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Production number 91

Production title:  1953 Homecoming

Production date:  1953

Black and white / no sound

Total running time 00:06:45

Derived from 16 mm film.

Available in VHS, DVD, MPEG and Sony DV-cam.

This film contains short segments of two Homecoming festivities mainly Gator Growl and views of some of the floats.  Also, Century Tower is shown at an early stage in its construction. 


0:00    Blank

0:22    Five people play xylophones at Gator Growl in Florida Field.

0:43    A skit is presented which consists of a woman dancing who is then joined by five other women who dance.  A man joins the woman and then some sort of prop is carried out and placed on the stage.

1:39    Another skit is presented which seems to be a parody of student life at the University of Florida.  A sign with the word "Registration" is placed on the stage at one point.  Four men are seated and then one of them places a rat cap on his head.  These four suddenly rush off the stage and they are followed by a large group of men who run after them.

2:29    A group of seven women sing.

2:49    A small band plays

2:59    A young woman attired in a hula costume commences to dance the hula.

3:27    Two young women dance.

4:19    The last skit shown in the Gator Growl sequence is that of an operating room scene.

4:48    A bus parked outside has a sign on it reading "Florida State Museum".  Presumably exhibits are on display inside.  Several men are shown entering the bus.

4:55    A number of decorated floats are lined up on the field opposite the Stadium building.

5:27    The skeletal framework (steel girders and cement) of the Century Tower is shown.  The staircases inside can be seen.

5:49    Views of the campus are seen from the top of the Century Tower.  These include the University Auditorium, the Stadium and other campus buildings.

6:45    Film ends

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