Production number 120

Production title:  Gator Growl 1987

Production date:  1987

Original format:  ¾” U-matic videotape

Color and sound

Total Running time:  170 minutes (two 62 minute tapes and one 46 minute tape)

Title available as MPEG-2 and Digital Betacam.

File name:  GG1987-1, GG1987-2 and GG1987-3

Source:  Florida Blue Key


The sound and image quality are good. 

The first tape documents the first part of Gator Growl 1987.  Performances by the Marching Wildcat Band of Bethune Cookman College (band director Harold Lee Gray) and then the UF Gator Band (band director David Waybright) begin the event.  Albert the Alligator emerges from a limosine attired in a tuxedo and announces that this is the 62nd Gator Growl.  Some of the student made videos used during Growl are included. There is a short video of President Marshall Criser in the Albert the Alligator costume.  A longer video pays homage to David Letterman and shows things being thrown from the top of Century Tower such as a fruit basket, a kilo of pure Columbian “cocaine”, a bag of burritos, and other items which students suggested.  Another video shows Athletic Director Bill Arnsparger mentioning that all UF sports are to be honored.  Video sequences of the UF sports are then shown.  The Gator Dazzlers perform one of their dance routines on Florida Field.  The three Homecoming Queen finalists appear on a stage and the tape ends just as the name of the first one, Carrie Boucher, is announced.   

The second tape is the third segment of Gator Growl 1987.  Part two is missing.  The tape begins with short scenes of University of Florida students at different time periods beginning with two male students going to the soda fountain to get a malt and concluding with the party students of the mid eighties as well as how VP for Student Affairs Art Sandeen visualizes the students.  There is a reference to Woodstock and then there is a skit.  A video follows which is titled “G.P.A. – A Freshman’s Nightmare”.  It shows a student trying to navigate the labyrinthian corridors of G.P.A. (now Turlington Hall) and concludes with the student being eaten by the artifact.  This is followed by a dance by Albert and many coeds in island attire and a laser show with futuristic music.  The guest comedian, Jay Leno, is introduced and the remainder of the tape is his comedy routine.  The sound quality is variable.


The fourth tape continues with Leno's monologue with some overlap with the third tape.  Following his performance the grand finale of the fireworks display commences.  Music is played throughout.  At the very end there is a large silver panel with the words Gator Growl.  Albert pokes his head through the middle and states, “that’s all folks”.


The Jay Leno portion of the tape may not be reproduced, loaned, or distributed.

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