University of Florida Archives Moving Image Collection

Production number 93

Production title:  Campus Scenes, 1950's

Production date:  1953; 1956; ?

Black and white / no sound

Total running time:  00:11:43

Derived from 16 mm film.

Available in VHS, DVD, MPEG and Sony DV-cam.

The film begins with several very short clips including a view of the newer dormitories, men wearing rat caps, a lecture scene, young people leaving a train (probably students arriving to attend UF), the stadium, registration, and the Student Service booth.  The segments become longer and include some events as the Century Tower dedication, the Sigma Chi Derby with the parade, exhibits, speakers at some event in the Florida Gym, and the Student Service booth.

The film contains a variety of scenes and events and without sound it is difficult to decipher some of them although it can be determined that some of the clips are from 1953 while others were from 1956.  In general, there is some interesting footage of the UF campus and the students in the early 1950's.


0:00    Blank

0:12    Newer dormitories with some women students walking by them

0:27    A man speaks at a microphone

0:24    Male students wearing rat caps

0:30    A class lecture

0:39    Men seated on chairs on a stage

0:48    Women and men exit from a train and a group stands on the platform beside the train (students arriving to attend the University of Florida)

1:20    Several men speak and one of them is UF Acting President John S. Allen.

1:40    Stadium

1:43    Registration scene in the Florida Gym

1:54    Student Service booth opposite the Campus Shop and Bookstore

2:09    A group of seven men and one woman are seated in front of  the large door at Century Tower.  President J. Wayne Reitz and Governor LeRoy Collins are among them participating in the dedication of the Milton and Ethel Davis Carillonic Bells at Century Tower on November 3, 1956.

2:42    Some people are on a platform outside Bryan Hall and a microphone held by a young man is held up to another man who then speaks into it.  Some of the audience is shown and the camera focuses on Governor Collins and UF President Reitz.  The event possibly was the annual Law Skits presented by students in the College of Law.

3:14    Blank

3:29    Four men lift a curved girder and guide it toward the top where a man secures it to the others already erected.

4:12    Overexposed film but then the dome-like structure can be seen and some very large fabric on the ground.

4:30    The completed structure is shown with the fabric in place over the girders.  A sign above the entry reads "Pioneers of Progress".  A vintage car stands on a raised platform to the front.

4:50    Another structure is shown with the sign "The March of Tools".  Two exhibits are shown one with the sign "Yesterday" and the other with a sign stating "Today".  The former shows small figures using old tools and the other shows an assembly line in a factory.

5:58    A sign reads "Power of the Air Age" and a man is seen looking at some type of machinery below the sign.

6:16    Eight men in military uniforms lead a parade.  They are followed by a truck carrying a group of men who play instruments.  A long line of cars follow.  Each car has the letters of some sorority on it and some of the members ride in or on top of the cars.  This parade precedes the start of the Sigma Chi Derby.

6:58    The Sigma Chi Derby commences on the field near the dormitories.  A line of women is shown first.  Each wears a t-shirt with the letters of her sorority.  Then various games and races are shown.

9:42    In an auditorium a man speaks to a large group of men and women most of whom wear rat caps.

10:35    A group of women in dress clothes stand talking by a large number of chairs set up in what is probably the Florida gym.

10:47    Some event takes place in the Florida Gym.  A man is shown speaking into a microphone at the podium.  Dean of Women Marna Brady is one of the people on the stage.

11:18    A group of men are shown standing and applauding.

11:21    A man and woman are shown in an office.

11:24    A woman is shown entering an office.

11:30    A group of students is shown by the Student Service booth.  "Orientation Information" is printed on a large sign which is on the ground in front of the booth.  A sign stating "Rat Caps" is to the left of the booth. 

11:43    Film ends

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