University of Florida Moving Image Collection

Production number 82

Production title: 1950 Homecoming

Production date: 1950

Black & white / no sound

Total running time: 00:07:57

Produced by Barton Film Laboratory, Jacksonville, Florida, for the Florida State Theatre.

Photography by Gerden Russell.

Edited by Lamar Sarra.

Derived from 35mm film.

Available in Beta SP and as a digital file in mpg format. 

Part of Earl Jernigan's Film Archive.

Production number 82 was a 35mm copy of a film originally recorded with sound to be used as a newsreel in the Florida State Theatre chain. The sound track was not transferred to the copy. Otis Boggs is listed as the narrator.

The film shows highlights of the 1950 Homecoming Celebrations at the University of Florida and includes the parade, house decorations, Swimcapades, and the Blue Key Banquet. Banquet speaker General James Van Fleet appears in the film. Most of the film, however, is footage of the Homecoming game between the Florida Gators and Auburn Tigers including brief looks at the halftime show and dignitaries in the stands. 

Digital file name T1S01.mpg

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