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A Guide to the Larry D. Harris Papers

Finding aid created by Dan Reboussin, with Andrew Wilson and Janna Royal

University of Florida Smathers Libraries - Special and Area Studies Collections

January 2017

Descriptive Summary

Creator: Harris, Larry D.
Title: Larry D. Harris Papers
Dates: 1955-2009
Bulk dates: 1965-1994
Abstract: Larry D. Harris volunteered as a wildlife game management officer (1964-1966) and biologist (1966-1967) supporting the creation of Mkomazi Game Reserve in Tanzania. Following receipt of his doctoral degree, he served for 27 years as an academic professor and consultant (1972-1999). The papers contain field notes, research data, and photographs he collected while working on his dissertation concerning wild game populations in Tanzania. Also included is material relating to his consulting work in Botswana and his work as a Professor of Wildlife and Range Sciences at the University of Florida.
Extent: 5.43 Linear feet. 11 Boxes.
Identification: MSS 0361
Language(s): English

Biographical/Historical Note

Larry D. Harris was born on September 20, 1942 in Avoca, Iowa. With support from a National Science Foundation undergraduate fellowship, he received his B.S. from Iowa State University in 1962. During two Peace Corps tours of service in Tanzania from 1964 to 1967, he collected game population data and participated in the creation of Mkomazi Game Reserve. Harris earned a master's degree and Ph.D. (1970) in wildlife ecology from Michigan State University, followed by a post-doctoral National Science Foundation fellowship in systems ecology at Colorado State University. Joining the University of Florida's School of Forest Resources and Conservation in 1972, he served on UF's faculty as Professor of Wildlife and Range Sciences until his retirement in 1999. Harris's career is notable for outstanding teaching, success in research grants, and for his pioneering the concepts of landscape fragmentation and wildlife corridors in many award winning publications. His 1984 book, The Fragmented Forest, is recognized as an outstanding contribution to the field of ecology and won the 1986 Wildlife Society Publication Award. Harris was a leader in conservation, pioneering the application of island biogeographic theory to forest management, and creating a practical model that supports diversity and preserves wildlife corridors. He developed methods for locating highway underpasses to best protect wildlife while improving traffic safety, and advised governments in Botswana, Costa Rica, Sweden, Oregon, and Florida on the development of conservation lands. Larry conducted field research and conservation lands development throughout Florida and the Everglades, as well as in Tanzania, Botswana, Haiti, and Oregon. He helped to establish and served on the Governor's Council on Florida Greenways; the Florida Wildlife Commission; and numerous other public service boards. Harris died at age 67 on August 15, 2010 in Jacksonville, Florida. He is survived by his wife, Kathleen Deagan, the Lockwood Professor of Caribbean and Florida Archaeology and a Florida Museum of Natural History Distinguished Research Curator, by their four grown children and their families, and by his two brothers and three sisters.

Scope and Content

The Harris papers consist primarily of his professional work relating to African wildlife conservation, first as a Game Management Officer from 1964 to 1966 and a Game biologist from 1966 to 1967 at Mkomazi, followed by graduate and postdoctoral studies to 1972, then for 27 years as an academic professor and applied consultant between 1972 and 1999. His career is historically interesting, as it began during the creation of one of the best known national parks in Africa and the transition from colonial British policies regarding game management (an apparently unique copy of the 1959 "Game warden's handbook" issued by the Government of Tanzania is one example), through several decades of independent national policy changes as Tanzania's population grew dramatically, tourism revenues became an important source of national income, and the management challenges surrounding parks became increasingly complex.

The collection includes numerous original primary resources such as Harris's field journals and notes, raw data sheets (species census and herd counts) and analysis, draft articles, research proposals, conference presentations, management and activity reports, policy papers, etc. representing his academic and applied research relating to wildlife biology, game conservation and management, poaching and poaching prevention, wildlife utilization, livestock production, community participation in resource management, and tourism project development in Africa, especially Tanzania.

Harris explained a significant gap in the Mkomazi raw data included here with a note dated July 6, 2000. By 1985, rhino were extirpated from Mkomazi and, during a reintroduction project, the project manager asked him where they occurred prior to 1970. To respond, Harris removed these data, but failed to return them. This and other notes on collection contents are included in series three. Wilson (processing assistant 2009-2011), noted from an interview with Harris that some census sheets, field note books, and computer tapes intended for inclusion in the donation also were not transferred.

Draft papers from colleagues are included (including academics, students, game wardens, and resource managers), in some cases along with their correspondence or notes, topical bibliographies, and related materials. Also included are examples of promotional or advertising materials for game parks and related businesses (hotels and lodges, safari tours, etc.), as are government documents relating to natural resource and wildlife policies. A less extensive portion of the collection relates to consulting on wildlife conservation in Botswana, focusing on the Okavango Delta.

The smallest series of papers represents his teaching (lecture notes and presentation materials) and administrative work at UF. Included are a few examples of personal correspondence, including a set of letters to his family during his university studies and Peace Corps service in Tanzania. Some maps, photographs, audio and video recordings, computer storage media, etc. are also included.


Three series divide this collection broadly among Harris's long period of research in Tanzania, from a later period of consulting work in Botswana, and the teaching and administrative duties he had at UF. Titles of these are: I. Tanzania wildlife and Mkomazi Game Reserve; II. Botswana natural resources management and livestock development; and III. UF teaching, correspondence, and papers.

Access or Use Restrictions


The collection is open for research.

Administrative Information

Preferred Citation

[Identification of item], Larry D. Harris Papers, Special and Area Studies Collections, George A. Smathers Libraries, University of Florida, Gainesville, Florida.

Acquisition Information

Professor Harris donated some of the collection materials himself. While initial processing took place at that time, additional materials were later donated by Prof. Deagan following his death. Accession was not completed until Aug. 26, 2014 when a deed was signed. These papers are identified only as "465 miscellaneous items (papers, documents, etc.)" in that document.

Processing Notes

A copy of Harris's dissertation was discarded from the collection because it is commercially available and held in circulating collections at Marston Science Library, although a folder of figures and photographs for the dissertation was retained. Illustrative materials from Harris's 1984 book The Fragmented Forest are included selectively because some were in poor condition (Mylar or plastic sheets detached from figures), or are better and more easily viewed in the published book. Series three includes a set of personal letters to Harris's family, written from 1960 to 1977.

Contents List

I. Tanzania wildlife and Mkomazi Game Reserve.

Ia. Reports, field notes, and park related papers.

Box Folder
11 Game wardens handbook by the government of Tanzania. 1959
12 Potential of the Mkomazi Game Reserve as a national park by Philip B. Thrasher. 1965
13 Mkomazi Game Reserve - roads and camps (tourist information). circa 1965
14 Activities Report for the Mkomazi Game Reserve for Dec 1965 - Feb 1966 by: L.D. Harris. 1965-1966
15 Overgrazing (official documents). 1965-1966
16 Correspondence: professional/academic (USA/Tanzania). 1965-1967
17 Annual report of the Game Division (Tanzania) and General Activities Report. 1965-1969
18 Activities report for July and August 1966 - submitted to Arusha game warden by L. D. Harris. 1966
19 Preliminary conclusions and recommendations for the Mkomazi Game Reserve based on a three-year ecological study by L. D. Harris. 1967
110 Synopsis of activities and report of biological investigations within the Mkomazi Game Reserve for 1966 by: L. D. Harris. 1967
111 Tanzania national parks - cost estimates and draft budget. 1968-1969
112 The Selous Game Reserve (Tanzania) by B. D. Nicholson (conference presentation). 1969
113 Potential of the Mkomazi Game Reserve as a national park. circa 1969
114 Mkomazi Game Reserve Government Reports prepared by J. Barry Turner. 1969-1971
115 Serengeti research institute (reports, information, and related correspondences). 1969-1971
116 Bibliographies and reference lists (assorted). 1970
117 Discussion of Wildlife Services Limited report to the Tanzanian government by J. Barry Turner, game management officer at Mkomazi. 1970
118 Mkomazi Game Reserve: tourist development project (original and copy). 1970
119 Mkomazi official documents. Tourist development project memo. Geological/geophysical survey by B. Turner. Borehole maps. 1970
120 Tourism development project (overview) by J. B. Turner. 1970
121 Appraisal of African Game conservation by L. Harris and Stuart Marks - unpublished. 1971
122 Reflection on conditions in the Mkomazi Game Reserve after five years absence by L. D. Harris. 1972
123 Masai habitat utilization project - progress report. "The Masai and the state" by Kaj Arhem. Esidai news - newsletter from Masai Mara National Reserve. 1975, 1985, 1996
124 Research proposal with Rick Sullivan "One hundred year comparison of human occupancy and wildlife ecology in Northeast Tanzania". circa 1979
125 Wildlife utilization of Mkomazi (plan for implementation and proposal). 1982
126 Division of Forestry at the University of Dar es Salaaru - detailed information and faculty profiles. 1983
127 College of African Wildlife management in Mweka (Mossi) Tanzania informational brochures. 1983, 1988
128 Pastoralism, wildlife, and the use of resources in the Ngorongoro conservation area of Northern Tanzania K. M. Leuschner unpublished. circa 1992
129 Royal Geographic Society correspondence. 1993, 1995, 1996
130 Participatory Environmental Resources Management (PERM) in Tanzania initial environmental examination or categorical exclusion project critique. 1995
131 Capacity building for the development of sustainable agriculture through community based management of natural resources in Tanzania - program plan sokoine university of agriculture/Tuskegee university linkage project. 1996
21 Conferences on Mkomazi - speakers, titles, summary. 1996, 1998, undated
22 High court of Tanzania (ruling): Kamunyu (et al.) vs. minister for tourism, natural resources and entertainment (et al.) Re: Masai/Mkomazi land rights. 1998
23 Climatology - miscellaneous notes and data. undated
24 Early African Research Miscellaneous: Charts, graphs and figures. undated
25 Early African Research: maps. undated
26 Mkomazi maps (original and processed). undated
1121 "Physical Evidence of Carnivore Depredation" Narrated by Les Palmer cassette. undated
1122 Untitled cassette. undated
27 "Wildlife utilization in the Yaida/Eyasi area - a plan for a 4-year pilot phase" Re: economic development for the Watindiga (Tanzania) by Peter Enderlein. undated

Ib. Dissertation; proposal, data, analysis and notes.

Box Folder
28 Daily research journal and field notes (3 notebooks) (folder 1). 1964-1965
29 Ground transects data (and map): Circulan road. 1964-1967
210 Ground transects data (and map): Gate -> Ibaya. 1964-1967
211 Ground transects data (and map): Kisiwani, Kisima. 1964-1967
212 Ground transects data (and map): Magunda. 1964-1967
213 Ground transects data (and map): Maori. 1964-1967
214 Ground transects data (and map): Tossa Valley. 1964-1967
215 Ground transects data (and map): Zange. 1964-1967
216 Mkomazi field data (miscellaneous) 1 of 2. 1964-1967
217 Mkomazi field data (miscellaneous) 2 of 2. 1964-1967
218 "Mkomazi studies" (fieldwork miscellaneous). 1964-1968
219 Daily research journal and field notes (3 notebooks) (folder 2). 1965
31 Daily research journal and field notes (3 notebooks) (folder 3). 1965-1966
32 Field journal with notes and raw data. 1965 November-1966 July
33 Journal/log of daily work (Mkomazi). 1965-1966
34 Ground transects data (and map): Maji Kununua. 1965 January-1967 June
35 Ground transects data (and map): Mbulu-Ngurunga. 1965 January-1967 February
36 Ground transects data (and map): Kavateta. 1965 March-1967 July
37 "Animal notes" handwritten field notes. 1965-1967
38 Research field journal, miscellaneous notes and bibliographies (3 notebooks). 1965-1967
39 Taxonomic guides (flora and fauna) for MGR 1965-1970. 1965-1970
310 Masters degree study proposal. Re: research in Mkomazi - submitted to G. A. Petrides by L. D. Harris. 1966
311 "Game density". circa 1966
312 Aerial survey data (and processing). 1966-1967
313 "Soils". 1966-1967
314 "Vegetation studies" (Notes, maps, and data). 1966-1967
315 (Early) Mkomazi report (includes maps and data charts). 1967
316 "Some preliminary conclusions and recommendations for the Mkomazi Game Reserve". 1967
317 Synopsis of activities and report of biological investigations within the Mkomazi Game Reserve by L. D. Harris. 1967
318 Data (miscellaneous) for "biomass". circa 1967
319 MS Thesis: "Population dynamics of the African elephant in the Mkomazi Game Reserve Tanzania, East Africa". 1968
320 Mkomazi maps and notes - includes raw data, animal census maps and counts, longitudinally analyses, information and data on climate, vegetation, and flora and fauna. circa 1968
321 Tanzania climate data - information and analysis (1957-1967). circa 1968
41 "Writing up" miscellaneous parts of drafting process. circa 1968-1970
42 Data explanation (1 of 3): Codification Schemes, et cetera. 1969-1970
43 Data explanation (2 of 3): Codification schemes, et cetera. 1969-1970
44 Data explanation (3 of 3): Data formulations and statistical printouts. 1969-1970

9 Aerial survey Game count and data sheets (collected 1966 and 1967). 1970

Box Folder
45 Animal community structure - handwritten draft and data. circa 1970
46 "Secondary productivity" data compilations and charts. circa 1970
47 "Systems chapter". circa 1970
48 Game species distribution map with annotations by L. D. Harris. 1973
49 Mkomazi midlevel analysis (prepared by LDH) includes charts, photos, ground count Game transects, aerial game surveys, climate, vegetation, flora/fauna data and reports. circa 1990s
410 Mkomazi/Ibaya maps and transects. 1995, undated
411 Data formulations notebooks. undated
412 Field data code book notes. undated
1119 Map of land use potential of Mkomazi Game Reserve drawn by C. D. Anderson - Northern Research Centre Tengeru - map scale 1:250,000 (CD-ROM). 1967 November
1120 Mkomazi 2 CD-ROMs. undated
413 Mkomazi fieldwork (charts, tables, and graphs). undated
414 "Secondary productivity" (draft, processing and data). undated

Ic. Photographs.

Box Folder
415 Slides: Tanzanian wildlife, Moshi, Arusha, Ngorongoro, rural villages and inhabitants, ivory trade, Uganda (Murchison falls), Dan es Salaam, Kampala, Uganda, Nairobi. 1970s-1980s
416 Slides: Vegetation/landscape; charts and aerial data (on population dynamics); 1994 Mkomazi team fieldwork; Arusha; Moshi-Kavateta. 1980s-1990s
51 Slides: Vegetation/landscape; charts and aerial data (on population dynamics); 1994 Mkomazi team fieldwork; Arusha; Moshi-Kavateta. 1980s-1990s
52 Slides: Botswana, the Kalahari and the Okavango. 1990s
53 Dissertation (PhD) figures and photos. undated
54 Early African materials: photographs (printed and negatives). undated
55 Mkomazi miscellaneous photographs and negatives. undated
56 Negatives, photographs, and charts. undated
57 Photographs from the field with Dr. Harris's annotations. undated
58 Photos and images. undated
59 Photos used in dissertation of Dr. Larry Harris. undated
510 Slides: Flora and fauna as arranged by LDH: flowers and plants. undated
511 Slides: Flora and fauna as arranged by LDH: rhinos, herps (reptiles), birds, lions/ carnivores. undated

II. Botswana natural resource management and livestock development.

Box Folder
512 "Okavango - delta or desert? A question of water" Greenpeace investigation into southern Okavango integrated water development project and the construction of a buffalo fence in Ngamiland. 1977
513 Botswana: countryside animal and range assessment project - methodology report - part B: methods by Botswana government and commission of the European communities. 1978
514 "The operation and viability of the Botswana second livestock development project (1497-BT)" by Solomon Bekure and Neville Dyson-Hudson. 1982
515 Elephant-habitat relationships in Northern Botswana by Daniel Moroka for the department of wildlife and national parks. 1984
516 Bibliography on articles about fences, "Effects on veterinary fences on wildlife conservation in Zimbabwe" by R. Taylor and R. Martin, "Botswana's fences and the depletion of kalahari wildlife" by D. Williamson and J. Williamson. 1984, 1987, undated
517 "Botswana's beef exports to the EEC: economic development at the expense of a deteriorating environment" by E.M. Veenendaal and J.B. Opschoor. 1986
518 Botswana's environment: a second annotated bibliography by the national institute of development research and documentation- working bibliography no. 16 (1 of 2). 1986
519 Botswana's environment: a second annotated bibliography by the national institute of development research and documentation- working bibliography no. 16 (2 of 2). 1986
520 Wildlife conservation policy, as approved by the Botswana National Assembly. 1986
521 Botswana's livestock development and the world bank correspondences, news articles, and reports from U.S. Government and world bank figures. 1986-1987
522 Botswana: government reports. 1986-1991
523 People (bushmen) of the kalahari - various articles on human populations/remote area dwellers in Botswana. Includes report on Khwai Village, hand written notes, and correspondences. 1988-1991
61 Annotated bibliography of wildlife research and related topics in Botswana. 1989
62 Miscellaneous notes and figures on Botswana ecotourism. 1990
63 Rough draft of "Conservation and development: the Botswana experience". circa 1990
64 Livestock advisory centers - Retail price list - veterinary requisites, Department of animal health and production. 1990, 1992
65 Press clippings- related to controversies on Botswana wildlife policy. 1990-1992
66 "Chobe forest inventory and management plan" prepared for the government of Botswana by the Norwegian Forestry Society. 1991
67 "Conservation and management of elephants in Botswana" Government report by the department of wildlife and national parks (with Larry Harris's notes). 1991
68 "Rick Lomba report" facsimile of report containing information about wealthy SA/Botswana wildlife researcher/enthusiast. 1991
69 Tshomarelo Okavango conservation trust - Organization inception information, newsletters, press releases, and opinions on fence controversy. 1991
610 "Botswana's cattle: Eden's end?" by Dr. Michael W. Fox of the Humane Society of the United States. circa 1991
611 European Parliament draft resolution on Botswana fence and other issues, and background info on fence proposals and Okavango dredging project. 1991, undated
612 Foot and mouth disease. Chapter by R. S. Hedgen and data and chart on FMD vaccination- eastern bank of Okavango river. 1991, undated
613 "African success story" two articles focusing on Botswana economy and resource use. 1991-1992
614 Botswana natural resources management project (NRMP) - various documents re: Larry Harris consultancy including maps, census data, briefing notes and Chobe wildlife newsletter. 1991-1992
615 Botswana government (correspondences and documents). 1991-1993
616 Correspondences re: Botswana. Kalahari conservation society. Hill and Knowlton (Molly Chip and Katie Moore) in re: Washington ambassadorial trip. Nigel Hunter, BW department of wildlife and parks. Dr. Robert Hitchcock (University of Nebraska). Dr. Sandra Cooper. 1991-1993
617 Reports on Botswana conservation and development/ natural resource management (7 items). 1991-1994, undated
111 Botswana joint report dos format txt floppy disk. 1992 April 24
112 Botswana joint report mac format txt floppy disk. 1992 April 24
113 Botswana forum cassette tape 1. 1992 October 28
114 Botswana forum cassette tape 2. 1992 October 28
115 Botswana forum cassette tape 3. 1992 October 28
116 Botswana forum cassette tape 4. 1992 October 28
117 Botswana forum cassette tape 5. 1992 October 28
618 Aerial surveys of Botswana: 1989-1991 - technical assistance to the department of wildlife and national parks. 1992
619 Botswana field notes notebook - includes people, articles, facts, and report notes. 1992
620 Botswana government reports courtesy of the Botswana Embassy in Washington. 1992
621 Botswana: 1992 colloquium at UF. 1992
622 Botswana: fact finding mission reports (4), various authors. 1992
623 Botswana: Larry Harris authored "fact finding mission" report. 1992
624 Botswana: Mpandamatenga case study/reports (various authors). 1992
625 "Botswana's environmental policy: a national conservation strategy" government document. 1992
71 "Conservation and development in Botswana - the cattle experience" by Rick Lomba for the Okavango wildlife society. 1992
72 Correspondences between Larry Harris and Botswana fact finding team. 1992
73 Correspondences. UF Botswana scientific mission team. Re: Botswana research and its perceptions. General correspondences with UF professor Michael Burridge. 1992
74 "Ecotourism gets a lift in Botswana" government document. 1992
75 Environmental management in Botswana - findings from a fact-finding mission regarding national wildlife policy. 1992
76 "Fragile Earth" - information on film Fragile Earth (produced by A. Pfisten) Correspondences relating controversies over the film (from BW high commissioner). 1992
77 "IUCN review of the southern Okavango integrated water development project" final report. 1992
78 "Livestock development and pastoral production on communal rangeland in Botswana" by Richard White during workshop on African Range Management policy. 1992
79 London Meetings-re:Botswana fact finding mission follow up correspondence, itineraries, and briefings. 1992
710 Okavango/Moremi color map: Marung - guide to the Okavango. 1992
711 Report of a fact finding visit to Botswana- general wildlife information by Per Wramner. 1992
712 "Report on a fact finding mission in northern Botswana" draft of a report by H. J. Cooke, Larry Harris, et. al.. 1992
713 Sir Ketumile Masire (2nd president of Botswana). 1992
714 Sir Ketumile Masire address at the United Nations (UN) Conference on Environment and Development. 1992
715 Zambezi-kavango biosphere reserve motivation documents (transitional) Grant application from WWF/SANFORD with attached correspondences and maps. 1992
716 "The cattle industry at the cost of Botswana's wildlife habitat" unpublished paper by Christine O'Brien. circa 1992
717 Correspondences (1990s): (related to Botswana). 1992-1994
718 "Botswana" a widely disseminated information packet including wide range of general information. circa 1993
719 Correspondences: Mr. Andrea Pfister (Switzerland). 1993-1994
720 "Botswana: environmental policies and practices under scrutiny - the (Rick) Lomba archives" by D. Williamson. 1994
721 "The Okavango project: support for grassroots conservation of the Okavango region of Southern Africa through sustainable use" proposal by Douglas and Gaeage Maher with attached correspondence with Larry Harris. 1994
722 "A study of the influence of isolated village settlements on the large mammal populations of the Miombo area" author unknown (Botswana). undated
1110 "Botswana" floppy disk. undated
1111 "Botswana" floppy disk. undated
723 "Botswana beef: what's at steak?" Information leaflet from the Okavango Wildlife Society re: Okavango desertification. undated
1112 Botswana cicada films VHS. undated
1113 Botswana files from A.U. [Pfistier?] floppy disk. undated
1114 Botswana files from A.U. [Pfistier?] floppy disk. undated
1115 Botswana files from A.U. [Pfistier?] floppy disk. undated
724 "Botswana's Okavango delta" tourist information booklet by A.C. Campbell - Division of tourism. undated
725 Controlled hunting area lease (Botswana) draft copy for fact finding team. undated

III. UF teaching, correspondence, papers.

Box Folder
726 Range management in East Africa miscellaneous articles. 1960, 1966, 1967
727 Correspondence: personal letters home to family. 1960-1977
728 Articles and other publications by other authors. 1963, 1968, 1983, 1993, 1994
81 Article drafts, off prints and photocopies. 1965, 1969, 1980, 1990, 1991, undated
82 "Wildlife competition with cattle in Kenya" by R. L. Casebeer and Richard Denney FAO document - Ad hoc working party on wildlife management- Fort Lamy, Chad. 1967
83 Work plan for range managemen in Kenya - by Larry White. NEF/AID. 1968
84 National range development project- technical plan summary and economic analysis (Kenya) - first draft by J. L. Fischer USAID/Ethiopia. 1969
85 "Survey of current wildlife research projects in east Africa" issue VI December 1970 - East African agriculture and forestry research organization. 1970
86 "The animal production society of Kenya - the commercial exploitation of wildlife" report by ISC Parker wildlife services, Ltd.. circa 1970
87 "Location of Masai settlements in relation to geomorphology, hydrology, and vegetation in Amboseli Game Reserve, Kenya" by D. Western and T. Dunno. Late 1970s
88 Notes and outlines for talks and seminars on Africa. 1970s
89 "Wildlife utilization" - handwritten lecture notes, overhead transparencies, et cetera. 1970s, 1980s
810 "Survey of current wildlife research projects in east Africa" issue VII and VIII June 1971 and December 1971 - East African agriculture and forestry research organization. 1971
811 "Wildlife utilization:" LDH lecture and presentation notes, David Hopcraft article on Sahel desertification. "Competitive uses of wildlife..." (Cameroon) by V. Balinga. IGF/FAO bulletin: first symposium on wildlife utilization. 1971-1983
812 "Economic value of wildlife in Africa" by A. de Vos and K. Kaittany. 1972
813 ADP 535 (animal production in the tropics) Lecture notes, course documents. 1978
814 Articles by Mike McGlothen. Utilization of wildlife for meat production in Zambia. Undomesticated animals and plants - book co-authored with P. Goldsmith + C. Fox. circa 1980-1984
815 "Area requirements and conservation status of large African mammals" by R. East (New Zealand). 1981
816 Bibliography resources compiled by C. R. Hunter on topics re: BW wildlife. circa 1990
118 Lecture: Larry Harris, Tape 4? Hitchcock bushes?? Cassette. 1992 November 28
817 "People, property, poverty and parks: a story of men, women, water and trees at Pwani" adopted by S. Mierke and B. Thomas- slayter from case study (same title), by D. Rocheleau et al.. 1992
818 Environment and development in Southern Africa - UF Symposium organized by L. Harris. 1992
819 Agricultural practices on African savannas: Can they be sustainable" by C. Hunter and L. D. Harris (includes correspondence with Thia Hunter). 1993
820 Luangwa valley documents by Stuart Marks with attached correspondence. Emerging framework documents. Paper sub. 1993
821 Lecture/presentation notes - comparative wildlife struggles, internationally and in Florida. circa 1995
822 Collector's notes on collection content. 2000 July 6, undated
823 Correspondence with David Anstey (former game warden and prominent figure in Tanzania wildlife development). 2001-2007
824 African overhead transparencies - maps, color photos and charts. undated
119 "Agroforestry in the Southwest U.S." by U. S. Forest Service cassette 11.45 minutes. undated
825 Articles and other publications by Harris. undated
1116 Food Issues in Africa cassette. undated
1117 Food Issues in Africa cassette Tape 1. undated
1118 Food Issues in Africa cassette Tape 2. undated
101 The Fragmented Forest: Aerial photographs (4) related to 5 draft map figures of western portions of Washington, Oregon, and Northern California.. undated
102 The Fragmented Forest: Hand drawn illustration drafts. undated
103 The Fragmented Forest: Map figures (3) with Mylar overlays showing potential for linking various wildlife areas: Conecuh National Forest, Blackwater River State Forest, and Elgin Air Force Base' Apalachicola National Forest and St. Marks National Wildlife Refuge; and Okefenokee national Wildlife Refuge and Osceola National Forest.. undated
826 Hotel and lodge brochures, safari tourism information. undated
827 "National parks and anti-poaching in Kenya, 1947-1957" by Edward I. Steinhart. undated
828 Student paper on racism in wildlife conservation, and "Applications of island biogeographic theory to nature preserves" by Larry Harris and R. M. Miller. undated
829 University of Dar Es Salaam and UF cooperation. undated

Selected Subjects and Access Terms

Botswana--Okavango River Delta
Environmental policy
Natural resources--Management
Tanzania--Mkomazi Game Reserve
Wildlife conservation

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