Production number 113

Production title: University of Florida Homecoming 1949

Production date: 1949

Photographed by Gerden Russell.

Edited by Lamar Sarra.

Produced for Florida State Theatres by Russell Films.

Total running time: 00:26:46

Black & white / no sound

Derived from 35mm film. Now available in Beta SP and as digital mpeg files.

Production number 113 contains three segments from a local newsreel produced for the Florida State Theatre movie theater chain. The soundtrack does not exist.

The first segment runs 00:02:56 and consists of footage seen in the second and third segments plus a judo exhibition from the Swimcapades that does not appear in the others.

The second segment runs 00:04:48 and consists of the credits, extended scenes of the parade, and house decorations.

The last segment runs 00:10:02 and contains extended scenes of the football game with Georgia Tech and the Florida Gymnasium dedication.

Together, the segments document the homecoming parade, house decorations, the dedication of the Gym with Vice President of the United States Alben Barkely receiving an honorary degree, the Swimcapades, and the homecoming game.

The three segments appear on two different tapes.

Digital file names: T2S07, T2S08, and T3S11.

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