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Saco, José Antonio. Letters, 1837 December-1844 September. Letters written by the Cuban intellectual José Antonio Saco documenting his abolitionist efforts during his residence in Europe. 1 folder. MSS 0388. [The guide to this collection is available in Spanish: Guía a las Cartas de José Antonio Saco.]

Safer, Reverend Benjamin and Family Collection. 1901-2017. This collection documents the life of four generations of the Safer family of Jacksonville, Florida. It holds Reverend Benjamin Safer's papers, including sermons, letters, notes, and family photographs. In addition, it includes official documents and photographs of the places where various family members lived and worked in Lithuania and Jacksonville.

St. Augustine First Congregation of the Sons of Israel Collection. 1933-2015 (bulk: 1970-2010). Materials from the First Congregation Sons of Israel in St. Augustine, which primarily includes research findings and documentation on the history of Jews in St. Augustine, the Congregation, the synagogue building, and its cemetery. 1.42 linear feet. MSS 0374.

Saint-Domingue and Haitian Autograph Collection. 1769-1802. Miscellaneous autograph documents related to Saint-Domingue and Haiti at the end of the 18th century and beginning of the 19th century. 0.2 ln.ft. Ms Group 218.

St. Pierre. Photographs Showing the Destruction in St. Pierre from the 1902 Mt. Pelée Volcanic Eruption, 1902. A collection of 28 images showing the aftermath and damages in St. Pierre, Martinique caused by the 1902 volcanic eruption of Mt. Pelée. .01 linear feet. MSS 0421. [The guide to this collection is available in Spanish: Fotos sobre la destrucción en St. Pierre causada por la erupción volcánica de Monte Pelée en 1902.]

Sammons, Valerie. Collection, 1983. Newspapers, T-shirts, pamphlets, and photographs gathered or created by Valerie Sammons on a goodwill visit to Grenada in 1983. Ms Group 315.

Sánchez, Bernabé. Letterbook, 1898-1900. A letterbook containing copies of letters written by cattle rancher and financier Bernabé Sánchez of Cuba between 1898 and 1900. MS Group 179. [The guide to this collection is available in Spanish: Guía del Libro de cartas de Bernabé Sánchez.]

Sánchez Family. Papers, 1824-1925. A small collection of papers belonging to the Sánchez family of north-central Florida, concerning Santiago Sánchez, James R. Sánchez, Venancio Sánchez, Margaret Sánchez and E.C.F. Sánchez. 0.4 linear feet.

Sandbach, Tinne & Co. Records, 1820-1882 (bulk: 1825-1855). Correspondence to the firm of Sandbach, Tinne & Co. from McInroy, Sandbach & Co., McInroy, Parker & Co., and other affiliates in the Demerara region of British Guiana primarily relating to sugar, molasses, coffee and rum. MSS 0482.

Sanders Family. Papers, 1840-1930. Correspondence, financial records, and legal documents of the Sanders family of North Florida, as well as additional information on Madison County. 0.4 linear feet.

Sangster, Bruce Michel. Papers, 1927-1966. Correspondence, financial records, and ledgers of Bruce M. Sangster, a horticulturist and owner of a nursery in Orlando, Florida.

Saulson, William F. and Lila May Sprintz. Family Papers, 1943-1945, 1960-2008. World War II military service, family records, and political memorabilia of William F. Saulson. 1.03 linear feet. MSS 0422.

Savage and Haile Plantation. Ledgers, 1865-1867. Cotton plantation account information from the Savage and Haile plantation, located at Kanapaha near Gainesville, Florida. PKY 88.019

Sawyer, Wells M. Collection, 1893-1961. Correspondence, drawings, and other papers related to Wells M. Sawyer's life, travels, and the 1895-1897 Pepper-Hearst Expedition in Florida. 3 ln.ft.

Schiller, Paul Harkai. Papers, ca. 1930-1949. Manuscripts of work of Hungarian psychologist, specializing in comparative psychology. 5.75 ln.ft. Ms Group 81.

Schulz, W. H.. Photograph Album, 1918. Photograph album created by W. H. Schulz during his time at the University of Florida. The photographs depict people, events, and buildings at the University of Florida as well as images of Cedar Key and houses and farms in unidentified areas. Of special interest are images of flag rush, a train derailment, ships at Cedar Key, and three photos of an alligator being baited and caught. 1 folder (11 items; 55 photographs). Ms Coll. 136.

Scovell, Noah Papers. 1797-1806. This collection contains manuscript documents of Noah Scovell relating to the coffee and cotton trade in Guadeloupe, Haiti, and Liverpool. Records include invoices, sales and wage receipts, account statements, inventories, and similar documents.

Secundaria 15 Albert Einstein, Mexico. Photographs of the Seventy-Years Celebration of the Foundation, 2018. The collection consists of twenty-seven photographs of the 2018 commemoration of the school Secundaria 15 Albert Einstein's founding. The school was founded by Max Shein in 1948. .01 linear feet. MSS 0446.[The guide to this collection is available in Spanish: Fotografías de la conmemoración de los 70 años de la fundación de la escuela Secundaria 15 Albert Einstein, México.]

Seelye, John D. Papers, 1960-2006 (bulk: 1979-2006). This collection includes the writings, research, and correspondence of Professor John Seelye. As a scholar of American literature, Seelye wrote academic books as well as fiction. He also served as an editor for the Penguin American Library from 1979-2006. The bulk of this collection consists of correspondence between Seelye and various authors and academics in his capacity as an editor for Penguin. Ms Group 320.

Seibert, Edward J.. Papers, 1956-2010 (bulk: 1956-1985). Architectural drawings, photographs, project records, and other papers of architect and influential member of the Sarasota School of Architecture, Edward J. Seibert. Some of his more notable works include projects such as the 1960 Siesta Key beach pavilion, the Bay Plaza condominium in downtown Sarasota, and Inn on the Beach at the Longboat Key Club. 1.24 Linear Feet. MSS 0433.

Seton, Charles. Papers, 1806-1873. Personal, business, and legal papers of Charles Seton of Fernandina, Florida. 0.2 ln.ft.

Shands Family. Papers, 1839-1857. Family correspondence, pre-civil war. 0.5 ln.ft. Ms Group 36.

"Sharpening of the class struggle: The education of domestic workers in Cuba" Manuscript. Sixteen page manuscript written by Elena Gil Izquierdo that explains the work done by the Federación de Mujeres Cubanas (Federation of Cuban Women) regarding education of household workers. MSS 0534. [The guide to this collection is available in Spanish: Guía del Manuscrito: "La Educación de las Domésticas: Una agudización de la lucha de clases".]

Shepard, Herschel E. Papers, 1961-2009. Collection documenting Herschel E. Shepard's expertise in Florida's historic architecture and his many contributions to preservation and restoration in the state. Shepard's work covers the entire range of Florida's architectural past, including restoration of landmark buildings such as the 1902 Florida State Capitol in Tallahassee and reconstruction of such historically significant sites as the Second Seminole War era Fort Foster and the Spanish mission site of San Luis de Apalachee. Included in the collection are project files, drawings, photographs, architectural and historic preservation committee files, records from the Historic St. Augustine Preservation Board (HSAPB), artifacts, and audiovisual material. 125.41 ln.ft. MSS 0417.

Shepperson, George. Collection, 1852-1989 (bulk: 1931-1989). Materials related to Shepperson's research and activities surrounding various David Livingstone projects, including the centenary of Livingstone's death in 1973. 1.5 ln/ft. MS Group 206.

Schönwald Family. Correspondence, 1939-2010 (Bulk: 1939-1941). The collection includes letters, telegrams, and postcards sent to Henry Wald mostly between 1939 and 1941 by his parents and other relatives. While Henry Wald could escape Nazi Germany - he settled in Lincoln, Nebraska - his parents were waiting for a visa to leave Germany. They hoped to be reunited in the United States. The letters were transcribed and translated to English. An article detailing the history of the family under the Nazi regime by University of Florida professor emeritus of political science and donor of the collection Kenneth Wald, son of Henry Wald, is also included in the collection. .27 LF. MSS 0510.

Sierra Club, Florida Chapter. Papers, 1964-. Correspondence, minutes, newsletters, and miscellaneous materials. Gift of the Sierra Club, Florida Chapter. Additions expected. 1 ln.ft.

Sigma Tau. Upsilon Chapter. Records, 1923-1974. Part of University Archives Manuscript Collections.

Silberfeld, Alfred M. Genealogical Research Collection. 1900-2015. This collection contains research papers, personal correspondence, and literary works of Alfred M. Silberfeld and his relatives. The collection includes copies of personal documents and photographs of Silberfeld's extended family and ancestors, collected and arranged as part of Silberfeld's genealogical research. MSS 0369.

Silkin, Jon. Papers, 1952-1956. British poet. Manuscripts, correspondence re: the founding of Stand, a poetry magazine, etc. 1 ln.ft. Ms Group 32.

Silver Springs Publicity Department. Scrapbooks, 1938-1962. News clippings dealing with the Silver Springs attraction in Florida.

Simonds, John Ormsbee. Collection, 1912-2005. Drawings, project files, correspondence, writings, speeches, and other papers of landscape architect John Ormsbee Simonds. Ms Group 50.

Simpson, John Milton Bryan. Papers, 1933-1983. Judge. Correspondence, speeches, legal documents, and materials relating to civil rights and racial integration in St. Augustine and St. Johns County, Florida, during the time that Simpson was chief judge, U.S. District Court, Middle District of Florida. 5 ln.ft. Ms 90.

Skeels, Charles R. Photographs, 1927. Photographs taken by Charles R. Skeels in Chinandega, Nicaragua, in 1927. MSS 0447.

Slaughter, Frank G. Papers, 1948-1959. Slaughter was an American surgeon and writer whose writing style as steeped heavily in religion and medicine. Slaughter published 56 books, among these, Sangaree (1948), The Road to Bithynia (1951), The Gallileans: A Novel of Mary Magdelene (1953), and The Thorn of Arimathea (1959); this collection consists of manuscripts and galley proofs of these four works. Ms Group 317.

Slavery and Plantations in Saint-Domingue Collection. 1779-1791. Letters, inventories, and account books pertaining to potential sales of various plantations and holdings, including slaves, in Saint-Domingue (present-day Haiti). Provides information about the French colony in the decade leading up to the revolt by black slaves in 1791. 6 folders. MS Group 159.

Slayton, William. Postcard Collection, 1906-1986. Collection of twentieth century postcards and other souvenir materials of Gainesville and the University of Florida. .42 linear feet. MSS 0496.

Smathers, George Armistead. Papers, 1934-1985. U. S. Representative, 1947-1951; U. S. Senator, 1951-1969. Congressional correspondence and files. 181 ln.ft.

Smith, Chandler H. Ledgers, 1849-1905. Financial information from the dry goods business of Chandler H. Smith, a resident of Madison, Florida. PKY 88.001

Smith, Chesterfield. Papers, 1934-2008 (Bulk: 1971-1999). Papers relating to Chesterfield Smith's career as executive partner and principal architect of the law firm Holland and Knight, his tenure as President of the American Bar Association, and his involvement and influence in local, state, and national politics and law. 98.75 ln.ft.

Smith, Edwin. Papers, 1884-1896. Records and correspondence of Edwin Smith, who operated a store in Federal Point, Florida. 0.5 ln.ft.

Smith, Jefferson Davis. Papers, 1889-1917. Businessman and state legislator (1925-1927), of Marianna, Fla. Papers relating to business, land and economic conditions in Marianna and Jackson County, Fla. Gift of Mr. Cecil Rhyne, Jr. 0.8 ln.ft.

Smith, Levi. Papers, 1842-1923; bulk 1856-1866. Civil War letters from Levi Smith, Union Navy. .21 linear feet. MSS 0495.

Smith, Lillian. Papers, 1915-1972; bulk 1935-1966. Manuscripts of Strange Fruit, The Journey, and Killers of the Dream, etc. Correspondence and records re: The South Today. 11.5 ln.ft. Ms Group 2.

Smith, Luther E., Jr. Papers, 1939-1949. Letters by or about Sgt. Luther Edward Smith, Jr. during his military service in World War II dated November 1939 to July 1949. 0.4 ln.ft. Ms Group 175.

Smith, Thomas Lynn. Papers, 1952; 1975-1976. Part of University Archives Manuscript Collections.

Snodgrass, Dena. Collection, 1812-1996. Historian, primarily of Jacksonville region. Correspondence, photographs, journals, and subject files containing articles, news clippings, copies of legal documents, notes, interviews and correspondence with the family and friends of the subjects being researched, as well as original documents created by the subjects themselves (e.g., correspondence, speeches, deeds, writings). 3.25 ln.ft.

Socol, Albert J. Papers, 1976-1999. Architectural drawings, photographs, floor plans, and other papers of architect Albert S. Socol, who worked for over 35 years on the design, development, management, and construction of major architectural projects in the State of Florida including the School of Architecture at the University of Florida, the James L. Knight Center, the Hyatt Hotel, Royal Bank of Canada, and the Courthouse Center in Miami, FL. 0.46 ln.ft. MSS 0435.

Sound Archives. Audio recordings that have been digitally reformatted. Includes recordings from the University of Florida Archives, the P. K. Yonge Library of Florida History, and the General Manuscript collections.

Sound of Radio and Television. Approximately 500 themes and related audio material including broadcast recordings, compilation and tribute albums, radio programs and commercials, and television themes and soundtracks. 6 ln.ft.

South Lake Apopka Citrus Growers Association Records. Records, 1926-1981. Established 1909; headquarters in Oakland, Florida. Meeting minutes, disbursements, shipping registers, other papers pertaining to the association and to the citrus industry in Orange County. 5.25 ln.ft.

Southern Cypress Manufacturers Association. Records, 1906-1972 (bulk: 1950-1972). The Southern Cypress Manufacturers Association oversaw the standards, advertising, and regulation of cypress in the United States. 4.3 ln.ft.

Spanish-American War Photographs. 1898. Images from the Santiago region of Cuba and the Tampa Bay region of Florida during the Spanish-American War. 0.6 ln.ft.

Spanish Military Documents Regarding Colombia's War of Independence. 1816. This collection contains military documents from Cartagena de Indias, Colombia, which give statements and updates of the current state of the Spanish Army fighting revolutionary forces in New Granada in 1816. [The guide to this collection is available in Spanish: Guía de los Documentos del ejército español referentes a la Guerra de la Independencia en Colombia.]

Spellman, Charles W. Papers, 1618-1952 (bulk: 1947-1952). Papers written by or copied for Charles W. Spellman pertaining to his research on Catholic and Indian history. Location is primarily Florida but does extend to Georgia and Carolina history. Most of the reproduced documents come from the colonial era however there is correspondence from1947-1952. 0.6 ln.ft.

Spencer Family. Papers, 1863-1915. Primarily the letters of Mrs. J.S. Spencer, wife of Rev. James Selden Spencer, written from Palm Beach, Florida, and occasionally other places in transit to Florida. 0.4 linear feet.

Squier, E.G. Papers, 1848-1874. Archaeologist/ethnologist. Correspondence and manuscripts regarding Central America. 0.5 ln.ft. Ms Group 31.

Stansfield, Harold Campbell Photograph Album, 1919-1924. A photograph album owned by University of Florida student Harold Campbell Stansfield. Includes photographs of the University of Florida, Camp McClellan (later Fort McClellan) in Alabama, and baseball spring training photographs of New York Giants and Boston Braves players and managers. .25 linear feet (1 box; 308 images). MS Coll. 137.

Starnes, Earl M. Papers, 1956-2009. Earl M. Starnes was a growth management and planning expert who served as the director of the Florida Division of State Planning from 1972 to 1975 and as a faculty member of the University of Florida from 1976 to 1993. His papers primarily include books, articles, papers, and research planning material created during his time working for the state government and the university. Also included is material related to his various consulting projects in Florida and the Caribbean, photographs from his early private architectural practice, and general correspondence. 5.22 ln.ft. MSS 0379.

Stephens-Bryant Family. Papers, 1664-1989 (Bulk dates: 1836-1931). Correspondence, diaries, and other papers and relics of Winston J.T. Stephens, plantation owner, militia officer, and Confederate army officer; his wife, Octavia Bryant Stephens; and other family members including Henry H. Bryant, Davis H. Bryant, and William A. Bryant. Topics include the Civil War in Florida, military service, the Battle of Olustee, plantation life, slavery, and conditions along the St. Johns River during the mid-19th century. 10.75 linear feet.

Still, Homer Edwin, Jr. Collection, 1930-2000 (bulk: 1939-1942). Part of University Archives Manuscript Collections.

Stirt Family Collection. 1923-2010. Irving Stirt (1921-2012) grew up in Kaunas (Kovno), Lithuania and immigrated to the United States in 1940. He lived in New York, Chicago, Milwaukee, and Marinette (WI), during which time he completed high school, enlisted in the U.S. army, and married. Stirt's family, who remained in Kaunas, are presumed to have been killed by the Nazis in 1941. This small archive includes a diary, letters, documents, and photographs that evidence Stirt's departure from Lithuania at the age of 19, the death of his family and his multiple attempts at gaining information about them, and his early experiences as an immigrant living in America.

Stringer, Frederick Lykes. Papers, 1874-1948 (Bulk dates: 1910-1948). Correspondence, legal documents, notebooks and other papers of Florida judge and politician, Frederick Lykes Stringer. 5.5 ln.ft.

Stults, Paul M. Papers, 1938-1945. Correspondence, instructional manuals, and memorabilia related to the training and death of Lt. Stults as a pilot during World War II. 1.25 ln.ft.

Sullivan, John A. Papers, 1975. Correspondence related to preparation of 1976 Florida Historical Calendar, edited by John A. Sullivan.

Summer, Dick Audio Collection, 2003-2010. Audio compact discs (CDs) featuring the spoken word readings and narrations ("personal audios") of legendary radio personality, voice artist, poet, writer and "story teller" Dick Summer.

Swann, Samuel Ashe. Papers, 1838-1925. Real estate speculator, developer, entrepreneur, railroad businesss man. Swann's ledgers, letter books, tax certificates, deeds, and account books document Florida's growth in the 19th century. 28 ln.ft.

Swearingen, Joseph Van. Letters, 1834-1847. Personal correspondence of Joseph Van Swearingen, who saw service in Florida during the Second Seminole War and died at the Battle of Okeechobee.

Taco Bay Commercial Company Records. Records, 1908-1919. Correspondence, financial records and stockholders' reports of the company's agricultural enterprises in Cuba. 0.4 ln.ft. Ms Group 151. [The guide to this collection is available in Spanish: Guía de los registros de la compañía Taco Bay Commercial Company.]

Tampa and the Spanish-American War: 2nd New York Volunteer Infantry. Photo Album, 1898. This photo album is a collection of photographs of soldiers with the 2nd New York Volunteer Infantry, recruited for the Spanish-American War, and serving at Camp Black, New York; Tampa, Florida, Fernandina, Florida; and Troy, New York. .01 lf. MSS 0565.

Tanzer, Kim. Papers, 1998-2005. Collection contains University of Florida Senate and UF Constitution materials, information on the Sustainability Committee at UF, and materials on the designs of buildings and areas on the UF campus. 2 lf. Ms Coll. 151.

Tate, Leona Bramlett. Photographs, 1911-1912. Photographs related to Leona Bramlett [Tate], the first nurse hired to work at the University of Florida's infirmary from 1911-1912. 1 folder (13 images). Ms. Coll. 138

Tau Epsilon Phi. Tau Alpha Chapter. Records, 1930-1995. Part of University Archives Manuscript Collections.

Taylor, Abram Morris (A.M.) and Florence. Papers, 1892-1942. Correspondence, photographs, documents, accounts, engagement books, address books, and newspaper clippings related to A.M. Taylor (Florida Senate, St. Augustine/St. Johns County, 1925-1931) and his wife, Florence Taylor, of St. Augustine. 2 ln.ft.

Taylor, Ernest A. Papers, 1952-2006 (Bulk: 1952-1962). Pertaining to Taylor's work on the preservation of Corkscrew Swamp near Naples, Florida, the collection includes correspondence, photographs, slides (with descriptions), maps, and various manuscripts, including "The Trek." 1.5 ln.ft.

Thompson, Arthur William. Papers, 1950-1961. Notes created by historian Arthur W. Thompson in researching U.S. Senator David Yulee and Jacksonian Democracy in Florida.

Thompson, Irene. Papers, 1964-1985. Part of University Archives Manuscript Collections.

Thornal, B. Campbell. Papers, 1944-1970. Correspondence, court opinions, speeches, and other papers of Florida Supreme Court Justice, B. Campbell Thornal.

Tinsley, Jim Bob. Papers, 1964-1987. The collection contains galley proofs and photos for Tinsley's books He Was Singin' This Song and For a Cowboy Has to Sing. Accompanying the galley proofs and photographs are approximately 50 pieces of Western sheet music from 1900 to 1950. The collection also contains research materials on the Florida panther, bass fishing sites in Florida, cattle rancher Jacob Summerlin, and Tinsley's book The Sailfish, Swashbuckler of the Open Seas. 4.21 ln.ft. Ms 278.

Torrado, Osvaldo Dorticós. Photographs of Cuban President's Trip to Venezuela and 26 of July Movement Celebrations, 1959-1960. Photographs highlighting Cuban President Osvaldo Dorticós Torrado's visit to Venezuela alongside important Cuban cabinet members in June 1960, and other moments of Cuban and Venezuelan relations, including the Venezuelan celebration of the 26 of July Movement in 1960. [The guide to this collection is available in Spanish: Guía de las Fotografías del Presidente Osvaldo Dorticós Torrado en su viaje a Venezuela y de las celebraciones del Movimiento Revolucionario 26 de Julio.] .21 linear feet. MSS 0432.

Topping, Aileen Moore. Papers, 1779-1785. Typed English translations of original reports from Spanish agents reporting on the activities of the Continental Congress during the American Revolution. Topping used these translations as source material for her published and unpublished works. 0.6 ln.ft.

Trammell, Park. Papers, 1893-1938. Correspondence, speeches and other papers belonging to former Florida Governor and Senator, Park Trammell. 4.5 ln.ft.

Trusler, Harry R. Speeches, lectures, and writings, ca.1915-1948. Part of University Archives Manuscript Collections.

Turlington, Ralph D. Papers, 1968-1986. Speeches, notes, photographs and miscellaneous papers of Ralph D. Turlington, former Florida Commissioner of Education and state legislator.

Twentieth-century pharmacy logbook of José Sarrá's "La Reunión" Pharmacy in Havana, Cuba. Pharmacy logbook belonging to La Reunión Pharmacy in Havana, Cuba from 1924. MSS 0538. [The guide to this collection is available in Spanish: Guía del Libro de recetas del siglo XX de la farmacia "La Reunión" de José Sarrá en La Habana, Cuba.]

Udell, Budd. Musical Scores, 1962-1978. Part of University Archives Manuscript Collections.

United Confederate Veterans. Ledger, 1868. Meeting notes, biographies of members, member roles, and news clippings from Camp Stewart (no. 155) of the United Confederate Veterans in Jasper, Florida. PKY 88.010

United Faculty of Florida. Records, 1974-1980. Part of University Archives Manuscript Collections.

United States District Court for the Northern District of Florida. Records in the Cases of McMillan vs. Escambia County and Jenkins vs. Pensacola. Voting/election district boundaries and racial discrimination cases in Pensacola/Escambia County, Florida. Gift of Dr. Manning J. Dauer. 1.25 ln.ft.

United States Federal Bureau of Investigation. St. Augustine Surveillance Files, 1963-1967. Photocopies of federal records pertaining to the surveillance of racial tension and the desegregation struggle in St. Augustine/St. Johns County, Florida and Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. Gift of Dr. David Colburn. 0.5 ln.ft. Ms 106.

United States General Land Office, Florida District. Records, 1821-1931. Partial records of the Tallahassee, Gainesville, and Newnansville, Fla. offices of the U.S. Land Office, consisting of commissioners' letters (1821-1931; 194 v.): receivers' receipts (101 v.) and registers, records, abstracts, miscellaneous lists and plates (65 v.). 200 ln.ft.

United States Indian Claims Commission. Seminole Indians of Florida vs. United States Records, 1951-1978. Photocopies of United States Indian Claims Commission records pertaining to claims by the Seminole and Miccosukee tribes of Florida.

United States Marine Family in the Dominican Republic. Photograph Album, 1940. Photographic album of a US Marine and his family stationed in Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic in 1940. The album displays the many facets of American military life in the Caribbean. The photographs also capture the lifestyle of Dominicans, landmarks, landscapes, and the personal life of this Marine and his family abroad. [The guide to this collection is available in Spanish: Guía de la Álbum fotográfico de una familia de la marina estadounidense en la República Dominicana.] 1 Volume. MSS 0462.

United States Marshals Service Southern District. Correspondence, 1849-1862. Official correspondence of the U.S. Marshals in the Southern District (Key West). PKY 88.023

United States Supreme Court, United States vs. State of Florida. Records, 1972. Reproductions of briefs, exhibits, and testimonies in the case, United States vs. State of Florida, concerning the state's boundaries and submerged lands.

University of Florida Alumni Association. Records, 1912-1973. Part of University Archives Manuscript Collections.

University of Florida Historic Preservation. Collection, 1966-1993. Historic preservation documents, reports, terminal projects, and other resources created by faculty and students belonging to the College of Architecture at the University of Florida. 46.26 ln.ft. MSS 0395.

University of Florida Department of Accounting. Collection, 1963-1969. Selected departmental correspondence with prominent accountants. Williard E. Stone, chairman of the department, is the principal correspondent. Part of Accounting Archives. 1 box.

University Religious Association. Religion-in-Life Week. Records, 1947-1969. Part of University Archives Manuscript Collections.

University Religious Association. Records, 1948-1973. Part of University Archives Manuscript Collections.

Venezuela-Netherlands Documents. Xerox copies of documents dated 1871-1900. Research materials of Dr. C. C. Goslinga for book about smuggling. 1 ln.ft. Ms Group 75.

Visionaires Collection. 1938-2005. The Visionaires was founded in February 1938 by eight women who sought to establish a community organization that could foster civic, cultural, and social affairs for African American women in Gainesville, Florida. The Visionaires Collection consists of minutes of their meetings, records of financial transactions, scrapbooks, photographs, and other materials that document the organization's participation in school and community activities. 1.82 lf. MSS 0508.

Vives Family. Papers, 1965-1956. The Vives Family Papers date from 1865 to 1956 and primarily consist of documents related to the Vives family and their business activity in Ponce, Puerto Rico. [The guide to this collection is available in Spanish: Los documentos de la familia Vives.] .21 linear feet. MSS 0502.

Wagley, Charles. Papers, 1937-1965. Part of University Archives Manuscript Collections.

Walborsky, Hyman. Memorial Collection, 1916-2016. This collection includes personal documents, photographs, correspondence, an album, a documentary on DVD, and a screenplay written and collected by Aileen Josephs. The items in the collection record her family's history from her personal view including her own personal and professional growth as a female immigration lawyer and activist. .42 linear feet. MSS 0375.

Walker Family. Papers, 1938-1945. Personal correspondence between Claudius and Anna Walker, mainly while he served in the United States Army before and during World War II. 0.2 ln.ft.

Wallis Baker Associates. Thomas H. Wallis, Jr. and William H. Baker Landscape Architecture Collection, 1961-2009. Plans, photographs, project manuals, and miscellaneous materials created by the landscape architecture firm Wallis Baker Associates and its principals. MS Group 285.

Walton Family Papers, 1927-1948. Kate L. Walton (1917-1985) was an attorney from Palatka, Florida who served as legal counsel in the Cason versus Baskin case, known as the Cross Creek Trial. The bulk of this collection consists of correspondence of the law firm, but also includes personal papers of Walton and various family members.

Warden, Lewis C. Papers, 1934-1987. Lawyer/Author. Manuscripts of popular and legal works. Legal research materials, personal papers, and photographs. 8 ln.ft. MS Group 91.

Warfel, Harry Redcay. Papers, 1926-1963. Part of University Archives Manuscript Collections.

Warren, Atkins. Papers, 1948-2010 (bulk: 1970-1995). Papers and photographs related to the career of Atkins Warren, the first African American chief of police for Gainesville, Florida. Aspects of his career covered include his time with the St. Louis Police Department, with the Gainesville Police Department, and with the U.S. Department of Justice Community Relations Service, as well as his presidency and service with the National Organization of Black Law Enforcement Executives (NOBLE). 4.25 ln.ft.

Warren, Fuller. Papers, 1926-1953. Lawyer, Florida House of Representatives (1927, 1939), and governor of Florida (1949-1953). Papers relating to former Florida Governor Fuller Warren, his campaigns, his service in the Navy during World War II and other personal documents. 3 ln.ft.

Weaver, Rudolph. Architectural records, ca.1920-1940. Part of University Archives Manuscript Collections.

Wehlburg, Albert. Papers, 1985-2003. Collection contains syllabi and instructional materials for Dr. Albert Wehlburg's courses taught at the University of Florida's Department of Theatre.

Weil, Joseph. Papers, 1915-1977. Part of University Archives Manuscript Collections.

Weimer, Rae O. Interview, 1993. Part of University Archives Manuscript Collections.

Weintraub Family. Papers, 1941-1945. A collection of letters between a military medical officer and his wife during his service in World War II. 0.8 linear feet. MS Group 280.

Werner, M.R. (Morris Werner). Correspondence 1921 [bulk 1934]-1944. Author of approximately fifteen books and contributor to numerous periodicals. Approximately 142 letters from book and magazine publisher and editors, and agents regarding books and articles by Werner. 0.25 ln.ft. Ms Group 135.

West Indies Papers. 1771-1929. Correspondence, receipts, warrants re Antigua, Barbados, Bahamas. 0.5 ln.ft. Ms Group 12.

West, Elizabeth Howard. Papers, 1526-1946. Historian, archivist, librarian, author. Staff member, Library of Congress, 1906-1911; archivist, Texas State Library, 1911-1915; librarian, San Antonio Carnegie Library, 1915-1918; state librarian of Texas, 1918-1925; librarian, Texas Technological College, 1925-1942. Photostats and transcripts of documents preserved in the Archivo General de Indias and other Spanish repositories. A microfilm edition of the Elizabeth Howard West Papers has been produced by the P. K. Yonge Library of Florida History and a copy is held by the University of West Florida, Pensacola.

Wheeler, George C. Photograph Album. Homecoming Parade, 1948. Part of University Archives Manuscript Collections.

Wherry, Albina Lucy Cust. Correspondence from prominent scholars regarding her research on Italian dancing towers and other topics. 8 pieces; 1 folder. MSS 0472.

Widing, Ivar. Collection, 1910-1916 (bulk: 1915-1916). Manuscript, sketches, and clippings documenting Ivar Widing's two-thousand-mile journey from Boston to Key West during the winter of 1915-1916. .25 ln.ft. MSS 0412.

Wilkins, Roe and Florence. World War II Correspondence, 1937-1946. Letters between Roe and Florence Wilkins from 1937 to 1946, with the majority of the letters covering Roe's military service in Europe during World War II. 3.5 ln.ft.

Will, Thomas E. (Thomas Elmer). Papers, 1893-1938. Businessman, author, and developer of Florida Everglades. The papers primarily relate to the development of land in South Florida following drainage of the Everglades, particularly Will's settlement of Okeelanta near Lake Okeechobee. 14 ln.ft.

Williams, Hiram. Papers, 1935-1999. Part of University Archives Manuscript Collections.

Williams, John Lee. Papers, 1820-1853. Unpublished manuscripts for the second edition of the book The Territory of Florida by John Lee Williams.

Williamson, Fred L. Papers, 1923-1944. Diaries, correspondence, news clippings, hearings, engineering reports and other material related to South Florida, particularly in the Clewiston area. The collection also contains the records of the New River, Lake Okeechobee and Caloosahatchee Navigation Association. 1 ln.ft.

Willoughby, Claude H. Papers, 1889-1919. Part of University Archives Manuscript Collections.

Wilson Cypress Company Records, 1882-1971 (Bulk: 1910-1940). Correspondence, legal documents, and financial records concerning the Wilson Cypress Company's operations in Putnam County and Florida, as well as the personal papers of owner H.S. Wilson. 18.5 ln.ft.

Winsberg, Morton D. Photographs of Colonia Baron Hirsch. Photographs of the people, work, and buildings of a Jewish agricultural colony in Argentina. 1 folder. Ms Group 170.

Winter Haven Chamber of Commerce (Fla.). Records, 1927-1949. Promotional material, publicity campaigns, and replies to requests for information. 2.25 ln.ft.

Wolff, Lois Pollack. Collection on Student Life, 1951-1952. Part of University Archives Manuscript Collections.

Wolk, Edith K. Playbill Collection, 1937-2004. Edith K. Wolk, reverently preserved a lifetime of theatre (New York, London, Los Angeles, etc.) in this chronologically-filed collection of Playbills and programs dating from 1937 through 2004 (a year before her death). The collection represents both professional and amateur productions and is a time capsule of most of the major Broadway stage landmarks of the mid-to-late 20th Century. Through her devotion to theatre and collecting, Edith K. Wolk has preserved a Golden Age of modern theatre in 12 archival boxes. 7.5 ln.ft.

Women Students' Association. Scrapbooks, 1948-1961. Part of University Archives Manuscript Collections.

Wood, Frank Bradshaw. Papers, 1936-1981. Part of University Archives Manuscript Collections.

Wood, Preston, Script Collection. Television and radio scripts written by Preston Wood. 27 ln.ft.

Woodman, Joseph H. Papers, 1935-1970. Joseph H. Woodman's collection of publications, bulletins, clippings and photographs relating to forestry, paper, and papermaking.

Woodrow, James. Notebooks, 1855. Two class notebooks for Professor Robert Bunsen's Laboratory belonging to chemistry student James Woodrow. Ms Group 131.

Yamamoto, Sanehiko. Collection Regarding Albert Einstein, 1922, 1949. This collection chronicles the 30 year relationship between Albert Einstein and Sanehiko Yamamoto (President of Japan's renowned publishing house Kaizosha) that was formed during Einstein's 1922 trip to Japan. Included are photographs, letters, and artwork given to Yamamoto by Einstein during his trip, as well as a 1949 letter and photographs documenting Yamamoto's continued friendship with Einstein after World War II. .48 linear feet. MSS 0399.

Yemenite Liturgical Manuscript. circa 1830. Hebrew hymns for mourning and the Ninth of Av, including lamentations (qinot), penitential hymns (selichot), and other non-liturgical texts. .25 linear feet. MSS 0400.

Yeomans, Cal. Collection, 1938-2001. Lee Calvin "Cal" Yeomans (1938-2001) was a playwright, poet, actor, artist, educator, lecturer, photographer, real estate investor, land developer and philanthropist who is considered a key contributor to the gay theatre movement of the 1970s and 1980s. The collection is comprised of play and multi-media scripts (in various rewrite stages), poetry, prose, notes, personal and professional correspondence, reviews, newspaper clippings, family papers, personal and exhibit photographs, ephemera, journals, audio recordings, financial records and business correspondence. Ms Group 261.

Yon, Thomas Alva. Papers, 1926-1937. Yon was a member of the U.S. House of Representatives from Florida (1927-1933) and a member of the U.S. Bureau of Commerce from 1933-1940. This collection mainly deals with his involvement with public work projects for the Florida Panhandle. Gift of Mr. Tom Still. 0.2 ln.ft.

Yon, Thomas Alva. Scrapbook, 1927-1928. Scrapbook containsing news clippings from Thomas A. Yon's first two years in Congress. PKY 88.017

Yonge, Chandler Cox. Papers, 1827-1886. Lawyer, politician, and soldier, of Florida. Miscellaneous material relating to Yonge, who was secretary of the Florida Constitutional Convention at St. Joseph (1838); member of Florida Senate (1843-1844); U.S. district attorney; district attorney for Florida under the Confederacy; and in the Confederate military service (1863-1865). Gift of Julien Chandler Yonge. 1 ln.ft.

Yonge, Julien Chandler. Papers, 1925-1961. Personal correspondence of historian Julien Chandler Yonge and catalogs of his collection of historical materials relating to Florida.

Yonge, Philip Keyes. Papers, 1905-1934. Papers of Philip Keyes Yonge as a member of the Florida Board of Control and Florida State Plant Board. 9.5 ln.ft.

Young Men's Christian Association. Records, 1922-1953. Part of University Archives Manuscript Collections.

Yulee, David Levy. Papers, 1800-1954 (Bulk: 1840-1886). Businessman, entrepreneur, and U.S. senator from Florida; b. David Levy. Correspondence and business papers relating to activities of David Levy Yulee, territorial delegate to Congress, U.S. Senator from Florida, and founder of the Florida Railroad Company. A microfilm edition of the Yulee Papers is available to researchers in the P. K. Yonge Library of Florida History. 17 ln.ft.

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