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The Jérémie Papers : Contents List Continued

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Papers of the Greffe

The registrar of the greffe, known as the greffier, included documents from a variety of sources in his archive. He registered personal papers presented by the jurisdiction's inhabitants for safekeeping. The greffier also registered a copy of the ecclesiastical registers from each of the two church parishes that existed in his jurisdiction, as well as the registers generated by the civil and criminal courts held by the sénéchal. The notaries of the jurisdiction also registered copies of the notarial acts that they enacted for the inhabitants. Finally, like the greffe of the intendancy in Port-au-Prince, the greffe of the sénéchaussée also registered all concessions of land that the governor and intendant granted with the jurisdiction of Jérémie. The papers of the greffe held by the university reflect the diverse nature of the documents kept by the greffiers from whose archives the Jérémie Papers originate. No attempt was made to organize this portion of the collection by type of document (e.g., land surveys, notary documents, court petitions). Instead, the registers were arranged chronologically to ensure ease of use.

Box Folder
1 1 Patents of nobility for the Corneau family in the greffe of Martinique, copied from that of St.-Christophe. 1714 Nov 5
1 2 Part of inventory of the estate of Charles Gondinet. 1748 Jan 31
1 3 Nantes. Transaction between Sieur Jean André Perrein and Sieur Gabriel Goguet for the payment of the debts of the communal property existing between his deceased parents. 1755 Dec 30
1 4 Sieur Berthon seeks redress against Sieur Roux for not satisfying a court order in his favor for 140 livres. 1758 Dec 2
1 5 Part of a notarial act regarding the sale of land for growing food. 1760 Jan 9
1 6 Part of a survey done for Sieur Jean Maugé. 1767 Mar 5
1 6A Correspondence from Beauval to Sieur. de Fauveau, commandant de la partie de l'ouest, on his conversation with le duc de Choiseul and other matters. 1767 Jun 23
1 7 Part of survey done at Fonds Rouges. 1767 Jul 10
1 8 Survey done at request of Pierre Leloup. 1767 Oct 7
1 9 Survey done at request of Sieur. Jean Baptiste Ledan. 1769 Feb 16
1 10 Part of survey done for Cately. 1769 April 18
1 11 Survey done for Marie Claire Clement, widow Vilnain. 1769 Jun 13
1 12 Survey done for Sieur Antoine Dolle. 1770 Mar 10
1 13 Survey done for Dame Suzanne Sallet d'Escuflers. 1770 Mar 13
1 14 Survey done for François, nègre libre. 1770 Apr 21
1 15 Survey done for Noël Le Page. 1770 Sep 11
1 16 Part of land concession. 1772 Jan 18
1 17 Accounts for Jérémie administration. 1773 Mar 30
1 18 Sale of plantation by Jean Baptiste Guillaume to Sieur Deschamps. 1773 Mar 30
1 19 Sale of a plantation from Sieur Jean Baptiste Guilleau to Sieur Joseph Dechamp. 1773 Jun 16
1 20 Declaration of the contract of sale between Sieur Dechamps and Sieur Guilleau. 1773 Aug
1 21 Sentence of the senechal in the case of Dame Elisabeth Retoré and her husband Sieur Pierre Massé. 1774 Jun 23
1 22 Recapitulation of taxes collected by de Favarange, receveur d'octrois de Jérémie. 1774 Jul 16
1 23 Accounts received by the Jérémie administration. 1774 Jul 16
1 24 Proceedings at Nantes on debts owed by Sieur. Goguet to Sieur Trinquart. 1774 Aug 4
1 25 Tattered minutes of the notaries. 1776 Jun 7
1 26 Fragment of the minutes of the notaries. 1776 Jul 17
1 27 Emancipation of six slaves belonging to Marie Louise dite Cailleau, négresse libre of Mirebalais. 1776 Jul 25
1 28 Fragment of the minutes of the notaries. 1776 Aug 13
1 29 Donation of a négresse slave from Guillaume Guilhou Lafore to Miss Louisse Carteronne. 1777 Jan 15
1 30 Sieur Joseph Vigneau recognizes his debt to Sieur David Mendés France for 6787 livres. 1777 May 8
1 31 Survey done for Sieur. Pierre Bourlot. 1777 Jul 18
1 32 Survey done for Joseph Emond, mulâtre libre, map included (This document has been transferred to Oversize Box). 1777 Jul 19
1 33 Concession to Sieur Jacques Marie Lamand for a town lot in the bourg of Cap Dame Marie. 1777 Jul 25
1 34 Survey of a terrain for Sieur Pierre Bourlot. 1777 Aug 23
1 35 Proceedings on the succession of Sieur Delabaume. 1777 Oct 16
1 36 Sentence of the senechal in the case of Thezau vs. Duverque, for 4550 livres for debt owed to the plaintiff. 1777 Oct 25
1 37 Part of an inventory of papers belonging to the Chapduc family. Not dated [1778]
1 38 Document relative to the case of Berteaud vs. Blanchet. 1778 Jan 24
1 38A Concession to Monsieur Gamot. 1778 Aug 19
1 39 Sale of slave to maître Bosc, seller's name illegible. 1778 Oct 1
1 40 Emancipation of three slaves by Monsieur Jean Baptiste George, in the name of Monsieur Robert Desmars, l'anse d'Esnault. 1779 Feb 23
1 41 Deposit of letters sent from sieur Lomenie de Marmé to dame Chaigue on commercial matters. 1779 Mar 1
1 42 Petition from le chevalier Duhaut relative to his desire to marry. 1779 Mar 11
1 43 Widow of Jacques Babin, Islet à Pierre Joseph, pays Monsieur Martin Thebaud owed to him as partner of her late husband. 1779 Apr 23
1 44 Marriage contract between Jean Herbert and Marie Fournelle, at L'Islet à Pierre Joseph. 1779 Jun 2
1 45 Sale of a slave by Martin Thebaud of Islet to Pierre Joseph to Honaire and Tambon, merchants at Islet. 1779 Sep 1
1 46 Survey done for Monsieur Blaise Laroche. 1779 Oct 16
1 47 Case against sieur Goguet, found to owe 10,000 livres to Monsieur Brunet, passed at Nantes before Girard. 1780 Jun 14
1 48 Extract of baptismal record of André, mulâtre libre, done at Grand Goâve. 1780 Dec 3
1 49 Gautier, at les Irois, certifies the free birth of the wife of François Delaye. 1781 Sep 3
1 50 Dame Jouly de la Perrière returns the plantation leased by her husband to Monsieur Deloppinot, inventory included. 1781 Sep 9
1 51 Sale of a town lot in le Vieux Bourg by Monsieur Farrouilh to Monsieur Couronne. 1781 Sep 10
1 52 M. Jean Gilleau representing Monsieur Louis Gabriel Buchey declares that he replaces sieur Pierre Etienne Bourgougnon. 1781 Sep 22
1 53 Declaration of Monsieur Robert Farquesson, Prussian ship captain, on transaction by Monsieur Moron at Cap Dame Marie. 1782 Jan 1
1 54 Partnership between Monsieur Denys LaCoste and Monsieur Jean Nicolas Tresse for 3 years for the operation of a boutique. 1782 Jan 14
1 55 Sale of land by Monsieur Jean Antoine Dedun to Marie Therese Elizabeth Philippe, quarteronne libre. 1782 Mar 6
1 56 Rental of a plantation at Cap Dame Marie from Monsieur Vincent Rabasse to Monsieur Jean François Brière. 1782 Apr 23
1 57 Letter from Monsieur Pierre Noël Page to Monsieur Astié in reference to acquisition of slaves. 1782 May 6
1 58 Marie Therese Le Lon, quarteronne libre, cedes to her grandson, Thomas Boc quarteron libre, her slave Jean Thomas. 1782 May 15
1 59 Division of property between the Bourbon heirs. 1782 Oct 14
1 59A Marriage contract between Thomas Antoine Boc, formerly Boccalin, and Françoise, quarteronne libre. 1783 Jan 16
1 59B Marriage contract between Frederik Louis Guillaume dit Levique, mulâtre libre, and Louise Birly, mulâtresse libre. 1783 Nov 23
1 60 Survey done for Monsieur Louis Paret, with descriptions of the land and the neighboring lands. 1784 Jan 12
1 61 Letter of attorney from Monsieur André Perrein to Monsieur Crinquart fils, merchant at St. Marc, St. Domingue; done at Nantes. 1784 Apr 5
1 62 Survey done for Julien Pitre, nègre libre. 1784 Jul 28
1 63 Sale of a house in Jérémie from Monsieur Michel Dubourg to Françoise Millery, mulâtre. 1784 Sep 5
1 64 Deposit by Joseph Marlbourough of the sale of the griffe Quingué, also known as Marie Rose, to Monsieur de St. Martin. 1784 Nov 25
2 1 Receipt of Monsieur Charpentier for 12 livres, 7 sols, 6 deniers from Jacque; dated from Fort Dauphin. 1785 Jan 10
2 2 Letter of attorney from Françoise Pourvoyeur, mulâtresse living at Mirbalais, to her son-in-law Louis Masclaris, mulâtre. 1785 Jan 14
2 3 Deposit of letter of attorney from sieur Pierre Brunet to sieur Crinquart, merchant at St. Marc; done at Nantes. 1785 Feb 5
2 4 Inventory of movable property on the plantation of Monsieur Leveque l'aine. 1785 Mar 8
2 5 Marriage between Jacques Dutaeg and Marie Madelaine dite St. Pé, mulâtresse libre. 1785 May 24
2 6 Sale of land and slaves by Monsieur Jean Cardoze to Monsieur Mendés. 1785 Jul 21
2 7 Dissolution of partnership between Mendés and Babin. 1785 Jul 22
2 8 Part of inventory of the effects of Monsieur Antoine. 1785 Jul 22
2 9 Minutes of surveyor. 1785 Nov 4
2 10 Letter of attorney from Louis Masclaris, mulâtre libre, to Monsieur Raimond Martin; done at Port-au-Prince. 1786 Feb 16
2 11 Concession to Monsieur Claude Astier, ayné, at Nouvelle Plimouth. 1786 Mar 20
2 12 Accounts owed by Monsieur André Lomenie and the Laurent minors to Pierre Denis and Co. of Port-au-Prince. 1786 May 5
2 13 Part of a document in reference to the Ferron succession. 1786 Aug 14
2 14 Letter of attorney from Monsieur Louis Jacques Neau to Monsieur Joachim Charles Corbel de Kret, for the succession of his uncle. 1786 Sep 7
2 15 Monsieur Gaspart Dumotzel de la Vallette opposes sénéchal's sentence in his case against Parouty and Roceux. 1786 Dec 6
2 16 Monsieur Lomenie petitions for action in his case against Monsieur Merceron. 1786 Dec 20
2 17 Sentence in case between Monsieur Lerouge and Monsieur Dupuy before the sénéchal of le Cap. 1787 Jan 18
2 18 Monsieur Merceron ainé petitions the court in his case against Monsieur Lomenie. 1787 Jan 19
2 19 Document relative to the suit between Monsieur Larouge and Monsieur Dupuy at Cap Français before the sénéchal. 1787 Jan 26
2 20 Monsieur Larouge appeals execution of sentence by the bailiff. 1787 Feb 6
2 21 Request by Jean Aubert for the reunion of the concession at les Roseaux given to Monsieur Blanchet to the royal domains. 1787 Feb 7
2 22 Monsieur Lomenie et al. versus Monsieur Merceron ainé for payment of rent of a house. 1787 Feb 26
2 23 Survey of three town lots for Monsieur Jean Druillet in the bourg of Cap Dame Marie. 1787 Mar 3
2 24 Survey for Louis Tanger and Magdelaine Judra, mulâtre and mulâtresse libre, map included. 1787 Apr 7
2 25 Sentence in case between Monsieur Dominic and Monsieur Merceron ainé. 1787 Apr 23
2 26 Petition to the siege in the case of Merceron ainé. 1787 Apr 21
2 27 Petition in case of Merceron. 1787 May 11
2 28 Sentence in case between Monsieur Lomenie and Monsieur Mainguy. 1787 May 12
2 29 Case before the sénéchal, first page badly faded. 1787 Jul 13
2 30 Sale of land from Monsieur Jean Baptiste Cullon de Villarson to Monsieur Jean Baptiste Mathieu. 1787 Nov 17
2 31 Joseph Malborough, mulâtre, and his wife, Marie Marianne mulâtresse, give each other use of property. 1787 Nov 17
2 32 Division of ten slaves among the Bourbon heirs. 1787 Nov 25
2 32A Portion of minutes of the notariat of Jérémie. 1787 Dec 14
2 33 Marriage contract between sieur Alexandre Villemain and Marie Françoise Justine Chevalier. 1787 Dec 17
2 34 Bill of exchange from Lomenie and Propot for 5683 livres to Monsieur Penthier. 1788 Jan 25
2 35 Accounts of de Favarange with the ship L'Aimable Marguerite, Captain Victor Pontiffe. 1788 Mar 1
2 36 Accounts relative to the case between Burot, marchand at Trou Bonbon, and Leveque, resident there. 1788 Mar 3
2 36A Charles Rocher, mulâtre libre, declares before the greffe on the account book that he lost, describing the documents enclosed in that book. 1788 Mar 22
2 37 Worn document describing a town lot in Cap Dame Marie. 1788 May 3
2 38 Bill of exchange from Mathieu to Dugay. 1788 May 10
2 39 Survey done for Monsieur Sicard. 1788 Jun 9
2 40 Estimation of a house and town lot in Jérémie at request of Monsieur François Breuil. 1788 Jun 10
2 41 Sale of a house and town lot by Monsieur François Breuil to M. Grandmaison, the intendant of the colony. 1788 Jun 12
2 42 Petition from Monsieur François Breuil for estimation of his town lot, which he must sell to the king. 1788 Jun 12
2 43 Letter of attorney from Mrs. Jeanne Marguerite de Bernard, et al., heirs of Monsieur Noble Jean François de Marin, at Marseilles to Etienne Fauveur Olivier to manage their plantations at Port-au-Prince. 1788 Jul 18
2 43A Criminal proceedings against Monsieur Dufour ainé, Dufour Longrut, Modeste Laroque Turgeau and Chabat for rebellion in the maréchausée. 1788 Aug 5
2 44 Gilles Pascal Leger petitions for the concession of Monsieur Claude Astier. 1788 Aug 27
2 45 Marriage contract between widow Tonnelier and Monsieur Malvin de Beuve. 1788 Aug 30
2 46 Procureur du roi versus Monsieur Blanchet, to return his concession to the royal domain. 1788 Sep 1
2 47 Concession, name of recipient unclear. 1788 Sep 27
2 48 Bailiffs Jean Darblade and Jean Alexandre Benezech seize property of Charbon, in accordance with court order. 1788 Sep 12
2 49 Marriage contract between Robert Desniars and Elizabeth Julie Bonneau. 1788 Nov 9
2 50 Sale of a bossale slave by Monsieur Buchey to Monsieur Charles de Hardillières. 1789 Jan 10
2 51 Letter of attorney from Marie Magdelaine Hostein, widow of Pierre Guilbaud of Port-au-Prince, to dame Bardon, of Les Cayemittes, contracting marriage between her daughter Jeanne Guilbaud and Monsieur Jean Raynal, with copy of marriage contract enclosed. 1789 Jan 14
2 52 Document in reference to concession to Monsieur Astier at Plymouth. 1789 Mar 7?
2 53 Bill of exchange for Lomenie. 1789 Apr 19
2 54 Donation of a plantation, three slaves, and a tract of land near Port-au-Prince by Monsieur Pierre Soufferin to Marie Magdeleine and Marie Claire, négresses, and to their children Jean Charles and Joseph, mulâtres. 1789 Jun 15
2 55 Receipt from treasurer for 32,000 livres received from de Favarange, former receveur d'octrois. 1789 Jun 27
2 56 Claim against Louis Letonnant by Bavous. 1789 July
2 57 Sentence in case between Bavous and L'Etonant, mulatre libre. 1789 Sep 30
2 58 Document transferred to 21-1.
2 59 Concession to Monsieur Bernard Bourdens. 1789 Oct 2
2 60 Concession to Monsieur Joseph LeBlau. 1789 Oct 14
2 61 Bordeaux. Monsieur Jean-Joseph Sabés, bourgeois of Bordeaux, gives power of attorney to Monsieur André-Paschal Sabés, his brother and bourgeois, to go to Port-au-Prince to investigate the property left by their deceased uncle, Monsieur François Sabés. 1789 Nov 28
3 1 Bills of exchange from Moron (1778), Corneau (1785), and Quinton (1790), apparently interrelated. 1790
3 2 Bill of exchange from Jean Baptiste Mathieu to Monsieur Lamonde for 1575 livres. 1790 Jan
3 3 Arenes and his wife ask for official permission to emancipate their slave Zabeth. 1790 Jan 1
3 4 Account of Mathieu with Thouron of Port-au-Prince. 1790 Feb 20
3 5 Petition by Corneau to the Conseil Souverain of Martinique on the nobility of his family. 1790 Mar 10
3 6 Bill of exchange from Jean Baptiste Mathieu to M. François Testas for 724 livres, 4 sols. 1790 Mar 31
3 7 Proces-verbal over the habitation belonging to the succession James. 1790 Apr 15
3 8 Proces-verbal done for the Monsieur Berquiers, frères. 1790 May 18
3 9 Sale of a slave child by Monsieur Bouché to Monsieur Duhaut. 1790 May 23
3 10 Survey done for Monsieur Alexandre Antoine Jouquières, with map included. 1790 Jul 15
3 11 Bill of exchange from Jean Baptiste Mathieu to Quillaud and Co. to pay Monsieur Piffteau. 1790 Jul 28
3 12 Bill of exchange from Jean Baptiste Mathieu to Quillaud and Co. to pay Monsieur François Breuill. 1790 Jul 26
3 13 Bill of exchange from Jean Baptiste Mathieu to Guillau and Co. to pay Monsieur G. Lafargue. 1790 Jul 30
3 14 Bill of exchange from Jean Baptiste Mathieu to Quillaud and Co. to pay M. Antoine Godemar. 1790 Aug 15
3 15 Division of property between Monsieur Lesassier and Monsieur Palerne in their rights to the succession of maître Jean Pauvert. 1790 Sep 7
3 16 Bill of exchange from Jean Baptiste Mathieu to Quillaud and Co. to pay M. Muller. 1790 Sep 15
3 17 Sale of half of a sugar plantation by Miss Françoise Antoinette Kanon to Monsieur Pierre Stansilas Foache, living in le Havre. 1790 Oct
3 18 Letter of attorney from Miss Marianne Bohoteguy of le Cap to Monsieur Julien Duhart of Dondon to act in her name in the succession of her eldest son Monsieur Arnaud Landuis of Plymouth. 1790 Oct 3
3 19 Monsieur Louis Guigon sues Monsieur Feraud and Monsieur Micoulin for what they owe to the account of the ship Lasabineof Marseilles, Auzé captain, with their accounts and a petition to the admiralty of le Cap enclosed. 1791 Jan 1
3 20 List of cargo taken by maître Mathieu from the ship Le Dauphin Royal. 1791 Jan 20
3 21 Survey done at request of Monsieur Pierre Louis Demellier, first page only. 1791 Feb 5
3 22 Accounts of de Favarange with Corneau, 1790. 1791 May 16
3 23 Response to request by Mlle Dutoyasion in reference to the sale of a plantation. 1791 May 30
3 23A Minutes of the royal surveyor; 4 folios. 1791 May 30
3 24 Copy of receipt from Vivens of Rochelois for payment in various forms received from M. Lartigue. 1791 Jun 16
3 25 Copy of above document from Vivens, with other related documents appended. 1791 Jun 16
3 26 Inventory of effects of Monsieur Louis Donay, merchant in Jérémie. 1791 Jul 12
3 27 An unidentified notary's index. 1791 Aug-Dec.
3 28 Auction of effects belonging to succession Donays. 1791 Aug 2
3 29 Survey done for Jacques L'Africain, nègre libre, of a town lot in Cap Dame Marie, map included. 1791 Aug 22
3 30 Extract from the Registries of L'Assemblée provinciale et provisoirement administrative de la partie Française de St. Domingue, naming messieurs de St. Romes and Praloto to prepare the town's defenses [Port-au-Prince]. 1791 Sep 23
3 31 Survey done at request for Monsieur Bicais. 1791 Nov 22
3 32 Monsieur Jean Baptiste Perri, representing the commercial house of Monsieur Denys in the bourg des Cayemittes, declares that two slaves gotten by Monsieur Denys from Monsieur Huet of le Cap are dead from diahrrea. 1791 Dec 20
3 33 Citoyenne Daiherre frees her slave René nègre. 1792 Apr 15
3 34 Recognition of debt by Laurence Chaulme, griffe libre, to Monsieur Leveau, on the rights of Monsieur Le Jeune, both merchants of le Cap, payable also to Monsieur Denis merchant in la Caiemitte or those with orders from Monsieur Leveau. 1792 Apr 17
3 35 Letter of attorney from Laurence Chaulme, griffe libre, to Monsieur Joseph Denis for temporary power in selling land in his name; at les Cayemittes. 1792 Apr 24
3 36 Testament of Charle[s] Bregard. 1792 Apr 29
3 37 Letters and accounts of Derrecard to M. Lamant, merchant at L'Islet a Pierre Joseph, labeled "Diverses Lettres and quittances des Cayes pendant 1791, 1792 et 1793 qui ont qqes rapports avec Allon hab.on a Tiburon.". 1792 May 19
3 38 Dossier labeled "Millet and Bonnet," containing two documents. 1792 Jul 11
3 39 Monsieur Folie, newly appointed surveyor, seeks to update the records of surveys deposited with the greffe. 1792 Aug 13
3 40 Testament of Monsieur Jean Simon, condemned to die. 1792 Sep 6
3 40A Petition from maître Dion for an audience with the sénéchal to choose a tutor for Vincent Roussel, posthumous son of Jean Roussel. 1792 Oct 3
3 40B Selection of tutors for the minor Vincent Roussel. 1792 Oct 4
3 40C Affirmation of accounts between maître Dion and Monsieur Martin de la Brun before the sénéchal. 1792 Dec 15
3 41 Monsieur Didier La Clergue registers the sale of two slaves, as representative of Marie Louise femme de couleur libre living at Plymouth. 1793 Jan 27
3 41A Petition by the widow Gugin for her to name relatives or friends as guardians of her seven children by her late husband. 1793 Feb 1
3 41B Selection of tutors for the Gugin children. 1793 Feb 7
3 41C Marriage contract between Monsieur _____ Lamaizière and Miss Marie Dominique Benard. 1793 Feb 8
3 42 Account rendered by Monsieur Meynadier to his sister. 1793 Mar 26
3 42A Sale of a slave named Marie Suzanne by Marie Marthe Beauclerie to Remi Vaval. 1793 Apr 1
3 43 Marriage contract between citoyen des Marais and citoyenne Defay. 1793 Apr 8
3 44 Liberty given by dame Daiherre to Jean Louis commandeur nègre. 1793 Apr 15
3 45 Le Rodrigues ainé, surgeon-major for Islet a Pierre Joseph, reports on his visit to citoyen Mallet ainé, who declared that his slave Charles of the Bibi nation was assaulted by his neighbor's slaves and who is now critically wounded. 1793 Apr 22
3 45A Monsieur Rolland requests that the court have the heirs of Monsieur Crespy pay him what they owe him. 1793 May 1
3 45B Severely damaged manuscript referring to an action taken by the Plingué children. 1793 May 23
3 45C Petition from the executor of the succession of citoyenne widow Morvan, and order resulting from that petition. 1793 Jun 22
3 46 Declaration by citoyen Pierre Parcot, captain of the L'aimable Jeanne, challenging the taking of his ship as a prize. 1793 Jun 24
3 46A Petition of Bernard Goux to the sénéchal in reference to the LeDuc succession. 1793 Jul 15
3 46B Sentence of the sénéchal in the case of citoyen Bernard Goux versus M. Laloubère, guardian of vacant successions. 1793 Jul 22
3 47 Accounts between Penha and Mindseche. 1793 Jul 28
3 48 Monsieur Antoine la Motthe de Thiers frees his slave Jean, creole from Jamaica, for good conduct and courage serving in the parish army. 1793 Aug 14
3 49 Pierre Etienne Bourgougnan Duverger Lamont, representing his brother, claims payment of debts left in the case of sieur Nicolas Buchay by his brother sieur Gabriel Buchay [Buchey] who left for Europe. 1793 Sep 2
3 49A La nommée Elizabeth, habitantein the canton of Cayemittes, approves the sale of a town lot by her minor daughter to several sieurs of les Cayemittes. 1793 Oct 8
3 50 François Hurlin, caboteur, asks that his ship La Marie be released. 1793 Oct 12
3 51 Declaratoin by Monsieur George Manwaring, captain of the La Kitty, challenging to the taking of his ship as a prize. 1793 Oct 22
3 51A Broussigniac owes Lormont 10,000 livres for wood and planks. 1793 Oct 30
3 51B Annexe to document, a petition from Elizabeth, guardian of her daughter Marie Elizabeth. 1793 Oct 30
3 51C Paper relative to the inventory of a plantation, listing papers and inventory of slaves and cattle. 1793 Nov 3
3 52 Marriage contract between Monsieur Benoit Salabert and Miss Catherine Flangant, enclosing extract of marriage record for the bride's first marriage with Monsieur Jean Tetremone, both natives of Ireland. 1793 Nov 30
4 1 Petition from Pierre Laloubière, guardian of vacant successions, in reference to Jean Baptiste LeGroud, M. L. 1794
4 2 Marie Magdeleine, quarteronne libre, sells 15 slaves to Monsieur Boccalin but reserves use of them. 1794 Jan 8
4 3 Payment due to Luyo, master surgeon, for services rendered to slaves of the Le Duc succession. 1794 Jan 10
4 4 Certification by Luyo for having treated Fidel, a slave belonging to the Duduc succession. 1794 Jan 10
4 5 Deposit of a letter sent to Monsieur Joseph Nicoulau from Monsieur Monet at St. Marc. 1794 Feb 12
4 6 Portion of procès-verbal for survey for Monsieur Demillier. 1794 Feb 12
4 7 Tax on slaves due by maître Dulagon. 1794 Feb 27
4 8 Monsieur Pierre Lange, sailor on the bark La Marianne reports an accident involving coffee consigned to that vessel. 1794 Mar 12
4 8A Testament of Monsieur Pierre Jorriguiberry. 1794 Mar 12
4 9 Monsieur Bastide, guardian of property of emigrants with the Brigands and Enemies of His Britannic Majesty, appears before the notary at Tiburon in reference to the property of Jean Charles, nègre. 1794 Mar 17
4 10 Lease of an inn belonging to the succession of Monsieur Adrien Lagroue to Monsieur Martin Sarrazin by his executor Jeanne Ursule, mulâtresse libre. 1794 Mar 21
4 11 Declaration by Lartigaut, reporting a violent incident in La Voldrogue. 1794 Apr 7
4 12 Receipt to M. Bernard Goux from J. Cauwuenbergné for pay for work done on the Leduc plantation. 1794 Apr 25
4 13 Alexandre Burot promises to sell eight carreaux de terre from the Brisson plantation to M. Leonard Dury. 1794 May 6
4 14 Petition by Blondel, difficult to read but alludes to appointment of a bailiff. 1794 May 20
4 15 Account rendèred by maître Pierre Laloubère, guardian charged by his office of the Augier succession, to dame Françoise Canas Depère. 1794 May 26
4 16 Maître Dion, representing Monsieur Ceytrus, complains against the sentence rendered between the Saurin minors and Monsieur Gabriel Yvonnet. 1794 May 28
4 17 Fragments of a document from the minutes of the notaries. 1794 May 30
4 18 Martin Sarazin sues for 792 livres owed him from the Leduc succession. 1794 Jun 8
4 19 Emancipation of Marie Louise Sudre, minor of 20 years. 1794 Jun 16
4 20 Petition from Panier to be put in possession of the plantation that he is leasing from the Levêque succession. 1794 Jun 25
4 21 Extract from the census of 1794, showing that M. Favarange has 38 slaves and owed 609 livres in taxes. 1794 Jun 30
4 22 Case against Monsieur de la Rue, for having assigned more coffee onboard the ship L'Isabelle than he had declared. 1794 Jul 11
4 23 Deposition of witnesses on the theft of money from the house of Monsieur Magnon. 1794 Jul 18
4 24 Dissolution of partnership between Monsieur Nicolas Charles Van-Eckhaut and Monsieur Barthélemy Dupré Belaire. 1794 Jul 25
4 25 Document in tatters; part of an inventory of movable property. 1794 Aug 12
4 26 Messire Etienne Marie de Flechier opposes the sale of a town lot belonging to the succession of Etienne Sabrier. 1794 Aug 15
4 27 Sentence in the case between Miss Marguerite Emilie Reynal and M. Lalondère, over the succession of Monsieur de Coigne. 1794 Aug 16
4 28 Monsieur Isaac de la Haye declares that Monsieur Cavin acquired a plantation form his uncle's succession without his knowledge. 1794 Aug 16
4 29 Ordinance authorizing maître Antoine Bideaud to have Monsieur Beraud render accounts of the succession of sieur Dufour of Tiburon. 1794 Aug 20
4 30 Ordinance to seize the house and town lot of the widow Magloire, mulâtresse libre (This document has been transferred to Oversize Box). 1794 Aug 20
4 31 Ordinance to have the property of Millery, négresse libre who fled Tiburon, inventoried (This document has been transferred to Oversize Box). 1794 Aug 21
4 32 Letter of attorney from sieur Barthelemy Dupui Belais to M. François Dat of Port-au-Prince. 1794 Aug 21
4 33 Monsieur Lanoue obeys the sentence of the sénéchal in his case against Miss Genevieve Lanoue. 1794 Aug 23
4 34 Ordinance putting maître Antoine Bideaud in possession of the property to Monsieur Benech at Tiburon. 1794 Sep 5
4 35 Auction for lease of plantation of Charles Cheveau, mulâtre libre, by the guardian of vacant successions. 1794 Sep 13
4 36 Auction for lease of plantation of Lassaline, mulâtre libre, by the guardian of vacant successions. 1794 Sep 13
4 37 Interrogation of Monsieur Lassapy before the sénéchal on the theft of money from Monsieur Magnon. 1794 Sep 16
4 38 Portion of inventory of a plantation. 1794 Sep 18
4 39 Inventory of the Page succession. 1794 Oct 3
4 40 Jean Jacques Crebassac, representing his brother Jacques Etienne Crebassac, requests that sieur Jean Thomas be told to return the slaves he bought from the supplicant. 1794 Oct 20
4 41 Inventory of property of sieur Vraville, absent from the colony. 1794 Oct 21
4 42 Account pertaining to the Leduc succession rendered to Monsieur Bernard Goux by Simon Charpentier. 1794 Oct 24
4 43 Report of the bailiff, Bertrand, on his execution of the order in response to the request of sieur Jean Jacques Crebassac for sieur Jean Thomas to return the plantation and slaves he bought from Crebassac. 1794 Oct 27
4 44 Succession of Guillaume, mulâtre libre, seized because he joined the enemies of the British. 1794 Nov 22
4 45 Administration of oath to the experts appointed to inventory the succession of Genevieve Greslier, mulâtresse libre. 1794 Nov 24
4 46 Inventory of the succession of Monsieur Jacques Cassard, neveu, who lived at rivière de Tiburon. 1794 Nov 24
4 47 Ordinance in favor of Monsieur Fié, tutor of the Cerulle minors, for the lease for one year by auction of the eight slaves belonging to the children's inheritance, because their plantation had been ransacked by "Brigands". 1794 Nov 26
4 48 Inventory of property of Mamon Comba, mulâtresse libre, who left Tiburon, as well as those of Raimond Gonfer, mulâtre libre (This document has been transferred to Oversize Box). 1794 Nov 26
4 49 Inventory of a plantation, apparently belonging to la nommée veuve Maho. 1794 Nov 28
4 50 Ordinance to have the property of Popote, mulâtre libre, inventoried. 1794 Nov 29
4 51 Petition from Bernard Gout [Goux] opposes sentence rendered against him and in favor of Monsieur Charpentier on 19 July 1794. 1794 Dec
4 52 Inventory of property of Simon Gantras of Tiburon, mulâtre libre, who joined the enemies of His Brittanic Majesty. 1794 Dec 2
4 53 Petition from maître Pierre Leloubère, guardian of vacant successions, in refèrence to Tuitin Loiseau, mulâtre libre. 1794 Dec 2
4 54 Sentence rendered in case between Monsieur Simon Charpentier of Plimouth versus Monsieur Bernard Goux, executor for Monsieur Duc. 1794 Dec 20
4 55 Maître Pierre Laloubère, guarding the St. Martin succession, requests auction and sale of a house and town lot belonging to that succession. 1794 Dec 20
5 1 Declaration by Monsieur Jean Antoine Sarnat on the papers he had to leave in Tiburon during its evacuation. 1795 Jan 8
5 2 Declaration by Monsieur Moyse Mender Seixas, native of Portugal, who declares that the correct spelling of his name is "Seixas". 1795 Jan 13
5 3 Declaration by Monsieur Etenaud and Monsieur LaNoue jeune that they bought a bakery shop from Monsieur Pontier, the baker. 1795 Feb 28
5 4 Maître Antoine Bidcaud requests remittance of three slaves belonging to Maman Claire, as per the general's orders. 1795 Apr 10
5 5 Deposit by Monsieur Urbain Mauduit of a debt owed by the widow Mandrow, habitante at l'Islet a Pierre Joseph (and now absent from the colony), to sieur Jean Valence, proof of which debt was burned by the "brigands" on the islet. 1795 Jun 3
5 6 Accounts owed by Monsieur Jean Baptiste Mathieu, habitant at la Grande-Rivière, to Monsieur François Breuil, formerly merchant at Jérémie, represented by Monsieur François Berquier, and presented to the sénéchal in the suit between the two parties. 1795 Jun 9
5 7 Division of community property between Payasse and his wife, Marie Joseph Jean Boor, mulâtresse libre living at la Castache, into two lots: one for her and one for the guardian of vacant successions, maître Lefranc. 1795 Jun 9
5 8 Letter of attorney from Lefranc to maître Ferrier to represent him at the sale of the Auverger estate. 1795 Jun 15
5 9 Letter of attorney from M. Mathieux Blanchereau, executor for M. Debourcel, to M. Louis Lanoix and M. Robert Sutherlen. 1795 Jun 18
5 10 Affirmation of accounts between dlle. Soulard, widow of Payen and of Boisson, with her ward Louis Yves Payen. 1795 Jul 11
5 11 Inventory of plantation of Monsieur Olivier Toubleteri at request of maître Gabriel Olivier de Lepinay, his heir. 1795 Jul 15
5 12 Inventory of the Barbé succession, at the request of Monsieur Maximilien Baptiste Alliet, as the guardian of that succession. 1795 Jul 16
12A Lease of 5 negres of the Deschamps children. 1795 Aug 8
5 13 Resurvey of property boundaries shared by Monsieur François Dru and Monsieur Arqus, map included. 1795 Sep 2
5 14 Lawsuit between the heirs of the late André Besson, living in France, and maître Lefranc, guardian of vacant successions. 1795 Nov 27
5 15 Monsieur Louis Montouroy declares having sold his plantation to Monsieur Jean Savon, enumerating the contents of that property. 1795 Dec 1
5 16 Bailiff Beauclair presents a list of interested parties for division of the estates of Jean Elie and Charles Lucas. 1795 Dec 5
5 17 Deposit of a letter of attorney (pouvoir) by M. Marie-Augustin Duquesne given to him by his father-in-law M. Rossignol Dulagon. 1795 Dec 29
5 18 From the census of 1796 for the bourg de Pestel, Picot owes 48 livres in taxes for his two slaves. 1796
5 19 Petition from Bonnel to the sénéchal on the complaint of maître Bonnet, notary. 1796 Jan 18
5 20 Testament of Monsieur Jean Joseph Frassinet, merchant at Jérémie, and given by him to maître L'épine, notary. 1796 Feb
5 21 Deposit of personal papers by Monsieur Lachausée relative to affairs between him and Monsieur Agostino Viale. 1796 Feb 14
5 22 Lease of plantation, five slaves, and a horse by the widow L'escarmelle to Monsieur Mathurin Bion. 1796 Feb 25
5 23 Deposit of the sale of a négresse named Polinne by Caillaba, jeune, to M. Pierre Emé. 1796 Mar 4
5 24 Emancipation by Monsieur Jean Drouillet of his négresse slave Marguerite and her two children. 1796 Apr 9
5 25 Letter of attorney by monsieur and madame de Flechier, habitants at Cap Dame Marie, to monsieur Dunuau père and le chevalier Dunuau, habitants at New Orleans. 1796 May 22
5 26 Decriptive list of documents relative to the Danish schooner L'Antoinette from which coffee was confiscated. 1796 Jun 1
5 27 Monsieur Nicolas Mallet, guardian of the Hue minors, leases to Monsieur François Mallet 35 slaves for one year at le bourg de Cap Dame Marie. 1796 Jun 4
5 28 Monsieur Deforge is put in possession of fifty carreaux of land promised to him in the testament of Monsieur Pelletier. 1796 Jun 4
5 29 Monsieur Pierre Cassamet reports the theft of various personal effects from his room in le bourg de la Cayemitte. 1796 Jun 21
5 30 Taxes owed by M. de Favarange for a house in Jérémie under lease. 1796 Jul 1
5 31 Freedom given to Suzette, mulâtresse, by M. Claude Benoit Questan. 1796 Jul 5
5 32 Petition from Cassannet in his case against Monsieur Boissier. 1796 Jul 7
5 33 Maître Ollivier de Lepinai, guardian of those absent, put in possession of the house of Monsieur Etienne Blanche dit Bonnifaye. 1796 Jul 15
5 34 André Bordes gives freedom to his slaves Marie Louise, her two children, and Michel. 1796 Jul 16
5 35 Account rendered by Edward Plunkett, executor for Monsieur Du Rocher, to monsieur Regnier du Tunal, administrator of the property of those absent and related documents. 1796 Jul 18
5 36 Lease of land and slaves by Monsieur Duthiers to Monsieur Rivaud Defaye and Lojas. 1796 Oct 13
5 37 Taxes owed by M. de Favarange for slaves owned in the parish in 1796. 1796 Oct 20
5 38 Desombrage, on his lease of Monsieur Garnier's plantation at Fonds Bleus. 1796 Oct 23
5 39 Sieur Mathieu Blanchereau and maître Dalet sold a négresse and her daughter to dlle. Meunir and dame Pradine. 1796 Nov 8
5 40 Widow Marboef requests inventory of the property she holds in common with her deceased husband. 1796 Nov 25
5 41 Letter of attorney from MM. Dolle and Lee to MM. Stanislas Delongnemare, Brechon and Co of Port-au-Prince. 1796 Dec 8
6 1 Accounts. 1797
6 2 Ordinance in case between Monsieur Ronand and the heirs of Cropy represented by Monsieur Bernier. 1797 Jan 5
6 3 Concession of a town lot to citoyen Peyrac, granted by the magistrate of Grand Goâve. 1797 Jan 6
6 4 Demoiselle Renée Lefevre, widow of Monsieur Jean Baptiste Mathieu, claims what is due her in her marriage contract. 1797 Jan 9
6 5 Partnership formed between Benouard and Dualongue. 1797 Jan 12
6 6 Lease of plantation by Monsieur Chapeau, representing Louis Barthélemy, mulâtre libre, to Monsieur Raimonde de la Nauge. 1797 Feb
6 7 Taxes on slaves paid by M. de Favarange for 1795 at Roseaux, Grand Vincent, and Fond Cochon. 1797 Feb 1
6 8 Opposition of Monsieur Frederic Roux to the departure of Monsieur Lothon from the colony because of a pending lawsuit. 1797 Feb 4
6 9 Case between Monsieur Jean Baptiste Lemaire and Monsieur Chaplain, tutor of the Lemaire minors. 1797 Feb 4
6 10 Monsieur Jean Louis Raimonde de la Nauze leases plantation from the Cleanageu heirs. 1797 Feb 7
6 11 Letter of attorney froms Monsieur Barbier to Monsieur Perrotin, to attend to the succession of the former's uncle at St. Marc. 1797 Feb 8
6 12 Marie Louise Derbeck, widow Legendre, revokes letter of attorney to Monsieur Jean Baptiste Delfont. 1797 Feb 9
6 13 Sale of a négresse and her two children by dame Marie Pierre Petit to Monsieur Paulin Claverie. 1797 Feb 11
6 14 Sale of a small plantation by Monsieur François Gougnoux to the two Monsieur Tourtellots. 1797 Feb 12
6 15 Declaration by la nommée Marie Rose Garreau, wife of François Bonamis, on the maltreatment given to her by her husband. 1797 Feb 14
6 16 Petroville Brard, widow of Monsieur Claude Lemaire, complains of her father's refusal to consent to her marriage. 1797 Feb 16
6 17 Marriage contract between Monsieur Louis-Pierre Rigaud and Miss Marie-Elizabeth Chassé. 1797 Feb 27
6 18 Inventory of succession of Lafond, mulâtre libre. 1797 Mar 3
6 19 Documents related to the sale of a nègre slave by Monsieur Cary, who is authorized to make the sale by auction in accordance with court order. 1797 Mar 4
6 20 Accounts rendered by Monsieur Beaumont as executor of the Doute succession. 1797 Mar 11
6 21 Sale of a négresse named Rosine by Mrs. Julie Perodeau, wife of Monsieur Daniel David, to Marie-Louise LeGendre. 1797 Mar 23
6 22 M. Lefranc versus Monsieur Bernard Goux, presentation of accounts for succession Leduc. 1797 Apr 2
6 23 The sénéchal approves the auction of a slave belonging to the Deveaux succession. 1797 Apr 8
6 24 Testament of Monsieur Lazard-Michel Montagnac. 1797 Apr 16
6 25 Petition of Monsieur Bicais and Lontrel, on a bill of exchange issued by Lontrel and remitted to the administration of Jérémie. 1797 Apr 17
6 26 Survey done for Monsieur Vincent Rabasse, habitant at Cap Dame Marie, because of dispute with Monsieur Goudin. 1797 Apr 17
6 27 Taxes on slaves paid by M. de Favaranges of Roseaux. 1797 Jun 3
6 28 Ratification by Monsieur Jean Baptiste Dolle, now in London and represented by Monsieur Guillaume Jean Saint Alphonse of Port au Prince, of the sale of his half share of a plantation at la Voldrogue to his partner, Monsieur Marc Favier. 1797 Jun 8
6 29 Portion of case between Monsieur Goudin and Monsieur Rabasse, listing litigants and court costs only. 1797 Jun 10
6 30 Receipt from maître Dallet, declaring to maître Vallette in the case of sieur Rabasse versus sieur Goudin. 1797 Jun 29
6 31 Order of sénéchal in case of Goux versus Lefranc. 1797 Jul 1
6 32 Response by maître Blondel to request made by maître Lahers in the case between Monsieur Bertrand and Monsieur Naugarede. 1797 Jul 6
6 33 Letter of attorney from M. Adrien-Michel Robert de Chevry to M. Charles-Marie Robert de St. Vincent, his brother. 1797 Jul 8
6 34 Petition to the Conseil Privé from Monsieur Rigaud to be paid the rent owed to the succession Pifteau. 1797 Jul 13
6 35 Letter of attorney to M. Louis Jacques Estienne from dame Marie Elizabeth Charbonnel, now living near London. 1797 Jul 31
6 36 Maître Villette charges Maître Dalet to satisfy the sentence in the case of Rabasse versus Goudin. 1797 Aug 4
6 37 Bernard Goux petitions for maître Lefranc to turn over the accounts of the André Leduc succession. 1797 Aug 4
6 38 Document in the case between Sterlin and Bertrand, before de Favarange. 1797 Aug 4
6 39 Attorneys for Goux and Lefranc appear before the sénéchal in reference to the Leduc succession. 1797 Aug 5
6 40 Order relative to the case between Goux and Lefranc over the Leduc succession. 1797 Aug 5
6 41 Case of Bernard Goux versus Lefranc. 1797 Aug 5
6 42 Inventory of a house (caze) built on the Waf by Monsieur Caive. 1797 Aug 24
6 43 Monsieur Bertrand, bailiff, versus Monsieur Sterlin, habitant, before the sénéchal. 1797 Aug 30
6 44 Monsieur Charles Laurent reports a three-year lease of three slaves belonging to the absent Monsieur Leger will be sold at auction. 1797 Sep
6 45 Marie Anne, mulâtresse libre, daughter of Marie Anne Jambor, négresse libre, requests letters of emancipation. 1797 Sep 14
6 46 Maître Villette requests Maître Dalet to appear and plead in the case of Rabasse versus Goudin. 1797 Sep 15
6 47 Inventory of succession Leduc delivered by maître Dalet for Monsieur Bernard Goux to maître Villette. 1797 Sep 20
6 48 Correspondence from B. Spencer to M. Bordes and a protest registered by Bordes on a canal opened on his plantation. 1797 Sep 24
6 49 B. Castaing admits being informed of Monsieur Tate, Labat, and Co. being awarded the right to supply the butchers. 1797 Sep 25
6 50 Rivaud admits having being informed of Monsieur Dautry's winning his case against maître Lefranc. 1797 Sep 26
6 51 Berot and LeSept admit being informed of Miramont leasing the plantation and slaves of the Desbarrières succession. 1797 Oct
6 52 Sale of 40 slaves from Monsieur Jean Joseph Gras of Plimouth to M. George Hallam, lt.-colonel of the 7th Regiment, represented by M. Charles Laurent, receiver of absentee properties. 1797 Oct 2
6 53 Brief summation of the Jerome Fromentière succession by maître Lefranc, guardian of vacant successions. 1797 Oct 6
6 54 Carte-Bannie for auction of a house and two slaves belonging to Monsieur Blanche Bonnifay. 1797 Oct 9
6 55 Court orders the procureur général to turn over the ecclesiastical records done by père Landelin at Jérémie. 1797 Oct 10
6 56 Monsieur Phippe Henri Rossignol La Chicotte turns over plantation and slaves of Marion estate to maître Lefranc. 1797 Oct 11
6 57 Request to name guardians for the minor wife and children of the recently deceased Monsieur Guilho de Klegaud. 1797 Oct 12
6 58 Sale of a mare by maître Lefranc, receveur des épaves [receiver of stray animals]. 1797 Oct 14
6 59 Witnesses attest to Monsieur Bernard Fargues being the nephew of the late Monsieur Claverie. 1797 Oct 14
6 60 Maître Ferrier, on behalf of Monsieur Bertrand Fargues, petitions for succession of Monsieur Claverie from maître Lefranc. 1797 Oct 14
6 61 Sale of two slaves by Monsieur Jean Delage to Monsieur Gay, represented by Monsieur Goudin. 1797 Oct 16
6 62 Lefranc will sell a male ass that is unbranded and unclaimed. 1797 Oct 21
6 63 Two acknowledgements by de Chevry and Callamet of having been informed of leases of slaves from Herbert succession. 1797 Oct 23
6 64 Dame widow Pauvert names madame Anne Armand Flanet her procureur général et special. 1797 Oct 24
6 65 Maître Lefranc requests permission to auction three horses from the succession Claverie. 1797 Oct 25
6 66 Deposit of emancipation of Marie Anne Jambor, mulâtresse libre, in the greffe by Rousselle, her guardian. 1797 Oct 28
6 67 Perrier, tutor of the minor Hodelin children, has bought half a plantation from the children's mother. 1797 Oct 31
6 68 Portion of sale of a mare and two horses belonging to the Claverie succession, at the request of Lefranc. 1797 Nov 4
6 69 Monsieur LeSassier presents accounts of Malliany succession to Monsieur Lefranc, charged with its guardianship. 1797 Nov 6
6 70 Sale of rights to a lease of two plantations from M. Renné Stanislas Fergon to Monsieur Michel Dally. 1797 Nov 7
6 71 Papers relative to the lawsuit between Rabasse and Goudin over land at Cap Dame Marie. 1797 Nov 10
6 72 Paul Brard petitions for the naming of experts to inventory a plantation belonging to Lottee. 1797 Nov 10
6 73 Papers relative to the case between Goudin and Monsieur Vincent Rabasse before the sénéchal. 1797 Nov 14
6 74 Maître Lefranc complains against the greffier for obstructing his right to receive 2 percent of sales. 1797 Nov 14
6 75 Monsieur Riviere, presently in Baltimore, gives power to Monsieur Blanchereau to deliver three packets to the greffe of Jérémie. 1797 Nov 20
6 76 Inventory of the estate of Monsieur Joachim Adam at Bourg de la Cayemitte. 1797 Nov 21
6 77 Auction of property belonging to the estate of Monsieur François Adam at request of his executor Monsieur Charpentier jeune. 1797 Nov 21
6 78 Monsieur Charpentier, fils, asks permission to sell cattle in the bourg des Cayemittes because of brigands on the roads. 1797 Nov 21
6 79 Monsieur Charpentier as executor for François Adam has experts named to inventory his estate. 1797 Nov 21
6 80 Pleas by Goux in his case against Lefranc. 1797 Nov 24
6 81 Sentence in case between Goux and Lefranc. 1797 Dec 2
6 82 Response by Goux to Lefranc's rendering of accounts of the Leduc succession. 1797 Dec 2
6 83 Rigaud empowers the bearer of the letter to act in his name in the case of Adélaïde Delpech vs. Farouil and Rocher. 1797 Dec 2
6 84 Regnier de Timat empowers d'Heillecourt to act as receiver of rents, which power goes to le comte Desvieux. 1797 Dec 6
6 85 Decision made in Port-au-Prince on the 50,000 livres owed by Monsieur Benns to the commander-in-chief at Jérémie. 1797 Dec 10
6 86 Deposit of certificates of sale of flour, listing prices per barrel. 1797 Dec 16
6 87 Auction of part of the Bouché plantation. 1797 Dec 16
6 88 Accounts appealed by Goux in his case against Lefranc. 1797 Dec 18
6 89 Monsieur Bernard Goux versus maître Lefranc. 1797 Dec 18
6 90 Letter of attorney from Marie Magdelain Rossignol Dulagon to Auguste Galehet de St. Léon, with letter enclosed. 1797 Dec 28
6 91 Deposit lease of a house from Daiherre succession and of a plantation of Guillemot succession. 1797 Dec 29
6 92 Monsieur Nicolas Olivier Tattegrain, tutor of the minor Marie Anne Jambon, mulâtresse libre, petitions for her emancipation. 1797 Dec 30
6 93 Emancipation and naming of guardian for Marie Jambon, mulâtresse libre. 1797 Dec 30
6 94 Maître Dalet, attorney for Bernard Goux, makes a statement in his client's case with Maître Lefranc. 1797 Dec 30
7 1 Portion of L'Etat-Civil des Citoyens for Jérémie, listing births in that jurisdiction, An 7. 1798
7 A Portion of minutes of the notariat of Jérémie- folder empty (Document is missing). 1798
7 B Another portion of L'Etat-Civil for Jérémie, An 7. 1798
7 C Declaration by Monsieur Roberth Shields, captain of the brig L'aigle [Eagle] of Philadelphia, complaining against Monsieur Joseph J. Jervis, a member of his crew, for bad conduct onboard; Shields's original statement in English enclosed. 1798 Jan 1
7 2 Sale of a négresse slave by Marie Jeanne Desiré dite Zemire to N. Lament. 1798 Jan 4
7 3 Presentation of experts to inventory the Viard estate. 1798 Jan 8
7 4 Naming of a huissier ad hoc for the sale of the succession of the widow Viard. 1798 Jan 9
7 5 Inventory of property in the succession of widow Viard for sale and auction. 1798 Jan 10
7 6 Sale of perishable goods and livestock pertaining to the succession of the widow Viard. 1798 Jan 10
7 7 De Manade declares that Monsieur Duluc de la Roque will be receiver of public taxes for Jérémie and its dependencies. 1798 Jan 17
7 8 Testament of Pierre Etienne Bourgougnon, négociant [wholesale merchant] living at Jérémie. 1798 Jan 25
7 9 Business contract between M. Desire Gentilot and M. Vincent Roussel. 1798 Feb 5
7 10 Letter of attorney from Monsieur Duraton and Conny de Valvron to Monsieur Cunningham and Crairas of Philadelphia. 1798 Feb 6
7 11 Naming of experts to inventory the property in the Martin Sarrazin succession. 1798 Feb 9
7 12 Inventory of succession of Monsieur Pierre Pepin, at request of Monsieur Jean Phelipon, his executor, put in possession of his effects by court order. 1798 Feb 12
7 13 Statement by Monsieur Martin in case between la nommée Louison and Monsieur Pirrette, executor for Monsieur Baup. 1798 Feb 12
7 14 Division of property between sieur Robin and la nommée Nioche. 1798 Feb 14
7 15 De Thebaudières requests a copy of the parish baptismal record to be deposited in the greffe. 1798 Feb 15
7 16 Deposit by Monsieur Etenaud of a request to the commander of the parish's militia, and the commander's response. 1798 Feb 20
7 17 Michelet, master carpenter at Jérémie, finds the boat Marie Eve to be unseaworthy. 1798 Apr 2
7 18 Monsieur Schomberg leaves for the continent to settle business accounts but will return as quickly as possible. 1798 Apr 26
7 19 Samuel Pope, master of the American brig Fox from New York, complains against the Commandant of Jérémie for ordering him to go to Port-au-Prince, while he has return cargo bound for New York; notarial document in English. 1798 Apr 29
7 20 Florence Driscoll, master of the American brig Hiram from Baltimore, complains against the Commandant for barring his departure for Baltimore with his cargo of coffee and ordering him to go to Port-au-Prince instead; notarial document in English. 1798 Apr 29
7 21 Fachou writes a bill of exchange for Monsieur Brierre for 330 livres. 1798 May 21
7 22 Declaration of Monsieur Levin Jones, captain of the schooner Le Port-au-Prince, assisted by an interpreter, in Jérémie on behalf of the merchants Steward and Plunkett and who lost his ship's books. 1798 Jun 26
7 23 Letter of attorney from the widow Le Corre to Monsieur Honoré Dufour, merchant in this town, to attend to business to be done in Kingston because of the death of her husband, Monsieur Louis-Anne Lecorre. 1798 Jul 5
7 24 Deposit of sale of a négresse bossalle by Fergon to Anne Sanite Daya mulâtresse libre. 1798 Jul 7
7 25 Action taken by the procureur of the widow of Monsieur Pierre LeRoy de Jouvence in regards to her husband's succession. 1798 Jul 11
7 26 Demoiselle de Carle, widow of Monsieur Navarre, claims what was promised in her marriage contract. 1798 Jul 11
7 27 Letter of attorney from Monsieur Charpentier, executor for Monsieur François Adam, to Monsieur James Garder of Philadelphia. 1798 Jul 12
7 28 Liquadation of the community property between Monsieur and Mrs. Boyer, at request of Mrs. Boyer, wife of Monsieur Pauvert. 1798 Jul 14
7 29 Procureur for the Jacquier estate reports the sale of a horse from that estate. 1798 Jul 14
7 30 Declaration by the widow Rolland, femme de couleur libre, emigrant from Tiburon, on the loss of important papers (listed) and most of her slaves. 1798 Jul 16
7 31 Petition from the procureur of the Yves Payen estate for sale of livestock according to law, opposed by the widow Brisson. 1798 Jul 21
7 32 Sale of a house and town lot by Monsieur Haraneder to dame Juliette Jacquesson at Les Cayes. 1798 Jul 21
7 33 Letter of attorney from Monsieur Pierre Bineau from Léogane to Jean Guillaume Mellishet. 1798 Jul 21
7 34 Letter of attorney from MM. Dupalis, Cadush, Dubuisson, De Limoge and Chevoleau to MM. Mellish and Co. 1798 Jul 22
7 35 Letter of attorney from widow Charbon to Monsieur Pillant. 1798 Jul 23
7 36 Document transferred to 7-42A.
7 37 Lease of plantation David transferred to Monsieur Jean Detchaudy. 1798 Jul 25
7 38 Partnership formed between Monsieur Jean Boyer and Monsieur Josephe Dumont. 1798 Jul 26
7 39 Petition from Marie Louise, négresse, and her daughter Pauline, mulâtresse, to confirm their free status. 1798 Jul 27
7 40 Suzanne Madère, mulâtresse libre, asks for half of a town lot owned by her late sister la femme Clergeau and Clergeau heirs. 1798 Jul 27
7 41 Sale of plantation by Monsieur Pierre Espéut, père, to Monsieur Williams Spéut, his son. 1798 Jul 30
7 42 Deposit of document in the case between Monsieur Jean Baptiste St. Martin and Monsieur Serazin. 1798 Jul 30
7 42A Lease of plantation by Monsieur Peffabet to Mrs. Prudhomme Aubert. 1798 Jul 31
7 42B Settling of accounts between M. Lafargue and M. Lagarbe. 1798 Aug. 10
7 43 Letter of attorney from Monsieur Claude François Vincent de Montarcher to his brother Jean Pierre to act during his absence. 1798 Aug 14
7 44 Sale of a town lot and four huts by maître Fergon for Monsieur Edward Plunkett to Monsieur Jean Delage. 1798 Aug 15
7 45 Declaration by Monsieur François Marcel Roux on his departure for Jamaica, just as the government is evacuating Jérémie, but declaring that he will return. 1798 Aug 17
7 46 M. Jean Suzanne de Leaumont, representing his brother M. Gabriel-Henry de Leaumont, colonel-commandant of le Regiment de Rohan Hussard, and sieur Vitel Bertrand, merchant of Port-au-Prince, representing le Prince de Rohan, declaring on accounts of the said regiment, now that the British are evacuating from St-Domingue. 1798 Aug 19
7 47 Portion of registry enumerating the number of laborers [freedmen] at each plantation and listing their names. 1798 Sep 9
7 48 Portion of register of births in the jurisdiction of Jérémie. 1798 Sep 22
7 49 Citoyenne Joseph Berard asks for a division of property with her husband, citoyen Jean Richard, before his departure. 1798 Oct 4
7 50 Brief declaration by Citoyen Derouilleret cadet on his delivery of dispatches from les Gonaïves to le Cap. 1798 Nov 9
7 50A Minutes of the greffe: Sale of 11 carreaux by Meynadier to citoyenne Basin. 1798 Nov 15
7 50B List of acts passed by the notary Abeille Pastoret at Corail (This document has been transferred to Oversize Box). 1798 Nov 16
7 51 Letter of attorney from citoyen André Goguet ainé to citoyen Pierre Goguet jeune. 1798 Nov 19
7 51A Lease of a house belonging to citoyenne Françoise Poirier, now absent, to citoyen Saubat, aîné, for 1000 livres a year by citoyen Pierre Charveaud. 1798 Dec 9
7 52 Citoyens René and Emeiné declare that citoyen Sans Quartier was killed with a gun. 1798 Dec 24
7 53 Interrogation of citoyen Ambroïse, in reference to the killing of citoyen Sans Quartier. 1798 Dec 26
7 54 Census of la commune de L'Anse d'Esnos [L'Anse d'Hainault]. 1798 Dec 30
8 1 Inventory of papers relative to the Duret succession. 1799
8 2 Jean Louis Charles DeBardillières and Antoine Armagnac, experts retained to inventory the succession of Jean Louis Bouché, named as sub-expert citoyen Rouvalet and proceeded with the inventory of the Bouché property; describes disagreement among the heirs. 1799 Jan 24
8 3 Jean Lassales, executor for Jean Miramon, requests the sale of all perishable property of the estate. 1799 Jan 26
8 4 The minor children of Spimifort, Millet, the minor children of Louis Bouché, and the other heirs of the late citoyenne Daiherre meet and tutors are named for the minors. 1799 Jan 28
8 5 Dabat reviews the limits of the plantation La Petite Hatte at la Guinaudée belonging to citoyen Gebeau, listing neighbors who presented their titles. 1799 Feb 4
8 6 Correspondence from J.-B. Blanchard, ordinateur par interim of the Southern Department to Citoyen Lagassigne. 1799 Feb 9
8 7 Sale of property of citoyen Chapeau after his death (includes related documents). 1799 Mar 14
8 8 Marie Pierre Hibard and Felicite Hibard sell their 1/6 share in their late sister's plantation to citoyen Jean Lezier. 1799 Mar 19
8 9 Port de Paix. Certification of good service to Lieutenant Pierre Cordier, soon to depart for France, from le Conseil d'administration of the 2nd Battalion of the 73d Regiment. 1799 Apr 9
8 10 Dossier pertaining to the case of Rabasse vs. Goudin. 1799 Jun 10
8 11 Inventory of a trunk located in the maison principale of Habitation Raimond, which trunk belongs to the succession of citoyen Lepine, gérant of that plantation. 1799 Jun 11
8 11A Citoyen André Dominique Giroust sells a third of a plantation and half of its animals to citoyen Dufour Longuerie. 1799 Jun 28
8 12 Documents relative to the Dauterive succession, administered by his associates St. Martin and Duconge. 1799 Jul 4
8 13 Inventory of plantation belonging to the Dauterive succession. 1799 Jul 9
8 14 Inventory and other documents relative to the Derivières succession. 1799 Jul 16
8 15 Citoyen François Ayara Doulet reports having sold 10 carreaux to citoyen Nicolas Yvonnet. 1799 Aug 2
8 16 Investigation into the sale of cotton from aboard the Spanish schooner Nostra Seignora del Carmel [Nuestra Señora del Carmel], a prize vessel. 1799 Aug 29
8 17 Citoyen François Hibard registers having bought one carreau of land from citoyen L'épine, fils. 1799 Sep 7
8 18 Citoyen Heysson asks for an investigation into the disappearance of money and other items from his buried stash, accusing citoyen Figaro, his employee and former domestic, of theft. 1799 Sep 7
8 19 Citoyenne Elizabeth Longchamp declares that her husband, citoyen Raphael Godemar, died and asks that a tutor be named for her children. 1799 Sep 19
8 20 Letter of attorney from citoyen Pierre Chamau and citoyenne Jeanne Françoise Brisson, with party to receive authorization left blank. 1799 Sep 23
8 21 Faded document relative to the Duret succession. 1799 Oct 4
8 22 Girault, procureur for Marie Madelaine Bardellino, requests inventory of property pertaining to the succession of Jaque Bardellino, addressed to the juge de paix of the canton de Cap [Dame] Marie. 1799 Oct 4
8 23 Substitution of power of attorney by citoyen Pierre Gognet from his elder brother citoyen André Gabriel Gognet to his mother citoyenne Elizabeth Prebois. 1799 Oct 4
8 24 Auction of the Spanish schooner Sta. Clara, abandoned by her captain. 1799 Oct 17
8 25 Faded document relative to the Deluen succession, with enclosure. 1799 Nov 8
8 26 J. Amiel declares in reference to a house sold to satisfy a sentence in the case between Sié and Malliet. 1799 Nov 26
8 27 Sale of a horse and a mule belonging to the Duret succession. 1799 Nov 29
8 28 Auction of property from succession of Barthélemy Fr____. 1799 Nov 29
8 29 Citoyen Philipe Mallet, officier d'administration des Abricots, reports to citoyen Berlie, juge de paix at Cap Dame Marie, on the succession of citoyen Deluen, with Berlie's responses written below Mallet's. 1799 Nov 29
8 30 Papers relative to the succession of citoyen Roubeau, who died in the house of citoyen Lahaye, shoemaker in the bourg of Abricots. 1799 Nov 29
8 31 Lefranc Rozier, administrateur at Jérémie, asks Lasalle to vacate a house he is renting for the establishment of a hospice for officers. 1799 Dec 3
8 32 Jacques Berlie, juge de paix at Cap Dame Marie, in response to citoyen Mallet's communication, inventories papers of the Deluen succession. 1799 Dec 3
8 33 Inventory of papers relative to the Rombeau succession, with petition of Mallet and response of Berlie appended. 1799 Dec 14
8 34 Sale of 27 carreaux of land between Brierre and Fachon for 8900 livres. 1799 Dec 28
8 35 Baptiste Yvonnet requests that a guardian be named for Enton Bosaye, natural child by citoyenne Romeau, widow of Dumas. 1800 Jan 22
8 36 Papers relative to a suit between M. Barbary on the one hand and Messieurs Dumois and Daguilard on the other on debts owed. 1800 Feb 1
8 37 Marriage contract between citoyen Noël Hazard and citoyenne Bonne. 1800 Feb 13
8 38 Contract between citoyen Louis Marquis, officer of the administration at Corail, and citoyen Brocar for the latter to supply 2000 uniforms for the French Republican army in the arrondissement de Jérémie, describing in detail the uniforms desired (for dragoons and cavalry, for infantry, and for artillery) and enclosing a receipt from Marquis for the administration's debt to Brocar for uniforms delivered to the government warehouse. 1800 Feb 14
8 39 Marriage contract between citoyen Jean Baptiste Colases Verdier and citoyenne Elizabeth Renette Dubrocard. 1800 Feb 27
8 40 Berlie responds to Mallet's request to have the Carles succession inventoried (no inventory enclosed). 1800 Mar 12
8 41 Berlie's inventory of property of the succession of citoyen Nicolas Mallet. 1800 Mar 18
8 42 Portion of minutes from canton de Plimouth tribunal de paix. 1800 May 3
8 43 L. Robinsel declares having sold 3 carreaux of land to citoyen Batiste Vaquer. 1800 May 8
8 44 Sale of various property by citoyen Jean Baptiste Dartignare to his sister citoyenne Jeanne Dartignare. 1800 Jul 21
8 45 Bailiff Gabriel Bouet receives a promise to pay 2000 livres from citoyen Martineau on behalf of citoyen Dumois, representative of citoyen Barbarie. 1800 Jul 30
8 46 Documents relative to the debt owed by citoyen Barbarie to citoyen Dumois, with intercession by bailiff Bouet. 1800 Aug 1
8 47 Citoyen Barjac, representing its owners, leases to citoyen Labrousse the habitation Tomard and Duvieux for 5 years. 1800 Aug 21
8 48 Habitants of Canton de Dame Marie petition for a general corvée for the maintenance of the roads that have fallen into disrepair. 1800 Aug 23
8 49 Deposit of inventory of succession of Pierre Gervais by his executor Antoine Recouly. 1800 Aug 26
8 50 Accounts rendered by citoyen Antoine Recouly of the succession of citoyen Pierre Gervais. 1800 Aug 26
8 51 Declaration by John Ash, captain of the American schooner Greyhound, on being chased by an English frigate and other details of his voyage from Baltimore to Port Républicain. 1800 Aug 31
8 52 Investigation into the strangulation of the widow Vincent Ledan, habitante at L'Ance D'Esnos [L'Anse d'Hainault]. 1800 Sep 1
8 53 Investigation into the death of a citoyen near the gate of the plantation of citoyenne Aubert. 1800 Sep 3
8 54 Deposit of a sale of two carreaux of land by citoyen Robin to citoyen Baptiste Vaquer. 1800 Sep 4
8 55 Baptiste Yvonnet declares that Marie Antoinette Gareau, widow of Ferrol, and Marie Therese Bonami are heirs of the widow Vincent Ledan, because they are her granddaughters. 1800 Sep 9
8 56 Certification that Marie Antoinette Gareau and Marie Therese Bonami are heirs of the widow Vincent Ledan by being her granddaughters. 1800 Sep 9
8 57 Document transferred to 8-58A.
8 58 Inventory of goods of deceased citoyen René Bélanger, marchand [retail merchant] at Cap Dame Marie, who left a few things in the house where he lived. 1800 Sep 26
8 58A Citoyen Pierre Bernard Bouton, merchant usually at le Cap, registers his division of 19 1 / 5 carreaux with the succession of Robert Denvard, with act enclosed. 1800 Oct. 5
8 59 Petition for the effects of the succession of the widow Vincent Ledan by Marie Antoinette Gareau and Marie Therese Bonnami. 1800 Oct 19
8 60 Inventory of the succession of the widow Vincent Ledan by Jacques Berlie. 1800 Oct 21
8 61 Correspondence from Toussaint L'Ouverture to citoyen Michel LaSalle, notaire public at Jérémie, authorizing the latter to continue in his office as notary (copy). 1800 Oct 23
8 62 Correspondence from _______ to citoyen Prince, dated from La Voldrogue, on a debt the latter owes him and which he avoids paying. 1800 Oct 27
8 63 Citoyen Elizabeth Brisson, widow of LaCombe, petitions for her dowry and the property promised her in her marriage contract. 1800 Nov 8
8 64 Declaration by citoyen Pierre Julien, on how citoyen Charles Cazalés put a barrel of [gun] powder and 15 artillery charges [gargouces] aboard his ship docked at L'Anse d'Esnos [L'Anse d'Hainault] without his knowledge; and his going to les Cayes on the orders of Commandant Jean Michel. 1800 Dec 4
9 1 Portion of L'Etat-Civil,listing births occurring in the Jérémie jurisdiction; 26 folios. 1801-1802
9 2 Dossier labeled "Affaires de J. f. Lagnes," containing accounts and bills of exchange. 1801 Feb 2
9 3 Interrogation of citoyen St. Jean by Michel in reference to the death of citoyenne Arriette of habitation Pauline Dupin. 1801 Feb 15
9 4 List of documents in the criminal case against citoyen St. Jean before Michel, juge de paix at Jérémie, and order to send him to the Conseil de Guerre for the Southern Department. 1801 Feb 15
9 5 Citoyen Le Fevre appeals to the tribunal in Les Cayes in his case against citoyen Louis Legrand for payment of the lease of a house at Jérémie. 1801 Mar 16
9 6 Jean Pierre Seurthegarail, carpenter at Fond Halliers and Louis Bicais divide a piece of land acquired from citoyen Charles Stano between them. 1801 May 4
9 7 Louis Marie Denayve, administrateur principal de l'arrondissement de Jérémie, representing citoyen Raymond, administrateur général des Domaines Nationaux, grants to citoyen Cassanet a lease on the habitation Porteau Bordes for five years. 1801 Jul 12
9 7A Renouard sells to Granger twelve carreaux of land he received from the succession of his brother-in-law F. Bouché. 1801 Aug 29
9 8 Register recording marriage contracts, An 9-An 11, in Jérémie; 43 folios. 1801 Aug 30
9 9 Citoyenne Catherine Boutier, widow of La Cardonie, bears witness to the maltreatment of citoyenne Elizabeth Gauthier by her husband, citoyen Lehoux in the case between these two parties before juge de paix Michel of Jérémie. 1801 Sep 1
9 10 More testimony in the case between citoyenne Elizabeth Gauthier and citoyen Lehoux, including that of plantation workers and planters, attesting to his abuse and her fleeing with their three children. 1801 Sep 2
9 11 Elizabeth Croisade requests inventory of the succession of citoyen Domingon, her late husband; juge de paix will proceed to do so; inventory not included. 1801 Sep 5
9 12 Citoyen Lebled given permission to make an inventory of the Renotte Labastille succession. 1801 Sep 11
9 13 Division of a town lot at the request of citoyenne Catherine. 1801 Sep 15
9 14 Correspondence from Michel LaSalle, recipient unknown [perhaps reply of letter from L'Ouverture, see document 8-51]. 1801 Sep 27
9 15 Portion of minutes of the court of citoyen Charpentier, juge de paix at Corail; 1 folio. 1801 Sep 29
9 16 Louis Bonneau, agent municipal of the commune of Anse Desnos [Anse D'Hainault], invites the people to see what was established by a particular law. 1801 Oct 7
9 17 Letter of attorney from citoyen François Mallet to citoyen Dat and citoyen Brocar. 1801 Oct 21
9 18 Minutes of the juge de paix Bernard Charpentier ainé at Plimouth; 7 folios. 1801 Oct 23
9 19 Lamond and Grasset, partners, change the name of their ship; and la citoyenne Julie, ditte Durand, and her daughters try to secure copies of letters of emancipation; both acts recorded before notary Hue. 1802
9 20 Marriage contracts for Ans 9 and 10, for Pierre Etienne Chazotte and Elizabeth Adélaïde Antoinette Joubert; for Jean Druin and Marie Carlos Soulange; and for Noël Brumaud and Marie Lucile Reimoneng; the first two done at Jérémie, the last at Norfolk, Virginia, all citoyens and citoyennes (This document has been transferred to Oversize Box). 1802-1803
9 21 Citoyen Jergois dit Cadet Jergois, accused of having killed citoyenne Bonne, cultivatrice on his plantation, confronts the witnesses against him, his other employees. 1802 Apr 7
9 22 Accounts of M. Astié with Reytre frères. 1802 Apr 26
9 23 Order for citoyen Sterlin to appear, requested by citoyen St. Martin representing citoyen Bertrand and subsequently delivered by bailiff Dabat. 1802 May 11
9 24 Proceeding and sentence in case between citoyens Bertrand and Sterling. 1802 May 28
9 25 Lafond versus Victoire Demasse, heirs of Placide Larrieu, and Villette as guardian of vacant successions. 1802 Jun 5
9 26 Probate inventory of the plantation of the widow Mathieu at les Hauteurs de la Grande-Rivière. 1802 Jun 25
9 27 Citoyen Jean Chevry presents himself to the court as the tutor of the Mathieu minors. 1802 Jun 29
9 28 Sentence in case of citoyenne Marie Bertrand versus citoyen Sterling. 1802 Jul 10
9 29 The procureur, tutor, and neighbors of the Mathieu minors meet to decide how to manage their plantation and how to fix their annual pension from the succession of their mother. 1802 Jul 25
9 30 Philipe Sterling versus Maurice Bertrand, in name of Jacque Antoine Nogarde, for money owed on a plantation sold in 1790. 1802 Aug 4
9 31 Single page from L'Etat-Civil, recording deaths. 1802 Aug 27
9 32 Fragment of a register listing arrest orders. 1802 Oct 26
9 33 The widow Benoist makes a declaration on a trunk sent to her. 1802 Nov 30
9 34 Accusation against St. Jean, worker (cultivateur) on the habitation Pauline Dupain, for murdering Asiette, worker on the same plantation. 1803 Feb 15
9 35 Document transferred to 9-7A.
9 36 Bill of exchange for 6000 francs tournois from M. Chavés at Cap Français to M. Del Lopez, agent de changeat Bordeaux. 1803 Mar 11
9 37 Testament of David Boteau, habitant at la Castache. 1803 Mar 12
9 38 Inventory of property of citoyen René Lahaye, living in the bourg des Abricots. 1803 Mar 18
9 39 Pierre Joseph Fradin, administrateur de l'arrondissement de Tiburon, representing citoyen Julien Raimond, administrateur général des domaines nationaux de Saint-Domingue, leases the habitation Laroque Lassaline at Tiburon to citoyen Lafiteau, the captain of the garrison there. 1803 Mar 25
9 40 Citoyens Bertrand and Recouly find themselves unable to be executors for citoyen Marc Guillaume Lanoue and ask the court to appoint another in their place. 1803 Apr 5
9 41 Order to advise the friends of the minor Pastoureau of the election of her tutor. 1803 May 14
9 42 Citoyenne Elizabeth Tessier appeals to the tribunal at Les Cayes for what is due to her children from the succesion of Guillaume Lanance. 1803 May 23
9 43 Copies of documents relative to the case between Bertrand and Sterling. 1803 Jun 7
9 44 Inventory of the succession of Nicolas Mallet, aîné. 1803 Jun 8
9 45 Accounts presented by citoyen Comtesse, marchand, and remitted by the bailiff to citoyen Astier. 1803 Jun 15
9 46 Maffran declares on 19,339 livres of coffee that Berquier gave him and which he consigned to Harquelie in Bordeaux. 1803 Jun 17
9 47 Representatives of citoyens Bonny and Layet, co-owners of the schooner Lizi, settle accounts with one another. 1803 Sep 1
9 48 Judgement in favor of citoyen Mallet in his case against citoyen Claude Astié over the rental of a house. 1803 Sep 2
9 49 Ordinance in favor of citoyenne Elizabeth Gauthier against her husband citoyen Lehoux, from whom she wants to be physically separated for maltreatment. 1803 Sep 2
9 50 Judgement in case between citoyen LeRoy, owner of a house, and his tenant citoyen Lambert, military commander at Petit Trou des Roseaux. 1803 Sep 2
9 51 Citoyens La Pierre and Cabos, both merchants in Jérémie, meet to reconcile their affairs. 1803 Sep 2
9 52 Citoyenne Elizabeth Gauthier sues her husband citoyen Lehoux for violating their marriage contract by alienating a plantation from their communal property. 1803 Sep 2
9 53 Citoyenne Elizabeth Malerve, wife of citoyen La Cour, petitions for two milliers of coffee kept by her husband at Corail. 1803 Sep 10
9 54 Partnership between Cauchoix and Raduff. 1803 Sep 29
9 55 Jean Jacques, administrateur principal des domaines coloniaux, examines the house leased by citoyen Pinet to citoyens Bossé and Pilorge. 1803 Oct 3
9 56 Inventory of a house in Jérémie belonging to the Cotte succession. 1803 Oct 15
9 57 Testament of Remond Poniet, merchant in Jérémie. 1803 Nov 4
9 58 Testament of J. P. Sabatier. 1803 Nov 30
9 59 Inventory of succession of citoyenne Brien. 1803 Dec 3
9 60 The succession of Fleury Pifteau is remitted to the care of the guardian of vacant successions by Louis Gas. 1803 Dec 6
10 1 Widow Franqilin requests affirmation of the death of her brother Robers Demard and his wife, Julis Bonneau. 1805 Nov 26
10 2 Papers relating to the commandant at Jérémie. 1806
10 3 Papers relating to three horses caught in the field of citoyen Baptiste Louis. 1807 May 11
10 4 Jean Baptis Pierrille presents his titles to a plantation in the commune of Dame Marie. 1807 Jul 28
10 5 Documents relating to the late Sanitte Salfranque. 1811 Apr 11
10 6 Port-au-Prince. J. Bradock complains to M. Antoine May, commissaire du Gouvernment a Jérémie, of M. Audain's flight from the country without paying his debt. 1811 May 13
10 7 Citoyen Alexis Couba petitions for the 160 gourdes that citoyenne Marie Louise Bazard owes him for the sale of 1/2 of a house and town lot, plus interest. 1811 Aug 29
10 8 Demoiselle Justine Decarle, widow of Navarré, petitions for Monsieur Jourdan to pay the 3360 livres the court awarded to her and her children. 1801 Sep 5
10 9 Citoyen Veldrecien declares that he has changed his signature. 1812 Mar
10 10 Declaration by dame veuve Adrien before the military commission on an altercation between citoyen Toussaint Brière and Laforest, her neighbors, at request of the former. 1812 Jul 31
10 11 Citoyen LePage, colonel of the Gendarmerie, reports on documents remitted to him. 1813 Jan 22
10 12 Two letters between le Substitut de Commissaire du Gouvernement and M. Antoine Delgada, commerçant espagnol in Jérémie, on the latter's request to have citoyen Duchanter arrested. 1813 Apr 10
10 13 Portion of a document in reference to the St. Martin succession. 1814 Nov 20
10 14 Cap Henry. Extract of the baptismal record of Marie Noël Tareille, born 24 December 1817, legitimate daughter of monsieur Robert and dame Louise. 1818 Jan 10
10 15 Torbeck. Correspondence from juge de paix Peroux to le Grand Juge de la République, enclosing the former's expense account (feuille d'appointement) for 1819; accounts not extant. 1820 Jan 9
10 16 Inventory of the property of père Basconcelos, the rector of the parish of St. Toussaint in the commune of Corail. 1820 Jan 11
10 17 Interrogation of le nommé Jean Verli, marechal des loges dans la 1er Compagnie - de la Genderamie du Sud in the case against him. 1821 Jan 11
10 18 Report on biscuit and soap coming from les Cayes on the barge Surveillant, Aimé captain, and request that customs laws be applied to the cargo. 1821 Nov 14
10 19 Monsieur Prost requests accounts for the four successions being watched over. 1821 Nov 30
10 20 Enclosing certification from customs at les Cayes that the barge Surveillant paid the necessary duties. 1822 Jan 30
10 21 Official response to Captain Aimé's request for his confiscated cargo and for the right to sell it, some of which is now missing. 1822 Jan 31
10 22 François Martin petitions the court in the name of his brothers and sisters for the succession of Alexandre Martin. 1822 Aug 7
10 23 Deposit of sale of land by the widow Lavalase to sieur Jean Louis Danbar. 1822 Oct 13
10 24 Correspondence from J. B. G. Dubonnet complaining to le Substitut du commissaire du Gouvernement in Jérémie of the corruption of juge de paix Thézard. 1823 Jun 8
10 25 Jérémie. Correspondence from A. Laforest to "Citoyens Magistrats" on the proces-verbal that decided that monsieur Dubernis was wounded by a strike from his student named Jacque, a gendarme at les Abricots. 1823 Jun 9
10 26 Le nommé Toussaint David dit Berly is read his interrogation. 1824 Apr 2
10 27 Citoyenne Julie Despague is read her testimony against Toussaint Berly. 1824 Apr 5
10 28 Citoyenne Julie Despague testifies against le nommé Tossaint Berli dit David for the crime of rape. 1824 May 29
10 29 Les Abricots. Citoyen Albert Specbat Mongal and citoyenne Zélaire Latus declare on their involvement in Arsine Tripier's crimes as a sorceror. 1825 Jun 20
10 30 Bill of exchange for 90 gourdes drawn on the treasury and paid to Wilson by S. Prost on one side and on the other debt on the part of the administration to Colonel Jean Bertrand, commanding the quarter of Trou Bonbon for 90 gourdes. 1825 Jul 9
10 31 Registry of marriage banns, 1826; 8 folios text. 1826
10 32 Petition by Honoré Fery for the execution of the testament of Jean Gabriel Auguste Auger, with declaration certifying his death enclosed. 1826 Mar 15
10 33 Expense accounts of military personnel posted at Mirage [Miragoâne?]. 1828 Apr 13
10 34 E. Plantane, officier de santé de l'hôpital militaire, requests three changes of clothing for the infirm Aujour, Bonvalet, and Philipe. 1829 Jan 8
10 35 Lawsuit brought by Thimoté, Dumonol, Piau, and Phipps against Jean Jacques Mathurin for defaming them in the paper in Port-au-Prince. 1830 Jan 14
10 36 Les Cayes. Jalliffier certifies sending onboard the boat Le Filantrop Haitienne, Cadet Bonet captain, seven demijohns of geneva he made himself to Jérémie (Document is missing). 1830 Mar 23
10 37 Portion of registry of children born, naming parents and godparents. 1831 Aug 6
10 38 Traveling expenses due representatives of the Chambre des Representans of the communes of Anse-de-Hainaut and Corail. 1834 Apr 30
10 38A Expense account of senator Jean Colin Castor for the month of April 1834. 1834 May 1
10 39 Criminal suit against Duchaine Jean Philippe, accused of stealing money and other effects of citoyens Ferace, Jeannaut, and Moron, including a list of jurors and one of the witnesses. 1836 Mar 8
10 40 Order from Le Capre, commanding at Post du Bonbon, possibly a passport. 1838 Aug 7
10 41 Sterling reports to le juge d'Instruction du ressort on the case between M. LeBreton and Charles François, et al. 1838 Oct 9
10 42 Chief health officer of the military hospital E. Planterie examines Edmon Pradère in his home. 1839 Apr 18
10 43 Citoyen Louis Taverne, quartermaster of the 17th regiment of the line, and citoyenne Damas Bardel, marchands at Jérémie, report a theft committed against them and accuse le nommé Agésilas Laforest, and his mother Trévanette Trévant as an accomplice. 1839 Jun 7
10 44 Juge d'Instruction du ressort de la Grand'Anse et de Tiburon Chassagne orders the colonel commandant of Jérémie to arrest lance corporal [caporal] François Bazard and sergeant Samedi Jean Louis, in accordance with the order deposited to that effect. 1839 Jul 30
10 45 Documents of the criminal case against Remé Delpeche for the strangling death of fellow agricultural worker Louis Montigne. 1840 Feb 27
10 46 Judgement of the Tribunal correctionnel of the Grande Anse and Tiburon, acquitting citoyen Louis Lapaquery of the charge of slander. 1840 Mar 10
10 47 Survey of Habitation Marie Jeanne Testas, commonly called Baptiste Folydone by Laforest fils for ex-captain Gille Duchéneau. 1840 Mar 27
10 48 Inventory of documents in the case of Laforest, condemned for theft. 1840 Dec 30
10 49 Port-au-Prince. The condemned Agétilar Laforest, in prison in this town, declares that he was sentenced to imprisonment and a fine of 500 gourdes for damages to Captain Taverne. 1841 Nov 26
10 50 L'Anse d'Hainault. The Tribunal de simple police condemns citoyen Dieudonné Laroque to pay a fine and face four days imprisonment for having provoked and bitten citoyen Codiau Vendredi on the face; both habitants proprietaires in the quarter of les Irois. 1845 Sep 1
10 51 Demoiselle Amélise Barbé, demoiselle Germinette Barbé, and sieur Charles Barbé, heirs of their aunt dame Marie Catherine Barbé dite Tinette and their father Barbé, versus demoiselle Jaccine Jacques, et al. for having had five carreaux of land surveyed from the land left by dame Barbé in accordance with her testament without the knowledge of the neighbors. 1852 Mar 20
10 52 Port-au-Prince. Secretaire d'Etat - de la Justice et des Cultes Dubois confirms receiving a report sent by le Substitut du Commissaire du Gouvernement, Jérémie, subject not disclosed. 1860 Sep 31
10 53 Jacmel. Accounts due to adjutant-general St. Felix Figarean and signed by various officers. 1862 Feb 28
10 54 O. Joachim, juge au tribunal civil de Jérémie, sells an unclaimed she-ass [ânesse] branded L.G. to citoyen Erase Défay for 180 gourdes. 1866 May 2
10 55 Yvonette Grégoire petitions the doyen of the tribunal civil de Jérémie for the she-ass sold publically that bore her brand, J.G. 1866 May 11
10 56 Papers relative to errant livestock detained in the jail at Jérémie and reclaimed by their owners. 1867-1868
10 57 Jérémie. Pierre Laurent Grandfort, juge de paix for the commune de Jérémie, reports to the Commissaire du Gouvernement... Des arrondissements Grand'Anse et Tiburon, tranquility in his jurisdiction; also reports a brawl in the jail between the prisoners Georges, Cléopha, and Antenor. 1896 Sep 14
10 58 Jérémie. Pierre Laurent Grandfort, juge de paix for the commune de Jérémie, reports to the Commissaire du Gouvernement... Des arrondissements Grand'Anse et Tiburon, to replace the current juges suppléants that sit on the tribunal de paix with candidates whom he recommends. 1896 Sep 18
11 1 Document relative to a shipwrecked schooner; manuscript badly damaged. Not dated
11 2 Portion of inventory of property; manuscript badly damaged. Not dated
11 3 Louis Mallard, guardian of vacant successions, petitions for the right to auction off clothing belonging to the Desrivières succession. Not dated
11 4 Document relative to the partnership between Allard and Des Rosillères. Not dated
11 5 Account due to maître Dalet for the suit between sieur Goux and maître Lefranc over the Leduc succession. Not dated
11 6 Popotte Amain, captain of the port of Jérémie, petitions the conseil du Départment du Sud for a lot by the sea on which he could build a hut for himself. Not dated
11 7 Order from the colonel to caporal [lance corporal] Manceaud for caporal Mardy Mathurin to go to the post at L'anse du Clair, apparently a passport. Not dated
11 8 Fragment of document referring to maître Dion. Not dated
11 9 Survey done for la nommée Thirot and sieur Planté of a town lot. Not dated
11 10 Survey done for sieur Marias. Not dated
11 11 Accounts of the succession of sieur Dominique Salabert. Not dated
11 12 Part of a document in reference to the succession of sieur Villars, managed by sieur Robin and represented by maître Blondel. Not dated
11 13 Part of a survey done for Dousset. Not dated
11 14 Part of a separation of property between sieur and dame Lesassier on one hand and sieur and dame Palerne on the other. Not dated
11 15 Part of a sale from the succession of François Adam, by its executor sieur Charpentier, jeune. Not dated
11 16 Procès-verbal by juge de paix Berlie, towards succession Hart. Not dated
11 17 M. Pierre Grasset, merchant at le Bourg de l'Islet a Pierre Joseph, names M. Edouard Plunkett to represent him while he is away at St. Marc. Not dated
11 18 Part of an inventory requested by maître Biveau. Not dated
11 19 Part of the inventory of a plantation done at the request of sieur Pierre Despeyroux, procureur of sieur Jean Renaud, emigré. Not dated
11 20 Sieur Aimé requests reconsideration of the sentence against him. Not dated
11 21 Badly faded document, subject indiscernible. Not dated
11 22 Badly faded document, subject indiscernible. Not dated
11 23 Part of accounts rendered on a succession. Not dated
11 24 Part of a petition or court proceeding. Not dated
11 25 Fragment of a document. Not dated
11 26 Sieur Philipe Thezau requests suit against sieur and dame Mathieu. Not dated
11 27 Inventory of the Bardellino succession. Not dated
11 28 Maître Mathieu has auction and sale of the brick [ship] Le Furet, announced three times and sold for 4000 livres to sieur Prat jeunne. Not dated
11 29 Correspondence to de Favarange on the appointment of a Substitut du Procureur du Roi for Jérémie. Not dated
11 30 List of documents, author unknown. Not dated
11 31 Tabulation of unknown provenance, with what appears to be part of a map on the reverse of the document. Not dated
11 32 Fragment of minutes of the sénéchausée, from Hyacinthe Carlias in reference to the curé of the parish of Notre Dame du Cap Dame Marie. Not dated
11 33 Fragment from the notary minutes: document in reference to the town lot and on the reverse the beginning of a marriage contract. Not dated
11 34 Sieur Jean Lavêque, marchand in Jérémie, sets up the mulâtre Mathurin as apprentice to sieur Jean Baptiste Maroys, master cobbler. Not dated
11 35 Part of an investigation and interrogation of witnesses, including that of a slave and a plantation manager. Not dated
11 36 Sentence in case between Cligneau, marchand, and Coquitte over the sum of 124 gourdes. Not dated
11 37 Fragment of document. Not dated
11 38 François Linstant Pradines, doyen de Tribunal.. De Jérémie, on the confiscation of rum from the English schooner Le Groupper, William Moor captain by Benjamin Chassagne. Not dated
11 39 Portion of act of survey. Not dated
11 40 Portion of a settlement of accounts between dame Aubert and sieur Castera. Not dated
11 41 Portion of accounts of the administration of Jérémie for the 1770s. Not dated
11 42 Document of unknown subject (Document is missing). Not dated
11 43 Document of unknown subject, but containing a list of slaves. Not dated
11 44 Fragment of a document regarding land. Not dated
11 45 Petition to the sénéchal by Genevieve Lafond for Margé to turn over everything in the succession of sieur Jean Lafond, in accordance with the court's decision. Not dated
11 46 Correspondence signed Dignez, for the purpose of acquiring up-to-date scientific works. Not dated
11 47 Portion of testament. Not dated
11 48 Portion of inventory of a succession. Not dated
11 49 Interrogation of sieur Vincenty, habitant at la Seringue, on an altercation he had with sieur Gibausset that involved his father-in-law, sieur Livet. Not dated
11 50 Badly damaged document recording a lawsuit involving citoyenne Louise Danté, marchand. Not dated
11 51 Inventory of papers pertaining to the succession of sieur Rogagnon. july 26
11 52 Uncompleted petition from Charles Zulima, nègre libre living at Jérémie, to Sir Adam Williamson, governor of Saint-Domingue for His Britannic Majesty. Not dated
12 1 Folders for documents deposited in the greffe and located elsewhere in the Jérémie Papers.
12 2 Folders to enclose documents labeled for 1796 and 1797 but now empty.
12 3 Fragments of unidentified documents.
13 1 "Matière Médice Phisique and chimic No 5, T."; handwritten volume on medical practice; 155pp. Not dated
13 2 Reference work pertaining to the uses of alcohol. Not dated
13 3 "Table and répertoire du cahier No BB, servant de supplement au Cahier No AA des Arts and Metiers," author unknown. 1813
13 4 Handwritten chemistry text. Not dated. Not dated
13 5 Reference work pertaining to the making of alcohol and other concoctions; author unknown. Not dated. Not dated
13 6 Meteorological observations recorded in a planter's journal; author and date unknown but believed to be ca. 1798-1803. Not dated
14 1 Undated portions of registers of the greffe. Not dated
15 1 Cap Dame Marie. One damaged folio from the parish registry containing four entries. 1776
15 2 Cap Dame Marie. Damaged parish registry, containing sixteen folios. 1778
15 3 Jérémie. Complete parish register for the year, as certified by the greffier. 1781
15 4 Cap Dame Marie. Parish register for the year, certified by the greffier, but with early pages missing. 1783
15 5 Nantes. Copy. Burial record of Jeanne Renée Michelle Lefebvre in the parish of Saint-Laurent. 1784 Oct 4
15 6 Jérémie. Copy. Burial record of sieur François Collimont. 1785 Mar 11
15 7 Cap Dame Marie. Portion of parish register. 2 folios. 1786 Apr 2
15 8 Jérémie. Parish register, 25 folios. 1787
15 9 Cap Dame Marie. Parish register, right margin frayed, 4 folios, only two containing writing. 1791
15 10 Cap Dame Marie. Index of the yearly register, listing names of persons being baptized, married, or buried and the pages upon which their records occur. 1793
15 11 Jérémie. Parish register of births, 44 folios. 1793
15 12 Index of ecclesiastical records for 1795, parish of origin unknown (probably Cap Dame Marie; the church is probably Our Dame of the Nativity). 2 folios. 1795
15 13 Cap Dame Marie. Portion of parish register. 1 folio. 1797
15 14 Jérémie. Portion of parish register. 10 folios (These documents have been transferred to Oversize Box). 1797
15 15 Jérémie and Cap Dame Marie. Mixed portions of parish registers for these years. 34 folios (These documents have been transferred to Oversize Box). 1797-1798
15 16 Four folios of a register from an unknown parish (probably Jérémie; the church is probably Saint-Louis de France) (These documents have been transferred to Oversize Box). 1798
16 1 Portion of a register recording the names of litigants in civil cases and describing the final sentence in the case. 12 folios. 1774
16 2 Portion of a register recording the names of litigants in civil cases and describing the final sentence in the case. 8 folios. Petiton from one case included. 1788
16 3 Portion of a register recording declarations made before the greffe. 10 folios. 1788-1789
16 4 Portion of registers containing declarations made before the greffe for these years. 55 folios. 1785-1788
16 5 Portion of the register of the surveyor Frignet de Fermagh, containing abstracts of lands surveyed. 6 folios. 1791, An 7
16 6 Portion of the register of the notaries, recording in large folios acts passed before them. 20 folios. 1791-1792
17 1 Very badly damaged register recording notarial acts. Approximately seven folios. 1792
17 2 Portion of register recording notarial acts. 10 folios. 1793
17 3 Thick bundle of documents from the registers of the greffe, recording declarations made. 1793-1796
17 4 Portion of register recording declarations. 47 folios. 1794
17 5 Single folio from the greffe containing part of a sale of a town lot in Jérémie. 1795
17 6 Portion of register recording notarial acts. 16 folios. 1796
17 7 Portion of the register of the juge de paix of the canton of Plymouth, signed by judges J. Lafond and Charpentier, aîné. 1799-1801

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