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Production number 49

Production title:  Engineering at the University of Florida

Production date:  1966

Black and white / no sound

Total running time:  00:09:50 minutes

Derived from 16 mm film.

Available in VHS, DVD, DVCAM and mini-DV.

There is no production information available.

The film shows a lot of the equipment and activity which takes place at the Engineers' Fair in 1966.


0:00    Blank

0:15    Men shown by equipment

0:20    One man seen alone by a board

    Equipment is shown and one man works with it.

0:45    A recording device shown making lines on a paper

1:15    Some sort of cylinder with a lens which rotates

1:30     TV screen

1:50    A man operates some type of equipment

1:55    Two men seated in an office.  One holds a trophy.

2:15    A woman operates an IBM computer. 

3:15    Computer operator prints out banner that reads  "Engineer's Fair" with design motifs at the top and bottom

5:00    Close up of computers shown

5:20    More equipment shots

5:50    A man is seen at some machinery which has small screens

6:30    An announcement appears on a screen - "Engineer's Fair March 11, 12, 13"

6:45    A man writes on some paper

7:00    A lens near the ceiling is shown

7:05    A TV screen and then a hand shown writing something are shown

7:15    Lecture with a man in a classroom with students

    Four TV screens are shown at the back - in all probability part of the Genesys project

    A man is seated in front of the screens and a close up of one of them is then shown

7:40    Mesh screening around a cylinder shape is shown

7:50    A man by some equipment with a large dial is shown

8:05    The mesh screening and cylinder is shown again and then things begin to crumble off the cylinder

8:35    A man in a lab coat sits on a large raft like platform outside. 

    Several other men push the platform and let go and the platform moves forward by itself.  Buildings can be seen in the background.  The platform appears to levitate.

9:30    Propeller

9:50    Film ends

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