Production number  132


Production title:  Gator Growl 1996

Production date:  1996

Original format:  VHS videotape

Color and sound

Total Running time:  90 minutes


Title available as MPEG-2 and Digital Betacam.

File name:  GG1996


Produced by:  Florida Blue Key


Students are pictured on roller blades and on skate boards.  A lone cyclist is shown doing "wheelies" and other tricks on his bike.  The cyclist stops and removes his helmet and it is President John Lombardi who then welcomes all to Gator Growl 1996.  The Gator marching band begins the Growl activities followed by the national anthem.  There are the usual videos in the form of skits, an animation sequence, light and laser segments, the crowning of the Homecoming queen (Lori Spivey),  Steve Spurrier speaking and introducing the football team, a performance by the Dazzlers and the Cheerleaders together, cameo appearances including Anthony Clark (one of the comedians at Gator Growl 1995), and the final fireworks show to the strains of “Ride of the Valkyries.”  One of the video skits was filmed outside and inside the Marston Science Library and includes an amusing bar scene on one of the floors of the library.  The producer for Gator Growl 1996 was Adam S. Hall.            

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