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Florida Accounting Archives at the University of Florida

The Florida Accounting Archives were established in 1971 through gifts made and solicited by Dr. Williard E. Stone, Professor of Accounting, ca. 1960-1980, and Chairman of the Department of Accounting. A dedication program is included in the Elmer G. Beamer Papers.

The collection is composed of twelve manuscript groups relating to the history of accounting:

Group 1:
Klein, Hinds & Finke. Records of the Kreuger Match Case (International Match Corporation), 1924-1940 (bulk: 1932-1940). Papers regarding the bankruptcy of the International Match Corporation (IMCO), following the suicide of Ivar Kreuger in 1932. Accounting firm of New York. Part of Accounting Archives. 8 boxes. 3.5 ln.ft.

Group 2:
Johns, Ralph S. Collection of Accountant Certificates, 1876-1968 (bulk: 1930-1968). Part of Accounting Archives. 2 boxes. 0.75 ln.ft.

Group 3:
Chambers, Raymond J. Papers, 1963-1973. Professor of Accounting, University of Sidney. Bibliography of works, typescripts of accounting articles. 1 box. Part of Accounting Archives.

Group 4:
Paton, William Andrew. Papers, 1944-1972. Correspondence, manuscripts, research drafts, etc. Member of the Accounting Hall of Fame. Part of Accounting Archives. 2 boxes.

Group 5:
University of Florida Department of Accounting. Collection, 1963-1969. Selected departmental correspondence with prominent accountants. Williard E. Stone, chairman of the department, is the principal correspondent. Part of Accounting Archives. 1 box.

Group 6:
Beamer, Elmer G. Papers, 1949-1972 (bulk: 1962-1972). American Institute of Certified Public Accountants correspondence, notes, seminar reports; Committee on Continuing Education correspondence, memos, reports, speeches; American Accounting Association; Beamer speeches; Cleveland Chamber of Commerce Committee on Education. Part of Accounting Archives. 3 boxes. 1.3 feet.

Miscellaneous Accounting Papers, 1837-1971. Miscellaneous, small collections that form part of the Accounting Archives. O.V.F. Blythe. John Faire. Louis Goldberg. Maurice E. Peloubet. Procter and Gamble Company. George L. Wright. 2 boxes. 0.8 feet.

Group 8:
Birley and Company. Records, 1810-1877. Accounting Records of Charlton Mills, Birley & Co., and Charles MacIntosh & Co. Inventories, ledgers, and correspondence. Part of Accounting Archives. 2 boxes. 0.8 ln.ft.

Group 9:
Eaton, Marquis G. Papers, 1949-1957. Speeches, committee records, articles and correspondence covering his tenure as president of the Texas Society of Certified Public Accountants and the American Institute of Certified Public Accountants (AICPA). Part of Accounting Archives. 15 boxes, 6.25 ln.ft.

Group 10:
Foster, Louis O. Papers, 1929-1961. Professor of Accounting, Dartmouth University. Author of several accounting textbooks. Manuscripts of published and unpublished works, including his doctoral dissertation. Part of Accounting Collection. 4 boxes. 1.5 feet.

Group 11:
Grady, Paul. Papers, 1938-1967. Copies of published and unpublished papers by Paul Grady on accounting (originals deposited in the Hoover Institution, Stanford University). Part of Accounting Archives. 1 box. 0.4 ln.ft.

Group 12:
Jennings, Alvin R. Papers, 1948-1964. Manuscripts of papers delivered at accounting society meetings. Part of Accounting Archives. 2 boxes. 0.8 ln.ft.


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