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Macaulay, Neill. Collection, 1954-2005. Correspondence, publications, writings, lectures, notes, talks, photographs, and scrapbooks of University of Florida Emeritus Professor of Latin American history Neill Macaulay. Also includes interviews with Macaulay and his wife Nancy Macaulay. Part of University Archives Manuscript Collections. [The guide to this collection is available in Spanish: Guía de la colección de Neill Macaulay.]

MacDonald, John D. Collection, 1800-1997 (Bulk dates: 1916-1986). John D. MacDonald (1916-1986) was a prolific Florida author of mystery and suspense novels, including the popular Travis McGee series. The collection is comprised of his manuscripts and other writings, personal and professional correspondence, screenplays and adaptations, reviews, family papers, photographs, audiovisual recordings, ephemera, financial records and business correspondence. MS Group 21.

Mack III, Connie. Papers, 1888-2009 (Bulk dates: 1983-2000). Records from the political career of Connie Mack III, a Florida Republican politician who served three terms in the U.S. House (1983-1988) and two terms in the U.S. Senate (1989-2001) before retiring in 2000. The collection also contains material concerning Mack's post-Senate activities and family history. Among the many record types, the collection contains correspondence, memoranda, legislative staff files, press releases, speeches, articles, schedules and calendars, trip files, campaign materials, photographs, memorabilia, and audiovisual materials. Major topics include Cancer research and early detection, health care, Everglades restoration, financial modernization, modification of the tax code, public housing reform, Major League Baseball (MLB) expansions to Florida, foreign affairs, immigration, and the Elian Gonzalez controversy. 408 ln.ft. MSS 0330.

Mahon, John K. Papers, 1961-2002. Papers of author and educator, mostly dealing with Seminole Indian history, military history, and environmental activism. 3.41 ln.ft. Ms 225.

Maigrot, Don Juan Elías Documents Relating to Rights over Sugar-refining Technology, 1861-1871. Eight nineteenth-century Cuban manuscripts confirming entrepreneur Don Juan Elías Maigrot's patent for a new sugar-refining technology. .01 linear feet. MSS 0404. [The guide to this collection is available in Spanish: Guía de los documentos de don Juan Elías Maigrot relacionados a los derechos otorgados sobre una innovación tecnológica para el refinado de azúcar.]

Mangonès, Edmond Collection, 1655-1843 (Bulk: 1790-1843). A selection of documents (on microfilm) from the private library of Mangonès, a Haitian collector and historian of the early 20th Century. Most of the documents date from before and after the Haitian revolution. 17 reels.

Manis, W.E. Collection, 1939-1941. Photos, letters and ephemera collected or created by Manis during his work as a Rubber Planter and later in change of the research department of Firestone Plantations Co. in Liberia, West Africa (1940-41). 2 albums. Ms Group 143.

Mann, Austin Shuey. Papers, 1892-1912. Attorney, citrus grower/rancher, political activist. Correspondence, telegrams, receipts, miscellaneous materials. 1 ln.ft.

Marillac, M. de. Letter book, 1699-1702. Letter book containing copies and drafts of letters to the Comte de Pontchartrain from a French naval officer of the Marine. Includes a description of a voyage to the West Indies. Ms Group 128.

Marjorie Kinnan Rawlings Society. Archives of the Marjorie Kinnan Rawlings Society, 1988 - . Records of the Society and ephemera related to Rawlings. On deposit by the Society. 3 ln.ft.

Marshall, Arthur R., Jr. Papers, 1943-2014. Manuscripts, correspondence, and other papers of a biologist/ecologist regarding the restoration of water flow in South Florida and other environmental issues. 5.5 ln.ft. Ms Group 73.

Marshall, Nathan S. Papers, 1853-1965. A diary and related materials belonging to Nathan S. Marshall, a hospital steward on U.S.S. Vandalia describing Admiral Matthew C. Perry's fleet and the mission to Japan, 1853-1856. Part of Miscellaneous Manuscript Groups. MSS 0471.

Martin, Sidney Walter. Papers, 1935-1972. Historian, university administrator. Notes and manuscripts of historical works pertaining to Florida. Gift of Dr. Sidney Walter Martin. 1 ln.ft.

Martínez Pupo, Rafael. Papers Relating to Comandos Mambises, 1959-1984 (bulk: 1963-1964). Rafael Martínez Pupo was a successful business man in Cuba who lost all of his enterprises and belongings when Fidel Castro nationalized private property in 1959. He went into exile to Guatemala. In 1963, the CIA recruited Martínez Pupo to lead a special operations unit of Cuban exiles whose mission was to sabotage strategic targets in Cuba. This unit was known as Comandos Mambises. The collection includes Martínez Pupo's correspondence with Cuban exiles, presidents, news agents, as well as expense reports, receipts, and documents related to the Comandos Mambises. 0.6 ln.ft. Ms. Group 297. [The guide to this collection is available in Spanish: Guía de los Documentos de Rafael Martínez Pupo.]

Matanzas-Sabanilla Railway Extension Collection, 1843 February-August. Cuban manuscripts from 1843 documenting the negotiations for the construction of the Matanzas-Sabanilla railway extension passing through important sugar refineries in Cuba. .01 linear feet. MSS 0405. [The guide to this collection is available in Spanish: Guía de la Colección de la extensión de la línea de ferrocarril de Matanzas a Sabanilla.]

Matherly, Walter Jeffries. Speeches and writings, 1926-1954. Part of University Archives Manuscript Collections.

Matheson, James D. Ledgers, 1866-1897. (20 v.). Merchant, of Gainesville, Florida. - Records of business transactions in Gainesville. Moved to Gainesville after the Civil War and established a mercantile store specializing in boots and saddlery. 3 ln.ft.

Matthews, Donald Ray (Billy). Papers, 1952-1967. The papers of Billy Matthews (Democrat - Florida) documenting his service in the U.S. House of Representatives, 1953-1967. 48 ln.ft.

Mautz, Robert B. Papers, 1949-1962. Part of University Archives Manuscript Collections.

Mayo, Nathan. Papers, 1923-1960. Long serving Florida Commissioner of Agriculture. Contains correspondence pertaining to campaigns for reelection; a smaller amount of correspondence and subject files about the Department of Agriculture; newspaper clippings; speeches; photos. MS 267. 7 ln. ft.

McCarthy, Kevin. Papers, 1977-2004. Research materials and interviews by Kevin McCarthy in support of his published books on Florida authors and Greek American communities in Florida. 1.74 ln.ft. MSS 0530.

McCollum, Ruby, defendant. Documents relating to the trial of Ruby McCollum for the murder of Dr. LeRoy Adams, Live Oak, Florida, 1954. Official records copied from the State of Florida Archives and notes and correspondence of Zora Neale Hurston, among others. Also included are copies of Ruby McCollum related documents copied from the William Bradford Huie Papers (Ohio State University Archives). 0.58 ln.ft. Ms. Group 118.

McConnell, Samuel Darwin. Papers, 1858-1916 (Bulk dates: 1859-1876). Correspondence of Samuel D. McConnell before, during, and after the Civil War, as well as other documents relating to S. D. McConnell. 0.5 linear feet.

McDaniel, Ellas B. (Bo Diddley). Collection, 1957-2009 (Bulk: 1980-2007). Publications, correspondence, contracts, concert posters, tour itineraries, lyrics, albums, photographs, awards, instruments, clothes, and artifacts belonging to American R&B singer, guitarist, songwriter and music producer, Bo Diddley (Ellas McDaniel), who played a key role in the transition from the blues to rock and roll. 25 linear feet. MSS 0409.

McDonald, Jackson Henson. Scrapbook, 1917-1925. Part of University Archives Manuscript Collections.

McDonell, Augustus O.. Papers, 1861-1864. Letters describing the Confederate and Union dispositions around Pensacola at the beginning of the Civil War. A personal diary including poems and accounts from the frontlines in Mississippi, Tennessee, and Kentucky. Part of the Florida History Miscellaneous Manuscripts and Diary collections.

McGinnis, Richard. Collection, 1955-1958. Part of University Archives Manuscript Collections.

McLean, Will. Florida Folk Music Collection 1885-2000. The private and professional life of Florida's "Black Hat Troubadour," Will McLean (aka the "Father of Florida Folk"), from his birth in Chipley, Florida in 1919 to his passing in 1990. The collection also represents the 20th Century Florida Folk scene populated with many of Will McLean's friends, colleagues and collaborators including Margaret Longhill ("The Matriarch of Florida Folk"), Gamble Rogers, Cousin Thelma Boltin, Dale Crider, Don Grooms, Donna Green-Townsend, Kate Bostrum, Red Henry, Jim Ballew, Murphy Henry, David Beede, Bobby Hicks, Paul Champion, Pete Seeger and many others. 15 ln.ft. MSS 0401.

McLean-Gillis Family Papers. 1812-1898. Family correspondence of several interrelated families in Walton County, Florida. 0.4 ln.ft.

McLuhan, Marshall. Eight letters written between 1956-1972 from Marshall McLuhan to Aubrey L. Williams, Professor of English at Yale University and the University of Florida. MSS 0477.

McMillan, Myra. Photograph Collection, Circa 1926-1932. Photographs depicting scenes at the University of Florida including images of people and places associated with the College of Pharmacy and the Department of Chemistry. .01 ln.ft. Ms. Coll. 143.

McMillan vs. Escambia County and Jenkins vs. Pensacola. Records in the Cases before the United States District Court for the Northern District of Florida. Gift of Dr. Manning J. Dauer. 1.25 ln.ft.

McPherson, Woodrow Wilson. "IFAS and Florida agriculture", c.1984. Part of University Archives Manuscript Collections.

McRae, William A. Papers, 1945. Correspondence of military officers regarding the United Nations Security Council. Part of Miscellaneous Collections, Box 1, folders 2-3. MSS 0467.

Medina, Jose Toribio. Memorabilia, 1927-1953. News clippings and memorabilia collected by Maury A. Bromsen related to the centennial celebration for José Toribio Medina in 1952. 0.2 ln.ft. Ms Group 203.

Megill, Kenneth A. Papers, 1967-1973. Part of University Archives Manuscript Collections.

Melrose Woman's Club (Fla.). Records, 1891-1974. Minutes, articles of incorporation, questionnaires, and other records of the club, which had members in Melrose, Alachua, and Putnam counties, Fla. 1 ln.ft.

Mellon, Thomas Alexander, Jr. Diaries, 1913-1941. Five small diaries belonging to Thomas Alexander Mellon (1873-1948), grandson of Judge Thomas Mellon, founder of Mellon Bank. Thomas Alexander Mellon Jr. documents the daily life of his immediate family as they travelled around the country. .33 ln.ft. MSS 0424.

Memorial Presbyterian Church Architecture Collection. 1886-1904. Architectural drawings and blueprints for the Memorial Presbyterian Church in St. Augustine, Florida. The church was designed by the Carrère & Hastings firm for Henry M. Flagler. Ms Group 312.

Merdinger, Emanuel: Papers. 1928-1997. Emanuel Merdinger (1906-1997) was a chemist, Holocaust survivor, and professor. This collection includes correspondence, newspaper clippings, school IDs, diplomas, and an autobiography. Among these records is a series of letters exchanged with Albert Speer, a former high ranking Nazi official.

Merritt, Harry. Papers, 1929-2016 (Bulk: 1954-2015). Architectural drawings created by architect Harry Cline Merritt Jr. These include perspectives, process drawings, and construction documents for residences, churches, and commercial buildings in Florida, Maine, Virginia, North Carolina, and Japan. This collection also includes slides from several student studio projects taught by Merritt while at the University of Florida. 11.9 Linear feet. MSS 0431.

Mestre, Narisco. Photographs of a Military Parade in Cuba, circa 1900. Three photographs of a military parade in the Plaza de Armas taken by Narisco Mestre circa 1900. .01 linear feet. MSS 0460. [The guide to this collection is available in Spanish: Guía de las fotografías tomadas por Narisco Mestre de un desfile militar en Cuba.]

Metzger, Kurt. Collection, 1931-2015 (Bulk: 1931-1939). Copies of sermons and Jewish community periodicals written or edited by German-American Rabbi Kurt Metzger (1909-1992) in the 1930s..2 ln.ft. MSS 0434.

Mickler, Ernest Matthew. Papers, 1917-1991 (bulk: 1944-1980). Ernest Matthew Mickler's published and unpublished writings, correspondence, biographical materials, and photographs. Ms Group 95.

Milanich, Jerald T. Papers, 1963-2004. This collection contains correspondence, research materials, and various collected publications of Jerald T. Milanich. 3 ln.ft. MS 221.

Military Papers of the Spanish Army in Cuba. Military papers, 1869-1897. Correspondence, finanical records, and official documents that reveal the presence, organization, and activities of the Spanish volunteer military in Cuba from 1869 to 1897. 16 folders. MS Group 161.[The guide to this collection is available in Spanish: Guía de los documentos militares del Ejército Español en Cuba.]

Miscellaneous Accounting Papers, 1837-1971. Miscellaneous, small collections that form part of the Accounting Archives. O.V.F. Blythe. John Faire. Louis Goldberg. Maurice E. Peloubet. Procter and Gamble Company. George L. Wright. 2 boxes. 0.8 feet.

Miscellaneous Greek Collections. 1904-. Part of University Archives Manuscript Collections.

Miscellaneous Student Honorary and Professional Organizations Collections. 1922-1969. Part of University Archives Manuscript Collections.

Mohl, Raymond A. Research Papers, 1951-2009. Raymond A. Mohl was a distinguished historian of modern America, who studied ethnic, social, and urban history. His areas of interest included urban planning/interstate highway construction, civil rights in Florida, and immigration in the New South. The collection is comprised of Mohl's writings, correspondence, and research materials primarily related to civil rights in Florida. 10 ln. ft. MS 236.

Monroe, Gary. Citrus Label Collection, 1930s-1940s. This collections contains packaging labels for citrus, lemons, and other products from approximately the 1930s to 1950s. .51 ln. ft. MSS 0564.

Moore, Harry T. Documentary Collection, 1937-2001. This collection consists of material used in a documentary on the bombing of Harry T. Moore's home in Mims, Florida, in December 1951. The film was entitled Freedom Never Dies: The Legacy of Harry T. Moore.

Moore, Thomas. Papers, 1806-1832. Irish poet. Correspondence, poems, and engravings. 1 box. 0.2 ln.ft. Ms Group 38.

Morgan, Arthur Ernest. Papers, 1912-1954. Relating to Morgan's work as a civil engineer and to the Dayton Morgan Engineering Company's various water control projects throughout Florida, in particular to drainage of the Everglades. 0.8 ln.ft.

Morgan Family Collection. ca.1900-1905. Part of University Archives Manuscript Collections.

Morgan, William N.. Collection, 1934-2016. Personal papers, professional papers, awards, faculty papers, office records, project files, photographs, slides, drawings, presentation boards, models, digital media, and magazine and journal articles belonging to distinguished Jacksonville, Florida architect, historian, author, and scholar William N. Morgan. 76.3 ln.ft. MSS 0492.

Morton, Sterling. Diary, "On the Spanish Main", 1912. A diary kept by Sterling Morton of a passenger ship cruise in the Caribbean. MSS 0448.

Moskovits, José. Antisemitism Collection, 1976-2017 (Bulk dates: 1976-1979). Correspondence collected by Argentinian reparation lawyer and president of the Jewish Association of the Survivors of Nazi Persecution, José Moskovits, as part of a survey on world opinion about antisemistism and attitudes toward Jews and Israel in the second half of the 1970s. Included are letters from various politicians, artists, scholars, literary authors, religious dignitaries, and others. Moskovits wished to present his findings in a book on antisemitism, which was never realized. The collection includes a draft of the introduction to the future book by Moskovits and his collaborator Dr. Asher Mibashan (1914-2005), the Buenos Aires bureau chief of JTA (Jewish Telegraphic Agency) as well as statistics and the filing system Moskovits used to manage the correspondence. 9.82 linear feet. MSS 402.

"Movimiento 26 de Julio" Republica de Cuba $1.00 Note. Circa 1955-1959. A "Movimiento 26 de Julio" Republica de Cuba $1.00 note issued by Fidel Castro during the Cuban Revolution. MS Group 304. [The guide to this collection is available in Spanish: Guía del Bono de 1 peso del "Movimiento 26 de Julio" de la República de Cuba.]

Murat, Achille . Letters, 1822-1841. Correspondence between Murat and Comte Thibaudeau on various topics, including Murat's life in Florida, his views on American government, and observations of American life. 0.5 ln.ft.

Murphree, Albert Alexander ("Waddy"). Papers, ca. 1934-1974. Part of University Archives Manuscript Collections.

Murphree, Claude. Scrapbooks, 1906-1946. Part of University Archives Manuscript Collections.

Murphree, John A. H. Files regarding the Virgil D. Hawkins case, 1956, 1978. Case files belonging to Florida Circuit Judge John A. H. Murphree concerning the 1956 Supreme Court Case Virgil Hawkins v. Board of Control regarding the admission of Virgil Hawkins, a black man, as a law student at the all white law school at the University of Florida. Murphree was appointed by the Florida Supreme Court to act as commissioner on the case and gather information for the Florida Supreme Court ruling. 2 folders. MSS 0390.

Myers, Isabel Briggs. Papers, ca. 1890-1980. Myers-Briggs Type Indicator, Typology Laboratory (University of Florida), personality type; records, research data, notebooks, correspondence, testing materials, "Gifts Differing" and "Introduction to Type". 96 ln.ft. Ms Group 64.

Myers, Moses. Papers, 1796-1820. The Moses Myers Papers consist of a handful of letters, shipping inventories, and a printed broadside relating to the early Jewish American merchant Moses Myers (1735-1835). Myers lived in Norfolk, VA, and his merchant business was involved in the Caribbean. His ships were instrumental during the War of 1812. .21 ln.ft. MSS 0385.

Náñez-Woodward Collection of Panamanian Popular Art. 2001-2011. The collection includes some 1,200 photographs (35mm negatives) of Panamanian popular art taken by Peter Szok between 2001 and 2011 and featured in his book Wolf Tracks: Popular Art and Re-Africanization in Twentieth-Century Panama. [The guide to this collection is available in Spanish: Colección Náñez-Woodward de arte popular panameño.] .41 linear feet. MSS 0414

National Women's Conference. Interviews by Marjorie Abrams, 1977-1978. Interviews conducted at the National Women's Conference in Houston in 1977. Ms Group 316.

Ndimande, Richard. Studio Photographs Collected by Frank Jolles, 1960-1999. 47 photographic negative portraits collected by Dr. Frank Jolles. Studio portraits taken at Z.J.S. Ndimande and Son, Greytown, KwaZulu-Natal. MSS 0479.

Neller, Joseph Robert. Photographs, 1916-1919. Part of University Archives Manuscript Collections.

New York Evening Post. Index Cards Listing Articles about Florida, 1816-1821. A card index listing articles about Florida which appeared in the New York Evening Post between 1816 and 1821.

Newell, Wilmon. Papers, 1908-1935. Part of University Archives Manuscript Collections.

Newton, Virgil Miller. Papers, 1950-1965. Journalist, of Tampa, Florida. Papers and scrapbooks (3 v.) relating to Newton's career as managing editor of the Tampa Tribune (1943-1964). Born in Georgia. Moved to Tampa in 1920. Educated in Hillsborough County schools; at University of Florida. Chairman, National Freedom of Information Committee 1953-1963. 28 ln.ft.

Nims, Rufus. Architectural Drawings, 1950-1992. Plans for residences and buildings in Florida, Louisiana, New York, Costa Rica, and several countries in the Caribbean. 19 ln.ft. MS Group 177.

Nineteenth-Century Colonial Cuban Documents Collection. 1788-1896. Manuscripts, official documents, decrees, letters, reports and two illustrations documenting the colonial period in Cuba from 1788 to 1896. .58 Linear Feet. 95 documents. MSS 0529. [The guide to this collection is available in Spanish: Guía de la Colección de documentos cubanos coloniales del siglo XIX.]

Noailles, Anna de. Letters, 1903-1923. Eight letters from Anna, Comtesse Mathieu de Noailles to Charles Derennes. Part of Miscellaneous Papers of French Authors. Ms Group 41a.

Noegel Family. Collection, 1903-1975. Correspondence, photographs, news clippings and other papers related to the Noegel family and the history of Ellaville, Florida. 0.6 ln.ft. MS 226.

Noyes, Alonzo B. Papers, 1859-1867. Receipts, vouchers, freight lists, and correspondence addressed to Alonzo B. Noyes, a Collector of Customs and a Superintendent of Lights during the American Civil War. 0.4 ln.ft. MS 241.

Noyes family. Papers, 1854-2011 (bulk: 1854-1945). Correspondence, photos, daguerreotypes and ambrotypes, newspaper clippings, and land contracts pertaining to the Noyes family of Florida and family acquaintances. 1 ln.ft. MS 295.

Oberly, Aaron S. Letter describing Havana, Cuba, 1865. Manuscript letter written aboard the U.S. Steamer Santiago de Cuba by U.S. Navy Assistant Surgeon Oberly describing the people, the climate, the music, and the activity on the roads and docks of Havana. 1 folder. MS Group 164. [The guide to this collection is available in Spanish: Guía de la carta de Aaron S. Oberly describiendo La Habana, Cuba en 1865.]

Observations de la Chambre de Commerce, Marseille, France. 1816 manuscript entitled, "Observations de la Chambre de Commerce... Marseille," which deals with the commerce of Marseille, particularly with the French colonies in the Americas. MSS 0451.

Observations Importantes by Sugar Traders in Nantes, France. 1788. "Observations Importantes" by anonymous sugar traders in Nantes, France, and an "Avis" written by the deputies of commerce of Brittany. MSS 0450.

Ocklawaha Nurseries, Inc. Papers, 1905-1990. Correspondence, financial records, legal documents, shipping records, and photographs. Corporate records that document the activities of Ocklawaha Nurseries during the period 1905-1990, with the bulk of materials dated from 1905 to 1920. A self-described "seller of pedigreed citrus trees," Ocklawaha Nurseries was established by O.W. Conner in 1897 and the company's properties occupied hundreds of acres at Lake Jem, Florida, divided evenly between Orange County on the east and Lake County on the west. 17 ln.ft.

O'Connell, Stephen Cornelius. Florida Supreme Court Papers, 1955-1967. Justice of Florida Supreme Court and President of the University of Florida. Two separate collections of papers: those relating to O'Connell's service on the Florida Supreme Court are part of the P.K. Yonge Library of Florida History, and those relating to his term as President of the University of Florida (1968-1973) are part of the University Archives Presidential Records Collection. Born in West Palm Beach; educated in Titusville and Palm Beach. Law degree, University of Florida, 1940. Gift of Dr. O'Connell, University of Florida. 6 ln.ft.

O'Connor, Frank. Papers, 1903-1966. Manuscripts, typescripts, notebooks, etc. 13 ln.ft. Ms Group 92.

Odum, Howard T.. Papers, 1935-2003. Correspondence, research files, publications, photographs, and personal papers of the renowned ecologist, environmental scientist and University of Florida professor. Part of University Archives Manuscript Collections.

O'Neill, James T. Papers, 1827-1886. Plantation owner, of Woodstock, St. Marys, Georgia, and New Hope, Fernandina, Florida. Business and legal documents and correspondence relating to plantation life and cotton cultivation. 2.5 ln.ft.

Opera and Operetta Collection. Miscellaneous libretti and translations filed alphabetically by show title (3 ln.ft.). Miscellaneous ephemera for international opera companies filed alphabetically by country (4.5 ln.ft.). Miscellaneous ephemera for U.S. companies filed alphabetically (6 ln.ft.). Miscellaneous programs and ephemera filed alphabetically by show title (25.5 ln.ft.).

Ormond Family. Papers, 1784-1909 (bulk: 1834-1892). Merchants and planters of Florida. James Ormond (175?-1819), sea captain and planter (ca. 1790-1820) in what is now Volusia County. James Ormond II (179?-1829), who fled Scotland in 1821 and managed the plantation until his death. James Ormond III (1819-1892), who fought in the Second Seminole War, during which he was forced to abandon the plantation and subsequently became a merchant in Port Leon and Newport, Fla., which he founded. 2 ln.ft.

Orr Family. Papers, 1828-1957 (bulk, 1843-1900). Letters, engravings, and memorabilia of Nathaniel Orr, the engraver/illustrator, his wife Elisabeth, and daughters, especially Alice Orr Tredwell. 3 ln.ft. Ms Group 83.

Pace, Carrie. "Politics and housing: A social history of low income housing for the elderly, 1955-1988". Part of University Archives Manuscript Collections.

Page, James . Correspondence, 1905-1911. Letters pertaining to Page's position as the engineer in charge of constructing a water supply and sewer system in Cienfuegos, Cuba, including a 1910 report on the status of the water system. 10 folders. MS Group 160. [The guide to this collection is available in Spanish: Guía de la correspondencia de James Page.]

Painter, E.O. Letterbook, 1889-1891. Letters of the owner of the Florida Agriculturalist and founder of the E.O. Painter Printer Company. PKY 88.013

Panama and the Canal focuses on Panama and Canal Zone materials from the Panama Canal Museum Collection and builds upon the University's extensive holdings on Panama and the whole of Latin America.

Panton, Leslie & Co. and John Forbres Co. The business records of Panton, Leslie & Co., and its successor John Forbes & Co. See also the Heloise H. Cruzat Papers and the Marie Taylor Greenslade papers. The originals were donated to the Florida Historical Society by Mrs. Heloise H. Cruzat.

Parker, Bernard S. World War I Sheet Music Collection, Circa 1914-1919. Collection of 753 pieces of American (U.S.A.) sheet music pertaining to the First World War (1914-18), the 12-volume compact disk set of WORLD WAR ONE SONGS (produced by Old Time Victrola Music), and a copy of the two-volume 2007 McFarland publication WORLD WAR I SHEET MUSIC by Bernard Parker.

Parker, Ian S.C. Collection Relating to East African Wildlife Conservation, 1896-2012 (bulk: 1956-2004). Documents wildlife management and conservation in East Africa, particularly in Kenya, over more than fifty years. The bulk of the collection spans 1956-2004 and covers Parker's service as a Game Warden in Kenya, his activities with Wildlife Services Ltd., work as an independent consultant, and his research and activities relating to the ivory trade, poaching, elephants and other wildlife. 35.75 Linear feet. MS Group 324.

Parker, John. Letters, 1815. Three letters from Parker in Havana, Cuba, to his employer, A.C. Johnstone, discussing slave, coffee, sugar and other markets in Havana. 1 folder. Ms Group 165.[The guide to this collection is available in Spanish: Guía de las cartas de John Parker.]

Paton, William Andrew. Papers, 1944-1972. Correspopndence, manuscripts, research drafts, etc. Member of the Accounting Hall of Fame. Part of Accounting Archives. 2 boxes.

Patrick, J. Max. Papers, 1949-1955. University of Florida professor. Correspondence re: his edition of William H. Mallock's The New Republic. 0.5 ln.ft. (1 Box). Ms Group 4.

Patrick, Rembert W. Papers, 1941-1967. Correspondence relating to historian Rembert Patrick's research interests, particularly Florida and Southern history, the publication of his books and articles, and his activities with the Florida Historical Society. 2.5 ln.ft.

Pattillo Family. Papers, 1885-2000 (Bulk: 1900-1940). Photographs, diplomas, histories, and other items from the Pattillo family in Volusia County, Florida. 1.09 ln.ft. MSS 0396.

Peabody Club. Records, 1921; 1924-1933. Part of University Archives Manuscript Collections.

Peck, John Herbert. Papers, 1898. Merchant marine captain. Papers relating to Peck's activities in Tampa, FL., during the Spanish-American War of 1898. 1 ln.ft.

Pemstein, B.L.. Papers, 1943-1944. Correspondence of B.L. "Bunny" Pemstein, a young Jewish Navy recruit stationed at Key West during World War II. 0.4 ln.ft. Ms 200.

Peñate de Tito, Reina. Collection, 2001-2009. In 1961, Reina Peñate de Tito joined a counter revolutionary group that sought to overthrow Fidel Castro. That same year, along with other members of the group, she was arrested. This collection includes testimonials on her experience as a political prisoner as well as copies of the sentence and of the release documents. Part of Cuban Miscellaneous Collection. Ms Group 22. [The guide to this collection is available in Spanish: Guía de la Colección de Reina Peñate de Tito.]

Peninsular Telephone Company. Records, 1915-1963. The Peninsular Telephone Company was founded in 1901 by William G. Brorein. The independent company began in Tampa but eventually covered six counties in central and south Florida. It was renamed General Telephone and grew to become a service provider for more than 500,000 telephone lines. Ms 293.

Pennekamp, John D.. Papers, 1938-1977. Journalist, newspaper editor, environmentalist. This collection details John D. Pennekamp's environmental career, particularly his conservation efforts in South Florida during the 1960s, as well as some of his work for the Miami Herald. 0.8 ln.ft.

Pepper, Claude Denson. Scrapbooks, 1948-1958. Two scrapbooks containing newspaper clippings relating to Claude Pepper, U.S. Senator from Florida (1936-1951), covering the period 1948-1952 and his unsuccessful 1958 senatorial primary campaign against Spessard L. Holland.

Pepper-Smathers Campaign. Collection, 1948-1950. A small collection of campaign materials relating to the 1950 Democratic primary election in Florida for the U.S. Senate between Claude Pepper and George A. Smathers. 0.20 linear feet.

Perfoming Arts Miscellanous Material (Photographs and Vertical Files). Performer and production stills. Vertical files organized under the following headings: State of Florida ("Dance Associations", "Story Tellers", "Theatre Conference", etc), Cities and Towns (from the Panhandle to the Keys in an alphabetical listing), and the city Gainesville (including UF) performing arts scene.

Peter, Emmett B. Jr. Papers, bulk: 1954-1969. Journalist and author. Correspopndence, manuscripts, research notes, etc., pertaining to James Branch Cabell. 2 boxes. Ms Group 153.

Peterson, James Hardin. Papers, 1926-1950. Lawyer and U.S. Representative from Florida. Scrapbooks and papers relating to all aspects of Peterson's service as U.S. representative (1933-1951), including much information on New Deal federal agencies and projects in Florida, the W.P.A., Everglades National Park, and the Cross Florida Barge Canal. 42 linear feet. Ms 81.

Peterson, N. Curtis. Papers, 1969-1990. Legislative files and correspondence of Florida State Senator, N. Curtis Peterson. 24.5 linear feet. Ms 220.

Pettigrew, Richard Allen. Papers, 1957-2001. Political and legislative papers of Richard Allen Pettigrew, as well as campaign materials for his unsuccessful bids to the U.S. Senate in 1974 and 1980. MS 82.

Phi Beta Kappa. Records, 1931-1976. Part of University Archives Manuscript Collections.

Phi Delta Delta. Records, 1947-1959. Part of University Archives Manuscript Collections.

Phi Kappa Phi. Membership List, 1911-1948. Part of University Archives Manuscript Collections.

Phi Kappa Phi. Records, 1912-1985. Part of University Archives Manuscript Collections.

Philip II, King of Spain. Relacion de la orden y manera de proceder del Santo Officio... de la Inquisicion, 1700-1799?. Manuscript copy of a 1559 relacion by Philip II relating the procedures to be followed by the Holy Office of the Inquisition (Santo Officio). 1 folder. MSS 0466

Phillips, Richard F.: Latin American Postcard Collection. approximately 1937-2012. The collection consists of postcards featuring views of various cities and countries throughout Latin America, as well as images of Latin American art. [The guide to this collection is available in Spanish: Colección de Postales Latinoamericanas por Richard F. Phillips.]

Photograph album fragment, 1938. Part of University Archives Manuscript Collections.

Photographs of an Italian Military Doctor in Ethiopia, Eritrea and Italian Somaliland. 1928-1940 (bulk: 1936-1938). Photographs of an Italian military doctor in Ethiopia, Eritrea and Italian Somaliland. The photos are dated 1928-1940 but the majority are from 1936-1938. MSS 0485.

Photographs of Dakar in 1939. Collection of 23 photos of Dakar in 1939 showing residential areas, architecture, commerce, Dakar residents, street scenes, and various views of the city. MSS 0486.

Photographs of Sugar Mills in Puerto Rico. ca. 1898. Four photos of the Santa Isabel sugar mill of Henry Rosich and the largest Puerto Rican sugar mill, Guanica. 1 folder. Ms Group 171.

Pi Kappa Alpha. Alpha Eta Chapter. Miscellany, 1924-1950. Part of University Archives Manuscript Collections.

Pickren, Pansy. Papers, 1957-1960. Teacher, Palatka, Fl. Correspondence, and manuscripts of poems and children's stories. 1.5 ln.ft. Ms Group 11.

Pierce, Robert N. Collection, 1959. Newspaper clippings, contents of an official press packet, and photographs from reporter Robert N. Pierce's trip to Cuba shortly after Fidel Castro came to power in 1959. 0.2 ln.ft. Ms Group 235.

Pierson, Donald. Papers, ca. 1938-1965. Manuscript lecture and research notes of social anthropologist, mostly relating to Brazil. 4 ln.ft. Ms Group 75.

Pillot, Mattie. Essay Book, 1886-1889. Essays written by grade school student Mattie Pillot in Madison County, FL. PKY 88.002

Pitts, Edith Patti. Papers, 1934-1973. Part of University Archives Manuscript Collections.

Pomerance, Leon. Papers, 1941-1983. Newspaper clippings, magazine articles, correspondence, and other papers of Leon Pomerance, collector of archaeological artifacts and art. Ms Group 314.

Pomeroy, Stewart L. Scrapbook, 1919-1927. Part of University Archives Manuscript Collections.

Pond, Wendy G.. Collection on Argentinian Trade Currency and the Red Global de Trueque, 1999-2003. Newspaper articles, pamphlets, and currency from Argentina's Red Global de Trueque introduced as an alternate currency after 1998-2002 economic collapse. [The guide to this collection is available in Spanish: Colección de Wendy Pond sobre intercambio monetario en Argentina y la Red Global de Trueque.]

Pope, Edith. Papers, 1899-1961. Author. Correspondence with editors and other writers, including Marjorie Kinnan Rawlings. Manuscripts. 10 ln.ft. Ms Group 3.

Pope, Verle Allyn. Papers, 1903-1973. Subject files and political correspondence of Pope, who served in the Florida Senate (1949-1972), and also memorabilia and scrapbooks. 4 ln.ft.

Post Cards of Ethiopian Royalty and Clergy. Post cards (23) showing members of the royalty and clergy in Ethiopia. MSS 0483.

Post Cards of the Belgian Congo and French Equatorial Africa. Circa 1940-1954. Photograph post cards depicting the Belgian Congo (presently the Democratic Republic of Congo) primarily in the Kivu province and French Equatorial Africa primarily in Chad and the French Congo (presently the Republic of Congo). MSS 0487.

Potter, Edward T. Architectural drawings, ca. early 1870s. Water color and pen and ink drawings of Potter's design for St. John's Church, Jacksonville, Florida. 15 items. Ms Group 186.

Powers, Edward O. Collection, 1890-1900. Part of University Archives Manuscript Collections.

Prager Family. Collection. The photographs, official documents, and ephemera included in this collection document the lives of the Prager family members, especially Moses Prager and his son Jacob, from 1923 to 1961. From Poland, Moses Prager and his family relocated to Belgium. Jacob continued to the United Kingdom escaping the Nazis during World War II. Following the war, he and his wife immigrated to the United States. .25 linear feet. MSS 0465.

Prats y Salas, Antonio. Advertencia. La presente reseña de los acontecimientos ..., ca. 1863. Manuscript "Advertencia" by Antonio Prats, describing the events that resulted in his arrest during the period of political unrest leading up to the 10 Years War in Cuba. 1 folder. MS Group 162. [The guide to this collection is available in Spanish: Guía del Manuscrito "Advertencia".]

Pratt, Lucy. Music book, 1819. Manuscript practice book. 1 volume. Ms group 132.

Prescott, Josiah H. Letterbooks, 1876-1907. Three letterbooks of Josiah H. Prescott, a prominent businessman of Fernandina, in the late nineteenth- and early twentieth-centuries. PKY 88.020

Proctor, Samuel. Papers, 1947-1995. Samuel Proctor was an American historian, a pioneer in the field of oral history, and the founder and first director of the University of Florida's oral history program. 22 ln.ft. MS Coll. 135.

Promisory Note Issued to Citoyen Tardy, Saint-Domingue. 1793. Promisory note and receipt (on a printed form) issued to Citoyen Tardy, agreeing to pay him for his services to the colony of St.-Domingue (Haiti). MSS 0449.

Propaganda Post Cards Depicting the Second Italo-Ethiopian War. Circa 1936. Eight post cards used by Italy as propaganda during or following the Second Italo-Ethiopian War. MSS 0484.

Public Works of Cuba Photographs. 1898-1935. This collection includes photographs and lantern slides depicting public works and landscapes from Cuba. Most of the photographs have the seal of the Gobierno de la República de Cuba, specifically the Secretaría de Obras Públicas. [The guide to this collection is available in Spanish: Fotografías de Obras Públicas de Cuba.]

Pucci, G. G. Pucci's Photograph Album Relating to Eritrea, Ethiopia and Libya, 1939. An album containing photos taken by an Italian soldier, G. Pucci, in Eritrea, Ethiopia and Libya, February 3-27, 1939. Ms Group 8.

Quackenbos, Max. Collection, 1977-2002. Documents pertaining to a variety of environmental activities related to Martin County, South Florida, and the Everglades. In particular, the materials provide evidence about the South Florida Water Management District (Quackenbos was a regular meeting attendee and planning participant), the Kissimmee River, Lake Okeechobee, Indian River Lagoon, and the St. Lucie River. 9 boxes (5.25 linear ft.)

Quinn, Rex. Papers, 1892-1970 (bulk 1950-1968). Superintendent, Seminole Agency (Bureau of Indian Affairs). Reports, correspondence, financial statements, publications. 18 boxes (6.75 linear ft.)

Rawlings, Marjorie Kinnan. Papers, 1844-2002 (bulk: 1916-1953). Pulitzer-winning author who lived in rural Cross Creek, Florida, and wrote novels and stories focusing on rural themes and settings, including The Yearling and Cross Creek. Correspondence, manuscripts, scrapbooks, photos, legal papers, etc. 42.75 ln.ft. Ms Group 1.

Ray, Manuel. Oral History Collection, 2008-2009. Two filmed interviews conducted by Lillian Guerra, one with Manuel Ray (aka Manolo) that is nine hours long, and the other with Aurora Chacón de Ray that is one hour and a half in length. Also included is a transcript of both interviews that is 74 pages in length and several photos. Ms Group 88. [The guide to this collection is available in Spanish: Guía de la Colección de Historia Oral de Manuel Ray.]

Raymond Gay-Crosier Collection on Albert Camus. 1926-2015. Albert Camus (1913-1960) was a French philosopher, author, playwright, and journalist. He obtained a degree in philosophy from the University of Algiers in 1935. Collector Raymond Gay-Crosier is a professor at the University of Florida, primarily focused on 20th-century French literature. This collection includes correspondence, typescripts, audio recordings, and legal documents regarding the case of Catherine Camus versus Drouot.

Raymond, John W. Plantation Account Ledger, 1868-1872. Florida sharecropping plantation account book of John W. Raymond, a Massachusetts native who owned a farm near Louise, Florida, in Alachua County. .25 linear feet. PKY 88.042

Raynes, William H. Autobiography, Circa 1906. Raynes was the first person to successfullly grow the Tung tree in Florida. He describes his activities as a ship surgeon, including experiences in the Crimean War and sailing various places including New Zealand, South America and Africa. He also describes his efforts working with citrus and tung trees in Florida in the later years of his life. MSS 0481.

Real Estate Promotional Photograph Album for Hollywood, Florida. Circa 1925. Real estate promotional photograph album for Hollywood, Florida, containing 25 images of existing homes and buildings, architectural drawings of proposed buildings, and general views of the city.

Real Hospital de San Bartolomé (Lima, Peru). Logbook of Women Slaves Treated, 1813. Logbook of the enslaved women who were treated at the Hospital San Bartolomé, in Lima, Perú from January 1st to December 31st of 1813. [The guide to this collection is available in Spanish: Guía del Cuaderno de las mujeres esclavas que entran a medicinarse en este Real Hospital de San Bartolomé.]

Reed, Nathaniel P. Everglades Papers, 1983-2005. Correspondence, documents, news clippings and other materials of a Florida environmentalist and public official relating to the restoration of the Everglades. 12 ln.ft. Ms. Group 116.

Reeves, F. Blair. Papers, 1960-1995. Part of University Archives Manuscript Collections.

Report on the contributions of the island of Cuba presented by intendant Antonio Larrua. Cuban reports presented by intendant of Havana, Antonio Larrua, regarding taxes, imports, exports and other costs from the year 1841. MSS 0551. [The guide to this collection is available in Spanish: Guía del Informe sobre las contribuciones de la isla de Cuba presentado por el intendente Antonio Larrua.]

Reynolds, Charles Bingham. Papers, 1885-1927. Journalist and historical writer. Papers include his book, Old Saint Augustine, as well as writings from travel magazines. 1 ln.ft.

Rhead, Louis. Illustrations, 1890-1924. Preliminary sketches, final sketches, and page proofs for children's book illustrations by Louis Rhead. 0.5 ln. ft. MS Group 322

Richards, Paul. Fanatic Fanfare: A Musical Score, 2005. Part of University Archives Manuscript Collections.

Ridge, John David. Collection, 1890-2019 (Bulk: 1960-2019). Costume sketches, notes, photographs, and ephemera, belonging to theatre, cinema, television and dance costume designer, John David Ridge. 93 ln. ft. MSS 0425.

Rikli, Martin. Photographs, 1935-1936. Photographs by cinematographer/photographer Martin Rikli documenting his Ethiopian (Abessinien) expedition, which coincided with the second Italo-Abyssinian War. 4 albums. Ms. Group 184.

Riley, Bert Clair and Ruth Lemon. Papers, 1918-1963. Part of University Archives Manuscript Collections.

Ringling Theatre Collection. (Note: this collection has been digitized - link opens searchable images rather than finding aid). Photographic and print material documenting theatre and its related themes. Shakespearian prints, 18th-20th century European and American handbills, posters and heralds, souvenir photographs and prints of performers, roduction and publicity stills of plays and films, and hundreds of individual photographs of the stars of minstrel, vaudeville and burlesque.

Robbe-Grillet, Alain (Raymond Gay-Crosier and Ben Stoltzfus Collection). 1953-2015. Alain Robbe-Grillet (1922-2008) was a French writer and filmmaker most associated with the Nouveau Roman literary trend. This collection, compiled by Raymond Gay-Crosier and Ben Stoltzfus, contains letters from Robbe-Grillet, biographies and presentations, photographs, documents and correspondence concerning the English translation of La Belle Captive, and an article by Gay-Crosier. .42 linear feet. MSS 0357.

Robertson, James Alexander. Papers, 1926-1939. Materials collected by historian and archivist James Alexander Robertson relating to a bibliography of Florida history.

Robins, Margaret Dreier. Collection. 1869-1963. Women's Trade Union League, social work, suffrage, anti-war, personal, photos. (Microfilmed in "Papers of the Women's Trade Union League and Its Principal Leaders." Woodbridge, CT.: Research Publications, 1981.) 40 ln.ft. MS Group 15.

Rochambeau, Donatien Marie Joseph de Vimeur. Papers, 1764-1803. Correspondence, decrees, and other documents regarding Donatien Marie Joseph de Vimeur Rochambeau's involvement with Saint Domingue and Toussaint Louverture. MS Group 16

Rodriguez, Jose Ignacio. Papers, 1873-1890. Letters and documents of lawyer who represented clients whose property was seized by the Spanish government as retribution for their support of Cuban independence. Ms Group 306. [The guide to this collection is available in Spanish: Guía de los documentos de José Ignacio Rodríguez.]

Roebling Family. Family tree, 1917. Ms Group 28.

Rogers, Dwight Laing. Papers, 1944-1954. Correspondence and other papers relating to Dwight L. Rogers' service in the U.S. House of Representatives. 5.5 ln.ft.

Rogers, Paul G. Papers, 1955-1978. Lawyer and U.S. representative from Florida. Correspondence and other materials relating to Rogers' congressional service. 28.5 ln.ft.

Roldan, Francisco Anibal and Roman Anibal. Records, 1910-1970. Business records of Imprenta Romana of La Romana, Dominican Republic. Ms Group 150.

Rolfs, Peter Henry. Collection, 1899-1943. Part of University Archives Manuscript Collections.

Romero, César: Interview on El Show de Paul Rodríguez. 1992, 2008. Filmed interview of Paul Rodríguez with César Romero in which the latter discusses his career as an actor and the relationship of his mother María Mantilla de Romero with José Martí. [The guide to this collection is available in Spanish: Guía de la entrevista a César Romero en El Show de Paul Rodríguez.]

Romero Family. Papers Regarding José Martí, 1875-1974 (bulk: 1953-1960). Correspondence, newspaper clippings, photos, and mementos sent to María Mantilla de Romero regarding her father José Martí. 1.5 ln.ft. Ms. Group 310. [The guide to this collection is available in Spanish: Guía de los documentos de la familia Romero relacionados a José Martí.]

Rosario, Francisco del. Manuscript, 1676. Report by a Dominican friar, Fray Francisco del Rosario, in Pueblo de Santa Teresa de los Mocos, complaining that Spanish soldiers imprisoned Indians who were in his care. MSS 0454.

Rothra, Elizabeth Ogren. Papers, 1967-1997 (bulk: 1972-1976). Research materials, clippings, photographs, and correspondence related to the publication of Elizabeth Ogren Rothra's books On Preserving Tropical Florida and Florida's Pioneer Naturalist: The Life of Charles Torrey Simpson. .42 linear feet. MSS 0391.

Royal Havana Company. Collection, 1749. Royal Havana Company was a Spanish company based in Havana, Cuba, which specialized in shipbuilding and trading of tobacco and sugar. This collection includes notes about shipments of tobacco, and a letter penned by Martín de Aróstegui, defending his role as president of Royal Havana Company. [The guide to this collection is available in Spanish: Guía de la Colección de la Royal Havana Company.]

Royal Palm Nurseries. Papers, 1846-1980 (bulk: 1857-1930). In 1881 Pliny Reasoner, just turned eighteen years of age, arrived in Manatee County, Florida, from his home in the Midwest. Over the next seven years, he built Royal Palm Nurseries, an enterprise that would become Florida's longest established nursery business. This collection documents the founding and early history of Royal Palm Nurseries and contains a run of the nursery catalogs that provide information on early horticulture and the introduction of new plants to Florida. 2.19 linear feet. MSS 0444.

Rudloe, Jack and Anne. Papers, 1951-1997 (bulk: 1968-1997). The collection includes Jack and Anne Rudloe's writings, consisting of manuscripts, drafts, proof copies, and background material. Ms Group 109.

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