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A Guide to the Arthur R. Marshall, Jr. Papers

Finding aid prepared by Dept. Staff

University of Florida Smathers Libraries - Special and Area Studies Collections

March 2005

Descriptive Summary

Creator: Marshall, Arthur R., Jr., 1919-1985.
Title: Arthur R. Marshall, Jr. Papers
Dates: 1943-2014
Bulk dates: 1954-1985
Abstract: Manuscripts, correspondence, and other papers of a biologist/ecologist regarding the restoration of water flow in South Florida and other environmental issues.
Extent: 5.5 Linear feet. 11 Boxes.
Identification: MS Group 073
Language(s): English

Biographical/Historical Note

Art Marshall was born March 2, 1919, in Charleston, S.C., but grew up in South Florida. He served in the Florida National Guard and the U.S. Army during World War II. Marshall received a B.S. degree from the University of Florida in 1953, and a M.S. from the University of Miami in 1956. Following the completion of his formal education he worked for the United States Fish and Wildlife Service for fifteen years as a biologist and an administrator. Upon retirement from Fish and Wildlife, he joined the faculty of the University of Miami as Director of the Division of Applied Ecology and Professor (1970-73). He moved to Interlachen, Fl., in 1974. He served as visiting faculty at the University of Florida, worked as an environmental consultant, and was an environmental activist. He died Feb. 18, 1985, in Gainesville. During his career, Marshall served as a member of the Governing Board of the Central and South Florida Flood Control District and as chairman of the St. Johns River Water Management District board. He received numerous awards for his environmental activities, which as a private citizen were concentrated upon restoration of natural water flow in South Florida, from the Kissimmee River basin to the Everglades.

An endowed chair, the Arthur R. Marshall, Jr. Professor of Ecological Sciences, was created in his honor at the University of Florida and the Loxahatchee National Wildlife Refuge, near Palm Beach, was renamed for Marshall. A file pertaining to the endowed chair may be found in the Archie Carr Papers.

1919Born Charleston, South Carolina
1925Moved with family to Palm Beach
1946Honorably discharged, U.S. Army
1953B.S., University of Florida
1956M.S. University of Miami
1955-1969U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service, Biologist and Administrator
1970-1973Director of the Division of Applied Ecology and Professor, University of Miami
1972-1973Governing Board, Central and South Florida Flood Control District
1973-1974Urban and Regional Development Center, University of Florida
1974-1975Chairman, Governing Board of the St. Johns River Water Management District
1985Died, Feb. 18

1919Born Charleston, South Carolina
1925Moved with family to Palm Beach
1946Honorably discharged, U.S. Army
1953B.S., University of Florida
1956M.S. University of Miami
1955-1969U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service, Biologist and Administrator
1970-1973Director of the Division of Applied Ecology and Professor, University of Miami
1972-1973Governing Board, Central and South Florida Flood Control District
1973-1974Urban and Regional Development Center, University of Florida
1974-1975Chairman, Governing Board of the St. Johns River Water Management District
1985Died, Feb. 18

Scope and Content

The Marshall Papers consist of manuscripts and printed texts of his writings, correspondence, documents from numerous government and private organizations, and secondary material documenting his own efforts and his interest in protecting and restoring Florida's environment. Although there are papers from all three phases of Marshall's career, the bulk are from the periods when he was at the University of Miami and his nominal retirement years. It appears that Marshall was planning a book on general ecology for which he had saved sources, often marking them with subject descriptors and sometimes with the term "Book." Some brief manuscript fragments for such a book are preserved.

In addition to the areas already noted, other subjects with significant involvement include papers relating to the South Florida, particularly the problem of water-flow restoration, the Everglades Jetport, Big Cypress Swamp, the Cross Florida Barge Canal, details of his involvement with the two water management districts, state government, and environmental organizations, especially the Florida Defenders of the Environment and the Florida Wildlife Federation, his appointment with the University of Miami, awards received, and consultation for Florida Power and Light and others. Nat Reed, one time assistant secretary of the Interior, is extensively represented, especially with regards to south Florida, in the papers. Marjory Stoneman Douglas is represented through a group of letters. Hydrologist Garald G. Parker, ecologists George Cornwell, folk singer Jessie Freeling, and writer Polly Redford, are among others whose work is included in the papers. Also included is a copy of a typed manuscript, Florida's Land Crisis, by Luther Carter, an early version of his Florida Experience (1972). Documents from several conferences in which Marshall participated, including the 1975 Earth Care Conference in New York, may be found. Marshall apparently kept almost no copies of his own correspondence, so most of the letters are ones received by him.


The Papers are organized in the following manner: published and unpublished writings, correspondence, papers regarding awards received by Marshall, South Florida Papers regarding the Kissimmee River basis, Lake Okeechobee, the Everglades, including the Holey Land and Rotenberger Tract, the south Florida water conservation areas and canals, the Everglades National Park, and the proposed Everglades Jetport. The remainder are organized alphabetically, either by personal, corporate, or place name, or by subjects.

Access or Use Restrictions


The collection is open for research.

Related or Separated Material

The University of Florida Smathers Libraries holds several other collections related to Florida environmental issues, including the papers of Archie Carr, Nathaniel P. Reed, and the Florida Defenders of the Environment.

Administrative Information

Preferred Citation

[Identification of item], Arthur R. Marshall, Jr. Papers, Special and Area Studies Collections, George A. Smathers Libraries, University of Florida, Gainesville, Florida.

Acquisition Information

The Papers were donated to the University of Florida Foundation for the use of the University Libraries by Marshall's wife, Kathlene A. Eppen Marshall, in 1991. The 1998 Addendum materials were sent to the Department of Special Collections in May, 1998, by Mike Marshall who received them from an unknown source. The 2016 addition was donated by Robert D. Holt from the Arthur R. Marshall, Jr. Foundation for the Everglades after it closed its operations.

Processing Notes

For the most part, the folder headings and contents are as Marshall maintained them. However, most of the papers relating to the south Florida ecosystem were received in an unorganized state. Secondary materials which did not reflect Marshall's own participation, or did not relate significantly to issues on the Florida environment were weeded from the Papers.

Finding aid was updated in March 2019 to include a 2016 addition from the Arthur R. Marshall Jr. Foundation for the Everglades.

Contents List

Published and Unpublished Writings.

1 "Approaches to Environmental Action You Can Use," Ecology Week - Pfeiffer College - SUSGA, mimeographed copy. March, 1971
1 Cities, fragment and notes. [197?]
1 "The Curve of Cultural Stress," Miami Interaction, v.3, no.2 (Winter, 1972); "Energy and Growth," - Cf. Governor's Conference of Energy Supply and Use.
1 "Energy and the Human Environment, a Historical Perspective," typed ms. fragment. [197?]
1 Everglades - "Repairing the Florida Everglades," April 1, 1983 and "Florida Must Dechannelize the Lower Kissimmee River," April 2, 1983, letter to Marjory S. Douglas et al, asking for comments; reply from Susan Wilson with revisions and statement by Marshall on "Status of the [Marshall] Plan," 1983 [Cf. South Florida papers below for related material.].
1 [Florida Environment] fragmentary typed ms. [197?]
1 Ecological Aspects of Alternative Cooling Plans for the Ft. Myers Plant of the Florida Power and Light Company;, with correspondence. [1973]
1 Background Documentation for Report [Florida Power and Light Company]. 1958-1959
1 Report to Florida Power and Light Company on Environmental Aspects of the MS Tract (Flagler County) as a Potential Power Generating Site; a. and typed mss., correspondence, maps, other documentation. 1974
1 Northern Area Plant Sites. Florida Power and Light Office Memoranda on the Milligan Spalding (MS) and Other Sites. 1973
1 Government Management of the Ecosystem; notes. [197?]
1 Miscellaneous ms. fragments and notes. [197?]
1 "On the Nature of the Environmental Crisis," American Society of Limnology and Oceanography, Florida State University, Tallahassee (2 copies). March 21, 1972
1 Population - A. notes and ms. fragments. [197?]
1 Presentation to the Florida Senate Natural Resources Committee. October 19, 1971
1 "A Proposal To Establish the Florida Environmental Institute". March, 1972
1 "Quality of Life," note. [197?]
1 A Review of Water Resource Projects and Problems in Central and South Florida; Statement to the Governor and Cabinet of Florida. April 13, 1971
1 "Role of the Citizen," fragment, stapled to "Genetic Engineering article. [1972?]
1 "Role of the Professions," Chapter ? with notes. [197?]
1 Scientists and Science; several fragmentary a.mss. and notes. [197?]
1 "South Florida - A Case Study in Carrying Capacity," Presented to the American Association for the Advancement of Science (AAAS) Washington, Dec. 29, 1972, and Abstract in Veritas, v. 13, no.10, Jan. 29, 1973. 1972-1973
1 "Statement by Arthur R. Marshall," Timely Topics, v.1, no.1. May, 1972
1 Technology; a.notes and secondary sources. [197?]
1 "Tim - And Many Others," Chapter 1. [197?]
1 "The Unity of Systems, a Lesson in Survival for Florida,": fragment. [197?]
1 Untitled talks; notes. [197?]


1 Douglas, Marjory Stoneman. 1971-1982
1 Edwards, Mark/Nixon Smiley. 1971
1 Elder, Marsha. 1978
1 Environmental Protection Agency. 1975
1 Field, Henry. 1971
1 Fish and Wildlife Service (U.S. Dept. of Interior) Correspondence re: Marshall's Career. 1955-1973
1 Florida Governor and Cabinet. 1970-73
1 Florida Power and Light Co. - Re: Proposed South Dade Nuclear Site. 1975
1 Horton, Allan H. (Sarasota Herald-Tribune). 1974-75
1 International Engineering Company. 1979
1 Lynagh, K. T. (WPGL-TV10). 1973
1 Manasota 88 (Betty Rushton). 1974
1 Members of the U.S. Congress. 1973-1975
1 Miscellaneous, personal. 1968-1982, n.d.
1 Nominations of Marshall to position of executive director of the Florida DNR. 1971
1 Reed, Nathaniel P. 1970-1983
1 Roberts, Paul, with copy of article. 1971
1 Rogers, Lyman. Letters to Marshall and others, copies of statements. 1970-1975
1 Shevin, Robert L. (Includes copy of Remarks to the Florida Wildlife Federation, Orlando, Sept. 27, 1975). 1971-1978
1 Veri, Albert. Correspondence with Marshall and copies of papers. 1969-1972


2 National Science Foundation Fellowship. 1954
2 U.S. Dept. of Interior Length of Service Award. 1961
2 Izzak Walton League and Loyal Order of Piling Painters. 1963-1964
2 U.S. Dept. of Interior Distinguished Service Award. 1968-1969
2 Florida Audubon Society Award for Outstanding Conservation Service. 1969
2 Governor's Conservation Award. 1970
2 Florida Wildlife Federation Outstanding Conservationist Award. 1971-72
2 Tropical Audubon Society (Miami) Conservation Award. 1973
2 National Wildlife Federation Special Conservation Award. 1975

South Florida Papers.

2 Buttonwood Lock - Environmental Assessment by Army Corps of Engineers. July, 1976
2 Everglades - Correspondence, news release, reports. 1971, n.d.
2 Everglades - "Repairing the Florida Everglades Basin," Summary, June 11, 1971, with copy of letter from Birch Bayh to Rogers Morton, July 22. 1971
2 Everglades - Correspondence and documents of Friends of the Everglades and National Audubon Society re: Everglades protection. 1982-1983
2 Everglades - Proposal (SFWMD) for a New Control Structure in L-39 (Annotation by Nat Reed and Marshall). April 13, 1983
2 Everglades - Statements by Citizen groups on Everglades and South Florida Environment. [ca. 1983]
2 Everglades - Save Our Everglades (Bob Graham). 1983-1984
2 Everglades Agricultural Area. Draft Management Plan, August 22, 1975; Response by R. Daniel Dunford, Feb. 19, 1976. 1975-1976
2 Everglades Jetport - Corps of Engineers Letter Regarding Impact of Replacement Airport for the Everglades Jetport. Jan. 22, 1982
2 Everglades Jetport - Letter from U.SA. Environmental Protection Agency to Marjory Stoneman Douglas with accompanying documentation and annotation by Marshall. August 26, 1982
2 Everglades Jetport - Site 14 Jetport Meeting (South Florida Water Management District). 1982
2 Everglades National Park - Reports, statements, etc. 1969-1975
2 Everglades National Park - Statement of Robert L. Kelley... at Hearing H.R. 5976--the Proposed National Park System Resources Evaluation and Management Act of 1982. June 22, 1982
2 Everglades National Park - "Water, the Pulse of the Glades," by Wendy Wheeler, National Parks, with annotations by Marshall. 1982
2 Everglades National Park - Documents of Nat Reed and SFWMD re: Restoration, etc. 1983
2 Everglades National Park - House Subcommittee on Public Lands Visit. Letter from Nat Reed and Newspaper article. May, 1-2, 1983
2 Everglades National Park - Minutes of Emergency Meeting of the Governing Board of the SFWMD. April 5, 1983
2 Everglades National Park - Memorandum of Agreement... Army Corps of Engineers, SFWMD, and the National Park Service for the Purpose of Protecting the Quality of Water Entering Everglades National Park. Feb. 1984
2 Everglades National Park - Monthly Updates on Activities Relating to Everglades NP (SFWMD). 1983-1984
2 Everglades National Park - Statement by Gary Hendrix (NPS) to SFWMD, March 10, 183, accompanied by Memorandum from Nat Reed, and Annotated by Marshall. March 14, 1983
2 Everglades National Park - Summary of SFWMD Emergency Meeting, with note from N. Reed to Marshall. April 15, 1983
2 Everglades National Park - Water Supply, Notes from James Hartwell to Marshall. Letters, newspaper articles enclosed. March, 1983
2 Holey Land Biological Baseline Study (Game and Fresh Water Fish Commission). 1982
2 Holey Land - Faults of Holey Land Reservation Plan; a.notes. [ca. 1980]
2 Holey Land - Seepage Investigation for the Holey Land by Bruce L. Cutright [et al] (CSFFCD) with annotations by Marshall. [1975?]
2 Holey Land - Rotenberger Tract (Relates primarily to proposed lease of Land to sugar companies) Correspondence by Marshall, documents (Cf. Rotenberger Tract). 1974-1984
3 Holey Land - Rotenberger Tract. Memorandum of Agreement between DER, BTIITF, SFWMD, and GFWFC, Draft #3. April 29, 1983
3 Holey Land - Rotenberger Tract. Proposed Agreement on Holeyland/Rotenberger Restoration. SFWMD Workshop Minutes, May 12, 1983, with Governing Board Minutes. May 13, 1983
3 Kissimmee River - Graphs of Runoff from the River. 1934-1979 [ca. 1980]
3 Kissimmee River - Maps of Kissimmee River, showing different means of restoration (Army Corps of Engineers, 197-?]; Kissimmee River Restoration.
3 FGFWFC, Flood Control District Documents, statement by Robert L. Shevin, A. Marshall correspondence, etc. 1971-1974
3 FGFWFC, Dept. of Environmental Regulation, Kissimmee Coordinating Council documents, report by Foroma Engineering, etc. 1976
3 Correspondence, documents, notes by A. Marshall, etc. 1977-1979, n.d.
3 Correspondence. 1981-1984
3 Coordinating Council of the Restoration of the Kissimmee River Valley and Taylor Creek-Nubbin Slough Basin. Kissimmee River Survey Review, Statement by David Anthony, and Findings and recommendations. August, 1983
3 Governor's Executive Order and Memorandum of Agreement concerning Restoration of the Kissimmee River. November, 1983
3 Demonstration Project. 1983-1984
3 Public Notice of Permit Application from South Florida Water Management District to Army Corps of Engineers. 1984
3 Lake Okeechobee. Special Project for the Prevention of Eutrophication. Report on Investigation of Back-Pumping Reversal and Alternative Water Retention Sites and Summary of the Interim Report. 1975
3 Lake Okeechobee. Diversion of Water to St. Lucie County (Canal 131) Statement of Alan J. Lauwarent, Corps of Engineers. Jan. 13, 1983
3 Lake Okeechobee Temporary Operating Permit and Water Quality Management Plan - Statements of Sierra Club and Other Environmental Organizations. 1982-1983
3 Lake Okeechobee. Water Quality Management Strategy... prepared by the South Florida WMD, 1981, and related correspondence. Graphs of water level. 1981-1982
3 Lake Tohopekaliga - Florida Fresh Water Fish and Game Commission Reports and Article by Ned Smith. 1969, n.d.
3 Rotenberger Tract - Correspondence and Documents re: purchase by state. 1975
3 South Florida Water Management District. Major Construction Project Descriptions, with annotations by [Nat Reed?]. December, 1983
3 South Florida Water Management District. Map. 1982
3 South Florida Water Management District. Operations Report [on drought]. Jan., 1982
3 South Florida Water Management District. Report to the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers Requesting a Review of Central and Southern Florida Flood Control Project Facilities in the C-111 Basin, Dade County, Fl. Feb. 1983
3 Train, Russell E. Statement before the Senate Interior and Insular Affairs Committee on the Future of the Everglades and Copies of remarks made at National Audubon Society Meetings. 1969-1975
3 Turner River Restoration - Letters of Franklin B. Adams, 1976, 1982, and Water Management Plan (National Park Service). 1981
3 Water, Inc. - Incorporation Papers and List of Officers. 1977
3 Water Conservation Area No. 3. Regulation Schedule Review (Army Corps of Engineers). August, 1980
3 West Palm Beach Canal. U.S. Dept. of Interior Correspondence, 1973, accompanied by memo from Nat Reed to Art Marshall, 1981. 1973, 1981

General Alphabetical Files.

4 Ad Hoc Committee on Environmental Determinants, Dade, Broward and Palm Beach Counties, "Notations". May 4-6, 1970
4 Ad Valorum Tax for Water Management District Funding, notes by Marshall, correspondence and documents. 1975-1976
4 Askew, Rubin, "Remarks... on Public Policy and the Built Environment," Harvard University. October 9, 1975
4 Biomass; a. note by Marshall and Paper by David E. LaHart. 1980
4 Bird, Helen Privett. "Environmental and Economic Impact of Rapid Growth on a Rural Area," [Palm Coast, Flagler County] copy of typed ms. 1972
4 Bullock, Mike [et al.] Survey of Attitudes towards a Florida Land Use Law," Dept. of Landscape Architecture, University of Florida. 1972
4 Carter, Luther/Florida's Land Crisis - typed ms. (copy), "Jetport and the Big Cypress," with corrections and annotations by Marshall. Ms. was published as a section of the Florida Experience. 1972
4 Central and Southern Florida Flood Control District - Materials gathered by the District to Counter Criticism by Marshall. 1971
4 Correspondence and documents re: to Marshall's tenure as a member of the Governing Board. 1972-1973
4 Chemicals in the Environment - correspondence and reports. 1963-1973
4 City Stress - Correspondence, publications, etc. 1972-1975
4 Clean Water Act. State of Florida Position on Section 404 of the Clean Water Act. 1983
4 Clean Water Act. Wetlands Loss in South Florida and the Implementation of Section 404 of the Clean Water Act (Center for Governmental Responsibility). Sept., 1982
4 Colonial Waterbird Nesting in Southern Florida (National Audubon Society/National Park Service). 1983
4 Conservation 70s and Florida Defenders of the Environment. Interim Report to Florida Power... on Anclote River... Plant. 1971
4 Cornwell, George - Papers. 1971-72
4 Costs of Growth - Reports, Notes, and Correspondence. 1972-1975
4 Cross Florida Barge Canal - Documents and correspondence. 1970-1977
4 Earthcare Conference (New York, June 5-8, 1975). 1975-1976
5 Economics - notes by Marshall, correspondence, reports. n.d., 1971-1975
5 Ecosystems - notes, reports. 1971-1972
5 Education - Correspondence, state and University of Florida documents on environmental eduction. n.d., 1970-1972
5 Electrical Power Generation - Correspondence and papers. 1972, [n.d.]
5 Energy in Transportation, including barge canals. 1973-1974
5 Environment and Ethics - "And It Was Very Good... Until!" First United Methodist Church, Gainesville. Program with notes by Marshall. April 6, 1975
5 Environmental Attitudes of Florida - Memo from Cambridge Survey Research to Florida Defenders of the Environment. June 17, 1974
5 Environmental Confederation of Southwest Florida (ECOSWF) - Correspondence, promotional packet. 1975, [n.d.]
5 Environmental Medicine - Letter from Donald M. Hayes (Bowman Gray School of Medicine), and newsletter and notes on noise. March 7, 1973
5 Estuaries - Florida. 1968-1973
5 Exotic Plants and Animals - Florida, Correspondence, reports. 1973, [n.d.]
5 Fahkahatchee Strand - Map, correspondence regarding state acquisition. 1970
5 Fire ants. 1971
5 Florida Audubon Society - Correspondence re: Marshall's reappointment to the SJWMD Governing Board. 1975
5 Florida Defenders of the Environment - (Cross Florida Barge Canal Documents). 1974-1979
5 Florida Defenders of the Environment - "A Survey of Available Information Describing Expected Constituents in Urban Surface Runoff, with Special Emphasis of Gainesville," by Roy Burke III. June, 1971
5 Florida Land and Water Management Act of 1972 - Publications. 1973-1974
5 Florida League of Anglers - Correspondence, minutes, agendas, etc. 1978
5 Florida State Water Use Plan, Phase I. (Fl. Dept. of Environmental Regulation) with letter from Marsha Elder. 1978-1979
5 Florida 2000. Governor's Conference on Growth and the Environment, Orlando (Participants packet). October 8-10, 1973
5 Florida Wildlife Federation Wetlands Legislative Conference. Statement on Wetlands Protection, N. Miami Beach. Sept. 6-8, 1973
5 Freeling, Jessie - Poems, music, correspondence. 1978
6 Galchutt, William H., and Wallis, William J. Florida: Haven't You Had Enough? Dept. of Landscape Architecture, University of Florida. 1972
6 Gerrish, Harold P. Statements on Air Quality and the Proposed Jetport, and the Expressway in Dade County. 1972-1973
6 Governor's Conference on Energy Supply and Use, Tallahassee. March 13-14, 1973
6 Governor's Conference on Water Management in South Florida. (Sept., 1971)
6 Green Swamp as an Area of Critical State Concern. 1983-1974
6 Growth - Who Pays? (TV documentary) - Correspondence, etc. 1973-1974
6 Halifax Plantation (Proposed Volusia County Development) Correspondence from Walter S. Boardman, maps, diagrams. 1979
6 Hendry County Flood Relief Proposal (principally maps). 1982
6 Honeymoon - Caladesi Islands Dredging Proposal. 1970
6 Interstate 75 Route across South Florida - Remarks by Marshall, National Wildlife Federation report, correspondence. 1972
6 John's Island Development. 1979-1980
6 Kandrashoff, Walter - Ms. observations, copy of talk, correspondence with Marshall, photographs, etc. re: sick fish caught in Miami waters. 1973-1974
6 Secondary materials re: Kandrashoff, sick fish, and water pollution. 1964-1974
6 Keyser, Timothy (Florida Wildlife Federation) - Statement on Cross Florida Barge Canal. 1976
6 Kylstra, Chet - "Stress Benefit Taxes," April 15, 1975, with letter to Marshall. May 2, 1973
6 Lake Apopka - Florida Fresh Water Fish and Game Commission News Release. 1971
6 Lakes - Florida, Occurrence of amoebic encephalomenitis - Correspondence and news clippings. 1971
6 Lakes - Florida - Memo from Fritz Stopplbein, Florida League of Anglers, and Florida FWFGC director of fisheries re: water quality and hydrilla control. 1982
6 Landers, Jay - "The Emerging Land Ethic for Floridians," address, with note from John Jones to Marshall. May 4, 1975
6 Loxahatchee National Wildlife Refuge - Bureau of Sport Fishery Water Quality Reports with annotations by Marshall. 1982
7 McDonald, Marshall (Florida Power and Light) Statement to Florida Wildlife Federation with letter to Marshall. Oct. 26, 1973
7 National Water Commission - Statement by Randolph Hodges (Florida DNR), David Anthony (FDE), Paul Roberts etc. 1973
7 Ocean Dumping - Correspondence with John R. Clark and copy or article. 1972
7 Offshore Oil and Gas Leases. 1973
7 Parker, Garald Gordon - Copies of Papers and articles with notes and letters to Marshall. 1969-1974
7 Peat Soils - "The Potential Impact of Peat Mining in the Santa Fe Swamp [paper by Mike Harnereich and Richard Hamann]. 1982
7 Worth, Dewey. Preliminary Environmental Responses to Marsh Dewatering... with note to A. Marshall from Nat Reed and annotations. 1983
7 Politicians and Political Scientists - Includes statements by Attorney General Robert Shevin and Rep. Kenneth McKay. [197?]
7 Population - Commission on Population Growth and the American Future, Correspondence and Papers. 1971-1972
7 Population - Miscellaneous Papers. 1966-1977
7 Population Growth - Florida. Material from FDE, Statement by John Betz to the Republican National Convention, and UF Conference of Florida Growth Policy. 1972-1974
7 Profitt, Waldo. "Urban Development Guidelines," Community Goals," and letter to Marshall. 1971
7 Project MAN (Man and Nature) - Correspondence. 1973
7 Project: Man and Nature, an Interdisciplinary Program to Determine the Carrying Capacity of Florida - Brochure. May, 1973
7 Project: Man and Nature - Correspondence from Evelio Bob Lopez and accompanying data and documentation. 1964-1973
7 Recycling - Note by Susan Wilson and Journal Article on Manure. 1971
7 Red Flag Charrette (Florida, Marion and Alachua Counties) Brochures, correspondence, notes, reports, etc. 1972-1973
7 Redford, Polly and Jim - Copies of correspondence and articles re: South Florida environment. 1964-1974
8 Reed, Nathaniel P. - - Statements and speeches. 1971-1979
8 Documents relating to South Florida and the Dept. of Interior. Includes correspondence, minutes, the South Florida Study Summary [1976?] and Assessment of Research Program Needs and Priorities for Everglades National Park by George Gardner and Ariel Lugo (Jan. 1976). 1970-1976
8 Saddlebrook Conference of Growth Management, Papers and Summaries. Oct. 19-21, 1983
8 St. Johns River - Papers and Publications. 1971-1974
8 St. Johns River Water Management District - Correspondence and documents regarding Marshall's tenure on Governing Board and photograph of board. 1974-1975
8 Sierra Club (Florida Chapter). 1979
8 Smith, Jim. Remarks to the Florida Wildlife Federation, Orlando. Sept. 26, 1981
8 Snedaker, Samuel C. Urban Analysis: an Ecological Approach. Draft Discussion Papers with letter to Al [Veri]. [197?]
8 State Wilderness System (Florida) - Correspondence from Larry M. Hodges, DNR, and Report to Interagency Advisory Committee. 1971
8 Steward, Kerry. "Inorganic Nutrient Utilization by Aquatic Vegetation of the Florida Everglades [report] and Correspondence. 1972
8 Tabb, Durban C. "The Importance of the Mangrove Shoreline and the Marine 'Grass Flats' to the Fisheries of South Florida to Marshall. August 17, 1960
8 Taft, William (Florida State University System controversy over off-work activities of faculty) Correspondence between Marshall and the Governor, Cabinet and Chancellor. 1971
8 Tampa Electric Co. - Symposium on Energy and the Environment. 1979
8 Tortoise Island Communities (Proposed Development) Environmental Assessment and other Corps of Engineering Documents. 1977
8 Tortoise Island Communities (Proposed Development) Correspondence, primarily by Joseph Fleming, attorney. 1977
8 University of Florida Conference on Florida Growth Policy (1st). Correspondence, program, publication. 1973
8 University of Florida Conference on Florida Growth Policy (3rd). Prepared Conference Papers (Includes "The Meaning of Growth" by Marshall) and letter from Robert Q. Marston. 1975
8 Urban and Regional Development Center (University of Florida) Miscellaneous Papers. 1974-1975
8 [Veri, Al] A Proposal to Determine Costs Relative to Growth in Dade County, Florida. Paper with letter to Marshall. [197?]
8 Wetlands. Meeting on Current Wetlands Legislation and notes on wetlands. n.d., 1983-1984
8 West Palm Beach Rotary Club. Program of Meeting with Marshall as speaker with Photograph. 1972
8 White House Fellows. Correspondence to Marshall re: Everglades Visit. 1970

1998 Addendum to Collection.

Box Folder
91 Everglades Jetport - Copies of newspaper and magazine articles. 1969-1971, and not dated
92 Everglades Jetport - Morris, Manuel. TLS (copy) to Oscar Gray, Washington, 27 June 1969, enclosing the National Park Service's "Questions concerning the jetport north of Everglades National Park". 13 June 1969
93 Everglades Jetport - Copy of article from Miami Herald re Jetport report with annotation by Marshall. 11 Sept. 1970
94 Everglades Jetport - Marshall, Arthur R. Note to Joe, enclosing article on "histosols," and asking for copy of report on Everglades jetport site. [197-]
95 Everglades Jetport - Correspondence with the Department of the Interior. 1969 June
96 Marshall, Arthur R. TL (copy) to Margie C. Bielling declining to join "new conservation organization". 16 June 1964
97 Poor, Peggy. Photocopy of article about Arthur Marshall. Title cropped. Orlando Sentinel. 23 August 1970

2016 Addendum to Collection (from the Arthur R. Marshall Jr. Foundation for the Everglades)

Box Folder
98 "A Proposal to Establish the Florida Environmental Institute". 1972 March
99 "Anatomy of A Man-made Drought" article about Arthur Marshall's concerns in Sport Illustrated Magazine. 1982 March 15
910 Arthur Marshall and Johnny Jones. 1968, 2001, 2012
911 "The Ecologic System of South Florida," Florida Wildlife Federation Seminar "Water, Wildlife, and You" in Orlando, Florida. 1981 September 26
912 Everglades Digital Library website printouts. 2006 December 22
913 Interior Department's "Distinguished Award". 1968 December 11
914 Letter to Arthur Marshall from Regional Director of the Bureau of Sport Fisheries and Wildlife C. Edward Carlson concerning Marshall's proposal to improve the Central and Southern Florida Flood Control project. 1967 November 22
915 Nathaniel Reed. 1977-2012
916 P. G. A. Resort Community Development of Regional Impact Application for Development Approval (1 of 2). 1978 May 22
917 P. G. A. Resort Community Development of Regional Impact Application for Development Approval (2 of 2). 1978 May 22
918 Praise for Arthur R. Marshall. 1982-2014
919 Project: Man and Nature - An Interdisciplinary Program to Determine the Carrying Capacity of Florida (1 of 2). 1973 May
920 Project: Man and Nature - An Interdisciplinary Program to Determine the Carrying Capacity of Florida (2 of 2). 1973 May
921 Remarks of Arthur R. Marshall before the Senate Committee on Government Operations House Rules Committee concerning House Concurrent Resolution number 2800 which would establish a policy on growth for the state of Florida. 1974 March
922 Scrapbook on Arthur Marshall. 1943-1988
101 Speech - "Conservation and the Engineer" presented to the Society of American Military Engineers in Jacksonville, Florida. 1966 April 12
102 Speech - "Population Impacts on Florida's Marine Resources" presented to the Fourth Florida Conservation Week in Gainesville, Florida. 1968 March
103 Speeches and papers (1 of 2). 1970
104 Speeches and papers (2 of 2). 1970
105 Speeches and papers (1 of 2). 1971
106 Speeches and papers (2 of 2). 1971
107 Speeches and papers (1 of 2). 1972
108 Speeches and papers (2 of 2). 1972
109 Speeches and papers. 1973
111 Speeches and papers. 1975
112 Speeches and papers. 1976
113 Speeches and papers. 1977
114 Speeches and papers. 1978

Selected Subjects and Access Terms

Carter, Luther J.
Central and Southern Florida Flood Control District (Fla.).
Douglas, Marjory Stoneman.
Environmental protection.
Florida -- Everglades National Park.
Florida -- Everglades.
Florida -- Lake Okeechobee.
Florida -- Marjorie Harris Carr Cross Florida Greenway.
Florida -- South Florida Water Management District.
Florida Defenders of the Environment.
Florida Power and Light Company.
Freeling, Jessie.
Redford, Polly.
Reed, Nathaniel P. (Nathaniel Pryor), 1933-2018.
Restoration ecology.
U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service.
University of Miami. Center for Urban and Regional Studies. Division of Applied Ecology.

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