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Mary L. Elmendorf Papers - Contents List Continued

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Contents List

Series 2: Early Career and Women's Studies (CARE, Peace Corps, Overseas Educational Fund, Ford Foundation, and USAID), 1952-1982 3 linear feet (6 boxes)

Contains manuscripts, working papers, correspondence, and other records from Elmendorf's career as chief of the CARE office in Mexico (0.5 box), as a consultant to the Overseas Education Fund of the League of Women Voters and the Peace Corps (1.5 boxes), and from several research projects regarding the roles of Latin American women. Her essay "Mexico: Many Worlds of Women" was published in Women: Role and Status in Eight Countries, (ed. Janet Giele and Audrey Smock, 1976). In addition to Elmendorf's chapter, the series contains manuscripts and working papers from other contributors as well (3 boxes). Manuscripts and related material are also included for Elmendorf's "Suggestions Recommendations, and Resources for Enhancing the Role of Women in Development: Peru, Chile, and Brazil," (1974, 1 box) prepared for the U.S. Agency for International Development, and her manuscript and related material for "The Women Governors of the Dominican Republic" (1967).

CARE Chief, Mexico, 1952-1962

In 1952 Dr. Elmendorf was appointed the first woman to head the Mexico Office of CARE. During her eight year appointment, her duties included negotiating and administering CARE's first self help community development program in Latin America, planning pilot activities related to village well-drilling, rural mobile health care, nutrition, basic education and intermediate technologies. Dr. Elmendorf also assisted in the writing and directing of a film, World Our Hands Can Build, describing community participation in a village well-drilling project. This small collection provides examples of the various assessments of well-drilling projects and related background. Also included are newspaper articles collected by Dr. Elmendorf that document her career and that of her late husband, Dr. John Elmendorf, in Mexico.
Box Folder
1 1 Mexico Well Drilling Report, Jan.-March, 1959, Memorandum on CARE-AFSC Well Drilling Pilot Project, April 21, 1960, Remarks of Frances P. Bolton, Congressional Record, June 19, 1959, and Miscellaneous documents on the well, 1959-1960.
2 CARE-Mexico photographs, including the well at Santa Maria Township [1959?]
3 CARE-Mexico's Report to the 11th World Confrence [fragment?] August, 1958 and Organization Chart of CARE-Mexico [ca. 1959?]
4 Newspaper articles about Mary and John Elmendorf and CARE- Mexico, 1952-1960 [n.d.]
5 Poston, Richard W. Democracy Speaks in Many Tongues (photocopied excerpt, pp. 170-175), New York: Harper and Row, 1962. Describes Elmendorf's Participation in CARE.
6 Report of work of CARE-Mexico [by M.E.?] fragment, p. 7-15, with dictaphone disc [ca.1959?]
7 Que es CARE de Mexico? [brochure, 1959?]
8 Summary of CARE activities in Mexico, October, 1960.
9 Summary of CARE activities in Mexico, October, 1960.

Overseas Education Fund/Peace Corps 1960-1981

From 1962-1980, Dr. Elmendorf served as a consultant for the Peace Corps and the Overseas Education Fund of the League of Women Voters. Her job included (1) planning and implementing leadership training for Latin American women at Wellesley, Brown and Boston Universities (1963-1966); (2) designing and planning training workshops for women leaders and governors in the Dominican Republic (1967) and Guatemala (1968); and (3) training U. S. students for Peace Corps assignments in the Dominican Republic (1965). The collection provides examples of correspondence dealing with the training workshops and various handouts and discussion papers from the sessions. Included is a paper written by Dr. Elmendorf describing her interviews with the women governors of the Dominican Republic appointed under the president in the 1960s.
Box Folder
1 10 Correspondence (1965-1970).
11 Correspondence concerning "Curso" Committee, 1969.
12 Correspondence regarding Leadership Institute (1964-1965).
13 Coordinating Agency for Volunteers (Acovol).
14 Administration, OEF, 1975.
15 Central America - Development Suggestions and Plans
16 Colombia
17 Community Analysis.
18 Curso Dominicano de Capacitacion Civico-Social Workshop.
19 Dominican Republic, OEF, Personal.
20 Dominican Republic, Training Program, June 1969.
21 Fund raising.
22 "The Individual in a Developing Country," program, 1967.
Box Folder
2 1 List of Participants in OEF Training Projects.
2 "Manual para un Seminario-Taller," 1967.
3 Hooper, Janice H., "The Overseas Education Fund and Women's Role in Latin American Voluntary Associations: a Preliminary to Ongoing Evaluation," Sept., 1970.
4 OEF - Correspondence, memoranda, etc., 1974.
5 OEF Leadership Institute at Pembroke [1974]
6 OEF Latin American Committee Memoranda, 1967-1969.
7 Peace Corps-Correspondence and publications, 1964-1977.
8 Peace Corps- Brown-Pembroke, Correspondence, 1964-1967.
9 Peace Corps' Water and Sanitation, 1980-81
10 Pembroke Institute, Brown University, OEF, 1964-66
11 Publications (OEF), 1966-1973
12 "Role of Educated Women in Dominican Society" by J. Himelhoch and Susan Sleater, [ca. 1967?]
13 South America Work Plans (OEF), 1965.
14 "Summary of the Planning and Implementation of the First National Congress of Paraguayan Women," (OEF) 1975.
15 Wellesley Leadership Institute [ca. 1965].

Many Worlds of Women (Ford Foundation) 1973-1993 (bulk 1973-1986)

In 1973, Dr. Elmendorf was invited to join the Ford Foundation's first task force on women. She was asked to prepare several reports and materials for the offices in New York and Mexico City. Her research resulted in several papers: "Changing Roles and Status of Women in Mexico," "Working paper for Reporting Session, July 1973" and "Many Worlds of Women - Mexico." This last paper was subsequently published in two forms, one for the internal use of the Ford Foundation (the long version) and another in the book edited by Janet Giele and Audrey Smock, Women : Roles and Status in Eight Countries (1976). A section, "images of women," was omitted from the book, but can be read in the long version of the papers listed below. The additional papers listed here are chapters from the whole book One chapter and the conclusion are missing. The working papers section include a large portion of the references used by Dr. Elmendorf in her research.

Many Worlds of Women (Ford Foundation)

Box Folder
3 1 Elmendorf, Mary and Mary Trimble. "Changing Status of Women: Mexico," a preliminary draft, "Not for publication," Task Force on Women, Ford Foundation, November, 1973.
2 "Changing Status of Women in Mexico" [by] Mary Elmendorf. One draft copied from above, but with some different contents and a second draft labelled "Smock revision."
3 "The Many Worlds of Women: Mexico;" "draft only" [early working draft? with revisions] 56 p.
4 "The Many Worlds of Women: Mexico;" typed ms. of "revised" draft, 86 p.
5 "The Many Worlds of Women: Mexico;" copy of "Revised" draft,with revisions 86, 11 p.
6 "Many Worlds of Women: Mexico," ("final revision") 58, 11 p.
7 "Many Worlds of Women: Mexico," (draft for publication with comments by Janet Giele) May 14, 1975.
8 "Mexico: the Many Worlds of Women" (photocopy of publication) in Women: Roles and Status in Eight Countries, ed. by Giele and Smock (1976).
9 Una Mirada retrospectiva: los diversos mundos de la mujer en Mexico, 1973-1993, at Presentation of Research Materials for "The Many World of Women: Mexico" by M.E., Sept., 7, 1993.
10 Elmendorf, Mary - "Working Paper for Reporting Session - July 2, 1973," Mexico City, Office of the Ford Foundation," June 25, 1973.
11 Correspondence with Ford Foundation (1971-1975).
12 Correspondence with Janet Giele re publication of "Mexico: Many Worlds of Women (1973-1975).
13 Correspondence, re: Women in Mexico, March - April, 1975.
14 Ford Foundation Memoranda re: Role of Women, Women in Latin America, etc. 1972-1973.
15 Germain, Adrienne. Memorandum on Modification in current program priorities to include formal commitment to research and action on the status and roles of women ... as they relate to fertility behavior, Dec. 31, 1973.

Many Worlds of Women - Other Papers, 1973-1975

Box Folder
4 1 Giele, Janet Zollinger - "American Women in Transition," 1975.
2 Giele, Janet Zollinger - "Introduction: Comparative Perspectives on Women," April, 1975.
3 Pharr, Susan - "The Status of Women in Japan: Historical and Contemporary Perspectives."
4 Smock, Audrey C - "The Roles and Status of Women in Bangladesh."
5 Smock, Audrey C - "The Changing Roles and Status of Women in Ghana."
6 Smock, Audrey and Youssef Nadie - "The Changing Roles and Status of Women in Egypt."
7 Sokolowska, Magdalena - "Changing Roles and Status of Women in Poland."

Many Worlds of Women - Background Research

Box Folder
4 8 Background Documents (miscellaneous notes).
9 Background Information and charts related to education section.
10 Elmendorf, Mary - Many Worlds of Women--Table VI.
11 Field Notes.
12 "Macrodata Instrument for Collection on the Roles of Women in Rural Development".
13 Office for Latin America and Caribbean - Social Service Conference Agenda.
14 Tables - Latin American Women.
15 Youssef, Nadie - (miscellaneous).

Many Worlds of Women - Working Papers 1972-1975

Box Folder
4 16 Acosta, Marie Claire - "Los Estereotipos de la mujer Mexicana en la cultura de masas: El caso de las fotonovelas," 1973.
17 Arana de Swadesh, E - "Formas de aprendizaje entre los indigenas del estado de Oaxaca," July 1973.
18 Arizpe, S. Lourdes - "Las Marias": un caso de migracion indigena a la Ciudad de Mexico,"
19 Arnold, Marigena - "La Madre abnegada: One Role among Many"
20 Arnold, Marigena - bibliography - "A Study in Status and Role of Mexican Mestizo Women"
Box Folder
5 1 Chaney, Elsa and Schmink, Marianne - "Going from Bad to Worse: Women and Modernization" (March 1974).
2 Chinas, Beverly - "A Role Model for Explaining Women's Roles in Isthmus Zapotec Culture" (1972).
3 Dere, Carmen Diana - "The Division of Labor by Sex in Agriculture: Peasant Women's Subsistence Production on the Minifundos" (1975).
4 Giele, Janet - "Women and the Law."
5 Gonzales Salazar, Gloria - "La Participacion de la mujer en la actividad laboral de Mexico" (1974).
6 Heredia, Bertha - "Women's Social Evaluations: Myth and Reality" (1973) - copies in English and Spanish.
7 Keremitsis, Davon - "The Expendables: Women Textile Workers in Mexico, Colombia, and Chile" (Nov 1974).
8 Logan, Kathleen - "Women in Community Development" (1978).
9 Lomnitz, Larissa - "La Mujer marginada en Mexico" (June 1973).
10 Macias, Anna - "Mexican Women in the Social Revolution."
11 Martinez-Alier, Verana - "The Women of Rio das Pedras: A Preliminary Report on Women's Work Patterns and Performance in Agriculture in the State of Sao Paulo, Brazil."
12 Moore, William and James Trowbridge - "Ford Foundation - Mexico City Office: Population Program Discussion Paper" (1972).
13 Nash, June - "A Critique of Social Science Models of Contemporary Latin American Reality."
14 Nash, June - "Certain Aspects of the Integration of Women in the Development Process: A Point of View" (June 1973).
15 Paul, Lois - "The Mastery of Work and the Mystery of Sex: A Highland Maya Case."
16 Sanders, Thomas - "Mexican Women" (Oct 1975).
17 Schmink, Marianne - "Dependent Development and the Division of Labor by Sex: Venezuela" (1974).
18 Schmink, Marianne - "Survey of Anthropological Approaches to the Analysis of Sex Roles: Latin America" (1974).
19 Tienda, Marta - "Perspectives on Potential Entrepreneurship among Mexican Peasant."
20 Tienda, Marta - "Economic Development and the Female Labor Force: The Mexican Case" (includes Resume and Correspondence with Giele).
21 Tienda, Marta - "Regional Differentiation and the Sectoral Transformation of the "Female Labor Force: Mexico, 1970.
22 Tienda, Marta - "Mexican Women - A Case of Sexual Subordination and Dependency."
23 Tienda, Marta - "Consuelo Sanchez: A Mosaic in Solitude."
24 Vasquez de Knauth, Josefina - "La Ensenanza de las ciencias sociales: un aspecto de reforma educativa" (1973).
25 Ware, Caroline - "Women and Society."

USAID: Enhancing the Role of Women: Peru, Chile, Brazil and World Campus Afloat, 1973-1975

Because she had previously written a paper for the Ford Foundation about the changing roles of women in Mexico, USAID asked Dr. Elmendorf to write a comparative study of women in Brazil, Chile and Peru. Dr. Elmendorf conducted research while teaching a seminar with the World Campus Afloat program, a student study/travel semester sponsored by Chapman College. The research resulted in the paper "Suggestions, Recommendations, and Resources for Enhancing the Role of Women in Development: Peru, Chile and Brazil." Only three countries are included in the final report, but the folders included in the background research section show contacts used by Dr. Elmendorf in other countries.

Papers and Drafts

Box Folder
6 1 Elmendorf, M. - "Suggestions, Recommendations and Resources for Enhancing the Role of Women in Development: Peru, Chile, and Brazil," memorandum to AID/Dec. 31, 1974. 56 p.
2 "Changing Status of Women: Peru, Chile, Brazil," drafts, including Bibliography, Dec., 1974.
3 "Narrative Statement - Chile, " December 30, 1974.
4 "Peru: Women's Life in Contemporary Institutions of the Society, " Field notes and Bibliography, Oct. 1974 - Jan., 1975.
5 Working paper - untitled about Mexico


Box Folder
6 6 Correspondence with Agency for International Development (AID) 1974-1975.
7 Correspondence and notes concerning contacts in Peru.

Background Research

Box Folder
6 8 Bibliographies on the subject of women and development.
9 Argentina.
10 Asia, India, and Oceania.
11 Bolivia - "Suggestions to Enhance the Role and Status of the Rural Women of Boliva," June Turner memo to USAID/Bolivia, Dec. 6, 1974. 37 p.
12 Brazil - reprints and notes.
13 Chile.
14 Chile.
15 Chile.
16 China.
17 Peru - notes and sources
18 World Campus Afloat (Chapman College) Course syllabi, bibliographies, reading lists, and lecture notes, 1973-1974.

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