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Production number 97

Production title:  The All Sports Story

Production date:  circa 1961

Color / Sound

Total running time:  00:23:00

Producer:  University of Florida

Directors and Editors:  Ralph Sneeringer and Jimmy Gay

Narrator:  Ray Graves

Available in VHS, DVD, Sony DVcam, Beta SP, and MPEG.

Derived from 16 mm film.  The Beta SP and MPEG were made from a second copy. Image and sound quality varies.

Promotional film probably aimed at prospective student athletes.

The film begins with Ray Graves speaking about the athletic program at the University of Florida.  He mentions each sport and examples are shown of each one.  These include swimming, track, tennis, basketball, golf, baseball, and football.  Players and coaches of each team appear. The segment devoted to football is the longest with various coaches being shown doing drills with the members of the football team.  The final part of the film details two scrimmages which took place during the spring drills.  One took place eleven days after the start of the training and the other is the annual Orange and Blue Game.  


0:00    Blank

0:20    Ray Graves shown seated at a desk.  He comments on the outstanding all sports program at the University of Florida home of the fighting gators.

0:44    Title in white letters on screen reads "The University of Florida presents".  The Century Tower appears behind the title.

0:51    Ray Graves Director of Athletics and Head Football Coach is in white letters with the big drum and a woman band member shown beating the drum.

0:57    The white letters "in All Sports Story" appear with a baton twirler on Florida Field juxtaposed behind the letters.

0:58    Directed and edited by Ralph Sneeringer and Jimmy Gay is in white letters with a float from a Homecoming parade shown.

1:00    Ray Graves is shown again and he states that we will meet some of the staff members of the athletic program.

1:16    Percy Beard, assistant director of athletics and the track coach is shown at his desk.

1:20    The administrative assistant to the athletic director is shown at his desk.

1:27    Jimmy Gay, the head of the sports publicity department, is shown.

1:32    Everett Yon, the head of the Gator Boosters and the director of public relations, is shown.

1:37    Graves is again shown at his desk and he mentions taking a look at the swimming program.

1:49    The Florida swimming pool is shown with two men racing.

2:05    Coach Buddy Crone and assistant coach Bill Harlan and the captain of the swimming team are shown.

2:19    Scenes from a track meet are shown as a javelin throw, relay race, high jump, and broad jump.

3:06    Percy Beard, an assistant coach, and the co-captains are pictured as are the tennis courts which are located west of the track.

3:50    Graves is again shown and he mentions Norm Sloan, the new basketball coach.

4:05    Norman Sloan is introduced and he speaks about the basketball program and his ambitions for the team.  He says that we will go to the Florida gym to see the players working on their favorite drills.

4:48    Various examples of defensive and offensive drills including one on one and two on two action are demonstrated.

7:30    Graves is again shown who states that we will now go to the Golf and Country Club.

7:37    A golfer is shown teeing off.

7:49    Frank Beard and one of the co captains of the golf team are shown.

8:02    A view of the golf course and three players is shown.

8:24    The club house is pictured as three men walk toward it.

8:32    Another golfer is shown hitting the ball.

8:40    Three men, one of whom is Coach Conrad, look over the score card of the two men and they seem pleased with the results.

9:00    The baseball field is shown with coach Dave Fuller and co-captains Perry McGriff and Don Fleming looking at the starting line up for the game.  Some game action takes place.

9:58    Scenes of some of the games form the 1960 season are presented which led to the UF baseball team's participation in the NCAA play offs.

10:58    Graves is shown again.  He mentions the top flight football coaches and that we will go down to the practice field to see the coaches in action.

11:16    Pepper Rodgers coaches some of the players.

12:00    Coach Earl Scarborough is shown directing a line backer defensive drill.

12:20    Jack Green, an assistant coach who played at West Point, works with some of the line.

12:48    John Donaldson, a former Georgia bull dog player and who joined the coaching staff this year, conducts a tipping drill.

13:19    John Mauer works on a favorite drill with the defense.

14:01    Sam Lankford, the trainer and one of the veteran staff members, is introduced.  He  tapes a player's leg.

14:15    Dave Fuller, the head freshmen football coach, is shown.

14:34    Jim Powell coaches team members in a drill.

15:08    John Eibner directs a play on the field.

15:31    Gene Ellenson shows his hamburger drill.

16:01    Graves is shown again and he mentions the scrimmage games which took place in the spring and that some footage from each will be viewed.

16:22    Game action from the first scrimmage game (Orange versus Blue) after only eleven days of practice takes place. Otis Boggs narrates the plays and mentions quarterback (Larry) Libertore.  The game concludes with the Blue team winning 7 to 6.

18:45    The second scrimmage game took place after the spring training drills and Otis Boggs again narrates the segments from this game.  The Orange team wins 42 to 6.

22:06    Spectators are shown leaving Florida Field.

22:09    Graves is shown as he mentions that there you have some of the reasons we are so proud of our athletic program at the University of Florida and that we hope you will be with us to enjoy many of the wonderful sports in the future.

22:21    The Century Tower is again shown and the singing of the last two lines of the Alma Mater is heard on the sound track.

22:35    "The End" appears on the screen

22:42    The film ends.

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