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Gainesville Area Ledgers. 1867-1924. Includes minutes from the East Florida Telephone and Telegraph Co. (1904-1924), a ledger on the Gainesville Post Office (1867-1889), two minutes-books from the Gainesville Board of Trade (1886-1888), a ledger from Endel and Herman (clothiers-1882-1885), and the minutes of the Interstate Life Insurance Co. (1913-1915). PKY 88.012

Gainesville Eight (Lois Hensel Collection). 1973-2015. The "Gainesville Eight," a group of anti-Vietnam War protesters associated with Vietnam Veterans Against the War (VVAW), planned a demonstration during the 1972 Republican National Convention in Miami, Florida. They were arrested and charged on accusations of plotting a violent protest, but were later acquitted due to lack of evidence and signs of government interference. This collection houses newspaper clippings covering the trail, juror notes, VVAW papers, some correspondence, and analysis articles; and gives insight into protest movements and government corruption in the 1970s.

Gainesville Modern Archive, 1932-1958. Architectural drawings of significant Mid-Century Modern properties in Gainesville and Alachua County, Florida, which were collected and preserved by Gainesville Modern, Inc. 4 linear feet (1 box). MSS 0383.

Gainesville Women for Equal Rights (GWER). Records, 1963-2001. Correspondence, minutes, newsletters, reports related to the activities of this civil rights organization. 1.5 ln.ft.

Gannon, Michael. Papers, 1923-2017. Writings, research notes, correspondence, photographs, biographical materials, and other papers of Michael V. Gannon, the noted historian, radio commentator, former priest, and emeritus professor of the University of Florida. 38.51 ln.ft. MSS 0343.

García Pimentel, Luis. Collection, 1531-1927 (Bulk dates: 1600-1699). Documents from the sixteenth to the twentieth centuries that chronicle the development, management, and activities of several sugar plantations in Mexico located in the states of Morelos and Puebla. The bulk of the Luis García Pimentel Collection centers in the Haciendas of Santa Ana Tenango and Santa Clara Montefalco, both in the state of Morelos. MSS 0335. [The guide to this collection is available in Spanish: Guía de la Colección Luis García Pimentel.]

General Extension Division Study Materials.  1928. Part of University Archives Manuscript Collections.

German Settlers and Nazism in the Americas. Photograph Collection, 1920-1938. This collection of photographs offers a snippet view into the life of German immigrants and settlers in the Americas. It also illustrates the spread of Nazi ideology on the American continent. 1 Volume (99 items). MSS 0381.

Getzen, James C. Papers, 1888-1890. Part of University Archives Manuscript Collections.

Gil Family Collection. 1977, 2014-2016, undated. Guido Gil Díaz (b. 1935) was a Dominican lawyer, journalist, historian, and revolutionary intellectual who fought for workers' rights in the Dominican Republic. This collection consists mainly of newspaper articles covering Gil Díaz's work and research, and the lack of justice in the case of his disappearance. The collection also contains works written by Cristina Flores-Gil regarding her family history. [The guide to this collection is available in Spanish: Guía de la Colección Familia Gil.]

Gleason Family. Papers, 1861-1946 (Bulk dates: 1885-1946). Papers of the Gleason Family, who played a significant role in the development of Florida's agricultural, commercial, and residential lands in the post-Civil War period. The collection consists primarily of the papers of William H. H. Gleason, the records of Gleason Brothers, and the papers of William Henry Gleason, George G. Gleason, and W. Lansing Gleason. 5.2 ln.ft.

Glover, Robert. Holocaust Photographs, circa 1945. The collection contains photographs of World War II and the Holocaust. .01. MSS 0441.

Glunt, James David. Collection. Documents collected by James David Glunt for his dissertation, primarily relating to Florida history in the second Spanish period (1784-1821) and territorial period (1821-1845), particularly plantation slavery. A donation of additional material in 2016 included material on the Bradford family of Tallahassee and papers of George Noble Jones, which appear in Plantation Records from the Papers of George Noble Jones, coedited with U. B. Phillips. The rest of the material consists of correspondence, financial documents, and legal documents related to Glunt's family in Indiana. 1.84 linear feet and 1 microfilm reel. Ms 43.

Goggin, John M. (John Mann). Papers, 1912-1975. John M. Goggin was a renowned archaeologist and anthropologist who worked in the American Southwest and Southeast, the Caribbean, and Mexico. The collection includes his field notebooks, his publications and research files, photographs, and newspaper clippings. 12.5 ln.ft.

Goldring, Bruce and Stacey. Collection, 1923-2014 (Bulk: 1970s-1990s). This collection reflects Jewish life in Jacksonville during the twentieth century. Included in the collection are postcards, newsletters, photographs, flyers, and vinyl disks highlighting institutions and individuals who contributed to the lives of the Jewish residents of Jacksonville. .71 linear feet. MSS 0382.

Goldsmith, Judith. Photograph Collection, circa 1910-1920. A collection of 97 black and white photographs and 4 negatives of University of Florida buildings, faculty, students, a trophy, and plants. .25 linear feet. Ms. Coll. 141.

Goncourt, Edmond de. Letters, 1880-1894. Nine letters written by Edmond de Goncourt to Leon Hennique. Part of Miscellaneous Papers of French Authors. Ms Group 41f.

González Blanco, Carlos. Collection, 1968-1977. The collection includes the letters that Carlos González Blanco wrote to his wife, mother, and daughter while he was a political prisoner in various Cuban jails. It also includes his mother's correspondence with Latin American and U.S. presidents, and international organizations, such as Amnesty International and the Red Cross, regarding the situation of her son and two brothers, who were also political prisoners. Part of Cuban Miscellaneous Collection. Ms Group 24. [The guide to this collection is available in Spanish: Guía de la Colección de Carlos González Blanco.]

Gordon, Ulysses Short. Papers, 1959-1968. Pastor of First Presbyterian Church, Gainesville, Florida, 1928-1969. Correspondence, sermons, articles, and prayers. 1 ln.ft.

Gower, Ralph. Photograph Collection, ca.1925. Part of University Archives Manuscript Collections.

Grady, Paul. Papers, 1938-1967. Copies of published and unpublished papers by Paul Grady on accounting (originals deposited in the Hoover Institution, Stanford University). Part of Accounting Archives. 1 box. 0.4 ln.ft.

Graham, Alistair. Papers, 1964-1998 (Bulk: 1965-1979). Alistair D. Graham, a Kenyan wildlife conservation biologist specializing in crocodiles, co-founded Wildlife Services, Ltd. in 1964. Included here are original field data sheets recording morphometric measurements of Nile crocodile populations at Lake Turkana, maps of crocodile nesting sites in the Okavango Delta, and original data from other sites such as Kabalega Falls National Park (Uganda) and Nechisar National Park (Ethiopia). The collection documents professional wildlife conservation and management practices in East and Southern Africa during the second half of the 20th century. Several of the surveys were the first time their subject populations were mapped, so they may serve as baseline references for future research. 1.28 linear feet. MSS 0393.

Graham, D. Robert "Bob". Political Papers, 1953-2008 (Bulk: 1966-2004). Correspondence, legislation, memoranda, committee files, press releases, notes, speeches, articles, schedules, calendars, reports, news clippings, trip files, publications, photographs and audiovisual materials. Covers Graham's legislative activities and public policy initiatives during his tenure in the Florida House of Representatives (1966-1970) and the Florida Senate (1970-1978), as well as his tenure as U.S. Senator (1987-2005). Includes material relating to his political campaigns, workdays, and personal life. 342.5 ln. ft. MS 148

Graham, Ernest R. Papers, 1908-1957 (Bulk dates: 1923-1948). Correspondence, photographs and clippings from Ernest Graham's career as a truck and dairy farmer, Florida public servant, and political campaigner. There is strong emphasis on subjects such as horse racing, racketeering, drainage, flooding and water control in South Florida. 15 ln.ft.

Graham, Klein H.Papers, 1919-1966. Personal and business papers of Klein Graham who served as the University of Florida's Business Manager from 1927 to 1948. .42 linear feet. Ms Coll. 104.

Grand Ole Gator Club. 1988-1996. Part of University Archives Manuscript Collections.

Great Speckled Bird. Newspaper Collection, 1968-1984. A run of the Great Speckled Bird, an alternate press and counter culture newspaper from Atlanta, Georgia.

Green, Robert Alexis "Lex". Papers, 1922-1948. Educator, lawyer, and U.S. Representative from Florida (1925-1944). Personal, political, and legislative correspondence. 22 ln.ft.

Greenslade, Marie Taylor. Papers, 1764-1900. Typescripts of original business papers of the Indian trading houses Panton, Leslie & Company and John Forbes & Company. Greenslade was a descendant of entrepreneur John Innerarity. Other typescripts of these documents are held by the Florida Historical Society. Additional materials: Eloise Cruzat Papers. 2.5 ln.ft.

Greer, Rebecca E. Manuscripts, ca. 1969. Typescripts of Anyone Can Marry and How To Live Rich When You Are Not. 0.5 ln/ft. (1 Box). Ms Group 52.

Gregg, James H. Typescript of Memoir, "Awesome Spring". A personal narrative typescript that describes the wartime experiences of Gregg while serving as a rifleman in Germany from March 2 to May 7 (V-E Day), 1944. MSS 0468.

Gregory, Horace. Collection, 1933-1943. Horace Gregory's collection of form letters and announcements from left-wing political and civil rights organizations. MSS 0469.

Grissom, Eugene E. Collection, Circa 1940-2009. The collection represents a sampling of the music research collected by University of Florida Professor Eugene E. Grissom, a professional musician (trombone), historian, art collector and educator, including ephemeral research resources, compiled over a 70 year period, with emphasis on the career of jazz legend Frank Rosolino and the jazz world, in general. Biographical ephemera, pertaining to the life and career of Professor Grissom, is also included. 12 linear feet. MSS 0389.

Grosenbaugh, Lewis R. Papers, 1960-1974. Forester. Miscellaneous materials, unit director, "Pioneering research unit in forest mensuration," United States Forest Service. 1 ln.ft.

Grosser, Morton. Typescript manuscript of Morton Grosser's book, Gossamer Odyssey: The Triumph of Human Flight, circa 1983. Ms Group 133.

Growers and Shippers League of Florida. Records, 1924-1981. Charter, by-laws, articles of incorporation, minutes and bulletins. 3.5 ln.ft.

Guerra, Lillian Collection, 1890-2013. The Lillian Guerra Collection includes photographs, historical documents, ephemeral objects, and manuscripts from Cuba. 1.41 linear feet. MSS 0392.[The guide to this collection is available in Spanish: Guía de la Colección de Lillian Guerra.]

Guerra, Ramiro. "El latifundio azucarero y la poblacion de las Antillas / West Indian Sugar Plantation and Peoples." Paper presented before the Atheneum Club, October 19, 1934. Ms Group 301.[The guide to this collection is available in Spanish: Guía del discurso de Ramiro Guerra.]

Guillén, Abraham. Manuscripts, 1943-1993. Published and unpublished manuscripts by one of the most prolific revolutionary writers in Latin America. 1 ln.ft. (2 Boxes). Ms Group 152.

Guillén Batista, Nicolás. Manuscript of Sóngoro Cosongo, 1931. Dedicated typewritten manuscript of Nicolás Guillén's most critically acclaimed book of poems. MSS 0336. [The guide to this collection is available in Spanish: Guía del Manuscrito Sóngoro Cosongo de Nicolás Guillén Batista.]

Guiteras Font, Eusebio. Album de viaje, 1842-1845. Three journals of notes by Eusebio Guiteras Font about his journey with Antonio Guiteras Font from their home in Matanzas, Cuba to the United States, Spain, France, Italy, Greece, the Holy Land, and Egypt. MS Group 321. [The guide to this collection is available in Spanish: Guía del Álbum de viaje de Eusebio Guiteras Font.]

Gutman, Harvey E. Films, 1959-1973. Digital reproductions of motion picture films created by Harvey E. Gutman in several countries in which he lived while working in various capacities for the Agency for International Development, USAID (1958-1980). MSS 0480.

Guzman, Bartolome. Letters, 1816. Two letters written by anonymous author to Guzman in Bolivia, pertaining to political developments, the South American Wars of Independence, Peru and the Rio de la Plata. MS 0453.

Hahn, Theodore H. Papers, 1943-1954. Physician and mariner, of Florida. Logbooks, diary and miscellaneous correspondence relating to cruises on Florida's Oklawaha River. 1 ln.ft.

Haitian Registries. 1800-1885. Notarial papers from offices in various regions of Haiti. MS Group 44.

Haitiana Collection. 1805-1954. Correspondence and other records documenting politics in Haiti in the 19th and 20th centuries. 1.3 ln.ft. Ms Group 23.

Hale, Lester L. Papers, 1940-1956. Part of University Archives Manuscript Collections.

Hallam, Arthur Henry. Papers, 1811-1947. Manuscripts by and about Hallam. Latin and Greek exercises, algebra notebook, etc. 0.21 ln.ft. Ms Group 9.

Hamilton, Jefferson M. Architectural Drawings and Photographs, 1926-1947. Plans, renderings, and photographs related to the architecture of Hamilton in Tampa, Florida. 1 box. Ms Group 185.

Hammond, E. Ashby. Papers Regarding the Medical Profession in 19th Century Florida, Not dated. Biographical summaries created by E. Ashby Hammond in preparing his book, The Medical Profession in 19th Century Florida: A Biographical Register.

Hampton, Mark G. Papers, 1923-2015. Architectural drawings, photos, project files and other papers of architect Mark G. Hampton, who worked for approximately 60 years in Sarasota, Tampa, Miami, and other cities in Florida. 16.5 linear feet. MSS 0376.

Hanna, Paul L. Papers, 1931-1972. Part of University Archives Manuscript Collections.

Hans Christian Andersen Award. Collection, 1990. Submitted works and biographical material from the 1990 Hans Christian Andersen Award author and illustrator nominees. 1.29 linear feet. MSS 0407.

Hapsis-Hugo, Marilyn Staton. Design Collection, 1956-2009 (bulk: 1956-1986). Designs and a small number of photographs documenting the design work of Hapsis-Hugo for Albert Hugo Associates, as well as freelance and student work. Ms Group 286.

Hardman, Martha James. Photograph Collection on the 1970 Chimbote Earthquake in Peru, 1970. Thirty-five photographs depicting the aftermath of the devastating earthquake that occurred in Chimbote, Peru in 1970. .58 linear feet. MSS 0413. [The guide to this collection is available in Spanish: La Colección de fotografías de Martha James Hardman sobre el terremoto de 1970 en Chimbote, Perú.]

Harn, Julia E. Manuscripts, 1899-1931. Typescript of "Old Canoochee Backwoods Sketches" and a play, "The Dusenberrys." 0.5 ln.ft. Ms Group 73.

Harper, Verne Lester. Papers, 1936-1980. Correspondence and other papers pertaining to Verne L. Harper's activities with the United States Forestry Service, the International Union of Societies of Foresters and the University of Florida.

Harris, Larry D. Papers, 1955-2009 (bulk: 1965-1994). Larry D. Harris volunteered as a wildlife game management officer (1964-1966) and biologist (1966-1967) supporting the creation of Mkomazi Game Reserve in Tanzania. Following receipt of his doctoral degree, he served for 27 years as an academic professor and consultant (1972-1999). The papers contain field notes, research data, and photographs he collected while working on his dissertation concerning wild game populations in Tanzania. Also included is material relating to his consulting work in Botswana and his work as a Professor of Wildlife and Range Sciences at the University of Florida. 5.43 linear feet. MSS 0361.

Harris, Martin. Collection, Circa 1925-1970. Professional photographs (color and black and white), photo negatives (color and black and white), color photo slides, proof (or contact) sheets, publications, books and biographical ephemera featuring the work of career news and entertainment photographer Martin Harris whose art was featured in most of the major newspaper and magazines of the mid 2Oth Century (PM NEW YORK, THE NEW YORK TIMES, THE LITERARY DIGEST, PICTURE POST, LIFE, COLLIER'S, STARS AND STRIPES, YANK, FORTUNE, PRINTER'S INK, BUSINESS WEEK, WOMAN'S HOME COMPANION, U.S. NEWS AND WORLD REPORT, THE NEW YORK TIMES MAGAZINE, THIS WEEK, THE SATURDAY EVENING POST, CUE, TIME, ESQUIRE, et cetra). 27 linear feet. (44 boxes). MSS 0368.

Harris, Sarah Elizabeth. Scrapbook, 1905-1912. News clippings and photographs collected by Sarah Elizabeth Harris, daughter of an Ocala (Fla.) newspaperman. PKY 88.022

Harrisse, Henry. Correspondence, 1884-1899. Letters and postcards from French-American Historian Henry Harrisse to Italian scholar Ildebrando Rossi regarding maps and documents concerning early American history and exploration. The correspondence dates from 1884 to 1899 and is written primarily in French. .21 linear feet. MSS 0489.

Harrisson, Tom. Papers, 1866-1976. Papers of pioneer turtle scientist in Sarawak and official of the International Union for the Conservation of Nature. 3.3 ln.ft. Ms Group 85.

Hart Family. Papers, 1838-1914. Correspondence and documents of Florida Governor Ossian B. Hart, his father Isaiah Hart, his wife Catherine Hart, and his sister-in-law Emma Campbell. 0.2 ln.ft.

Hart, Hubbard L.. Papers, 1855-1919 (bulk: 1880-1889). Small set of business papers and photographs relating to Hubbard L. Hart and his steamship and stagecoach lines in Florida. Part of the Florida History Miscellaneous Manuscripts collection. PKY 01,245.

Harwell, Richard B. Papers, 1860 [bulk 1950] - 1959. Historian and author. Drafts, proofs, notes, correspondence, and source material dealing with the Civil War, especially the Confederacy. 3 ln.ft. Ms Group 30.

Haskins, Harold and Geraldine. Cuban Postcard Collection, 1907-1958. This collection includes 254 postcards and two postcard leaflets from Cuba depicting major sites in Havana and Santiago de Cuba, images of culture and everyday life, and views of the ocean and nature. .35 linear feet. MSS 0410. [The guide to this collection is available in Spanish: La colección de postales cubanas de Harold y Geraldine Haskins.]

Haskins, James S.. Papers, 1920s-2018 (bulk: 1961-2004). James Haskins (1941-2005) was a prolific author of more than 100 published books, mostly of African American nonfiction and biography for children and adolescent readers, though he is perhaps most known for his books The Cotton Club and Mr. Bojangles, which each served as inspiration for film adaptations. He was also a Professor of English at the University of Florida and maintained a busy schedule of speaking and lecturing engagements. These papers include both professional and personal records from throughout Haskins's career.

Hastings, Helen King. Papers, 1947-1959. Correspondence and publication manuscripts of Helen King Hastings, central Florida rancher and author of A Little Widow is a Dangerous Thing. .5 linear feet. MSS 0373.

Hatch, Alden and Allene. Papers, 1874-2003 (bulk: 1933-1986). Manuscripts, correspondence, interviews, research papers, and other materials relating to biographies, histories, and novels written by author Alden Hatch, and by author and illustrator Allene Gaty Hatch. 42.5 feet. Ms Group 77.

Hauser, Marianne. Papers, 1929-2005. Edits, drafts, and manuscripts of Hauser's novels, short stories, and journal articles. Also includes related correspondence and research, as well as personal correspondence and photos from several trips. 11.6 ln.ft. (20 Boxes). Ms Group 230.

Hay, William Perry. Papers, 1885-1937. Includes correspondence, copies of articles, and zoological drawings and miscellaneous papers of zoologist and educator William Perry Hay. 0.5 ln.ft. (1 Box). Ms Group 7.

Hendricks, Joseph Edward. Papers, 1931-1948. Lawyer, businessman, and U.S. representative from Florida (1937-1949). Legislative correspondence. 4 ln.ft.

Henley, Clifford "Swede". Diary, 1944-2003 (Bulk: 1944-1945). Photocopy of transcribed diary by Clifford "Swede" Henley detailing his service during World War II in the 22nd Infantry Regiment. .01 ln.ft. MSS 0428.

Heney, John. Papers, 1927-1969. Band director/drummer. Correspondence regarding band music in Florida. 5 ln.ft. Ms Group 55.

Herlong, Albert Sydney. Papers, 1943-1968. Lawyer, judge, and U.S. Representative from Florida (1949-1969). Political and legislative correspondence. 38.5 ln.ft.

Herman Family. Travel Photo Album, 1928-1937. Photos of Gainesville, Miami, and other areas. .21 ln.ft. MSS 0423.

Herron, James W. Letterbooks, 1848-1856. Civil engineer at the Navy Yard in Pensacola. Includes letters from 1856 and his engineer's letterbook from 1848-1852. PKY 88.004

Hiaasen, Carl. Papers, 1978-2005. Correspondence, typescripts of Skin Tight, Native Tongue, Strip Tease, etc. 3 ln.ft. Ms Group 104.

Hiers, Richard H. Papers, 1960-2003. Part of University Archives Manuscript Collections.

Hile, B. S. Correspondence, 1861-1862. Letters written by B. S. Hile to his family while he was living and employed in Havana, Cuba. 0.2 ln.ft. Ms Group 227. [The guide to this collection is available in Spanish: Guía de la correspondencia de B.S. Hile.]

Historia de Cuba. Photograph Albums, 1935. Two copies of an album of photographs depicting people, historical sites and landmarks, events, buildings, ships, and documents spanning the history of Cuba. Ms Group 173. [The guide to this collection is available in Spanish: Guía de los Álbumes fotográficos de la Historia de Cuba.]

Historia Gráfica de la Marítima Parreño. Scrapbook, 1921-1941. Documenting the development of the Marítima Parreño port facilities in Santiago de Cuba during the 1920s and 1930s. Ms Group 217. [The guide to this collection is available in Spanish: Álbum de recortes de la historia gráfica de la Marítima Parreño.]

Historic Hawthorne Florida Master Site File Collection. 1996. Contains information on several sites of historical interest in the city of Hawthorne. 0.4 ln.ft.

Hodges, James B.. Collection, 1902-1938. Papers documenting Florida political history, particularly 1916-1938, and relating to James B. Hodges' career as a member of the Florida House of Representatives (1909); mayor (1909-1910) and city council member (1913-1920) of Lake City; and member of Florida State Executive Committee of the Democratic Party and of the Board of Control and State Plant Board. Also includes a large concentration of Governor Sidney Catts correspondence. 33 ln.ft.

Hodges, James Branch, Jr. Papers, 1941-1966. Lawyer, of Lake City, Fla.; state legislator (1943) and member of the state Democratic Party executive committee. Legal and political correspondence. 1.25 ln.ft.

Hoffman, Charles A. Papers, 1958-2005 (bulk: 1966-1990). Hoffman was a distinguished archaeologist and anthropologist who worked in the American Southwest, Florida and the Caribbean. His areas of interest included eastern Arizona archaeology, mammoth and Native Peoples interactions (big game hunting) and Columbus' first landfall. The collection is comprised of materials primarily related to Florida and the Caribbean, including his field notebooks, publications and research files, photographs, membership and association files, correspondence, and grant proposals. Ms Group 292.

Hogan family. Papers, 1878-1950 (bulk: 1924-1936). Small collection of materials primarily regarding Arthur W. Hogan, a World War I veteran hospitalized for mental trauma. PKY 01,246.

Holbrook, Hollis. Papers, 1939-1983. Part of University Archives Manuscript Collections.

Holland, Spessard L. (Spessard Lindsey). Papers, 1929-1970. Lawyer, judge, governor, and U.S. senator from Florida. Correspondence and scrapbooks. 216.25 ln.ft. Ms 055.

Holton, Charles W. "Southward to the Florida Keys" Album, 1938. An account, complete with a map and photographs, of a pre-WWII trip from New Jersey to Florida. 1 volume.

Howe Library Manuscripts. Manuscripts from the Library of Parkman Dexter Howe of notable New England authors, including Louisa May Alcott, William Cullen Bryant, Emily Dickinson, Ralph Waldo Emerson, Robert Frost, Amy Lowell, James Russell Lowell, Harriett Prescott Spofford, and John Greenleaf Whittier. The manuscripts are described in a series of published catalogs. 1 ln.ft. (2 boxes).

Howey, John. Sarasota School of Architecture Collection, 1926-2001. Photographs, drawings, models and research materials collected or created by John Howey during the creation of the book and exhibition entitled, The Sarasota School of Architecture, 1941-1966. The materials pertain to the numerous modern architects working in Sarasota, Florida, during that period. Ms Group 274.

Hughes, Paul A.: Collection of Caribbean Stereographs. 1898-1908. This collection includes 197 stereograph images showcasing scenes and views of the Greater and Lesser Antilles in the Caribbean Sea. [The guide to this collection is available in Spanish: Guía de la Colección de Fotografías Estereográficas del Caribe por Paul A. Hughes.]

Huin, Alain J.. Papers, 1965-2008. Design sketches, drawings, blueprints, collection presentations, scrapbooks, photographs, trade and retail catalogs, and other papers of furniture designer Alain J. Huin, who worked for over 40 years in the design industry where he created designs for major furniture manufacturers such as Johnston Casuals, Comfort Designs, and Ethan Allen. These pieces would go on to be sold at name-brand retailers such as Crate and Barrel, Bloomingdale's, Macy's, Pottery Barn and Restoration Hardware. 10.6 linear feet. MSS 0436.

Hrvol, Anna. Album, 1930-1931. Part of University Archives Manuscript Collections.

Hume, H. Harold. Collection, 1898-1962. Part of University Archives Manuscript Collections.

Humphries, Jack Bowen. Miscellany, 1936-1956. Part of University Archives Manuscript Collections.

Hurst, Huber Christian. Papers, 1897-1960. Part of University Archives Manuscript Collections.

Hurston, Zora Neale. Papers, 1919-2002 (bulk: 1926-1960). Correspondence, manuscripts, and notes of author/anthropologist. 6 ln.ft. Ms Group 6.

Hurt, Ashley Davis. Papers, 1864-1898. Part of University Archives Manuscript Collections.

Hussey, Roland Fountain. Papers, 1924-1963. Part of University Archives Manuscript Collections.

Independent Order of Odd Fellows Grand Lodge of Florida. Records, 1881-1953. Correspondence and ledgers of the Independent Order of Odd Fellows Grand Lodge of Florida.

Indian Affairs - Florida Seminoles Collection. 1820-1974 (Bulk: 1881-1947). Photocopies of documents in the National Archives including correspondence, annual reports, and other papers primarily related to the Seminole Tribe of Florida. The majority of the files contain correspondence sent to the Office of Indian Affairs. 3.75 ln.ft.

Ingraham, James Edmundson. Papers, 1854-1920. Businessman, entrepreneur, railroad company executive. Correspondence, miscellaneous materials, and photographs. Gift of Conway C. Ford and Maria G. Ford. 1 ln.ft.

Inter-Fraternity Conference. Minutes, 1933-1947. Part of University Archives Manuscript Collections.

Irgang-Entenberg-Kushner. Family Collection, 1926-1969. This collection contains the Irgang family's documents dated prior to their immigration to the U.S., documents that record their desire for naturalization, and other correspondence testifying to their efforts to gain ownership and compensation for property left behind in their native Jaroslaw, Poland. MSS 0370.

Ishill, Joseph. Collection, 1890-1971. Printer and founder of Oriole Press. Correspondence regarding anarchists, artists, etc. 10 ln.ft. Ms Group 42.

Italian Miscellaneous Manuscripts. Miscellany, 1680-1778. Latin manuscripts, written in Naples, on diverse subjects. 2 ln.ft. Ms Group 49.

Ittleson, Blanche Frank and Henry. Collection, 1894-2004 (bulk: 1921-1943). The items in the collection relate to the Ittlesons' private and social life, philanthropy, and Blanche Frank Ittleson's work in the field of social welfare, child mental health protection, and more. Several photographs of their houses in Palm Beach and the many receipts and notes from their travels abroad illustrate the high standard of the lives they lived. .85 linear feet. MSS 0439.

Jackson, Garrett David. Papers, 1875-1933. Personal and business records of G.D. Jackson, his wife, Lily, and daughter, Marion Jackson. The collection includes correspondence, ledgers, photos, receipts and other miscellaneous materials. Topics include steamboats, the postal service, and the citrus industry. The family resided mainly in Eustis, Florida. 3.1 ln.ft.

Jackson, Laura Riding. Papers, ca. 1970-1976. Typescripts of "The Telling" and other short poems. Correspondence. 0.5 ln.ft. Ms Group 71.

Jackson, Michael Collection of Florida Brochures, 1960-1980. Brochure collection of Florida attractions. .21 linear feet. MSS 0493.

Jamaica. Photo Album of A Visit to Jamaica in 1907 Immediately Following the Great Earthquake, 1907. The collection includes fifty-eight original gelatin silver photographs of a voyage to Jamaica soon after the 1907 earthquake. Also included at the end of the photo album are a souvenir card, and a programme of sports activities from the ship R.M.S. "Port Morant" belonging to the Imperial Direct West India Mail Service, dated March 5, 1907. .01 linear feet. MSS 0514.

Jennings, Alvin R. Papers, 1948-1964. Manuscripts of papers delivered at accounting society meetings. Part of Accounting Archives. 2 boxes. 0.8 ln.ft.

Jennings, May Mann. Papers, 1889-1963. Political and environmental activist, daughter of state Senator Austin Shuey Mann, wife of William Sherman Jennings (Governor of Florida, 1901-1905). Correspondence and miscellaneous materials. Gift of Mrs. Jennings, Dorothy Jennings Sandridge, and other family members. 8 ln.ft.

Jennings, William Sherman. Papers, 1887-1928. Lawyer, state legislator, and governor of Florida. Papers relating to Jennings' political and business dealings, including his tenure as governor (1901-1905), and general counsel (1905-1909) for Trustees of Internal Improvement Fund, the agency administering public lands in Florida, and his role in the Everglades drainage movement. Gift of May Mann Jennings. 13.5 ln.ft.

Jeremie Journal. 1820-1821. Diary written by an unidentified New York man who lived in Jeremie, Haiti, and worked as a smith and carpenter. Describes Mardi Gras, a New Year's celebration, funerals and wakes, the landscape around Jeremie, and rumors about Christophe, Petion and Boyer. 1 volume (28 leaves) . Ms Group 168.

Jeremie Papers. 1714-1896. The records of Jeremie's civil administration, legal documents, ecclesiastical records, and the archives of over thirty notaries who operated both in Jeremie and in outlying areas of Saint-Domingue. 29.25 ln.ft. Ms Group 17.

Jernigan, Ernest. Papers, 1932-2017 (Bulk: 1955-2000). Correspondence, writings, and other papers of Professor Ernest Jernigan, a Florida historian and future studies scholar at College of Central Florida. The collection also includes a selection of Jernigan's fiction and nonfiction writing, and information on both his personal life and career. 1.37 ln.ft. MSS 0437.

Jessup, Thomas Sidney. Orders Book, 1838. Contains General Thomas Jessup's orders for the first five months of 1838 during the Second Seminole War. PKY 88.007

Jewish Organizations in Cuba. Collection, 1925-1967. This collection sheds light on various aspects of Jewish communal life in Cuba from the 1920s until the 1960s. The documents in the collection were created by different Jewish organizations in Havana. The majority of these letters, written agreements, registry entries, affidavits issued to immigrants to both Cuba and the US, and tickets to different events are in Yiddish, also signaling that they are related to the lives of the last large wave of Jewish immigrants to Cuba, mostly from Eastern European Ashkenazi communities. 1 ln.ft. MSS 0558. [The guide to this collection is available in Spanish: Guía de la Colección de organizaciones judías en Cuba.]

John Marshall Bar Association. Publications, 1944-1966. Part of University Archives Manuscript Collections.

Johns, Ralph S. Collection of Accountant Certificates, 1876-1968 (bulk: 1930-1968). Part of Accounting Archives. 2 boxes. 0.75 ln.ft.

Johns Committee. Collection, 1963-1965. Documents produced by the Florida Legislative Investigation Committee, also known as the Johns Committee, as part of its mission to investigate homosexuals in the state of Florida. .21 ln.ft. MSS 0532.

Johnston photographic collection. 1960-1967. Part of University Archives Manuscript Collections.

Jolles, Frank. Collection of Richard Ndimande's Studio Photographs, 1960-1999. 47 photographic negative portraits collected by Dr. Frank Jolles. Studio portraits taken at Z.J.S. Ndimande and Son, Greytown, KwaZulu-Natal. MSS 0479.

Jones, A. Quinn. Collection, 1901-2007. Documents the life and career of African American educator, A. Quinn Jones, his wife Frederica Jones, and the African American community in Gainesville, Florida, concentrating on Lincoln High School and the Greater Bethel AME Church.

Jones, Charles H. Papers, 1876-1913. Newspaper editor and owner of The Florida Times-Union. Papers relating to Jones's role in drafting the 1892 and 1896 Democratic Party platforms, his career in journalism, as well as his correspondence to family and friends.

Jones, Marshall B. Typescript for "Berkeley of the South", 1970. Part of University Archives Manuscript Collections.

Juergensen, Hans. Papers, 1962-1972. Poet and teacher, University of South Florida. Correspondence, 1962-1972. Typescripts of articles and poems. 2 ln.ft. Ms Group 61.

Kahn, Hannah. Papers, 1939-1987. Manuscripts of major and minor works by poet Hannah Kahn, including translations of the Yiddish poet Racjel Zychlinsk. Also includes correspondence and miscellaneous documents. Ms Group 94.

Kalishman, Allen. Dachau Photographs, circa 1955, 2015. This collection includes slides, photographs, and a written description of Kalishman's experiences during his one year of military service spent in Austria and Germany from 1955 to 1956 and impressions of the Dachau concentration camp site. .01 ln.ft. MSS 0442.

Kantor, MacKinlay. Collection, 1934-1977. Correspondence and newspaper articles related to American journalist, screenwriter, and Pulitzer prize winning novelist MacKinlay Kantor. .21 ln.ft. MSS 0559.

Kalliope. Mary Sue Koeppel's Papers Relating to Kalliope, 1978-2007. Contains materials relating to the publication of Kalliope: A Journal of Women's Literature and Art, as well as personal files of Mary Sue Koeppel. 2.75 ln.ft. Ms Group 260.

Kaplan, Jacob H. Scrapbooks, 1926-1947. News clippings, photographs, and correspondence compiled by Rabbi Kaplan while at Temple Israel in Miami from 1926-1947. PKY 88.011

Kappa Alpha. Miscellany, 1907-1984. Part of University Archives Manuscript Collections.

Kappa Epsilon. Records, ca.1940-1963. Part of University Archives Manuscript Collections.

Kappa Phi Kappa, Alpha Lambda Chapter. The Torchlight, 1933-1937. Part of University Archives Manuscript Collections.

Kay, Russell. Papers, 1923-1986. Correspondence, writings (both prose and poetry), news clippings, articles, photographs, and cards of long-time Florida journalist, Russell Kay.

Keenan, Edward T.. Papers, 1835-1960. Notes of Seminole War fort locations; photocopied originals of scouting reports, diaries, correspondence from the National Archives and typed transcriptions; photos of Seminoles. Compiled by Edward T. Keenan and Thomas Brown. 3 ln.ft.

Kennedy, Noel. Typescript, 1994?. Photocopy of a typescript entitled Grass Roots in which Kennedy describes his early life on a family farm in Northern Rhodesia (Zambia). MSS 0474.

Kennedy, Stetson. Papers, 1916-2014 (Bulk: 1970-2011). Articles, manuscripts, correspondence, talks, subject files from the working papers of writer and activist Stetson Kennedy. 22.62 l.f. MSS 0403.

Kent, David L.. Letterpress and Calligraphy Collection, 1944-2005 (bulk: 1967-2005). Correspondence, printed ephemera, and publications created by letterpress printers and other individuals in the graphic arts. Ms Group 194.

Keppel, Herbert Govert. Journals, 1892-1898. Part of University Archives Manuscript Collections.

Key West Hurricane. Photo Album of Recovery Efforts, 1935 September. The photograph collection documents recovery efforts made by state and federal officials in Key West after the 1935 hurricane. .21 ln.ft. MSS 0494.

King, Caleb Jewett, Sr. Papers, 1823-1965 (bulk: 1950-1965). Letters to Caleb King as an editorial writer at the Florida Times-Union (arranged in a scrapbook), and other correspondence.

King, R.T. (Robert Thomas). Photograph Collection, 1939-1965 (bulk: 1950-1960). Slides of Seminole photos taken by R.T. King, and also collected by him from various sources, as a part of his dissertation research. A significant portion of the slides were produced by William D. Boehmer while he worked for the Bureau of Indian Affairs. 1 Linear foot. MSS 0371.

Kingsbury, Gilbert Dennis. Papers, 1862-1970 (bulk: 1862-1863). Gilbert Dennis Kingsbury was important during the beginning of institutionalized education in Florida as first principal of the East Florida Seminary in Ocala (1853). This collection contains portions of his correspondence, speeches, and lectures.

Kingsley, Zephaniah. Collection, 1812-1946 (Bulk: 1812-1843). Philip S. May's compilation of research on Zephaniah Kingsley, a wealthy and prominent Florida slave trader and plantation owner. Includes copies of records pertaining directly to Kingsley, newspaper articles, and microfilm concerning the Kingsley Plantation. 0.4 ln.ft.

Kirkpatrick, John A.. Collection Relating to Florida Nurseries, 1894-1903. Original letters primarily from Arcadia, Pomona, Interlachen and Glen St. Mary's Nurseries to Kirkpatrick. 0.2 ln.ft.

Klein, Hinds & Finke. Records of the Kreuger Match Case (International Match Corporation), 1924-1940 (bulk: 1932-1940). Papers regarding the bankruptcy of the International Match Corporation (IMCO), following the suicide of Ivar Kreuger in 1932. Accounting firm of New York. Part of Accounting Archives. 8 boxes. 3.5 ln.ft.

Knight, Peter Oliphant. Scrapbooks, 1895-1943. Public official, corporation lawyer, and president of Tampa Electric and other businesses in Tampa, Fla. Scrapbooks (17 v.) of newspaper clippings and other material relating to the career of Knight, who served in the Florida House or Representatives (1889) and as solicitor (1893-1899) and state attorney (1899-1902) of Hillsborough County, Fla., later becoming a spokesman for business and capitalism, with influence among the state's Democratic politicians.

Knowles, Effie. Papers related to the Seminole Indians of Florida. Attorney. Case records related to The Seminole Indians of Florida v. The United States before the Indian Claims Commission. The majority of the files contain exhibits submitted by Knowles supporting her petition for fees to be awarded for legal services rendered from 1955 until 1976. Much of the services rendered, as is represented by the exhibit documents, involved research of the Seminole Indians of Florida, in particular Florida land and land use. 1 ln.ft.

Kramer, Sol. Papers, 1950-1962. Part of University Archives Manuscript Collections.

Kratina Family Collection. 1841-1967. This collection documents several generations associated with the Pressly and Kratina families. These records primarily consist of correspondence that highlights subjects such as the effects of the depreciation of German money and harsh import taxes in the 1920s and 1930s, the presence of Nazi leader Adolf Hitler in Germany, and life under Soviet occupation in the postwar period. The collection includes genealogical documents; photographs and newspaper clippings featuring the Kratina family; and works by and about Rudolph Kratina, including lithographs of sketches he created, music he composed or arranged, and performance posters and pamphlets.

Laforgue, Jules. Letters, Not dated. Poems, a resolution and a letter written by Jules Laforgue. Part of Miscellaneous Papers of French Authors. Ms Group 41d.

Lahr, Georgiana Lieder. Papers, 1969- . Manuscripts/typescripts of poetry. 3.5 ln.ft. Ms Group 67.

Lang, Katharine Birdseye. Papers, 1937-1949. Manuscripts, tracings, drawings, photographs, and publications relating to Katharine Birdseye Lang's career reproducing Aztec and Mayan manuscripts. Ms Group 54.

Lanzillotti, Robert F.. Papers, 1958-1995. Robert F. Lanzillotti (1921-) served as Dean for the University of Florida College of Business Administration and was a member of Richard Nixon's Price Commission from 1971 to 1973. This collections consists of material from Lanzillotti's tenure on the Price Commission and material from the Report of the Florida Unitary Tax Study Commission for which Robert Lanzillotti was chairman. Additionally, the papers include photographs, clippings, and other materials regarding Lanzillotti's career.

Latin American and Caribbean Stereograph Collection. Assorted collections of stereographs showing images from Latin American and the Caribbean.

Latin and Greek Rare Books Collection. This compilation is intended to make the content of the rare Latin and Greek books at the University of Florida Special Collections Library more accessible to the academic community. It outlines in detail the contents of each book, both in the original ancient language and in English, and provides researchers with a searchable document for the collection as a whole. Additionally, this document provides some features which are not found in the catalog, including translations of the original language into English and detailed outlines of the contents of each item.

Latina Women's League Records. 2005-2019. Correspondence, meeting agendas, reports, event programs, and posters of the Latina Women's League. 1.32 linear feet, 2 boxes, 1 flat box, and 21 digital files. MSS 0522. [The guide to this collection is available in Spanish: Guía de los Documentos de la Liga de Mujeres Latinas.]

Lares, Porto Rico. Municipal Bond, 1914. Bond (unsigned) of five hundred dollars, dated July 1st, 1914, for the municipality of Lares, Puerto Rico. MS 0488. [The guide to this collection is available in Spanish: Guía al Bono Municipal de Lares, Puerto Rico.]

Lashley, Claire Schiller. Papers, 1947-1958. Psychologist. Correspondence, and papers relating to Instinctive Behavior which she edited and translated. 0.6 ln.ft. Ms Group 90.

Lashley, Karl Spencer. Papers, 1950-1958. Psychologist and physiologist Correspondence, manuscripts, notes, drawings, and lectures. 2.3 ln.ft. Ms Group 89.

Latham, Jean Lee. Papers, ca. 1950. Typescripts: "Columbia, the Power of America," "This Dear-Bought Land," and "The Frightened Hero." 1.5 ln.ft. Ms Group 65.

Lavigne, Edward J.. Collection, 1945-2015. The collection includes personal papers and a photo album that once belonged to Edward J. Lavigne, a US Army photographer during World War II. .21 ln.ft. MSS 0440.

Lawson, Edward W. Collection, 1566-1960 (Bulk: 1929-1960). Local historian, of St. Augustine, Florida. Correspondence, notebooks, and other material relating to the history of St. Augustine. Moved to St. Augustine in 1922 and became affiliated with the St. Augustine Historical Society, translating Spanish materials. Gift of Robert J. Hinners. 9 ln.ft.

Lawson, Steven F. Research Papers, 1949-1985 (Bulk: 1949-1963). Copies of research material gathered by Steven Lawson for articles on the Groveland case and the Florida Legislative Investigation Committee (Johns Committee). 1.74 ln.ft. MSS 0394

League of Women Voters of Florida. Records, 1939-2013. Records documenting the first 40 years of the League's activities related to increasing women's involvement in politics and improving Florida's legislation. 38.25 ln.ft.

Lee, Fleming. Papers, 1946-2006. Manuscripts, correspondence and memorabilia, primarily related to Fleming Lee's career as a writer of children's fiction. 2.5 ln.ft. Ms Group 219.

Leigh, Blanche. Scrapbooks, 1926-1927. Two scrapbooks created by Blanche Leigh regarding Confederate monuments and the United Daughters of the Confederacy. PKY 88.016

Lemarchand, Rene. Lemarchand Collection of African Political Papers. Official reports and other documents assessing political situations and events, newspapers from several countries. Copies of unpublished studies and reports from Rwanda, Burundi, Zaire, Chad, Gabon and Libya. 7.5 ln.ft. Ms Group 106.

L'Engle, Claude. Papers, 1910-1919. Materials relating to L'Engle's career as a newspaper editor and politician in Florida. 1 ln.ft.

L'Engle, Claude. Scrapbook, 1907. News coverage of the controversy surrounding a libel suit concerning John Graham, put forth by Peter O. Knight against L'Engle. PKY 88.028

Lighthouses of Angola (Farois de Angola). Photograph album. Photographs taken in the 1930s and early 1940s of the lighthouses on the coast of Angola, and descriptions written in Portuguese. 1 album. Ms Group 202.

Lindell, John W.. Collection, 1905-2007. Collection of cartoon, comic strip and animation art anthologies and histories collected by John W. Lindell from 1953 through 2007. The collection includes close to 1,000 books by individual artists and 220 books of anthologies published by various magazines. There are also 150 paperback (pocket) books of individual artists and comic strip anthologies.

Linebarger, Paul Myron Wentworth. Unpublished manuscript of Paul Myron Wentworth Linebarger's autobiography, "Counsellor to Sun Yat-sen." Ms Group 129.

The Links, Inc., Gainesville Chapter. Records, 1983-2019. Establishing records, minutes, handbooks, reports, publications, and other organizational records belonging to the Gainesville Chapter of The Links, Incorporated. 1.16 l.f. MSS 0507.

Linn, Alexander. Papers, 1925-1975 (Bulk: 1925-1951). Monthly reports and supplementary letters from Rev. Alexander Lin to the Board of National Missions of the Presbyterian Church detailing expenses, salary due, and noteworthy events from his missionary work in Florida. The collection also includes a set of hand-tinted glass lantern slides that accompanied a lecture Linn gave about the Seminole Indians. 1.16 ln.ft. MS 259.

Lisk Family. Papers, 1864-1999. Personal papers, correspondence and photos of Lisk family members and others (including Alonson C. Lisk, Bev Lisk, Alex Bueno Edwards, Joyce E. Viggiano, and John F. Lisk). 2 linear feet.

Little, Wilbert Alva. "Reminiscences, 1880-1930". Part of University Archives Manuscript Collections.

Liversidge, Jim. Collection, 1909-2008. Represents over 40 years of collecting in "Baby Boom" pop culture, including politics, television, cinema, theatre, sports and day-to-day current events. 103 linear feet.

Locke, Duane. Papers, 1960-1975. Poet, editor of the Poetry Review and UT Review. Correspondence with poets; typescripts, issues of magazines. 4.0 ln.ft. Ms Group 80.

Lockey, Joseph Byrne. Documents related to the history of Florida, 1569-1832. Historian and collector. Transcripts, translations, and photocopies of documents from the British Public Record Office; the Archivo General de Indias in Seville, Spain; the Archivo Historica Nacional in Madrid, Spain; other European and Mexican archives; and the Manuscript Division of the Library of Congress, and other repositories concerning the history of Florida from 1569 to 1832. 17 linear feet.

Loftin, Scott Marion. Papers, 1902-1966. Lawyer and Florida public official. Speeches and clippings that document Loftin's tenure as President of the American Bar Association and U.S. Senator; also includes biographical and other materials. 2.5 ln.ft.

Lohman, Harry D. Papers, 1899-1925. Materials relating to transactions of First National Bank of Fernandina (Florida) amassed by Harry D. Lohman. 1.5 ln.ft.

Lorillard Family. Photo Albums, 1905-1945. Two photograph albums containing photos related to the family of Fred and Esther Lorillard of Pennsylvania. Many photos pertain to the family's annual trips to Florida and subjects such as aviation and automobile racing in Daytona.

Loring, William Wing. An account book and a letterbook created by General William Loring during the Civil War and while in Egypt. Also included are framed daguerreotype family photographs. PKY 88.008

Louys, Pierre. Sonnet, 1890. Untitled sonnet by Pierre Louys. Part of Miscellaneous Papers of French Authors. Ms Group 41c.

Lowenstein, Ralph L. Papers, 1949-2011. Personal papers, correspondence, articles, books, and photographs from Ralph L. Lowenstein, Dean Emeritus of the University of Florida College of Journalism and Communications. 2.5 linear feet. MS Coll. 142.

Lytle, Andrew: Letters to Alan Frederiksen. 1964-2004. Andrew Nelson Lytle (1905-1995) was a novelist, professor, and editor of The Sewanee Review. This collection houses letters from Andrew Lytle to Alan Frederiksen, between the years of 1964 and 2004. The letters are personal in nature and mostly regard the publications of Frederiksen's works during Lytle's tenure as editor of The Sewanee Review and the friendship between the two writers.

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