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A Guide to the Tracy L'Engle Angas Papers

Finding aid created by Dept. Staff

University of Florida Smathers Libraries - Special and Area Studies Collections
December 2008

Descriptive Summary

Creator: Angas, Tracy L'Engle, 1892-1986
Title: Tracy L'Engle Angas Papers
Dates: 1860-1986
Bulk dates: 1892-1986
Abstract: Personal papers of Tracy L'Engle Angas, a Jacksonville, Florida woman who had careers in theater, broadcasting and lecturing.
Extent: 1.7 Linear feet. 4 boxes.
Identification: MS Group 98
Language(s): English

Biographical/Historical Note

Katherine Tracy L'Engle was born in Atlanta on May 19, 1892, the daughter of Camille Saunders and Carrie Hubbard L'Engle. Although Georgian by birth, her ancestral home was Jacksonville and her family had only recently moved from there on account of her father's business. As a child, she also lived in New York City. Among other schools, Tracy attended Rogers Hall in Lowell, Massachusetts. She was graduated from Wellesley College in 1915.

Following graduation, she pursued a career as an actress. This was interrupted in 1918 - 1919 by a tour of volunteer duty as a YMCA canteen operator for the American Expeditionary Force in France and the occupation army in Germany. Later she followed a variety of careers, acting radio broadcasting from New York and Jacksonville, encyclopedia editing, writing, directing amateur theater in Jacksonville, lecturing on fashion and giving dramatic readings. She lived variously in New York, Jacksonville, and St. Augustine.

In 1955, Tracy married William Mack Angas, whom she had known in Jacksonville in her youth. Angas was a retired U.S. Navy vice-admiral and the civil engineering chairman at Princeton University. The couple had been involved in a courtship years before. The Angas' lived in Princeton until the professor's death in 1960. Mrs. Angas apparently lived the remainder of her life in Jacksonville. The autobiography and the memoir, found in the Papers, are two first hand sources, but not entirely accurate, for information on Tracy Angas.

Scope and Content

The Tracy L'Engle Angas Papers reveal a broad picture of her career and personal life. Among the writings are examples of published stories and articles as well as manuscripts that are not known to have been published. Many of her radio shows, which she apparently both wrote and broadcast, are extant, as are manuscripts of her lectures and encyclopedia articles. As noted, she wrote a short autobiography and a memoir, Trying to Make Heaven My Home, which was privately printed, as were her Poems.

Tracy Angas appears to have been a prolific letter writer throughout her life. She retyped letters both by and to her and saved them in scrapbooks and notebooks. It is in this state that most of the correspondence is preserved, rather than in its original form. She did, however, save family letters, a number of which are preserved both from her early life and from her time in Europe during World War I. She was a correspondent with writer Zora Neale Hurston and, most fortuitously, nine original Hurston letters are preserved. Original letters are also preserved from Tracy's cousin, Newberry Award winning author Madeleine L'Engle. Tracy's correspondence is often very personal.

In addition to Hurston and Madeleine L'Engle, the collection contains original correspondence with H. L. Mencken, Princeton President Robert Goheen, Katherine Lee Bates, pianist Katherine Ruth Heyman, and novelist Ida A. R. Wylie, a Margaret Mitchell telegram, and a form letter with autograph signature from Albert Camus. One copybook contains personal correspondence written between 1910 and 1937. A very large amount of the correspondence is with a friend named Mary, who appears to be the actress Mary Morris, the original Abbie in O'Neill's Desire under the Elms. These letters are probably the most intimate in the collection. A second scrapbook consists of items from Europe during the war. Many items in this copybook read more like personal journal entries, sent to be shared with others, than truly personal letters. Much of this "correspondence" appears to have been sent to a Mrs. Quigg, whose identity is unknown, but appears to have been connected to Katherine Lee Bates and Wellesley. A later notebook includes numerous examples of personal correspondence from throughout Tracy's life, including several exchanges with both her L'Engle relatives and with the Angas family.

The third part of the collection includes memorabilia showing various aspects of Tracy's life. These includes her role in the 1924 drama, Roseanne, probably her biggest dramatic part, her participation in a historic dedication ceremony at Castillo de San Marcos in St. Augustine, various personal documents, and photographs. Excellent photographs exist of Tracy from the age of two weeks throughout the end of her professional life, approximately 1955, and one snapshot of her as a much older woman. In addition, there are family photograph of many members of the L'Engle family ranging from Captain John Claudius L'Engle (1800 - 1864) to her younger cousins and nephews. A photograph of her husband is included as are photographs taken by him when the couple visited sites in France where Tracy had served during the war.

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The collection is open for research.

Usage Restrictions

Literary rights are held by Mrs. Frances A. Weaver of Chapel Hill, N.C.

Administrative Information

Preferred Citation

[Identification of item], Tracy L'Engle Angas Papers, Special and Area Studies Collections, George A. Smathers Libraries, University of Florida, Gainesville, Florida.

Acquisition Information

The collection was donated to the George A. Smathers Library of the University of Florida by the five daughters of William Mack Angas.

Contents List

Writings by Tracy L'Engle Angas

Box Folder
1 1 Autobiography, 1983; "Tracy L'Engle Angas, May 19, 1982, Atlanta, Georgia;" Ts., April, 1983. 2 copies. 1982-1983
1 2 "Trying to Make Heaven My Home," a Memoir by Tracy L'Engle Angas." [n.p., n.d.].
1 3 Resumes, press releases, etc. regarding TLA. Most are in the first person, or otherwise appear to be autobiographical.
1 4 Miscellaneous radio scripts. A collection of manuscripts of radio broadcasts on miscellaneous topics; [v.p., 1931-1939]. Includes scripts for the Radio Household Institute broadcasts and the Crisco Cooking School Talks. Some are written for the radio personae Winifred Carter, performed by TLA. Many scripts relate to domestic topics. Several book reviews are included. 1931-1939
1 5 Radio scripts, New York, 1931. Radio scripts on grasshoppers, snakes, hands, mollusks, birds, bees, tails, and Bear Mountain Park with the label: "Animals, insects, birds, reptiles for radio by K. T. L'Engle given over WOR in 1931.". 1931
1 6 Scripts, WOR, NYC 1931. Typed ms. of three radio talks: Bees, The New Lady at the Zoo and Animal Language, Turtle Egg Hunting with Ford and Cameras, June 23, 1931. 1931
1 7 Scrapbook, WOR Programs. Several radio scripts, including "Use Your Bean" and other material, compiled into a scrapbook to be used as a portfolio to supply to potential sponsors. Attached note reads: "These are programs I did on Station W.O.R. in New York - trying to get a sponsor!".
1 8 Writings:
1 8 A. Poems by Tracy L'Engle Angas. [n.p.; 196-?].
1 8 B. "How the Mule Got His Name," etc. Stories excised from Splinters, a publication of Rogers Hall, Lowell, Mass., a preparatory school attended by Tracy L'Engle.
1 8 C. Article on Speech; [typed ms. with autograph note] 3p.
1 8 D. "A Summer on Chautauqa Circuit," excised from Rogers Hall Bulletin, Feb. 1926. 1 sheet.
1 8 E. " Journey to Mandarin Coast Road"; a Play about China for Boys and Girls. Typed ms., 1937?, with autograph note, May 26, 1975.
1 8 F. Giants and Fairies and Neverthing; a Dance Play for Children. Typed ms. 4p.
1 9 "No Lawyer for the Plaintiff," by Katherine Tracy L'Engle, in the New York Herald Tribune Magazine, p. 7, 12. 1934 Apr 1
1 10 Stories by Tracy L'Engle Angas: A. Portfolio of typescripts of "Po' Gal, Po Gator," "Quick or You're Dead," "Over the Back Fence," "In Them Leetle Boats," "Over the Back Fence," "Two Lizards on a Wall" with autograph note, "Playing Dumb," "When We Were Twenty-one," and a clipping of a letter to the editor of the St. Augustine Record [n.d] on Thanksgiving Day. Several of the stories are accompanied by letters of rejection from magazine editors. B. Typed mss. of stories above except for "Over the Back Fence," but including "De Perminent Hostess.".
1 11 "Mayatama, a Play in One Act", by Katherine Tracy L'Engle, Ts.
1 12 Scrapbook of material by and about Tracy L'Engle Angas, apparently prepared to submit to prospective employer, Columbia Broadcasting System. Contents include radio script of interview with actress Lucille Watson, NBC, 1935, and scripts of programs given by Tracy L'Engle on WOR, New York "submitted in this form for School of the Air, Columbia Broadcasting System, " i.e. "Bees," "Turtle Egg Hunting with Ford and Camera," and "The New Lady at the Zoo and Animal Language," "Letters from My Listeners," TLS (copy) to Helen Johnson, Columbia Broadcasting Company; Jacksonville, Sept. 1937, outlining her experience, and script of "Travels of Marco Polo.". 1935, 1937 Sep
1 13 Costume Folder. Untitled, typed ms. on "costume,' with autograph notes and an attached note [ca. 1947] 40 p. Circa 1947
1 14 Fashion Articles, including Silhouette War Post with cut out illustrations, the Psychology of Fashion, and a transcript of a radio interview, "News of the New", October 8, 1941. 1941 Oct 8
1 15 Articles written for Britannica Jr.
1 16 Portfolio: A. Publicity: Tracy L'Engle Angas. Includes clipping of magazine article "Touring Florida in Small Boats," by Katherine Tracy L'Engle, Motor Boating, January, 1931, (2) "No Lawyer for the Plaintiff," New York Herald Tribune Magazine, April 1, 1934, and (3) Promotional brochures and programs for her lectures, and testimonials from schools where she has lectured, and newspaper clippings. B. Xerox copy of above.


Folders 8-20 contain personal correspondence, arranged alphabetically by correspondent, including both letters written by and to TLA.

Box Folder
2 1 Loose-leaf notebook of copies of letters. Primarily typed transcripts of letters received by Tracy L'Engle Angas. Some letters are signed with only a first name, making identification of the writer questionable. Many are from members of the L'Engle family, or from TLA's stepdaughters, or granddaughters. Some are from college and other friends. Some of the identified non-family writers are Katherine Lee Bates, Madge A. Bigham, Frankie McKee, actress Lucille Watson, pianist Katherine Heyman, scholar Katherine Balderston, college friend Margaret "Babbie" Babcock Meriwether, and novelist Ida A. R. Wylie. Actress Mary Morris is represented by a copy of a poem. The originals of some of the letters are included elsewhere in the collection. Some copies of poems, notes by Tracy L'Engle Angas, and newspaper clippings are also in the notebook. The following original letters to Tracy Angas are also included: 1) TLS "H. L. Mencken"; Baltimore, [n.y.] Dec 1). 2) TLS "Gloriane"; 2 p. [n.y.] Jun 2. 3) TLS "Marion and Hamilton" Vreeland, Jr. [n.y.]. 4) Form letter S, "Albert Camus"; Paris. 1p. asking support for a Spanish refugee fund, 1958 May 7. 5) ALS "Ethel Madison"; Jacksonville, 196?. 1910-1972
2 1 Philip L'Engle. 1905, 1967.
2 1 Francis Thompson (Copy of verse).
2 1 Madge A. Bingham. 1910.
2 1 Edie (Edith L'Engle). 1914.
2 1 Katherine Lee Bates. 1916-1918.
2 1 d'AlaryFechet (with biographical sketch). 1919.
2 1 "Letter to me from an invisible correspondent - Written Automatically,". 1925.
2 1 S. B. Brooks. 1918 or 1919.
2 1 Donald Brown. 1919.
2 1 Camille L'Engle (recipient). 1922.
2 1 H. L. Mencken, [n.y.]. n.y.
2 1 Bliss Carmen (copy of poem).
2 1 Mary Whiton Calkins. 1925.
2 1 T. Drummond Shiels. 1929.
2 1 Anne Hard. 1933.
2 1 Nancy Fulwood. 1937-1938.
2 1 Burton Barrs. 1938.
2 1 Transcript of a conversation with a man named Sidney. 1938.
2 1 Edith M. Small. 1939.
2 1 Bess. 1968.
2 1 Donald B. Aldrich, [n.y.]. n.y.
2 1 Paul Kruse. 1944.
2 1 C. B. Wilmer. 1939.
2 1 Mary Rosbrough. 1942.
2 1 Margaret [Douglas]. 1943.
2 1 Zora Hurston. 1943.
2 1 Catherine (Mrs. Edward Hale) Bierstadt. 1944.
2 1 Ida A. R. Wylie. 1955.
2 1 Katherine Ruth Heyman (2 letters and copy of verse). 1944.
2 1 Claire Kellog. 1944.
2 1 Madeleine L'Engle (Mrs. Hugh Franklin). 1963, 1972, 1974-1975.
2 1 Ola (Jacksonville, Fl.) (letter and poem). 1965.
2 1 Flaimine Guerrini(?), [n.y.]. n.y.
2 1 William Perrin Nicolson, Jr. 1954.
2 1 Vinnie (New York). 1954.
2 1 Amy Kelly. 1954.
2 1 Joan. 1954.
2 1 Lawrence. 1954.
2 1 Edward ("Cousin"). 1954.
2 1 Lucretia Pope. 1954.
2 1 Robert Barnhart. 1955.
2 1 Gladys, (Trenton, N.J.). 1959.
2 1 [Camillus] L'Engle [Graham]. 1960-1961.
2 1 Betty [Hardaker]. 1964.
2 1 Fran [Mrs. Fred H. Weaver]. 1963-1964.
2 1 Jeanie -[n.y.]. n.y.
2 1 "Babbie" [Margaret Babcock Meriwether] [n.y.]. 1958-60, 1965, 1967.
2 1 William Mack Angas (to M. B. Meriwether). 1958.
2 1 Nancy (Mrs. James M. Meriwether). 1968.
2 1 Mimi Simonetti. 1953.
2 1 Glorianne, [n.y.]. n.y.
2 1 Lucille [Watson]. 196?-1962.
2 1 [no name] member of L'Engle family). 1961.
2 1 Herb and Hester (nee Fleming). 1954.
2 1 Frank, or Frankie (Mckee/Mrs. William A. Robbins). 1954, 1961-1962, 1964, 1967, 1971-1972.
2 1 Florence Campbell (birthday greeting). 1963.
2 1 John J. Morley.
2 1 Herta Wagenbichler. 1965.
2 1 Dorothy Sands. 1966, 1973.
2 1 Marion, Hamilton Vreeland, Jr. 1967.
2 1 Marguerite [n.y.]. n.y.
2 1 Mary Morris (copy of poem, "Apostrophe - May 17, 1935). 1935 May 17.
2 1 Aunt Isabelle. 1964.
2 1 Daphne.
2 1 Jean (One of W. M. Angas' daughters). 1968.
2 1 Berta (Mrs. George B. Douglas). 1970.
2 1 Barbara. 1972.
2 1 Katherine Balderston. 1972.
2 1 Elizabeth. 1973.
2 1 Peggy Weaver. 1973.
2 1 Traute and Charles Nessler. 1958.
2 1 Albert Camus. 1958.
2 1 Ethel Madison [n.y.]. n.y.
2 1 Susan Fatio L'Engle (copy of poem).
2 1 Louise L'Engle (to Philip L'Engle). 1911.
2 2 Professional Correspondence.
2 2 Adams, Lionel. ALS; New York, 14 April, 1934. 1 p.
2 2 Cobb, Irvin S. TLS ; New York, 18 Nov. 1932. 2 p.
2 2 Dix, William S. TLS; Princeton, N.J., 27 December 1961. 1 p., concerning fund for books established in memory of William Mack Angas. Has a note of reply.
2 2 Goheen, Robert F. TLS; Princeton, N.J., 19 July 1961. 1 p. regarding fund established in her memory of William Mack Angas.
2 2 Mitchell, Margaret. Telegram S. Margaret Mitchell Marsh to Mabel Search; Atlanta, 2 April 1937. Granting Tracy L'Engle Angas permission to read from her work.
2 2 Search, Mabel. TL (copy) to Mrs. John (Margaret Mitchell) Marsh; [New York] 21 March 1937. 1 p., asking permission for Tracy L'Engle Angas to read excerpts from [Gone with the Wind]. 3 TLS to Frankie McKee; New York, 31 March 1937 - 7 April 1937. Re: permission for Tracy L'Engle Angas to give reading from Gone with the Wind.
2 2 Stuart Walker Company. TLS "Walter Vonnegut"; Louisville, KY., 4 Dec. 1922. 1p. terminating her employment with the Company because there are no parts for her.
2 3 Correspondence Copybook. Typed copies of personal correspondence both to and from Tracy and some poetry stapled into a scrapbook; [v.p.] 1910 - 1937. Some letters are the same as those in the notebook above. The principal correspondent is a friend named Mary, apparently actress Mary Morris. Other correspondents include Tracy's mother, Carrie Hubbard L'Engle, "Babbie" Babcock Meriweather, a college friend from Wellesley, a friend named Kitty, perhaps Wellesley professor Katherine C. Balderston, architect Claude Bragdon, and Tracy's sister, Louise. 1910-1937
2 4 Letterbook, World War I. A scrapbook of wartime material, including the following: National War Work certificate of identification for TLA with photograph; May 4, 1918. Copies of letters from TLA, May 25, 1918 - May 1919. The principal correspondent is a Mrs. Quigg, apparently a Wellesley connection. Ms., poems. TLS "Katherine Lee Bates"; Wellesley, 9 Sept. 1918. Clippings and other memorabilia relating to her foreign service as a YMCA worker overseas in WWI. It is unclear whether some items are copies of letters, or personal journal entries. 1918-1919
2 5 World War I Letters and Documents.
2 5 USA passport to Katherine Tracy L'Engle; 3 May 1918.
2 5 Worker's permit for TLA from the American Expeditionary Force.
2 5 Ms., menu, 28 Feb. 1919 with autograph signatures of Tracy L'Engle and others on verso.
2 5 ALS William [Barnett] to "Louise and Edith" [L'Engle, sisters of Tracy]; American Aviation Headquarters, 12 Jan. 1917. 2p.
2 5 AL (no signature) to "Dearest"; A.E.F.; 22 September 1918. 1 p. Farewell, love letter.
2 5 TLS :Walter"; Paris, 20 August [1918] 1 p. re: war work.
2 5 ALS S. B. Brooks; Villaes-le-Pautel; 27 February [1918] 2 p. re: friendship.
2 5 Fechet, D'Alary.
2 5 TLS to TLA; A.E.F., Germany, 30 January 1919. 1 p., commending her work.
2 5 ALS; Columbus, Ga., 2 Sept. 1919. 2 p.
2 5 ALS to TLA; Puderbach, Germany, 9 March 1920. 2 p.
2 6 World War I Letters from TLA to family. Autograph letters to members of her family. January 19, 1918 - December 7, 1918. Some letters are addressed collectively to "Dear Family," others are personal letters to her siblings Edith, Camillus, Philip, Myra, and Louise. Letters addressed to Belle, a close childhood friend, and Madeline, a cousin, are included. 1918 Jan 19-Dec 7
2 7 WWI Letters from TLA to family. Additional letters, as in Folder 6. 1919 Jan 25-Oct 5
2 8 Bates, Katherine Lee.
2 9 TLS: Wellesley, MA.,10 March 1916. 1 p. Dickson, Sarah F. ALS; "Tracy L'E."; [Jacksonville, Feb. 6, 1906] 3 p. with envelope, asking her to send a book. Sarah was the name of Tracy's maid.
2 10 Graham, Francis Robin, Jr. [ Santa Maria, CA., Lemoore, CA., Roswell, NM., etc.] 4 October 1942 - 30 Sept. 1943. Letters from a nephew of Tracy L'Engle Angas and an aviation cadet in the USAF. ALS to Robin Graham; St. Augustine, 19 February 1944. 12 p. and enclosure. Letter was returned unopened to Tracy L'Engle Angas stamped "missing, 3/11/44." Graham and his crew were killed in England. 1942-1944
2 11 Hardin, Jane and Phil. TLS; "Tracy" to Jane and Phil [Hardin]; [n.p.] 9 August 1976. 4 p. Recalls early family trips, made as a child. Phil Hardin was TLA's grand nephew. 1976 Aug 9
2 12 Heyman, Katherine Ruth. ALS ; Sharon, CT., [5 Sept. 1944] 6 p. with envelope. Accompanied by a clipping of the writer's obituary from the New York Times, Sept. 29, 1944. 1944 Sep
2 13 Hurston, Zora Neale:
2 13 TLS;New York, April 1, 1937. 1 p. regarding Tracy L'Engle's use of material from Mules and Men.
2 13 TLS; New York [ca. April 1, 1937] 1 p. regarding Tracy L'Engle's reading from Mules and Men. Expects to meet her at recital.
2 13 ALS; Daytona Beach, 16 May 1943. 1 p. Expects to be in St. Augustine to see her soon.
2 13 TLS with autograph note; Daytona Beach, 24 October 1945. 2 p. Deplores W. E. B. Dubois' practice of snatching "perfectly white people into the Negro race." Laments her financial condition and refers to Franklin D. Roosevelt as the "anti-Christ.".
2 13 TLS; Daytona Beach, Fl., 4 November 1945. 1 p. Has lost her "taste for coming to New York" because of unsavory conditions for which she apparently blames New Dealers and communists.
2 13 TLS; Daytona Beach, Fl., 27 November 1945. 1 p. Would like to visit her, but does not like New York. Thanks her for offer of help and invites her on trip to Central America.
2 13 TLS; Daytona Beach, Fl., 11 December 1945. 2 p. Regards possible writing for reference books and a cookbook. Expresses her view of contemporary drama dealing with "race and social strife.".
2 13 TLS; Daytona Beach, Fl., Daytona Beach, Fl., 19 February 1946. 1 p. Recounts trip on a shrimp boat. Gives thanks for help, apparently financial.
2 13 TLS; [Daytona Beach? 1946?] 1 p. Concerns an article for the Times Sunday Magazine, and a proposed play for Ethel Waters. Would like to see white actors play the Negro parts in any play or movie made from her new book. Attacks Walter White and NAACP for "forbidding" Negro actors "from accepting a servant role in the movies.".
2 14 L'Engle, Camillus.
2 14 ALS to "Mother," [Carrie Hubbard L'Engle]; [Atlanta] 3 December 1903. 4 p. with envelope with annotation, probably by TLA.
2 14 ALS; "Tracy" to "Dear Camille"; S.S. Olympic, 18 June 1924. 4 p. with envelope. Written on voyage to Europe, giving details of trip.
2 15 L'Engle, Carrie Hubbard.
2 15 ALS; Tracy to "Dear Mamma"; [Jacksonville, 4 January 1909. 2 p. with envelope.
2 15 ALS; "Tracy" to "Dear Mamma," [Wellesley, March 1914] Concerns fire and other events at Wellesley College. A serious fire occurred at the College on March 17, 1914. Apparently Tracy was one the first to respond and sounded the alarm.
2 16 [L'Engle, Dallie?]. ALS; "Dallie" to TLA; Mobile, 17 July 1906. 3 p.
2 17 L'Engle, Edith (Mrs. Francis Robin Graham).
2 17 ALS; "Tracy" to "Dear Edie"; "Agony Scott Asylum," Decatur, GA., [5 March 1907] 2 p. with envelope.
2 17 ALS; "Tracy: to "Dear Edie"; [Decatur, GA.] 15 March 1907. 2 p. with envelope.
2 17 TLS; "Tracy" to "Sister Mamie" [Mrs. F. Robin Graham] Tucson, AZ., 1 March 1920. 3 p. with envelope. Family news. Also says that [actress] Mary Morris "is with me now." They are reading James Branch Cabell's Jurgen, which had been suppressed in New York. Invitation to Wellesley College commencement, 1915, to Mrs. F. Robin Graham.
2 18 L'Engle, Madeline (The writer Madeleine L'Engle (Mrs. Hugh Franklin) is the cousin of TLA and a noted author.).
2 18 ALS to TLA; CT., 16 August 1971. 2 p. with envelope. Concerns the death of the writer's mother.
2 18 8 TLS; New York and Goshen, 9 November 1972 - 1 July 1977.
2 18 5 printed Christmas greetings from the Hugh Franklin family.
2 18 Form letter, publisher's announcement, and newspaper copy.
2 19 L'Engle, Philip (Tracy's brother, who apparently was a student at Washington and Lee University at the time of these letters.).
2 19 ALS to Carrie Hubbard L'Engle; Lexington, VA., 11 November 1908. 2 p.
2 19 ALS; Lexington, VA., 17 November 1908. 2 p. with envelope.
2 20 Wylie, Ida A. R. ALS; Stillman, NJ.; 6 October, 1955. The novelist thanks TLA for sending extracts from Donald C. Peattie's Almanac for Moderns.
2 21 Listener letters to LTA. Autograph letters and typed copies, mostly written in response to 1931 broadcasts on animals.
2 22 Angas, Tracy L'Engle.
2 22 ALS to "Dear [name illegible]; [n.p., n.d.] 2 p.
2 22 ALS to "Dear Bee"; [Ponte Vedra, Fl.? 193-?] 3 p. regarding idea for a character based on her maid, Sarah.

Material Relating to Tracy L'Engle and Family

Box Folder
3 1 Personal Records of Tracy L'Engle Angas. Affidavits of birth. Copy of baptismal certificate. Florida Graduate State Certificate. Social Security card. Transcript from Teachers College, Columbia University with note attached. Certificate of marriage.
3 2 Castillo de San Marcos (St. Augustine) TLS from Luis R. Arana to Mrs. Mack Angas; San Augustine, 12 June 1980. 1 p. with enclosure of two 8x10 photographs of Angas and Arana at the fort and of a clipping from the St. Augustine Record. The clipping concerns her visit to the fort and recalls that in 1921 she took part in the presentation of a plaque at the fort. Also included are a 1921 photo of Tracy L'Engle Angas and General Johnson Hagood at the presentation and a transcript from the Record of February 22, 1921.
3 3 L'Engle Family - Fatio Genealogy. Newspaper clippings and other memorabilia concerning the two families. Includes one colored family photograph and TLA's obituary from the Florida Times-Union, December 1, 1986.
3 4 Roseanne. Material relating to Roseanne, drama by Nan Bagby in which Tracy L'Engle Angas appeared in New York (1924). Items include playbills from the Greenwich Village Theater production, two photographs of Tracy L'Engle Angas in her role, and newspaper clippings.
3 5 Drama Reviews - Newspaper Clippings. Reviews and notices of plays in which Tracy L'Engle Angas appeared.
3 6 Play bills. Programs of plays in which Tracy L'Engle Angas appeared, or had an interest. Includes two photographs.
3 7 Records of Wellesley College Class of 1915. A. Mid-term report (1915). B. Wellesley 1915 Class Record, June, 1960. C. Fiftieth Reunion Record (1965). D. Fifty-fifth Reunion Record (1970). E. Sixty-fifth Reunion Record (1980).
3 8 Stage Photographs of Tracy L'Engle. 4 Photographs, one inscribed "Cleofante in the Portrait of Tiero' MCMXXI." The others are not identified.
3 9 Studio Photographs of Tracy L'Engle. 9a. By Frederick Bradley (New York). ca. 1930? 2 copies. 9b. Studio Portrait of Tracy L'Engle Angas. ca. 1955. 2 copies.
3 10 Photograph of [William Johnson L'Engle?].


Box Folder
3 11 Captain John Claudius L'Engle, U.S.A. 1800-1864
3 12 4 photographs of Philip and Camillus L'Engle, a friend, F. D. Fuster, and the Fatio coat of arms. 189?-191?
3 13 Camilius Saunders L'Engle and Carrie Hubbard L'Engle; Tracy's parents, ca. 1900
3 14 Madeleine Saunders L'Engle. 1909 or 1910
3 15 Family photographs of Tracy's "Nannie, and Tracy's sisters and offspring.
3 16 Gondrecourt, France. Photographs taken by William Mack Angas during visit. 1955
3 17 Group portrait of "Crew 47," including Robin Graham, Tracy's nephew.
3 18 Tracy L'Engle; 10 weeks old. 1892
3 19 Tracy and her Father, C. S. L'Engle. 1897 ca.
3 20 Tracy L'Engle. 1898
3 21 Tracy L'Engle(?). 1898
3 22 Group portrait of Tracy L'Engle with friends. 1898
3 23 Photographs of Tracy and family members. 1898 - 1905.
3 24 Tracy L'Engle as maid of honor. 1911
3 25 Tracy L'Engle at Wellesley College. 1914
3 26 Four photographs of Tracy L'Engle. 1914-1918
3 27 Portrait photograph of Tracy L'Engle. Copies with inscriptions to Yvonne [L'Engle?] a cousin and to a friend, Belle Blaner. 1916
3 28 Tracy Angas in Service Uniform, with a note on verso to Belle Blaner. 1918-1919
3 29 Photo of Tracy L'Engle with horses. Note on verso from unidentified photographer. 1919? ca.
3 30 Photographs of Tracy L'Engle Angas and of William Mack Angas. 1955 ca.
3 31 Photograph of Tracy L'Engle Angas doing yoga exercises; Zurich. 1975 ca.
3 32 Negatives, depicting fashion prior to 1900, to go with the "lecture material" in Box 4.

Lecture Material

Box Folder
4 1 Box of lantern slides, illustrating women's fashion.
4 2 Box of additional lanternslides illustrating women's fashions, and the negatives for fashions after 1900.
4 3 Autograph and typed ms. notes on the "Cycle of Fashion." 14 Sheets. Order form for slides from the Metropolitan Museum of Art.
4 4 Announcements, programs, etc. concerning TLA's lectures on fashion and her dramatic readings.

L'Engle Family (Genealogical Information)

Note: The genealogies of the Fatio and L'Engle families are given in Gertrude N. L'Engle's Collection of Letters, Information and Data on Our Family [Jacksonville?] 1951. The following information on the families of Tracy L'Engle Angas and author Madeleine L'Engle is extracted from vol. 1, pp. 137 - 138.

Box Folder
4 1 John Claudius L'Engle (Captain, U.S.A.) (1800 - 1864) m. Susan Fatio.
4 2 William Johnson L'Engle (1831 - 1861) m. Margaret Madeleine Saunders (1830 - 1917).
4 3 Caroline (Lina) Hallowes L'Engle (1859 - 1935) m. Bion Hall Barnett.
4 3 Children: Madeline, William, Bion, and Donald.
4 3 Camille Saunders L'Engle (1857 - 1907) m. Carrie Hubbard (1861-1914).
4 4 Myra Margaret L'Engle (1882 - ) m. Earl Moore.
4 4 Children: Margaret and Carolina.
4 4 Camillus Saunders L'Engle (1884 - 1946) m. Gertrude Wilson Champlain.
4 4 Children: Camillus, Mary.
4 4 Edith L'Engle (1886 - 1951) m. Francis Robin Graham (1878 - 1921).
4 4 Children: John, Camillus, and Francis Robin.
4 4 Francis Philip Fatio L'Engle (1887 - ) m. Madge T. Banigan.
4 4 Children: Elizabeth, Margaret.
4 4 Katherine Tracy L'Engle (1892 - 1986) m. William Mack Angas.
4 4 Madeleine Saunders L'Engle (1894 - 1897).
4 4 Carolyn Louise L'Engle (1900 - ) m. Wallace Lewis Cassell.
4 4 Madeline Hall Barnett (1881 - ) m. Charles Wadsworth Camp.
4 4 Children: Madeline.
4 5 Madeleine L'Engle Camp (1918 - ) m. Hugh Franklin.
4 5 Children: Josephine, Bion Barnett.

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L'Engle, Madeleine
Morris, Mary 1895-1970
Radio broadcasters -- United States -- Biography
Radio plays
Stephens, Nan Bagby Roseanne
World War, 1914-1918 -- War work -- Y.M.C.A

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