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Production number 44

Production title:  [Miscellaneous footage]

Production date:  1950s

Black and white / no sound

Total running time: 00:20:00

No production information is available.

Derived from 16 mm film.

Available in VHS, DVD, and Sony DV-cam.

Part of Earl Jernigan's Film Archive.

This production is a compilation of film clips documenting five activities and events related to the University of Florida.  It begins with an artist working in a sculpture studio, continues with scenes of early computers at the University of Florida, a few scenes at the P. K. Yonge Laboratory School,  the Dedication of McCarty Hall and Hume Library, and ends with a few scenes in a woman's dormitory.  The dedication of McCarty Hall and the dorm scene are negatives.  The dedication occurred in 1956 and the other films seem to be from that time period also.


0:00    Blank

0:20    Test patterns

0:30    Hands are seen winding a piece of wire around a metal armature.  Pieces of clay are then taken from a small pile of clay and added to the armature.

1:50    Blank and test patterns

2:00    A large clay piece showing hands pressing small pieces of clay into the form

    a small metal rod is used to make striations in the clay form

2:40    Full view of artist in studio using a hammer and then a chisel to chip away white material from a darker form beneath.  When done the man turns the swivel top to show all sides of the sculpture.

4:00    Blank and test patterns

4:20    Two hands seen, one in a glove and one using a blow torch to cut off the top part of a metal sculpture.

    A more distant view is shown with the artist working on the sculpture.

5:45    Blank

5:55    Computer and two men and a woman.  Scene is repeated.

6:15    Machine with words "IBM data processing systems"

6:15    People enter a room and look at an old style printer which is very large

    Paper is moved in the printer

    A man and a woman hold a discussion beside the printer

7:20    Two men seated at a table look at data print outs.  One of the men talks.

7:45    A computer is shown with the reels turning

    A computer board is shown with many wires

8:20    Blank

8:30    School scene - possibly P. K. Yonge Laboratory School

    Students are seen walking or standing in a walkway

9:05    Construction site of a two story building with men and trucks

9:25    Cars, buildings, and roadway.  Might be circle drive at P. K. Yonge Lab School.

9:55    Blank

10:00    People shown sitting in chairs outside for dedication of Dan McCarty Hall, the agriculture building

    Overview of large audience

    President J. Wayne Reitz shown speaking at a podium and the men and women seated behind him are shown.  The group includes:  Dr. Ralph L. Miller, Willard M. Fifield, Governor LeRoy Collins, Dr. Marshall O. Watkins, Dr. J. R. Beckenbach, Mrs. Ida Cresap, Reverend Hamilton West, Dr. Marvin A. Brooker, H. Harold Hume, and Mrs. Dan McCarty.

    He finishes speaking and another man steps up to the podium to speak

13:30    H. Harold Hume stands to receive a message of appreciation

14:30    Another speaker comes to the podium

14:55    The front of McCarty Hall is shown

15:25    Reitz is shown speaking again

16:15    Mrs. Dan McCarty is shown

16:20    Another man comes to the podium to speak

17:35    When this man finishes speaking all the people seated behind him rise and applaud

17:45    A final man speaks

18:05    Blank

19:05    A dorm room scene with 2 women and then a third and fourth enter the room

    The four women look at a phonograph album which one of the women holds and then removes the record

19:35    A woman is shown lying on a bed reading and another is seen working at a desk in a dorm room

20:05    The woman on the bed closes her book and begins to talk to the other woman who turns from her work at the desk to face the other woman

20:20    End of film

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