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Production number 95

Production title:  1966 Sugar Bowl

Production date:  1966

Color / Sound

Total running time:  00:30:37

Derived from 16 mm film.

Converted to VHS, DVD, MPEG and Sony DV-cam.

Copyright is owned by the Sugar Bowl Association. This film cannot be reproduced without the permission of the Association.

This film may have been produced in part as a promotional film as the major portion of the film is concerned with the Sugar Bowl Game between the University of Missouri and the University of Florida football teams.  The game took place on January 1, 1966.  This is apparently only the first reel of the film.  The second reel was not available.

The film begins with two other features.  First is a track meet with short clips from each of the races as the 400 meter dash, the 1500 meter run, the pole vault and others.  In each case the winning runner or the winning team is shown.  The second feature is that of the Sugar Bowl Basketball tournament.  Several teams competed in a series of games which took place in the Loyola Field House.  The final game was between Maryland and Dayton.  Maryland won the 1966 Sugar Bowl championship and the victorious coach cuts down the net for the souvenir from that championship.

The third and major part of the film is devoted to the Sugar Bowl football game between the University of Missouri and the University of Florida.  It begins with four bands entertaining the fans:  the American Legion Band under Frank Rissotto, a high school band, the University of Missouri band, and the University of Florida band.  The Missouri coach, Dan Dione, is introduced and then Ray Graves, the University of Florida coach, is introduced.  The President of UF, Dr. J. Wayne Reitz is introduced followed by the introduction of Dr. Elmer Ellis, the President of the University of Missouri, Chancellor John W. Shwade, and Governor Warren Herne.  The Sugar Bowl Queen is then crowned after which the fans stand and cheer as each team runs out onto the field.  

The first half of the game is played with a complete commentary on each play.  At half time the University of Missouri band performs and then the University of Florida band performs under the leadership of  band director Richard Bowles.  The second half of the football game commences.  Occasionally the scoreboard is shown and at first the score is 20 Missouri and 6 UF.  Steve Spurrier was the quarterback for Florida in this game and he threw a pass which resulted in a touchdown and the score then is 20 Missouri and 12 UF.  However, the film ends abruptly just after Spurrier throws a pass and the final game action is not recorded.

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