Production number 118


Production title:  Florida Blue Key Banquets 1984 and 1985

Production date:  1984 and 1985

Original format:  ¾” U-matic videotape

Color and sound

Total Running time:  53 minutes


Title available as MPEG-2 and Digital Betacam.

File name:  FBK1984/85


Source:  Florida Blue Key


The original tape was probably reused and taped over because there are scenes from both the 1984 (the 55th) and the 1985 (the 56th) Florida Blue Key Banquets.


The tape begins with a close up of two people at the head table at the Florida Blue Key Banquet of 1984.  Then panoramic views of the ground level of the O’Connell Center with many tables and seated quests are shown.  A band provides background music.  Robert Shimberg,  the general chairman of Homecoming, makes some opening remarks.  He is followed by Reggie Garcia, the president of Florida Blue Key, who introduces Senator Gary Hart and then the Toastmaster Bill Gunter, the Treasurer of the State of Florida.

The tape then shows segments from the Florida Blue Key Banquet of 1985 which includes:  Huber Cooney (the producer of Gator Growl 1985) who introduces Charles (Chuck) H. Carver (the president of Florida Blue Key) who speaks briefly, the Toastmaster, Alvin V. Alsobrook, UF Vice President, who introduces  Galen Hall (head football coach) who speaks about the improvement of the Gator football team.  The tape then shows Senator Gary Hart giving his speech at the Florida Blue Key Banquet of 1984. The tape shifts to 1985 with UF President Marshall Criser giving a speech.  He is followed by Lieutenant governor Wayne Mixon and then  U.S. Congressional Representative Buddy McKay who gives some thoughtful reflections.  Bill McCollum (U.S. Congressional Representative) introduces Elizabeth Dole (U.S. Secretary of Transportation) who is the first woman to speak at a Florida Blue Key Banquet.  The tape ends before her speech concludes.     

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