Production number  140


Production title:  Gator Growl For Various Years

Production date:  1985

Original format:  ¾” U-matic videotape

Color and sound

Total Running time:  25 minutes


Title available as MPEG-2 and Digital Betacam.

File name:  GG1985


Source:  Florida Blue Key


There are a variety of Gator Growl scenes on this tape from 1980, 1984, and 1985.  Two things are from the 1980 Gator Growl.  Mr. Two-Bits (George Edmondson, Jr.) is shown doing his “Two-Bits” cheer and then some of George Burns’s comedy routine and his singing is seen.  Most of the rest of the tape is of the 1985 Gator Growl and includes:  the Smothers Brothers, the fireworks show, the Homecoming finalists and the announcement of Kelly Sullivan as the Homecoming Sweetheart, Galen Hall introducing the football team seniors, and some more of the Smothers Brothers.  The cheerleaders are shown doing their routines (from the 1984 Gator Growl).  The tape concludes with the 1985 Homecoming contestants working out at a health club while the song “You’ve Got The Look” plays.



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