Production number 124


Production title:  Gator Growl 1989

Production date:  1989

Original format:  ¾” U-matic videotape

Color and sound

Total Running time:  202 minutes (4 tapes)


Title available as MPEG-2 and Digital Betacam.

File name:  GG1989-1, CC1989-2, GG1989-3, GG1989HI


Source:  Florida Blue Key


Gator Growl 1989 follows the format of other Gator Growl programs.  The University of Florida band begins the evening with an extravagant routine.  After several musical numbers the announcer, Ron Burrichter, states that there will be a ceremony of allegiance.  The Stadium is shown in close up scenes of the crowd as well as aerial views.  A small printed message appears that states “some material may not be suitable for young children”.  Albert the Alligator is shown juxtaposed with various Hollywood movie scenes as “Star Wars” and then UF President Bob Bryan extends a welcome.  Albert then says the famous phrase, “Let the Gator Growl”.  The programs continues with live skits juxtaposed with videotapes, the performance of the Dazzlers, and then the introduction of the three Homecoming Queen contestants, Brooke Batten, Sherri Rydensky, and Catherine Watson.  Missi Medolla, the HC queen for 1988 makes a last appearance and then she crowns the new Homecoming Sweetheart for 1989, Sherri Rydensky.  The first tape concludes with a skit. 

The second tape begins with two live skits followed by a video which parodies the problems faced by students.  Two other skits follow.  A video then shows clips from different football games.  Then each senior football player is shown and each states his name.  The football players are then seen on the stage set up on Florida Field.  An announcer speaks and then asks Cedric Smith to say a few words.  The cheerleaders do a long routine and then Albert and the cheerleaders appear while “We are the Boys” is played.  Four more skits follow including one that generated considerable controversy.  Then a video is shown satirizing Gator food service.  Comedian Paula Poundstone takes the stage and does her routine which ends on the third tape.


Richard Jeni followed Poundstone.  The remainder of the third tape is of the fireworks display.  Toward the conclusion the titles of the production, technical, and art people are listed.  A view from above is shown of Florida Field with the crowds in the stands and people exiting.


The fourth tape consists of highlights of Growl 1989, but the quality of the sound and picture are poor.
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