Production number 121


Production title:  Gator Growl 1998

Production date:  1988

Original format:  ¾” U-matic videotape

Color and sound

Total Running time:  78 minutes (2 tapes)


Title available as MPEG-2 and Digital Betacam

File name:  GG1988-1 and GG1988-2


Source:  Florida Blue Key


The first tape shows a potpourri of behind the scenes activity prior to the start of pre Growl and Gator Growl.  It was taped in the day with activity around the stadium such as equipment being set up, electric cables being laid out, students talking and eating, and the contestants and lottery officials engaged in the initial drawings for the Florida Lottery Instant Game Million Dollar Drawing.  People in the stands are shown with many close ups.  The lottery drawing takes place. The band is shown on the field and then some members of the Golden Knights parachute onto Florida Field.  The tape ends with the two show directors, Tom Mannarino and Corinne Heller, at the broadcast table.  


The first part of Gator Growl is included on the second tape.  It begins with a short skit followed by a video with a skit format.  The Dazzlers perform a routine.  The Homecoming pagaent takes place and Missie Medolla is crowned and then led to a horse drawn carriage.  The remainder of the tape intersperses skits both on video and live on Florida Field.  Toward the conclusion of the tape the cheerleaders do a routine and Galen Hall is shown in a short video clip in which he states that he wants to have the seniors on the football team introduced.  Each player is shown and states his name, his home town, and his major.  The tape ends with a skit.

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