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Production number 94

Production title:  Freshman Orientation

Production date:  1950's

Black and white / no sound

Total running time: 00:06:05

Derived from 16 mm film.

Available in VHS, DVD, MPEG and Sony DV-cam.

The film was probably made in the early 1950's and covers various aspects of registration and orientation of incoming freshmen students.


0:00    Blank

0:13    Student Services booth with a sign "Orientation Information" on the ground at the front of the booth.

0:25    The inside of the Florida gym is seen with one entire side of the gym filled with students.

0:54    During Orientation students were assigned to numbered groups.  Numbers written on paper which are attached to poles can be seen as number 30 and number 15.   A woman is shown talking to one of the groups seated in the gym.

1:50    A large group is shown outside the front of the gym and others can be seen leaving the building.

2:00    A group of students is shown seated outside and writing on papers.

2:12    A male physician is shown examining the ears of a woman student.

2:18    A nurse gives an injection to another woman student

2:25    A few freshmen are shown walking on campus

2:30    A large office is shown with some people seated at desks and students standing or waiting beside the desks.

2:57    The front of Tigert Hall is shown with a man walking down the steps and carrying two large suitcases.  Four women follow him down the stairs.

3:12    A sign on the grass states, "Please   Your feet are killing me".  The legs and shoes of a man are seen walking up to the sign and then backing away.

3:25    Two lines of students stand next to the walls of a long corridor possibly in Tigert Hall.

3:36    A hearing test takes place.  A young man operates the machine while a young woman wears headphones and listens to the sound frequencies.

3:57    Another young woman leaves an office and a young man enters and sits down and proceeds to talk with a man behind the desk (possibly an academic adviser).

4:08    A crowd of students walk on campus.  The grass and a cement path can be seen.

4:18    Students walk up stairs which are on the outside of the building.  It is probably the exterior stairs on the north side of University Auditorium.

4:21    The interior of University Auditorium is shown and every seat is occupied with a student.

4:34    A close view of some of the students in University Auditorium is shown as they take notes.

4:42    Students walk or are seated by the Florida Union (now Dauer Hall).

5:14    Inside a building a man tries two rat caps on a woman's head.  The camera then focuses on the table between them which has piles of t-shirts on it.

5:30    A man is shown speaking in a large classroom which is filled with students.

5:53    A group is shown outside talking

6:01    A lunchroom is shown with students 

6:05    The film ends

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