kjell Magne Bondevik.
13 Peter Bottomley.
13 A. D. Brown; attached is script of speech Peacock gave at the North Eastern Jewish Centre on July 17, 1977.
13 William B. Buffum.
13 Herbert Burke.
13 Dr. Erhard Busek.
13 Richard Butler.
13 Erwin D. Canham.
13 R. J. Canter.
13 Clifford P. Case.
13 Jacques Chaban-Delmas.
13 Helmut Kohl.
13 Lars Chemnitz.
13 Chief of cabinet.
13 Thomas A. Chizmadia.
13 Dr. P. C. Chunder.
13 Winston S. Churchill.
13 Dirk Clark.
13 Armin Clauss.
13 Countess Florence d’Harcourt.
13 Etienne Dailly.
13 Dr. Franz Danimann.
13 Barney Danson; Alexis Rothschild special assistant for Honorable Barney Danson, Minister of Defense, January 25, 1977.
13 Moshe Dayan.
14 Politicians 56-82.
14 Patricia M. Derian.
14 Sir Alexander Frederick Douglas Home.
14 W. Drees.
14 Dr. Alfred Dregger.
14 Robert F. Drinan.
14 Otto Dullenkopf.
14 Carlos Alberto Dunshee de Abranches.
14 Edouard Frédéric Dupont.
14 Aline Jacquet Duval.
14 J. Th. H. C. van Ebbenhorst Tengbergen.
14 Professor Dr. Horst Ehmke.
14 Prof. Felix Ermacora.
14 A. Eshed.
14 Cruz Martinez Esterudas.
14 Robert Fabre.
14 Gonzalo J. Facio.
14 Michael Fidler.
14 Hans Karl Filbinger.
14 Johnny L. Ford.
14 Ariane de Fouquieres.
14 Manuel Fraga Iribarne.
14 Dr. Pierre Mendès France.
14 Donald M. Fraser.
14 John M. Fraser.
14 Dr. Eduardo Frei Montalva.
14 Frins-Neß.
14 Arturo Frondizi.
15 Politicians 83-108.
15 Dr. Franz Froschmaier.
15 Elio Gabuggiani.
15 Gaddum.
15 C. M. Gaffiero.
15 Lady Anne Dora Gaitskell.
15 Norbert Gansel.
15 Alonso Osorio Garcia.
15 The Right Honorable The Lord Mayor Commander Sir Robin Gillett.
15 John Glenn.
15 Major E. Gluska on behalf of the Spokesman of IDF.
15 Gerald Goldberg.
15 Carmen Puig Gonzales.
15 Henrique Granadeiro, for Antonio Eanes Ramalho, president of the republic, Portugal.
15 Dr. Giorgio di Gregorio.
15 Laura Grenfell.
15 Rötger Gross, attached photocopy of another letter and newspaper clipping.
15 Allan Grossman.
15 Shmuel Hadas, sent a note to the embassy in Brazil for additional names to be addressed, Feb. 2, 1977 (in Spanish) May 10, Apr 25, June 16, 1977 in Hebrew – he gave the materials to the Hebrew U.
15 Günter Haiden.
15 Stephen Hastings.
15 Anton Haumann.
15 Mrs. M. Hawkes.
15 F. J. Herrmann for Erich Honecker, Social Unity Party of Germany, with Honecker’s answers on the survey form dated August 7, 1976.
15 Secretary to the Federal Affairs Minister of Lower Saxony; Hans-Peter Herz, leader of the then-West Berlin City Commission,.
15 Claus-W. Hoffmann.
15 Fred Hofheinz.
16 Politicians 109-138.
16 Ellen E. A. Hondius van Gessel assistant to Mr. C.C. van den Heuvel.
16 Dr. K. Hug.
16 Hubert H. Humphrey.
16 Hans Hürlimann.
16 Dr. Jürg A. Iselin.
16 Dr. Ramiro Bedregal Iturri.
16 Greville Janner.
16 Personal Secretary for the Rt. Hon. Roy Harris Jenkins, president of the Commission of the European Communities.
16 Lord Edward Herbert Jessel.
16 David A. Jewell.
16 Rosa Jochmann.
16 Barbara Jordan.
16 J. J. Juglas.
16 Avraham Katz.
16 Hans Katzer.
16 Dr. Reinhold Kaub.
16 Gerald Kaufman.
16 Shoshana Kerem, secretary of the Aliyah and Absorption Committee, for Geula Cohen, member of Knesset.
16 Abbas Ali Khalatbary; attached are copy with translation to German.
16 Walther Leisler Kiep.
16 Rudolf Kirchschlaeger.
16 Robert Klarnet. They received the survey from the Lord Mayor of Sidney Lao Alderman, who was Jewish. Answer to him on March 16, answer from Klarnet March 25, 1977.
16 Prof. Dr. H. H. Klein.
16 Mrs. Jill Knight.
16 Teddy Kollek.
16 Hans Koschnick.
16 Dr. Hermann Krämer.
16 Robert Krieps.
16 Hans Krollman.
16 Hermann Kroll-Schlüter.
17 Politicians 139-164.
17 Johannes Kunz, for Bruno Kreisky, Austrian Chancellor.
17 Raniero La Valle.
17 Judy LaMarsh.
17 Tony Lamond,.
17 Abram Landa.
17 Sixtus Lanner.
17 P. Laroque.
17 Haim Laskov.
17 Camille Laurin.
17 N. Lavie.
17 Pat Leith for Mrs. Oppenheim, House of Commons.
17 Siegfried Lenz.
17 Alfredo Lepro.
17 Dr. Libal on behalf of German chancellor Helmut Schmidt.
17 Dr. Raymond Lindon.
17 Russel B. Long.
17 Peter Lorenz.
17 Karl Lutz.
17 Juan Luzio.
17 Wolfgang Lüder.
17 Edward Lyons.
17 Haya Mann director for Yisrael Yeshayahu, Speaker of the Knesset.
17 Jan Mårtenson.
17 Ralph E. Martin.
17 Gerald McDuff.
17 Shuli Meiri.
18 Politicians 165-192.
18 André Méric.
18 Stella Mezei, John Diefenbaker.
18 A. Michael.
18 Vladimiro Mihelj, for secretary of the party Pierluigi Romita, Social Democratic Party, Rome.
18 William G. Milliken.
18 Hans Dietrich Genscher.
18 Mona Mitchell.
18 Karl Mommer.
18 Daniel Patrick Moynihan.
18 Birgir Möller.
18 Jack F. Mueller.
18 Robert D. Mulldoon.
18 Manuel Murillo.
18 Edmund S. Muskie.
18 Werner Nachman.
18 Guy Nairay director of Cabinet of the President of Ivory Coast for Felix Hophouet Boigny, president.
18 Shulamit Nardi.
18 General Uzi Narkiss, Moskovits’s letters to Narkiss from March 20, 1978 and April 9, 1978.
18 E. Nebenzahl.
18 Lucien Neuwirth.
18 Dr. Gunther Nollau.
18 Nordmann for Prime Minister of Nordhein-Westfalen.
18 Julius Nyerere.
18 Cullen Lorenzo Olarte Cullen.
18 Sir Mark Oliphant.
18 Ehud Olmert.
18 Maurice Orbach.
18 Dr. Meir Pail.
19 Politicians 193-213.
19 Olof Palme.
19 Arch Parsons.
19 Hector Paysse Reyes.
19 Clairborne Pell.
19 Roberto Perdomo Paredes.
19 Personal Secretary for C. O Dalaigh.
19 S. E. Pinto.
19 Renate Plasman for Lother Schwartz, Sozialdemokratische Partei Deutschland; Rüdiger Reitz for Lother Schwartz, December 22, 1976, press release from December 9, 1976 and from September 11, 1974.
19 The Rt. Hon. The Lord Mayor Alderman Leo Port M.B.E,.
19 Private secretary for Dr. Garret FitzGerald.
19 Rainhart Raack.
19 Dr. Curt Radlauer.
19 Shmuel Rechtmann.
19 John E. Reinhardt; Jock Covey, executive assistant to Office of Henry Kissinger, January 24, 1978.
19 Annemarie Renger.
19 Calderon Alvaro Rengifo Calderon.
19 Dr. Horst-Ludwig Riemer.
19 Elimelech Rimalt.
19 Jonkvr. C. E. B. Röell.
19 Paul B. Rose.
19 Klaus-Henning Rosen, for Willy Brandt, personal bureau.
20 Politicians 214-236.
20 Morley A. Rosenberg.
20 Thomas B. Ross.
20 Dr. Vera Rüdiger.
20 A. Rüegg.
20 Richard Ryder for Rt. Hon. Mrs. Margaret Thatcher, MP.
20 Heinz Wilfried Sabais.
20 J. L. Salcedo-Bastardo.
20 Edwin Samuel.
20 Antoine Sanguinetti.
20 Senator Giuseppe Saragat’s secretary, Roberto Buzio, Social Democratic Party.
20 Schrader for the mayor of Hamburg.
20 Philipp Schumpp.
20 Dr. Rudolf Schwaiger.
20 Hugh Scott.
20 Prim. Dr. Otto Scrinzi.
20 Secretary for President Patrick Hillery of Ireland,.
20 Eileen Shahanan.
20 Moshe Shamir.
20 Bella Shoham.
20 Walter Sickert.
20 Leonard Silverman.
20 M. Simon.
20 David I. Smith.
21 Politicians 237-260.
21 Mary Louis Smith.
21 Morton Secretary for Sir Arthur Christopher Soames, vice president of the European Commission.
21 Harold Soref.
21 Maria Cardia Sottomayor.
21 Specht.
21 Franz Ludwig Graf Stauffenberg.
21 David Steel.
21 Anthony Steen.
21 Dr. Steininger.
21 Stettner for Rudi Arndt.
21 Gerhard Storz.
21 The Rt. Hon. G. R. Strauss.
21 Dr. Stücklen.
21 Dr. Walther Stützle.
21 Gerold Tandler.
21 Judith L. Tardy.
21 Dr. Josef Taus.
21 Michel Thauvin.
21 Dudley Thompson.
21 Meldrim Thomson, Jr..
21 Leo Tindemans.
21 Raymond Triboulet.
21 Christopher Tugendhat.
21 Miss ‘Ofeina Tuku’aho.
22 Politicians 261-295.
22 Sami Twaig.
22 [unreadable], in French,.
22 Morris K. Udall.
22 Augusto Unceta-Barrenechea.
22 John Van Nes Ziegler.
22 Yaffa Vardi.
22 Amilcar Vasconcellos.
22 Dr. Hans-Jochen Vogel.
22 Waddington G.E. Waddington.
22 Marvin Wall.
22 Dr. Waltner.
22 Horace S. Webb, director of communications, United States department of commerce for Secretary Richardson.
22 Dr. H. C. Hans-Günther Weber.
22 Wilfred Weeks, private office, for the Rt. Hon, Edward Heath, House of Commons.
22 Mrs. H. Weiner.
22 Ezer Weizman.
22 The Rt. Hon. Sir Roy Welensky.
22 Dr. Wemmer for the president of the German Federal State.
22 Philip White.
22 The Rt. Hon. William Whitelaw.
22 Mayor Pete Wilson; newspaper clipping from Jewish Times & Life, May-June 1974,.
22 Bernard Winograd, for Secretary Blumenthal, Office of the Secretary of the Treasury.
22 Wirtz for the prime minister of Hesse, Holger Börner.
22 Dr. A. T. Wolff for his father, Hon. Sir Albert Wolff, KCMG, Western Australia.
22 Dr. Manfred Wörner.
22 Gad Yaacobi.
22 Aharon Yadlin.
22 Yona Yahav.
22 Aharon Yariv.
22 Gus Yatron.
22 Benigno Zaccagnini.
22 Haim J. Zadok.
22 Dr. Klaus Zeitler.
22 Dr. Christian Zöllner.
22 Meir Zorea.
23 Royalty 1-3; Diplomats 1-21.
23 Otto von Habsburg.
23 Private secretary of Princess Grace of Monaco.
23 J. F. von Stranz.
23 Knut Aars.
23 Ambassador of Switzerland to Argentina.
23 D. van den Brandeler.
23 D. van den Brandeler.
23 D. van den Brandeler.
23 S. M. S. Chadha.
23 Lewis I. Dale.
23 Dekel.
23 Richard Gardner.
23 H. A. Geldenhuys.
23 Katriel Katz.
23 Hans Linton.
23 Hanne Man; enclosed list of non-Jews’ names to be addressed with the survey,.
23 Charles R. Meyer.
23 Dr. Ingo Mussi.
23 Oyarzún María Eugenia Oyarzún.
23 V.A.C. Pelkman.
23 Tuvia Saar.
23 Victor Stier.
23 Adamantios Vacalopoulos.
23 Herbert E. Wilgis, Jr..
24 Religious authorities 1-31.
24 John M. Allin, presiding bishop, and Peter Day, Ecumenical Officer.
24 Card. Eugênio de Araujo Sales.
24 Sergio Méndez Arceo.
24 Archbishop of Valladolid.
24 Isodorius Archimandrita.
24 Rt. Rev George F. Arnold.
24 Rt. Rev. Gilbert Baker.
24 Rev. Timothy John Bavin.
24 Schulte Berge; attached is a booklet “Jews and Christians” working paper, German Catholics’ Central Committee, May 8, 1979.
24 Dr. Eberhard Bethge; attached is a short essay “Eine schwer eträgliche Konferenz in Kalifornien” (A hardly tolerable conference in California) by his wife, Renate Bethge.
24 Bishop of St. John’s.
24 Moises Julio Blanchoud.
24 Dr. Werner Böckenförde; attached are press releases from January 31, 1979 and October 30, 1978 of the Secretariat of the German Bishop Conference.
24 Monseñor Antonio Eduardo Bösl O.F. M.
24 Fidel Araneda Bravo.
24 Alois Brems.
24 W. Brieven.
24 Israel Brodie.
24 Rev. Bill Bendyshe Burnett.
24 J. N. G. Butlin.
24 Tomás Talamás Camadari.
24 Giovanni Ceirano.
24 For bishop D. Helmut Class, personal referent Dr. Günther Metzger and speech by Class November 24, 1975.
24 Rev. Brian D. Clough.
24 Reverends Berton and Eva Coffey.
24 Rabbi S. Cohen.
24 Cardinal William Conway.
24 Rev. Dunstan Cooper.
24 Msgr. G. Coppa.
24 Francisco José Cox.
24 Presbito Dr. Carlo Cucchetti.
25 Religious authorities 32-70.
25 Richard S. Cutts.
25 H. Degenhardt.
25 Graham R. Delbridge.
25 Rt. Rev. Victor Del Seel.
25 Ryan Dermott.
25 Hon. Frederick George Kerr Dineen.
25 Rabbi Simon Dolguin.
25 Mons. Ducaud-Bourget.
25 D. Dupuy for Monseigneur Dr. Arthur Leon Eichinger.
25 Rev. and Rt. Hon. Gerald Alexander Ellison.
25 Roger Etchegaray.
25 Miguel García Franco.
25 Cardinal Gabriele Maria Garrone.
25 General Secretary of the Archbishop of Barcelona.
25 Dr. Albrecht Goes.
25 Juan Maria Uriarte Goiricelaya.
25 Alfredo Cifuentes Gomez.
25 Archimandrite Anthony Grabbe.
25 Rudolf Graber.
25 Armando Gutiérrez Granier.
25 Rabbi Joseph Green.
25 James William Greeson.
25 Rev. Walter E. Greiner.
25 P. Alvaro Guitiérrez.
25 Dr. Franz von Hammerstein.
25 P. Hastings Hardy.
25 Dr. Kaplan Hentze.
25 Alfonso Hinojosa.
25 John F. Hotchkin.
25 Bishop John Howe.
25 Cardinal Basil Hume.
25 Juab Jose Iriarte.
25 Reverend Peter Jennings.
25 Roger Job.
25 Per Juvkam.
25 Clennon King.
25 Rev. Edward L. King.
25 Abt. Laurentius Klein.
25 Kardinal König.
26 Religious authorities 71-101.
26 Hans Küng; typed essay and copy of a published study.
26 Rabbi Sol Landau.
26 The Reverend John Lang.
26 Carlos Camus Larenas.
26 Dr. J. Leinweber.
26 Dr. Wolfgang Lentzen-Deis.
26 Sister Linde.
26 Most T. F. Little, D.D..
26 D. Eduard Lohse.
26 Canon R. G. Lunt.
26 Mons. Bonifaz Madersbacher.
26 The Most Reverend James W. Malone.
26 Manuel Sánchez Márquez.
26 Robert J. Marshall, ,.
26 Cardinal François Marty.
26 John Mbiti.
26 Cardinal Owen McCann.
26 Jose Miguel de Medina.
26 Jorge Mejia.
26 E. Milingo.
26 Rev. Robert A. Miller.
26 Pastro Guillermo Milován.
26 Charles Moeller; for the religious relationship with Judaism, Vatican for Cardinal Knox, Paul VI’s former personal emissary.
26 Pastor Charles R. Moline.
26 Bueno Monreal.
26 Rev. Daniel Monti.
26 Rev. Robert Moynihan.
26 Rabbi Morton H. Narrove.
26 Eberhard Natho.
26 Noser.
26 Rafael Muñoz Núñez.
27 Religious authorities 102-128.
27 Francisco Javier Nuño.
27 O. Okogie.
27 Ralph Osborne.
27 José Melgoza Osorio.
27 Rev. Dennis Fountain Page.
27 Passelecq Georges Passelecq.
27 Dr. E. A. Payne.
27 Canon Richard Lawrence Pelly.
27 Dr. Johann Pilon.
27 Cardinal Raul Francisco Primatesta.
27 Joachim Printz.
27 Cardinal Joseph Ratzinger and Gerhard Schäfer for cardinal Ratzinger.
27 The Most reverend K. Rayner.
27 Michel Riquet.
27 Pedro Rossano.
27 Prof. Dr. E. Roth.
27 Manuel Castro Ruiz.
27 Tulio Botero Salazar.
27 Maximos Salloum.
27 Rogelio Sanchez.
27 Cardinal Vincente Scherer.
27 Dr. Theodor Schnitzler.
27 secretary of the archbishop of Freiburg (Weber?).
27 Rabbi Charles W. Siegel.
27 Jim Sims.
27 Jaime Card. L. Sin.
27 Right Reverend George Sinker.
28 Religious authorities 129-153.
28 K. G. Spence, for Archbishop Markall.
28 Pastor Dr. Hans Storck.
28 Kaare Støylen.
28 R. Sturzenegger.
28 Wesley N. Taber.
28 Dr. Prof. Elio Toaff.
28 The Right reverend Prof. Thomas F. Torrance.
28 Brendan Travers.
28 Justin Turner.
28 Dr. Bruno Ughi.
28 José Quezada Valdés.
28 Cardinal Hermann Volk.
28 Miss Machteld van Vredenburch.
28 Dr. Hans Hermann Walz.
28 Very reverend Ambrose Walter Marcus Weeks.
28 Dr. Ludger Winner.
28 Reverend Thomas J. Winning.
28 H. H. A. Withworth.
28 Hans-Otto Wölber(?).
28 Most Reverend Derek Wollock.
28 Rabbi Dr. Meir Ydit.
28 Dr. G. Douglas Young.
28 Vincente F. Zazpe.
28 Cardinal Paul Zoungrana.
28 Rev. Alpheus Hamilton Zulu.
29 Lawyers and judges 1-18; Performing artists 1-10.
29 Raimundo Abella.
29 Justino Jimenez de Arechaga.
29 Etta Arnau for Dr. jur. h. e. Frank Arnau – who was by then for a year dead.
29 Justice Haim Cohn.
29 Jorge Ivan Hübner Gallo.
29 Arthur J. Goldberg.
29 Martin Hirsch.
29 Dr. Robert M. W. Kempner.
29 Robert Lecourt.
29 Isaac Olshan.
29 Dr. Carlos Queralto Oribe.
29 Dr. Maurice Rolland.
29 Dr. Rossmeissl / R. Rossmeissl.
29 Dr. Jose Maria Ruda.
29 Sir Percy Spender.
29 Dr. Julio César Trujillo Vásquez.
29 Prof. W. Z. Zeltner.
29 Dr. Josef Zusman.
29 Liliana Betti for Frederico Fellini (who at the time, until Dec is in the States to organize his next movie), Rome,.
29 Fiona Eakins, secretary to Yehudi Menuhin,.
29 Leopold Hager.
29 Curt Jürgens.
29 Goffredo Petrasi.
29 Otto Preminger.
29 Arthur M. Rabenalt.
29 Elis Sella.
29 Oskar Werner.
29 Paula Wessely-Hörbiger.
30 Visual artists 1-35.
30 John Aldridge.
30 Aharon April.
30 Carlos Areán.
30 Suzanne Landau Aufrecht.
30 Robert Baser.
30 Ben Zvi.
30 Antonio Berni.
30 J. Carter Brown.
30 Tina Gross.
30 Osias Hofstatter.
30 Annot Jacobi.
30 Arnold Kaudel.
30 Dan Kedar.
30 Alexander Kopelovitch.
30 Gyula Kosice.
30 Lea Lifshits.
30 Joan Lindsay.
30 Joseph Lovey.
30 Renzo Luisada.
30 Cesar Magríni.
30 David McFall.
30 J. Motola.
30 Simcha Nornberg.
30 Chava Pressburger.
30 Olga Rado.
30 Gershon Rennert painter.
30 Lior Roth.
30 Shimon Rubinstein.
30 Shalom Sechvi.
30 Miriam Sharon.
30 Raúl Soldi.
30 Mila Tishby.
30 Shoshana Vilensky.
30 Shraga Weil.
30 Aryeh Weiss.
31 Journalists 1-37.
31 John H. Adams.
31 Eduardo A. Alemann.
31 Mark R. Arnold.
31 Agnes Ash.
31 George Beebe.
31 Dr. Walter Biel.
31 Manfred Bissinger (Attached is no. 42 of 1976, with an article about Armin Wegner, whom Moskovitz also contacted, but too late, after he passed away.).
31 M. F. do Nascimento Brito.
31 Olivier Chevrillon.
31 Diane Connor.
31 Jean d’Ormesson.
31 Reiner Dederichs.
31 Ramón P. Díaz.
31 Humberto Dominguez Dibb.
31 Eugenia Dooley.
31 Madleine Edmonson.
31 Heinz Elsberg.
31 Angel Gómez Escorial.
31 Patricia Fanning.
31 Jacques Fauvet.
31 Joachim Fest.
31 Egon Fiedler.
31 Manuel Rogelio Aparicio Franco, a.k.a. Maro Afrán (penname).
31 Dr. Friedrich Karl Fromme.
31 Dr. Günter Gillessen.
31 Lee Gottlieb.
31 Th. Lenoir for Philippe Grumbach.
31 Dr. Hans Heigert.
31 Ludolf Herrmann.
31 Gabriel Jackson.
31 Claus Jacobi.
31 Claude Julien.
31 Dr. Herbert Kremp.
31 Carmen Kurtz.
31 Andres Garcia Lavin.
31 Emanuel Litvinoff.
31 Pedro de Lorenzo.
32 Journalists 38-63.
32 Fridolin Luchsinger.
32 Michael T. Malloy.
32 G. E. H. Mansell.
32 Enrique Nores Martínez.
32 John McCutcheon.
32 James McDermott.
32 John McMullan.
32 Shmuel Mikunis.
32 Pedro Montecarlo.
32 Piero Ottone.
32 Gert v. Paczensky.
32 Eduardo J. Paredes.
32 Micheline Paunet.
32 Luca Pavolini.
32 Octavio Hornos Paz.
32 Dr. Peter Pechel.
32 Templeton Peck.
32 Susanne Reinl.
32 Dr. H. Rosenblum.
32 S. Rosenfeld.
32 Hans Rosenthal.
32 Giovanni Rulli; attached is article from La Civiltá Cattolica under “Note e commenti” Bartolomeo Sorge, S. I., “Sionismo e Razzismo.
32 Gideon Samet.
32 Ing. José L. P. Santayana.
32 Secretary of Oggi.
32 Hanna Seiner.
33 Journalists 64-79.
33 Dr. Konrad Simons.
33 Knushwant Singh.
33 Dr. Theo Sommer.
33 Hans O. Staub.
33 Marvin L. Stone.
33 Rodolfo Terragno.
33 Hugh Thomas.
33 William F. Thomas.
33 Philip Toynbee.
33 Heinz Unweit.
33 Friedrich Uttitz.
33 Gerald L. Warren.
33 Els for Otto Weident.
33 Ehud Yaari.
33 M. Zanin.
33 Dieter E. Zimmer.
34 Literary authors 1-30.
34 H. G. Adler.
34 Luis Agosti.
34 Luis Rechani Agrait.
34 Jose Romero Alzate.
34 Aharon Amir.
34 José Luis Arias.
34 Fernando Arrabal.
34 Enrique Azcoaga.
34 Lynne Reid Banks.
34 Julio Barrenchea.
34 Carlos Castañón Barrientos.
34 Rodrigo Bonome.
34 Alberto Rivas Bonilla.
34 Bernardo Canal-Feijoo.
34 José Espriu Castelló, doctor, for his ill brother, the poet and author Salvador Espriu Castelló Barcelona.
34 David Catarivas.
34 Larry Collins.
34 Antonio J. Colorado.
34 Carmen Conde.
34 Emma de Cortosio.
34 Salvador de Madariaga.
34 Max Dickmann.
34 María Alicia Domínguez.
34 Patrick Orpen Dudgeon.
34 Dr. Enrique De Marchena Dujarric.
34 Israel Efros.
34 Estrella Gutiérrez Fermín.
34 Jean Ferniot.
34 John Fischer.
34 José León Flores.
35 Literary authors 31-58.
35 Vicente Gaos.
35 Baron Jan-Albert Goris.
35 Adela Grodona.
35 Renate Grützbach for Heinrich Böll.
35 Edmundo Guibourg.
35 Clara Györgyey.
35 Hans Habe.
35 Alfred Häsler.
35 Erika Heuberger for Carl Zuckmayer (deceased on Jan 18, 1977, before he got the letter on May 3).
35 Cordóva Iturburu.
35 Alicia Jurado.
35 Walter Kempowski.
35 Ephraim Kishon.
35 Thielo Koch.
35 Rudolf Krämer-Badoni; three newspaper articles, one among them manuscript from October 26, 1975, are attached.
35 Eduardo Gonzales Lanuza.
35 Eva Lederman.
35 Margarita López for Mercedes Salisach.
35 Mauricio Magdaleno.
35 Susana March.
35 Friedrich Märker; attached Friedrich Märker, Der neue Mensch: eine Alternative.
35 Jean Mauriac (son of the Noble-prize laurate author Francois Mauriac).
35 Albert Memmi.
35 Jo Mihaly-Steckel.
35 María Adela L. de Monjardin.
35 William Monk-Gibbon.
35 Rafael Morales.
35 Jacques Nantet.
36 Literary authors 31-58.
36 Heinz Norden.
36 Hans Erich Nossack.
36 Adolfo De Obieta.
36 Miguel Alfredo Olivera.
36 Jacques Ovadia.
36 Pedro Sánchez Paredes.
36 José María Pemán.
36 Esmeralda Radaelli.
36 Horacio Esteban Ratti.
36 Ricardo Fernández de la Reguera.
36 Dionisio Ridrujero.
36 Julio C. da Rosa.
36 Ramírez de Rosiello.
36 Ernesto Sabato.
36 Michel de Saint Pierre.
36 Thomas Salvador.
36 Dore Schary.
36 Luis Scorza.
36 Ramon J. Sender.
36 Emilio Serta.
36 Nathan Shaham.
36 Allan Sillitoe.
37 Literary authors 59-80.
37 Elena Jara Soriano.
37 Prof. Dr. Samuel Tarnopolsky.
37 Lionel Verissimo.
37 Dr. Jorge Caldas Villar.
37 Manuel García Viñó.
37 Fina Warschaver.
37 Irene Wegner for her husband the German author Armin T. Wegner.
37 Herbert Wend.
37 West Morris L. West.
37 Wolfgang Weyrauch.
37 Herman Wouk.
37 Gerhard Zwerenz.
38 Literary authors 81-92.
38 Janice E. Akerheim.
38 Armando Gallona Ansaldo.
38 Teymuraz K. Bagration.
38 Walter Bargatzky.
38 David Basnett.
38 Dr. Riccardo Bauer.
38 Wolfgang Bergold.
38 C. Hettier de Boislambert.
38 Dirk Börner.
38 Artur Brauner.
38 R. W. Buckton.
38 Michel Calef member of the central committee, general secretary, for president Daniel Mayer, League of Human Rights and the Rights of Man, Paris.
38 Emilio Castañón-Pasquel.
38 Albert de Cocatrix.
38 Victoriano Cremer.
38 Leon Davico.
38 Edward M. Davis.
38 Moshe Decter.
38 Chintaman Deshmukh.
38 Rabbi Rubin R. Dobin and Harris Gulko.
38 Josef Domberger.
38 Hans Faust.
38 Theodore Freedman.
38 Werner Goldberg.
38 Dr. Nahum Goldmann.
38 Uri Gordon.
39 Social organizations and leaders 1-26.
39 Ludwig Guttmann.
39 Thomas Hammarberg.
39 Knut Hansson.
39 Dr. Bruno Heck.
39 Cedric Hennis.
39 Karl Ibach.
39 Ch. Jansen.
39 Fred Jarvis.
39 Rita Z. Johnston.
39 P. Kauffmann.
39 Secretary to Lord Killanin, president International Olympic Committee and Monique Berlioux, director International Olympic Committee answering for Lord Killanin.
39 Lilli Kopeczky.
39 Alfred Krause.
39 Hermann Langbeim.
39 Prinz Hubertus zu Löwenstein.
39 David B. McNee Q. P. M..
39 Norris D. McWhirter.
39 Henri Michel.
39 Eric Moonman.
39 Angel Arijón Nieto.
39 Jacques Mariel Nzouankeu.
39 Ora Or for Shulamit Aloni.
39 Harry Ortmann.
39 Dr. Waltraud Rehfeld.
39 Alexander Reiter.
39 Ernesto Rossi.
39 David de Rothschild.
39 H. Shiles.
39 W. Sirs.
40 Social organizations and leaders 27-55.
40 George Sluizer.
40 Renata Steinberg for Vilma Mönckeberg-Kollmar, W.O.M.A.N. (Welt – Organisation der Mütter aller Nationen).
40 Oskar Stern.
40 Prof. Arieh Tartakower.
40 K. R. Thomas.
40 Jacob Tsur.
40 Tibor Waldman.
40 Mrs. H. Weiner.
40 Willi Weyer.
40 Carl-Henrik Winqwist.
40 Werner Alfred Zehden.
41 Social organizations and leaders 56-66.
41 M. Ben-Ari.
41 Dr. F. Wilhelm Christians.
41 Ernst Cramer.
41 Henry Ford II.
41 Général Michel Gense.
41 Everett Groseclose.
41 Ruth C. Haupert for Laurance S. Rockefeller.
41 Conrad N. Hilton.
41 David E. Myers for Sir Isaac Wolfson.
41 Manuel de Prado y Colón de Carvajal.
41 Gertrud Pröhl.
41 June A. Rhinehart.
41 Fraser P. Seitel.
41 Edmond de Rothschild.
41 Julio M. Juncosa Sérè.
41 Joyce V. Tait.
42 Business leaders 1-16.
42 Dr. Arnoldo Amaya.
42 Dr. med. Günter Ammon.
42 Yitzhak Arad.
42 Richard Arens.
42 Raymon Aron.
42 Kenneth J. Arrow.
42 Prof. Dr. Vicente Palacio Atard.
42 Benjamin Azkin.
42 Roland Barthes.
42 Sir Derek Harold Barton.
42 Prof. Dr. J. Bastiaans.
42 Alfredo D. Bateman.
42 Robert E. Bell.
42 Prof. Max Beloff.
42 Isaiah Berlin.
42 Bess.
42 Hans A. Bethe.
42 Claude Beyrard.
42 Carlos S. Bianchi.
42 Dr. Ralph Binswanger.
42 Felix Bloch.
42 Zbigniew Brzezinski.
42 Prof. Dr. Lucius Burckhardt.
42 Sir Alec Cairncross.
42 Joaquin Calvo-Sotelo.
42 Short note from CDU about forwarding Moskovits’s message to Herbert Marcuse.
42 Dr. Jack J. Cohen.
42 Carl F. Cori.
42 J. W. Cornforth.
42 Zelman Cowen.
42 Charles Dedeyan.
42 David E. Demson.
42 Lillian Doherty for Saul Bellow.
43 Scholars 1-33.
43 William J. Drewes.
43 Yehezkel Dror.
43 Roy Eckhardt.
43 Manfred Eigen.
43 Joseph Eligouloff.
43 Jacques Ellul.
43 Prof. Mr. Ch. J. Enschedé.
43 Dr. René G. Favaloro.
43 Dr. Peirre Favreau.
43 Prof. Dr. Iring Fetscher.
43 Dr. Kissmaier Nielsen Fleming.
43 Paul John Flory.
43 Milton Friedman.
43 Prof. Dr. F. G. Friedmann.
43 Gita Fuchs.
43 Dora Gallice.
43 Dr. Zvi Ganin for Prof. Yavetz.
43 Prof. Roger Gaudry.
43 Eva Giberti.
43 Alfred Gottschalk.
43 Dr. Prof. Ragnar Arthur Granit.
43 Pierre Gregoire.
43 Lars Gyllensten.
43 Rev. Richard Hanson.
43 Avraham Harman.
43 Friedrich A. Hayek.
43 Maria Hedges.
43 Gerhard Herzberg.
43 Prof. Dr. H. Hesse.
43 Robert Hofstadter.
43 Alan Hughes.
43 Prof. Juan J. López Ibor.
43 Vladimir Jankélévitch.
43 Prof. A. Jaumotte.
43 L. de Jong.
44 Scholars 34-68.
44 Prof. Dr. Max Kaase.
44 Lord Richard Ferdinand Kahn.
44 Eugene Kamenka.
44 Kankuro Kaneshige.
44 Arvid S. Kapelrud.
44 Bernard Katz.
44 Prof. Dr. med. Dr. Phil K. P Kisker.
44 George Klein.
44 Dr. Alfredo Lanari.
44 Prof. René Laurentin.
44 Louise Leprince-Ringuet.
44 Dr. Ricardo Levene, Jr..
44 Frank H. Levine.
44 Ian McCulloch.
44 Sir Peter Medawar.
44 Prof. Dr. Jürgen Moltmann.
44 Elaine Moore.
44 J. Mouchet.
44 Dr. Yuval Ne’eman.
44 Dr. Pablo Negroni.
44 Rudolf Nissen, Prof. Med.
44 Torkel Opsahl.
44 Elaine Orent.
44 León Ostrov.
44 Prof. Dr. Desiderio Papp.
44 Prof. Anton Pelinka.
44 Prof. Dr. Georg Picht.
44 Prof. Dr. Picker.
44 Prof. Jean-Claude Piguet.
44 Eliezer Rafaeli.
44 L. Richter, on behalf of the President of the Free University of Berlin.
44 Peter H. Rohn, associate prof at the Department of Pol Science, University of Washington for Pr. Charles Martin (who died shortly before the arrival of Moskovits’s letter),.
44 Émile Roche.
44 Prof. dr. H. Röhrs.
45 Scholars 69-102.
45 Dean Rusk.
45 Prof. Eugenio Pereira Salas.
45 Marcelo Urbano Salerno.
45 Paul A. Samuelson.
45 W. Sandberg.
45 Evry Schatzman.
45 Prof. Dr. R. Schmitt-Brandt.
45 Wolfgang Schülenberg.
45 H. Seaton for Prof. Noelle-Neumann.
45 Prof. Dr. Emilio Segré.
45 Torbjørn Sikkeland.
45 Prof. Dr, jur. Alfons Silbermann.
45 Rev. Michael Roy Snicker.
45 Dr. Alfred Stern.
45 Reva Stern.
45 Prof. Dr. Dolf Sternberger.
45 Prof. Dr. Andrés O. M. Stoppani.
45 Prof. Dr. Hans-Werner Surkau.
45 Ben-Zion Tavger.
45 Howard Temin.
45 Nicholas Tinbergen.
45 Antonio Tovar.
45 Charles H. Townes.
45 Ephraim Elimelech Urbach.
45 Roberto Lara Velado.
45 Vigil J. L. Martín Vigil.
45 Margaret Walker secretary for Prof. David Glass, prof of sociology, London School of Economics and Political Science,.
45 Prof. Dr. Erika Weinzierl.
45 Olga Weiss, for Avraham Yekel (who died in a ‘road accident’ in the previous December).
45 J. F. Westerkamp.
45 Elie Wiesel.
45 Prof. Dr. Eugene Paul Wigner.
45 Prof. Dr. Walther Zimmerli.

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Cold War (1945-1989)
Freedom of speech
Holocaust survivors
Holocaust, Jewish (1939-1945)
Human rights

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