University of Florida Archives Moving Image Collection

Production number 80

Production title:  Outtakes from "Miracle on 13th St."

Production date:  ca. 1965

Color / no sound

Total running time:  00:34:30

There is no production information included.

Derived from 16 mm film.

Available in VHS, DVD, and Sony DV-cam.

Part of Earl Jernigan's Film Archive.

This film is a series of outtakes for the production of Miracle on 13th Street which was produced by the University of Florida Alumni Association, Motion Picture Services of the University of Florida, and WUFT-TV.

The film shows a variety of scenes including some of the buildings on the University of Florida campus, students in various academic and other activities,  a ground breaking ceremony, the street marker at 13th Street and University Avenue, President Stephen C. O'Connell, and several fraternity houses.  Many of the scenes are repeated two or more times.


0:00    The film begins at once.  A man is shown speaking into a microphone on a podium with people seated on a raised platform behind him.  Two boys in suits are shown using shovels.  The audience is then pictured and then the serving of refreshments.  A photographer takes a picture of three men and then four (one of whom is President Reitz) posing with two shovels.  It is probably the ground breaking for the J. Wayne Reitz Union. 

1:35    A group of people are shown walking on campus near the dormitories.  A sign on the sidewalk shows that the film is reversed as the words are backwards.

2:09    A sign for the Florida Union and the building are shown.

2:53    Construction of the Architecture and Fine Arts (AFA) Complex.

3:00    Interior scene (library?)

3:10    TV studio scenes

4:19    Several retakes of the Stadium building.  Some show a group of men in uniform marching on the field in front of the building.

6:30     A sign reading "Future Home of Sigma Chi Fraternity" and the builder M.M. Parrish is printed on a large wood sign and the construction is shown.

7:15    The Tau Epsilon Phi house is shown.

7:28    The Theta Chi house is shown with several young men on the small porch.  Several more small buildings (probably fraternity houses) are shown.

8:50    A sequence of scenes near the ocean as well as a tall bridge are shown.  Possibly it is near the Keys.

12:20    Two men and two women walk by a red station wagon with "Gainesville Sun" printed in white on the side.

13:05    Street marker at 13th Street and University Avenue is shown and the entry gate to the University of Florida.

14:11     Buildings and a truck and then two men in front of one of the buildings are shown.

15:09    A truck drives by and stops and four men jump out and start hoeing a small corn field.

16:24    Blank

16:39    Graphic of circular forms in red and yellow

17:00    A drawing of the street marker at 13th Street and University Avenue, the street, and a large car.

17:20    The exterior of a building and then the interior with computers.

17:50    A man is shown in his office at his desk and then taking a book from a bookcase

19:09    A photograph of Buckman Hall is seen

18:56    A man walks by a large building and then a man is shown at his desk.

19:19    Briefly a large domed building is seen

19:23    Stephen C. O'Connell speaks.  There are several takes of this.

22:49    The street marker and the entry gate are again seen

23:49    A woman works at a lab table with a microscope and an older man in a lab coat enters and checks the data she has been writing

25:40    Two men in a lab with large jars on a shelf

25:59    A classroom scene

26:05    A young woman is shown painting and then a man sketching and a young woman who looks at his work

27:25    A young man uses a slide rule

28:13    Students seated in a lounge area read

30:18    Front of Tigert Hall and traffic going by on the two lane road

31:50    Florida Gym is shown from a short distance and then the entry way is shown.

33:28    Old dormitories

33:58    Construction work on Library West

34:05    Another building (unidentified) is shown

34:40    End of film

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