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A Guide to the George Fortune Papers

Finding aid created by Dan Reboussin

University of Florida Smathers Libraries - Special and Area Studies Collections
September 2015

Descriptive Summary

Creator: Fortune, G. (George), 1915-2012
Title: George Fortune Papers
Dates: 1869-2006
Bulk dates: 1945-1990
Abstract: George Fortune (1915-2012) conducted extensive research and wrote widely on Central and Southern African languages for over fifty years. His writings concerning the Shona language were crucial to the development of a standard Shona orthography, and he also played a key role in establishing African linguistics as a field of study at African universities. This collection reflects Fortune's roles as a student, priest, husband and father, teacher and university department chair, collector of oral stories and poetry, and co-author or editor of publications in Shona and on the languages and history of Zimbabwe. Materials concerning Shona language and culture are particularly well represented in the collection, including extensive notes and writings concerning Shona dialects, phonetics, stories, and songs.
Extent: 9 Linear feet. 16 Document boxes, 2 Oversized boxes, and 1 Oversized folder.
Identification: MS Group 205
Language(s): Includes materials written in English, Shona, and, to a lesser extent, Swahili, Ndebele, Xhosa, Sotho, and Portuguese.
Online ContentItems from this collection have been digitized and are available online in the UF Digital Collections. For more information please see the note below.

Biographical/Historical Note

George Glynn Fortune was born on July 31, 1915 in Bulawayo, Zimbabwe (then Southern Rhodesia). He attended Christian Brothers College, a Catholic boarding school in Kimberley, South Africa; Heythrop College in Oxford, England; was ordained as a Jesuit in 1942; served as a parish priest in Liverpool; and undertook coursework at the School of Oriental and African Studies, University of London, from 1943 to 1945. He returned to Southern Africa after World War II, engaging in a year of fieldwork with the Shona people and continuing his lifelong study of Southern Bantu languages. After receiving a Ph.D. in Bantu Languages from the University of Cape Town in 1950, Fortune was appointed lecturer within that Department (1951-1960). He was laicized at his request in 1956. In 1962, he became the first chair of the Department of African Languages, funded by the Ford Foundation at the University College of Rhodesia and Nyasaland (now the Department of African Languages and Literatures at the University of Zimbabwe). He married his wife Denise Helene Pellatt in 1967, adopting her children Julian and Deborah. Fortune retained his position at the University of Zimbabwe until his retirement as Professor Emeritus in 1980. Following an urgent heart operation in 1987, he and his family emigrated to Mold, Wales. He died there at age 97 on October 17, 2012. Denise predeceased him on August 18 of that year.

Professor Fortune conducted extensive research and wrote widely on Central and Southern African languages for over fifty years. His writings concerning the Shona language were crucial to the development of a standard Shona orthography, and texts such as Elements of Shona are regarded as canonical. Fortune also played a key role in establishing African linguistics as a field of study at African universities. Later in his career, Professor Fortune became very much involved in supporting the publication of Shona literature, such as praise poetry, modern poetry, and traditional stories. Fortune made an important contribution to the advancement and recognition of vernacular Shona literature, and worked extensively with several writers, such as A. C. Hodza and J. C. Kumbirai, who published with the Southern Rhodesia African Literature Bureau.

Scope and Content

Original collection:

The George Fortune Collection primarily contains material pertaining to Fortune's research and teaching concerning African linguistics, particularly the Southern Bantu linguistic groups. Materials concerning Shona language and culture are particularly well represented in the collection, including extensive notes and writings concerning Shona dialects, phonetics, stories, and songs. The papers include both Shona and English language materials, with Shona writings often accompanied by English translations.

Records include monographs, journals, unpublished manuscripts, reprints, typewritten and handwritten notes, notebooks, teaching and administrative papers, news clippings, ephemera, and a limited amount of correspondence. Also a part of this collection are tape recordings and large bound notebooks of notes and tape transcripts, which detail African stories and songs (in their original language and English translation). Fortune and his colleagues collected and recorded these materials while carrying out fieldwork and interviews in mid-twentieth century Africa.

Other noteworthy pieces of the collection include unpublished manuscripts by the Zimbabwean poet and scholar J. C. Kumbirai, a handwritten and bound (possibly original) copy of Hugh Tracey's classic text Ngoma, and a photograph and negative of A. C. Jordan. This collection also contains Rhodesian news clippings and ephemera.

2013 accretion:

The 2013 accretion of Fortune's manuscripts, a gift continuing and complementing the first, includes autobiographical materials such as personal correspondence relating to his decision to leave the priesthood, letters to his wife before and after their marriage, diaries, and draft memoirs (one addressed to his then-teenaged son, Julian). Academic manuscripts and typescripts throughout the collection are primarily in Shona and English, representing Fortune's academic interests and collaborative writing projects.

Fortune's papers reflect his roles as a student (earning medals both as a poet and champion boxer in 1931), priest, husband and father, teacher and university department chair, collector of oral stories and poetry, and co-author or editor of publications in Shona and on the languages and history of Zimbabwe. A few folders contain memoranda, correspondence, official statements or communiques, and reports collected during his administrative service as a department chair at the (then) University College of Rhodesia, and (later) University of Rhodesia (before it became the University of Zimbabwe in 1980). During this period, the Smith government fomented a crisis by interfering with student admissions, resulting in strikes by faculty and students (1966-1970). Several pamphlets and reports relate to the broader context, the Unilateral Declaration of Independence (1965) and resulting civil war known as the Second Chimurenga or Zimbabwe War of Liberation (1966-1980).

In addition to many individual letters throughout the collection, there are 20 years of correspondence between Fortune and his student and, later, colleague A. C. (Aaron) Hodza (together with related correspondence with Nekatambe) on recording and collecting language examples (1962-1982). Included is a long correspondence with Hazel Carter, a Tonga, Kongo, and Shona linguist who worked at the University of London, School of Oriental and African Studies, and is Professor Emerita of African Languages and Literature at the University of Wisconsin. Also included are some letters with Peter Malanchuk, Africana Bibliographer at the University of Florida, who acquired the original collection.

A variety of written collaborations provide evidence of Fortune's career as co-author, editor, and reviewer. Most numerous of these are papers by and with Hodza, including what was Fortune's last academic writing project, an unfinished commentary on Hodza's Ugo Hwamadzinza Avashona. Other authors represented include Herbert Chimhundu, African languages professor at the University of Zimbabwe and an author of fiction, sociolinguistics, and a Shona grammar and dictionary. Several versions of papers by Simon Taoneyi (or Tawoneyi) relate to a project on "The Way of the Life of the Zezeru in the District of Salisbury." Versions of a paper by Bruno Gasse on the "History of Chimanda Reserve" are also included, as are his commentaries and translations of recordings of Shona songs with Hugh Tracey. There are collections of stories and poetry from S. M. Mutswairo, W. B. Chivaura (possibly former students), and the missionary Reverend Francisque Marconnès, author of Comparative Bantu Phonetics with special reference to the Mashonaland dialects of Karanga and other works.

Fortune's academic predecessor and mentor, linguist Gérard Paul Lestrade (1897-1962), was (from 1925) the first head of the anthropology section of the South African Native Affairs Department. Included are a half-dozen of his lectures on national languages and related topics. Clement Martyn Doke (1893-1980) was among the first linguists in Africa to abandon a Eurocentric approach. Included is Fortune's undated draft bio-bibliography (published as part of the 1970 G. K. Hall Catalog of the Doke Collection), and a 95 page manuscript bibliography of Bemba group dialects (apparently in Doke's handwriting).

A wide variety of notes, lectures, lessons, draft manuscripts, corrected publications with editorial marks, commentaries, offprints, and successive editions of Fortune's own publications are included. Several items relating to cave paintings, including newspaper clippings and an indexed, annotated scrapbook of photographs of rock paintings indicate Fortune's apparent interest in Zimbabwean prehistory. His own secondary school grade reports, exam results, awards, degrees, portraits, and two honorary Doctor of Literature diplomas document a lifelong record of distinction in all of his academic pursuits.


This collection is organized into seven series: Series I: Writings by various authors, 1869-1982, undated;" "Series II. Writings by George Fortune, 1953-1979, undated;" "Series III. Teaching and administrative papers, 1929-1984, undated;" "Series IV. Research materials, 1929-1986, undated;" "Series V. Biographical and personal materials [2013 accretion], 1927-1990, undated;" "Series VI. Linguistic and other research materials [2013 accretion], 1943-2006, undated;" and "Series VII. Subject files [2013 accretion], 1952-2004, undated."

Access or Use Restrictions


This collection is open for research.

Usage Restrictions

Some of the autobiographical materials in this collection are governed by digitization restrictions. Please speak with the curator regarding use of these materials.

Related or Separated Material

Published materials from the George Fortune Collection are listed in the library catalog and can be located by searching for "George Fortune Collection."

Administrative Information

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The original 2007 finding aid for this collection can be found here.

Preferred Citation

[Identification of item], George Fortune Papers, Special and Area Studies Collections, George A. Smathers Libraries, University of Florida, Gainesville, Florida.

Acquisition Information

The original collection materials stemmed from a purchase of Fortune's monographs in 1987. The 2013 accretion to this collection was donated to the Smathers Libraries by A. J. Pelatt in January 2013.

Processing Notes

Folder titles and content notes are not definitive lists or comprehensive descriptions of contents, but an indication of the kinds of materials grouped therein. Some included materials do not fit in language and poetry categories, so they are grouped with personal writings, philosophical and religious writings, as well as a few stories or memoirs apparently relating to Fortune's schooling and religious training. Fortune's own academic and editorial writings have not been separated from the work of students and colleagues due to the collaborative nature of that work, much of which is not attributed in these draft versions.

In 2008 the audio cassette tape field recordings of folktales (Box 7) were digitized and the recordings are available in digital format on DVD. A list of the audio files accompanies the DVD and an inventory of the recordings is available online.

Materials from the 2013 accretion to this collection have been kept separate from the original collection (processed in March 2007) to maintain original order. The added series are labeled as such (e.g., "V. Biographical and personal materials [2013 accretion]").

Contents List

I. Writings by various authors. 1869-1982, undated

1 Abdallah, Yohanna B. (compiled by) and Meredith Sanderson (arranged, edited, and translated by). "The Yaos". 1919
1 Alves, Albano (Father). Maphembero a Akristau a Romano. Braga: Missoes Franciscanas. 1939
1 Carter, Hazel. "African Languages in Schools." Book review reprint. Africa. 1965 April
1 Chilmobo, A. "The Universities Mission to Central Africa". 1957
1 Cole, Desmond T. "Southern Sotho Phonology," "Southern Sotho Morphology," and "Problems in African Linguistics". 1960
1 Dill, A. W. "Rurimi Rwedu Rwechishona" (Shona). Includes handwritten notes and correspondence between Dill and Fortune. 1963
1 Doke, Clement M. "The Problem of Word Division in Bantu: With Special Reference to the Languages of Mashonaland." Occassional paper no. 2, Department of Native Development, Southern Rhodesia. 1929
1 Doke, Clement M. Bantu Language Pioneers of the Nineteenth Century. Johannesburg: University of the Witwatersrand Press (Reprinted from Bantu Studies, September 1940). 1940
1 Field, Annis S. "Tales of Some Northeastern Rhodesian Tribes." transcribed by H. Zulu (R.L.M). undated
1 Gray, Douglas. "Stories of the Ancient Lore of the Bene-Mukuni". 1961
1 Haasbrook, J. "English Commentary on Shona Love Poetry". 1977
1 Hendrikse, A. P. "The Explanatory Power of the Feature (Referential) in a Grammar of Xhosa". undated
1 Ikacana, N. S. "The History of the Makwanga." transcribed by H. Zulu (R.L.M.). undated
1 Kaemmer, John E. "Between the Event and the Tradition: A New Look at Music in Sociocultural Systems." Paper presented at the Annual Meeting for the Society of Ethnomusicology. 1974 November 2
1 Kazembe, Mwata (XIV). "History of the Luapula Luunda." With the assistance of E. Labrecque, (W. F.) translated from the Bemba with a foreword by Ian Cunnison. undated
1 Kolbe, (Reverend) F. W. The Vowels: Their Primeval Laws and Bearing upon the Formation of Roots in Herero, a Dialect of South-West Africa. J. C. Juta: Cape Town. 1869
1 Kumbirai, J. C. "Five Lectures on Shona Traditional Poetry and Song". 1968
1 Kumbirai, J. C. "Ngano as Material for both Cultural and Literary Study". 1978
1 Kumbirai, J. C. "The African and His Way of Life with Special Reference to Kinship and Good Neighborliness". 1978
1 Kumbirai, J. C. Miscellaneous lectures, Shona culture. 1979
1 Kumbirai, J. C. Mhururu yeZimbabwe. University of Zimbabwe. 1980
1 Kumbirai, J. C. Miscellaneous papers relating to Shona poetry. 1982, undated
1 Kumbirai, J. C. "Shona Bible Translation: The Work of the Reverend Michael Hannan S.J". undated
1 Kumbirai, J. C. "Nhoroondo yehurukuro yeVayeraSoko Chinamhora" (Shona). undated
1 Kumbirai, J. C. "Notes for an Edited Volume of African Literature". undated
1 Labrecque, E. (W. F.). "The Mwata Kazembes: A Summary of the History of the Lunda in Luapula Valley. 1947
1 Labrecque, E. (W. F.). "Fishing and Hunting Customs of the Luapula Mweru People". undated
1 Manyando, P. "Lozi Craftmanship". undated
1 Mathabela, E. "Sabela Zulu: A Zulu Praise Poem." Zulu, and English transcribed by A.T. Cope. undated
1 Mpashi, Stephen A. "The White Fathers Reach the BaBemba." transcribed by L.M.A. Simukonde. 1955
1 Mulsnda, Cungu (Chief), and other African Elders. "History of the Bena-Ng'oma." Assisted by E. Labrecque (W. F.). Translated from the Bemba by H. J. Nyirenda. 1946
1 Mupatu, Y. W. Untitled manuscript about Barotseland. undated
1 Mwale, E. B. "About the Cewa: The History and Customs of the Cewa People". undated
1 Nakumbi, Archibald J. "Funerals and Customs of the Cewa." transcribed by H. Zulu (R.L.M). undated
2 Ntabeni, M. G. Package of typescripts and notes titled "Zulu and Ndebele Texts". undated
2 Rycroft, David. Package of 5 manuscripts, with notes. 1975-1980
2 Setiloane, G. "How the Traditional World-View Persists in the Christianity of the Sotho." Pula (1):1. 1978
2 Silanda, H. E. "The Enslavement of Grandmother Mary." transcribed by L.H.A. Simukonda. undated
2 Soka, L. Daniel. "The History of the Lomwe". undated
2 Stevick, Earl W. "Phonology of Manyika Syllables" and "The Substantive Paradigms of Manyika". undated
2 Style, O-Lan and Colin Style (editors) Rhodesian Poets: A Selection of Contemporary Rhodesian Poetry. Edinburgh Press: Salisbury, Rhodesia. 1968
2 Summers, Roger. "The Dating of the Zimbabwe Ruins." Antiquity, June 1955. "Iron Age Culture of Southern Rhodesia." South African Journal of Science, November 1950. Reprints. Includes letter from Summers to Fortune, February 1956. 1950-1956
2 Syaamusonde, J. "Naayko". 1945
2 Tracey, Hugh. "Ngoma." Bound and handwritten (original copy?). Includes 1973 correspondence. 1973, undated
2 Van der Merwe, W. J. (Reverend). Shona Idea of God. Morgenster Mission Press: Fort Victoria. 1957
2 Wilson, Anna. "Preliminary Notes on the Mihavami (Lomwe) Language." Includes letter from Wilson to Fortune. 1961, undated
3 Various authors. "Some Notes on Shona Oral Literature." By members of the Department of African Languages, University of Rhodesia. 1970
3 No author. N'Ano ne Nano: Karanga Progressive Reading and Writing Handbook. Jesuit Mission Chishawasha: Marianhill Mission. 1921
3 No author. One-Hundred-and-Sixty-One Key Swahili Words and How to Use Them. Salama Publishers: Nairobi, Kenya. 1971
3 No author. "On the Nature of Language and Some Aspects of Sociolinguistic Behavior". 1978
3 No author. "What is Your Clan?". undated
3 No author. "How the Lunda Chiefs Came from the Capital of Luweji a Nkondi" and "Chedikiluwu Anyata awaLunda Mung'anda ya Luweji Ankondi" (Lunda) by Chief Ikelengi". undated
3 No author. "Gramatica Lomue." (Portuguese). Photocopy. undated

II. Writings by George Fortune. 1953-1979, undated

3 Fortune, George. "The Parts of Speech in Bantu." Reprint and typescript, with letter and comments by Desmond Cole. 1953
3 Fortune, George. "Soko Risina Musoro." Book review, reprint and typescript. circa 1958
3 Fortune, George. Elements of Shona. Longman: Salisbury, Rhodesia. 1967
3 Fortune, George. "Transitivity in Shona." Typewritten, 3 drafts. circa 1973
3 Fortune, George. "Conversational Shona." Two copies, typewritten and handwritten. 1979
3 Fortune, George. "A Companion to Elements of Shona." Handwritten notes. undated
3 Fortune, George. "Tswana Grammar." Typewritten. undated
3 Fortune, George. "Shona Marriage Regulations." Handwritten, with typewritten notes. undated

III. Teaching and administrative papers. 1929-1984, undated

4 Correspondence. 1929-1984, undated
4 Student exam books, Shona topics. 1953
4 Student exercise books, Bantu word structure, Bemba, and Tonga topics. 1946-1952
4 Administrative materials, syllabi, and lecture notes, University of Edinburgh, Department of Linguistics. 1979-1980, undated
4 Map and projector slide, "Language Families of Africa". undated
4 Administrative report and letter pertaining to D. F. Gowlett's Masters thesis. 1967, 1970
4 Miscellaneous meeting minutes. 1947, 1954, 1980
4 Chindau lessons and exercises.

IV. Research materials. 1929-1986, undated

4 Three notebooks, Shona phonetics and Bantu word stems. undated
4 Tape transcripts, Shona stories and songs. undated
5 Catechisms in Ndebele Language (2 items). circa 1900
5 Notes and news clippings, Shona topics. 1972, 1979, undated
5 Notes and ephemera, Rhodesian topics. 1929-1934, 1970-1976
5 Notebook of African stories, transcribed by various authors and with English translations. undated
5 African stories, typescripts. undated
5 Reprints of book reviews. 1956-1960, undated
5 Photo and negative of A. C. Jordan, and a newspaper article authored by Jordan. 1961, undated
5 Notes, handwritten. undated
5 Miscellaneous ephemera, news clippings, and notes. 1940-1986
5 "Shona Dialects and the Development of Standard Shona." Bound collection of typewritten notes. undated
5 Bulletin of the Language Association of Tanzania. 1968 December
5 Chrimo: A Rhodesian and International Journal of the Humanities, 2 (1). Includes Chirimo festival leaflet. 1969-1970
5 Photograph of Clement Martyn Doke. undated
6 Bound volume of tape transcripts of Shona stories and songs. Collected by George Fortune and K. G. Mkanganwi (presumed). Stories and songs in Shona, but with English introduction and exposition. undated
6 Lingua: Linguistic Journal of the University of Cape Town 1 (5). 1948 September
6 Journal of the South African Institute of Mining and Metallurgy 74(6). 1974 January
6 Ethnomusicology: Journal of the Society for Ethnomusicology, 20 (3). 1976 September
6 Teachers Forum 4 (10). 1977 October
6 Channel: The Official Organ of the Zimbabwe Artists and Writers Association. Volume 1. 1980 March
7 Tape recordings of folktales, made during field research conducted for Ngano. Includes digital reproductions of the recordings on DVD. For more information, consult the recordings inventory. undated (circa 1974)

V. Biographical and personal materials [2013 accretion]. 1927-1990, undated

8 George Fortune biographical material. Includes 2 page biographical summary; photographs, ephemera, and newspaper clippings. undated
8 Curriculum vitae, Rhodes University appointment documentypescript Includes professional correspondence. undated
8 George Fortune notebook. A leather covered binder with manuscript religious and personal notes. undated
8 George Fortune's notebooks. On religion, language; personal correspondence; journal/diaries. undated
8 Hopkins paper. "Hopkins and Scotism" Symposium paper [undated, unpaginated typescript regarding Gerard Manley Hopkins and John Duns Scotus]; "To whom it may concern" I and II [32 page typescript and 12 pagetypescript reflecting on a holiday with his mother]; "Passage through Prinknash" [undated, unattributed short stories including George Fortune and two school friends; Prinknash is a monastery in the Cotswolds]. undated
8 "Nawu dze testament ra kare" 56 page typescript [inscribed "This is a private document and may on no account be borrowed or lent - GF."]. undated
8 Personal letters, assorted correspondence, and photographs. 1965-1967, undated
8 Personal correspondence regarding leaving the priesthood. Includes related official correspondence and official form letter releasing Fortune from priestly duties dated April 22, 1967. (1 of 2). 1967, undated
8 Personal correspondence [including leaving priesthood]. (2 of 2). 1967, undated
8 Fortune memoirs - draft. Autobiographical typescripts and manuscripts, [one paginated to 105]. (1 of 2). undated
9 Fortune memoirs - draft [includes autobiographical letter to stepson Julian]. (2 of 2). undated
9 Diaries [Fortune]. (1 of 2). 1937, 1939
9 Diaries [Fortune]. (2 of 2). 1940-1941, 1944, 1950-1951
17 Medals: Christian Brothers College (CBC), Kimberley, South Africa - Football. 1927-1928
17 Medals: CBC - Fratres Christiani de Hibernia. Dux Preceptors Senior. 1930
17 Medals: CBC - Fratres Christiani de Hibernia. Dux Matriculation. G. G. Fortune. 1931
17 Medals: CBC - Tom Hill medal for Chemistry. G. G. Fortune. 1931
17 Medals: CBC - Rugby. 1931
17 Medals: CBC - Championship [Boxing] under 155 pounds. G. Fortune. 1931
17 Medals: CBC - Boxing. 1931
17 Medals: CBC - Poetry. 1931
17 Medals: CBC - History. 1931
17 Medals: CBC - English. 1931
17 Medals: University of Cape Town (UCT) - Social Anthropology, Course II. G. Fortune. 1947
17 Medals: UCT - Unknown - two copper or bronze medals, stuck in boxes. undated
17 Medals: Zimbabwe Independence Commemoration. 1980 April 18

Box Folder
18Env. 1 Writing in Zimbabwe, 1961-1979. Zimbabwe Centre of International P.E.N. pamphlet. 27 pages. circa 1980
18Env. 1 Literary Oscar '72. Book Centre of Rhodesia Award. "Supplement to Illustrated Life Rhodesia. 24 Aug. 1972". 1972
18Env. 1 Rhodesia Pioneers and Early Settlers Society membership [Certificate recognizing George Fortune's father, George Fortune as 1895 settler]. undated
18Env. 1 Portrait of George Fortune. Black and white photograph, mounted on red cardboard mat. undated
18Env. 1 African Language Association of Southern Africa (ALASA). Honorary member, 26 April 1990. Mounted in blue cardboard mat. [See related correspondence and more in Box 4]. 1990
18Env. 2 Assorted diplomas, exam certificates, and grade reports. 1927-1990
-OS1 Portrait photograph in color on linen. Fortune in University of South Africa academic regalia. 1990

VI. Linguistic and other research materials [2013 accretion]. 1943-2006, undated

9 Introduction to Shona Grammatical Constructions; H. Chimhundu; (1 of 2). undated
9 Introduction to Shona Grammatical Constructions; H. Chimhundu; (2 of 2). undated
9 Analytical review of the foundation of George Fortune's Grammars of Shona. undated
9 Shona Language Lessons numbers 1 to 63. undated
9 "Story of a Python." [Title is first of collection of English translations and Shona transcriptions of traditional stories, poems, songs]. 52 page typescript. undated
9 Shona poetry, includes Aaron Hodza's typescripts "Denhe renhetembo" and "Dura ramadetembedzo aVaShona" with editorial notes and remarks by Fortune. Nyanja-English word list. undated
9 Poetry analysis (notes regarding poetry on death). "Chivaura on death;" "Soko risina musoro (notes from C. Devlin's article…1959)." Includes mimeo: "Zimbabwe True Spirit Mediums and Ngangas Association of Central Africa. Burial Society." August 12, 1981 [single sheet newsletter]. 1981, undated
9 Clan Praises, [including "Shava yeManhize" typescript; "A Shona praise poem." 20 page typescript lecture at Cape Town School of African Studies]. Transcribed Shona poems, English translations, and notes. (1 of 2). circa 1930, 1939, 1974-1976, 1981, undated
9 Clan Praises. Transcribed and translated Shona poems, article reprints, and notes. (2 of 2). circa 1930, 1939, 1974-1976, 1981, undated
9 Folktales, Songs: edited typescript and manuscripts drafts in English and Shona including "Story of a Python" and others, as in Box 3. undated
10 History of Chimanda Reserve. Bruno Gasse typescript paginated 3a-80 with editorial marks, manuscript notes, maps, and genealogy charts. (1 of 2). undated
10 History of Chimanda Reserve. "Origin of the Clans in Chimanda Reserve." 76 page typescript interleaved with carbon copy. (2 of 2). undated
10 African languages of South Africa. Correspondence, article reprints, photocopied articles, ALASA [African Language Association of Southern Africa] citation of Honorary Membership to Professor George Glynn Fortune with typescript speech. UNISA [University of South Africa] travel correspondence. undated
10 Kugoca Kudo. [Kugocha kunoda] manuscript language notes with 41 pages negative photocopy. undated
10 Lists of poems with notes ("Ndyaringo"). Includes manuscript notes, drafts with editorial marks, translations, and transcriptions of Hodza's and other poems. Examples include "Kususukidza svinga nechiswa," "My Beloved Has Gone," "Chikaido," "Marutenga". undated
10 Madetembedzo Echizezuru. (Zezeru Poems) "Presented to Prof. Father G. Fortune na S. M. Mutswairo, B.Sc. Dip. Ed." Howard Secondary Department, Glendale, S. R. undated
10 Shona verse - includes newspaper clippings. Includes manuscript letter dated 14 April 1959 from poet W. B. Chivaura to "Rev. Father G. Fortune". 1957-1959, undated
10 Religious poems. "Zvemidzimu navari Kumhepo" 1 page typescript; "Ziriwosehwa kuMatsvitsi" 1 page typescript; "Feso" 2 page typescript; "Chinérino" 3 single page typescripts with manuscript notes; "Ndudzo" 3 single page typescripts with manuscript notes. Includes manuscript contextual letter from G. Kingsley Garbett with typescript ritual text transcription, "The beer of the rain: the land shrine of Chihwahwa". undated
10 Hodza, A. Collection of Korekore stories; Oral lessons, S. Makawa. "Native Stories collected by Reverend F. [Francisque]. Marconnès, S.J." 23 page typescript. undated
10 Ugo Hwamadzinza Avashona, Aaron Hodza. Photocopy of 1974 book with manuscript editorial notes; "Shona texts in registers, 1975;" Letter from Roger Howman typescript 1 page 7 September 1990; "Creative work at secondary school level in Shona and English: Exploiting the resources of Shona culture." Lameck Mhondoro 11 page typescript Shona seminar questions and papers. 1990, undated
10 Commentary on Ugo Hwamadzinza Avashona manuscript [draft or notes?]; Shona: language lessons, list of literary terms, registers. (1 of 2). undated
10 Commentary on Ugo: Nhango. typescript transcriptions and manuscript notes; "Frames for comparison and contrast in Shona Poetry," Fortune, 1975. 7 page typescript "Murenga." Typescript transcription and translation. (2 of 2). 1975, undated
10 Imba Yedu Mugariro Womunhu Aneimba Yake. 128 page typescript with manuscript editorial marks. undated
10 Imba Yedu Mugariro Womunhu Aneimba Yake. 128 page second typescript with manuscript editorial marks. undated
11 Comparative Bantu Phonetics with special reference to the Mashonaland dialects of Karanga; Karanga explained and simplified, lessons I-V: "Easy lessons in Karanga." Karanga orthography on the lines of the official recommendations but without new symbols with letter placed within. "Supplement Chapter 1. Phonetics." Carbon copies of an untitled/partial typescript [a glossary of B words from m'Banga to Banzura]. The Zezeru or Central Dialect of Karanga ... by Reverend F [Francisque]. Marconnès, S.J. (Zambezi Mission). undated
11 Language exercise books, notebooks. "Chant," "Translation," "Vocabulary: Birth Customs, Ancestor Worship," "Bushmen…1933," "G. Fortune." Vocabulary topics include fields, crops, bead plaiting, and more. undated
11 Shona language - botanical names. Other species name lists and correspondence, includes word lists for trees (1948), animals, birds, insects, fungi. Partial typescript "The Way of the Life of the Zezeru in the district of Salisbury" (sections on crops, fruit). Chad Chipunza letter regarding student manuscript (16 September 1952). 1948, 1952, undated
11 Shona speech styles, registers. "Aspects of literary style in Shona" 3 page typescript; manuscript notes in Shona and English, some signed by A. Hodza. "Linguistic aspects of social change," "Football match," "Self praises with mixed languages," letters [including love letter to "Miss Betty" in mixed Shona and English]. undated
11 Reports on the qualificative in Zulu. "Xhosa tone" reprint; email correspondence from 2006 listing Fortune's offer of Ndebele materials to African Languages Research Institute; correspondence regarding 1980 payment for external examiner review of "Qualificative in Zulu" dissertation. 1980, 2006, undated
11 Hazel Carter correspondence. Includes personal letters, recommendations for academic positions, accounting and invoice sheets (books, travel, more), examination reviews. (1 of 2). 1971-1983
11 Hazel Carter correspondence. Includes personal letters, recommendations for academic positions, accounting and invoice sheets (books, travel, more), examination reviews, trip report. (2 of 2). 1964-1971
11 Shona songs. "Shona songs including texts of songs recorded by Hugh Tracey and Bruno Gasse. Notes on Mutswaisos's Nursery Songs and extensive notes on Sh. Sung genres by Mrs. Tennant 1961." Transcriptions, translations, and notes [some with recording identifications, for example Mbiriwiri "Columbia WEA 1907/2"]. 1961, undated
11 Hodza and Nekatambe - Correspondence mostly regarding the recording and collection of language examples. Includes a few letters by other correspondents, with one letter from Office of the District Commissioner regarding words used by Shona "Communist Terrorists". 1962-1982
11 History of the Customs of the Cewa People [Nyanja]. Draft bio-bibliography of Clement Martyn Doke by G. Fortune. 26 page typescript with manuscript editing marks with 3 page manuscript notes. "About the Acewa: History of the Customs of the Cewa People" by E. B. Mwale. 18 page typescript along with second carbon copy typescript. undated
11 Praise poetry. Correspondence on an unattributed quote from Shona Praise Poetry. Review of Leaf and Bone [Gleason 1980 book on praise poems]. 1983, undated
12 Thoughts on a life prayer - Fr. M. Eugene Boylan. Mimeo 28 page pamphlet. undated
12 Shona praise poetry - Proof. With manuscript editorial marks. A. C. Hodza, editor. Oxford University Press. 401 pages. undated
12 II: Love Poems; VI: Ndyaringo. Mimeos, 55 pages and 23 pages by G. Fortune. 1970 June
12 Shona Grammatical Constructions, Volume 2 (a) and (b). Reprint of third edition. 160 pages with "Some notes on ideophones ..." paginated as 175-193 [2 copies]. 1994, undated
12 Shona Grammatical Constructions, Part II. Fourth edition. [171 page laser printed typescript]. 2004
12 Review of Chiwome's A critical history of Shona poetry by George Fortune, 8 page laser printed typescript with manuscript editorial marks. 1998
12 The Role of Utani... reprint of article by Stephen Lucas with notes on scrap paper. undated
12 Traditional poetry - notes. Includes manuscript "Outline for Heinemann Book," typescript "Zviri Muchinokoro". undated
12 Shona poetry and reviews. Editorial and translation typescripts and manuscripts, including love poems. undated
12 Nhembo. Poetry editing typescripts and manuscripts, including poems on death. undated
12 Notes on Shona structure. Includes 1 page typescript "A farmer's waggish boast to a sparring partner". undated
12 Shona poetry and correspondence. Includes Chewa history, poems, correspondence with publishers and International P.E.N. regarding posthumous publishing of Hodza poems in English translation. (1 of 2). 1996, undated
12 Shona poetry. Editorial, notes, and translation typescripts and manuscripts, including topics on rejection, criticism or fault finding, and an orphan's complaint against society. Some with "Nheketarwa" or Hodza's name noted. (2 of 2). undated
12 Ndyaringo - Love songs. Title list. Includes typescript draft and manuscript notes for Fortune, "Nhango and Ndyaringo: Two complementary poetic genres." Item songs. 1974, undated
13 Shona Praise Poetry. Volume 1 (of 3) bound typescript Hodza and Fortune's Shona Praise Poetry, clan praises of the Tembo, Soko, Moyo and love poems, personal praises, fighting boasts and professional boasts.. undated
13 Shona Praise Poetry. Volume 2 and 3 (of 3) bound typescript Hodza and Fortune's Shona Praise Poetry, clan praises of the Tembo, Soko, Moyo and love poems, personal praises, fighting boasts and professional boasts.. undated
13 Outline grammar of Bantu, 65 page typescript by C. M. Doke. 1943
13 Bemba group dialects - C. M. Doke, 95 page manuscript bibliography. [Attached note: "Doke Collection acquired by Library of UZ. A biographical bibliographical sketch of CM Doke incorporated in the published Catalogue [of the C. M. Doke Collection of African Languages. 1970 G. K. Hall]. Corrections in pencil by CMD". undated
13 Pamphlets: Reprints/offprints of Fortune's articles and other authors' linguistics pamphlets (regarding African language orthography, spelling, and more) including Tso Tso volume 1, number 1, and Library Association of Central Africa Newsletter volume 4, number 6. 1964, 1989, undated
13 Correspondence and African languages booklist. Bulk is 89 page photocopied Fortune book collection catalog; related correspondence with Peter Malanchuk following UF acquisition. circa 1988-1996
13 Language making in Mashonaland - A. S. Cripps and related photocopied journal articles. undated
13 Manuscripts "Shona clan praise poetry" Chapters 1 and 3: "Prayers and offerings to the spirit elders." Chapter 1 is 20 page typescript computer printout, chapter 3 same but unpaginated. undated
13 "A. C. Hodza, Creative interpreter of Shona traditional poetry: A personal tribute." by George Fortune (photocopy). undated
13 Offprints - Zimbabwean rock paintings; Bollong stone age cave research (2 articles). 1986, undated
14 Pamphlets and bulletins mostly on archaeology, paleoanthropology, Iron Age settlement. undated
14 English Deptartment staff seminar - R. S. Roberts "First use of "Zimbabwe" to designate an organization" 7 page mimeo. 1989
14 Cave paintings - Newspaper clippings from The Independent and Le Monde. 1990, 1997
14 Cave paintings - prints (3). "Nswatugi cave (Matopos)". undated
14 CACC Conversational Shona. Correspondence course study guide. Includes 3 audio cassette tapes. undated
14 CACC Conversational Shona. 3 audio cassette tapes. undated
14 A. C. Hodza, "Some poems in translation." Lectures: pamphlet bound mimeo typescript; "Love poems" 55 page mimeo typescript. undated
14 Sixteen Poems - A. C. Hodza, mimeo typescript. 1970
14 Shona registers, Volumes 2 and 3 - A. C. Hodza. Pamphlet bound 105 page and 42 page typescripts Mercury Press (reprint). 1984, 1986
14 Fortune with A. C. Hodza Conversational Shona first edition. (formerly spiral bound 207 page mimeo typescript with 30 page additional exercises). 1976
14 Poems and translations, Volume 1 and 2. Spiral bound booklet with pasted computer printout typescript sheets and indexes. Volume 1, 41 pages, Volume 2, 15 pages (last entries loose, possibly incomplete). undated
14 Shona grammatical constructions - Volume 1a and 1b (possibly draft fourth edition). Computer laser print typescripts with manuscript editorial marks. undated
14 "Mugariro Wavazezuru Mumutunhu Weharare." Chitsauko 1: Zvipfeko kana zvisimiro. 50 page typescript with manuscript editorial marks. undated
15 "Mugariro Wavazezuru Mumutunhu Weharare." [copy 2 with different editorial marks, added table of contents, and more]. undated
15 "A Note on the Languages of Barotseland." 26 page typescript with manuscript editorial marks and notes. undated
15 Dukamazwi Rechishonda - Herbert Chimhundu. Shona dictionary in Shona [review]. Unpaginated dot matrix typescript computer printout with laser printed typescript draft. undated
15 Praise poetry - papers, typescript, and reprints; "Shona poetry" 3 page typescript; "Three Kalanga praise poems" 18 page typescript; "Shona praise-poetry" offprint. 1974, undated
15 Offprints and copies of papers by George Fortune. "Future of African Languages," "Shona language," "A Shona love poem" includes lectures, Libraries in Central Africa meeting agenda with report on Shona language. (1 of 2). 1971-1990
15 Offprints and copies of papers by George Fortune. Includes lectures, "Who was Mwari?" Part 2 of 2. 1971-1990
15 "The Bantu Languages (Linguistics)." Unpaginated typescript (possible lecture). undated
15 "Bantu Oral Literature." Unpaginated typescript (possible lecture). undated
15 "The Dramatic Aspect of Shona Traditional Performances." 15 page typescript S.A. [South Africa] Institute symposium. 1979
15 Forms of praise and salutation between Shona clans. Mimeo 8 page typescript. undated
18 Rock Paintings, Volume 1. 48 page indexed photograph album with manuscript descriptions of taped snapshot prints. Includes related news clippings and Shell Gazetteer Road map of Rhodesia, 1:2,500,000 (with historical notes). [See related material in Box 8]. undated

Box Folder
-OS1 Rhodesia. Printed map with political boundaries (state, province, district) and 0-100 mile; 0-150 kilometer scales. Marked with language/dialect areas in black, pink, red, purple, green marker (for example, Chikunda, Nyungwe, Sena, Hlengwe, Venda, Birwa, Tswana, Ndebele, Tonga). undated
-OS1 Rhodesia. 10 blueprint copies of same political map, 9 marked with individual language areas. undated
-OS1 Genealogy charts (2), one with descendants of Mutota on white cardstock, other with descendants of Dzivaguru on pink cardstock paper. undated
-OS1 Figure demonstrating clan affiliations of "Chipo" [Ego's] family. Mother, father, brother, sister, cousins, grandparents, ancestors with Giraffe, Buffalo, Porcupine, Monkey clans. undated
-OS1 Rhodesia relief. Government of Rhodesia, 1973. Language groups are indicated in colored markers [green for Shona dialects, red for Ndebele, and blue for others]. 1973

VII. Subject files [2013 accretion]. 1952-2004, undated

This series is arranged into three subseries: "VIIa. University of Rhodesia crisis, 1957-2004, undated;" "VIIb. Simon Taoneyi, undated;" and "VIIc. Gerard Lestrade, 1952, undated."

VIIa. University of Rhodesia crisis. 1957-2004, undated

15 University of Rhodesia crisis (administrative memos, personal correspondence related to emergency powers closure of university, Student Union statements related to campus strike). 1966
15 The Birley Report regarding student strikes of June 1970: Report on student strikes; Installation of Queen as President pamphlet; student statements; "The University College in Rhodesia: Background to the events of March to May, 1966." and "Crisis in the University: An account of the events at the University College of Rhodesia and Nyasaland, March-April, 1966." (1 of 2). 1957, 1970-1971, undated
15 Birley Report (related materials, statements, university memoranda). (2 of 2). 1957, 1970-1971, undated
15 Declaration of martial law in Rhodesia [memorandum]. Pamphlets by Catholic Commission for Justice and Peace in Rhodesia: Analysis of Salisbury Agreement [unique OCLC holding at SOAS]; Proposals for a Settlement. Message and Appeal from Church Leaders to the Christian People of Rhodesia (Unitas Press) [unique OCLC holding at Univ. Cape Town]. Ernest Bulle campaign brochure. 1969, 1971, 1978-1979
15 Assorted records regarding Zimbabwe Liberation War. Includes pamphlets by Catholic Commission for Justice and Peace in Rhodesia including: Man in the middle [unique OCLC holding at Univ. Kwazulu-Natal]; Civil War in Rhodesia… report. Includes correspondence, drafts, commission memoranda of agreement, and contracts with publishers and with Central African Correspondence College (CACC) for Shona language books and courses (including Conversational Shona, Elements of Shona, and Shona Grammatical Constructions). Newspaper clippings, promotional brochure, and more. 1975-1981, 1990-2004

VIIb. Simon Taoneyi. undated

15 Simon Taoneyi notebooks 1-3. Undated manuscript notebooks in pencil (continuous pagination). "Mugariro wo munhu Aneimba yake Maywi dentangisa" and "Imba yedu". undated
15 "Mugariro wavazezuru Vakare" [Taoneyi?] (typescript with copy-editing marks). undated
15 "The Way of the Life of the Zezeru in the district of Salisbury." 51 page typescript [was wrapped in Vienna Boys Choir program]. "The Way of the Life of the Zezeru a Long Time Ago," manuscript in pencil with manuscript in pen beginning chapter 7 "Ancestral Spirits" 73 pages. undated
16 Taoneyi draft. "The Way of the Life of the Zezeru in the district now called Salisbury." 56 page typescript with photocopy. undated
16 Draft typescripts and manuscripts by Simon Taoneyi with Fortune draft chapter [published 2008 in African Perspectives: Pre-colonial History, Anthropology, and Ethnomusicology], "Aspects of Life Among the Shawasha of Pre-Rhodesian Days: A Selection ... from a manuscript by Simon Taawoneyi". undated

VIIc. Gerard Lestrade. 1952, undated

16 Gerard Lestrade (1897-1962) obituary, correspondence regarding obituary, related published articles, reprints, and news clippings. (1 of 5). undated
16 "National language movementypescript" 25 page typescript; "The grammarian's funeral." 18 page typescript [speeches?]. (2 of 5).. undated
16 "International languages." 33 page typescript "Basic English" 32 page typescript; "National language movements." University of Cape Town (UCT) extension lecture, October 1952. 26 page typescript. (3 of 5).. 1952, undated
16 "National language movements," "Basic English," and similar UCT extension typescript lecture notes or papers. (4 of 5). undated
16 UCT extension typescript lecture notes: "The ethnic history of the native peoples of South Africa." 1952. (5 of 5). undated

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Bantu languages
Doke, Clement M. (Clement Martyn), 1893-1980
Fortune, G. (George), 1915-2012
Lestrade, G. P. (Gerard Paul), 1897-1962
Shona language

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