Production number  138


Production title:  Soiree at the Swamp / It’s Performance that Counts

Production date:  1998

Original format:  VHS videotape

Color and sound

Total Running time:  30 minutes


Title available as MPEG-2 and Digital Betacam.

File name:  CC1998


Producer and Director:  Frank Counts


There are two segments to this video.  First is the Soiree at the Swamp which was the kickoff event for the “It’s Performance That Counts” campaign.  This event took place on September 19, 1997 in the Florida Gym.  In the opening segment Lombardi’s voice can be heard as pages with drawings flip over showing the transformation of the gym into a swamp.  The highlights of the evening are shown with host John V. Lombardi and special guests speaking.  A special performance sponsored by the College of Fine Arts with students from the Department of Theatre and Dance and the Department of Music singing and dancing is partially shown.

The second segment is the campaign video, “It’s Performance That Counts”, that premiered during the Soiree at the Swamp.  This video is a montage of campus scenes, events, classrooms and labs, sports, and aerial views of the UF campus.



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