Production number 114

Production Title: Fighting Gators in Training

Date: 1931

Black and white / sound

Running time: 00:05:20

Produced by Motion Picture Services, Inc. (St. Petersburg, Fla.)

Cinematography: George W. Pettengill, III

Narrated by Frank S. Wright

Sound: Francis L. Hill

General Supervision: J. Harold Sommers

Music by University of Florida Band, Florida Collegians Orchestra, and Claude L. Murphree.

Originally filmed in 35mm. Now available in Beta SP and as a digital mpeg file.

Production number 114 is a shorter version of production number 35. However, this film was derived from a 35mm copy rather than a 16mm copy. Missing from this copy are the first scenes with President Tigert and the football players being introduced as they run up the hill. But, this version has a slightly longer scrimmage segment than production number 35.

Digital file name: T2S09

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