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A Guide to the 4-H Girls Club Short Course Scrapbooks

Finding aid created by Dept. Staff

University of Florida Smathers Libraries - Special and Area Studies Collections
December 2008

Descriptive Summary

Creator: Florida Cooperative Extension Service
Title: 4-H Girls Club Short Course Scrapbooks
Dates: 1937-1951
Abstract: Two scrapbooks containing photographs, newspaper clippings and ephemera from the 1937 and 1951 Florida 4-H Home Demonstration Short Courses.
Extent: 1.5 Linear feet. 2 scrapbooks.
Identification: Ms Coll. 91
Language(s): English

Scope and Content

Ms Coll. 91 consists of two scrapbooks containing photographs, newspaper clippings and ephemera from the 1937 and 1951 Florida 4-H Home Demonstration Short Courses. The 1937 scrapbook documents the state 4-H Short Course Jubilee in celebration of the 25th annual short course (1912-1937). Both of the short courses were held in Tallahassee.

The Short Courses lasted a week and young women from counties around the state of Florida attended. (In 1951 there were approximately 600 registered.) Various criteria, such as leadership, club accomplishments, the number of years involved in the particular club, and projects finished, were used to determine which girls from each county club would attend. The Short Courses included lectures and instruction in food preservation, clothes making, home improvement, and health. Courses were also taught in poultry and gardening. There were outings, refreshment breaks, a dress revue, and other entertaining events.

The 1937 scrapbook contains copies of telegrams, correspondence, newspaper clippings, a program, schedules of events, photographs, fliers, pins, two copies of certificates, and other ephemera. Eight photographs depicting a special pageant celebrating twenty five years of Home Demonstration work in Florida are among the many images in the scrapbook. Newspaper clippings are from the Democrat, the Tallahassee newspaper. The Short Courses took place from June 5 to June 12 at the Florida State College for Women, and there was almost daily media coverage of the event. Another photograph of note is that of African-American extension workers and 4-H youth at their nineteenth annual state convention at Florida A and M University.

The 1951 scrapbook consists mainly of photographs. About eight pictures show the picnic and swimming at Wakulla Springs. There was also a visit to the Governor's Mansion and eight photos show groups from some of the different counties posed on the lawn or by the front entry of the Mansion. The winner of the dress revue is shown with the sewing machine she won. Also seen are an assembly meeting, milk refreshment breaks, the aftermath of the group photo, a reception for senior 4-H Club members, a presentation of an award, and the candle lighting ceremony that concluded the week's activities. All of the photographs in the 1951 album are 8 x 10 inches in black and white and are of good quality.

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The collection is open for research.

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[Identification of item], 4-H Girls Club Short Course Scrapbooks, Special and Area Studies Collections, George A. Smathers Libraries, University of Florida, Gainesville, Florida.

Contents List

1 1937 Scrapbook - 25th Annual Home Demonstration Short Course - Jubilee (1912-1937)
1 Page 1. Handwritten notes with a description of the scrapbook and its contents
1 Page 2. Blank
1 Page 3. Title Page
1 Page 4. Photograph of two women and a young girl. Mrs. Barrus, Mary Elizabeth, and her mother Mrs. Opal Crooker.
1 Page 5. Invitation to the Short Course
1 Page 6. Letter of regret from A. Frank Lever with a caption at the bottom of the page
1 Page 7. Letter of regret from Albert Shaw with a caption on the bottom of the page
1 Page 8. Congratulatory telegram from Agnes Ellen Harris with a caption at the bottom of the page
1 Page 9. a. Congratulatory telegram from Flavia G. Mims
1 Page 9. b. Picture of Miss Mims, a clipping about her marriage, and a caption
1 Page 10. a. Correspondence enclosed in an archival envelope
1 Page 10. b. Lists of some of the Jubilee guests
1 Page 11. Correspondence - three letters
1 Page 12. A brochure in color with a letter typed on the front with a caption below
1 Page 13. Correspondence - three letters - with a caption below
1 Page 14. Correspondence - Two letters - with a caption below
1 Page 15. Two congratulatory telegrams with a caption below
1 Page 16. a. Photograph of young women seated in an auditorium
1 Page 16. b. Photograph of a large group of young women outside
1 Page 17. Programs for the Dress Revue, Achievement Day, and a Skit with a caption to the top
1 Page 18. Blank
1 Page 19. The program for the Home Demonstration Jubilee
1 Page 20. a. Photograph of a building with a banner at the top - "Welcome the Florida Home Demonstration Short Course for 4-H Club Girls"
1 Page 20. b. Photograph of A.P. Spencer, Mary E. Keown, and Wilmon Newell
1 Page 20. c. A print of a quotation and the caption for the photograph
1 Page 21. Pages from the Jubilee program listed the faculty
1 Page 22. Registration information, forms, and a button
1 Page 23. Two legal size pages listing group assignments and instructions
1 Page 24. A photograph of two women leaning against a tree
1 Page 25. a. Photograph of seventeen women standing in front of a building
1 Page 25. b. A group of women and young women seated on or standing around a lawn bench
1 Page 25. c. A photograph of nineteen women and one man in front of a building
1 Page 25. d. A photograph of a woman holding a toddler with two young boys standing near her
1 Page 26. a. A photograph of a large group of women seated on and around a lawn bench
1 Page 26. b. A photograph of a woman standing in front of a tree trunk
1 Page 26. c. A photograph of a group of thirteen women standing beside a brick building
1 Page 26. d. A photograph of a woman standing in front of a tree trunk
1 Page 26. e. A photograph of a women standing in front of some shrubs
1 Page 27. Blank except for the caption "Registration"
1 Page 28. A list of names of some of the Jubilee guests
1 Page 29. Caption reads, "Some Historical Comments from Jubilee Guests - typed statements
1 Page 30. Two accounts
1 Page 30. a. "Story Submitted by Mrs. Eunice F. Gay
1 Page 30. b. "Memories of My 4-H Club Work"
1 Page 31. Correspondence - Three handwritten letters
1 Page 32. Correspondence - Two handwritten letters and a note on a 3 x 5 card
1 Page 33. "Daily Schedule" - pages from the Jubilee program
1 Page 34. a. Group of women around a flag pole - caption reads, "the day begins and closes"
1 Page 34. b. Two women bringing the flag down - caption reads, "with a pledge to the flag"
1 Page 35. Blank except for heading "Instruction Home Gardens"
1 Page 36. Blank except for heading "Instruction Home Poultry"
1 Page 37. a. Young woman wearing an apron and cap arranges two houses on a table
1 Page 37. b. A woman stands by a model of a bedroom interior
1 Page 37. c. Two women hold up some fabric while another looks on
1 Page 38. A print of a house plan
1 Page 39. Large group of women seated on chairs or on the ground outside a building
1 Page 40. a. A woman uses a rolling pin to roll out dough with other women seated taking notes - the caption reads, "Agnes Vincent a 4H Club girl now in college"
1 Page 40. b. Similar view with Agnes holding a tray with dough forms on it - caption reads, gives a demonstration to Short Course girls
1 Page 41. A September 1936 publication by the Cooperative Extension Service
1 Page 42. a. A flier
1 Page 42. b. A small photograph of three women seated at a table set with a tablecloth and dishes with women seated and observing in the background
1 Page 43. Three fliers
1 Page 44. Blank
1 Page 45. Caption states, "Betty Reed and Martha Briese former 4H girls, giving demonstration."
1 Page 45. a. Photograph of three women demonstrating food preservation
1 Page 45. b. A photograph of five young women seated in chairs with an adult woman to each side standing. Displays of cans and jars are behind them.
1 Page 46. A printed page - "4-H Club Girls Canning Contest"
1 Page 47. A pamphlet about canning tomatoes and a flyer about the girls canning contests
1 Page 48. A picture of Frances Webb in an evening dress and a short written description
1 Page 49. a. Program - Tenth Style Dress Revue
1 Page 49. b. Picture of Frances Webb (as on Page 48)
1 Page 49. c. Small photograph of three young women standing at the front of a room before a group of young seated young women
1 Page 50. Two programs
1 Page 51. Two fliers with captions
1 Page 52. a. Three color cutouts of the state of Florida
1 Page 52. b. A flier with the 4-H graphic
1 Page 53. a. A photograph of women standing and seated on the ground having refreshments
1 Page 53. b. A more distant view of women standing under the trees with a building in the background
1 Page 53. c. A large group of young women stand outside on the grass with some holding cups - the caption reads, "Recess for milk and crackers, on the campus, every morning"
1 Page 53. d. A closer view of the young women on a recess break
1 Page 53. e. A close up of some of the young women and a person on the kitchen staff
1 Page 54. The 4H Club Song Book
1 Page 55. a. Song contest program
1 Page 55. b. A photograph of Dorothea Benson standing on the grass near some trees - caption states, "Dorothea Benson, a former 4H Club girl, leads the music"
1 Page 56. Blank
1 Page 57. Blank
1 Page 58. Printed instruction sheets - "A Discussion of Leadership for Local Leaders of the 4-H Club Girls of Florida"
1 Page 59. Printed instruction sheet - "Program of Work, Junior State Council, 1937."
1 Page 60. Small photograph of a young woman seated in front of a typewriter
1 Page 61. A series of eight photographs beginning on page 61 documenting the presentation of a Pageant
1 Page 61. a. "Prologue: The Heritage of Rural Life in the South" - a photograph of the stage, actors, scenery, musicians, and the audience
1 Page 61. b. "Organization of Home Demonstration Work in 1912"
1 Page 62. a. "The First Conference of Home Demonstration Agents"
1 Page 62. b. "The First Canning Demonstration"
1 Page 62. c. " The Beginning of Women's Activities"
1 Page 63. a. "The First Girl's Camp"
1 Page 63. b. "A Tribute to the Home Demonstration Agents"
1 Page 63. c. "A Pledge for the Future"
1 Page 64. Blank
1 Page 65. Five award ribbons (canning contest, song contest, dress revue) and a college 4-H Club ribbon
1 Page 66. Blank
1 Page 67. A Certificate of Award. Possibly these were presented to each girl who attended the Short Course.
1 Page 68. Another Certificate of Award with a sticker and green and white ribbons with the words "Jubilee Guest"
1 Page 69. Newspaper clippings
1 Page 70. Newspaper clippings
1 Page 71. Newspaper clippings
1 Page 72. Newspaper clippings - one clipping shows a picture of girls seated in an auditorium
1 Page 73. Newspaper clippings
1 Page 74. Newspaper clippings
1 Page 75. Blank
1 Page 76. a. Leaflet - "Farm Radio Programs for Florida"
1 Page 76. b. A script - "Home Demonstration Review"
1 Page 77. Blank
1 Page 78. Blank
1 Page 79. a. Newspaper clipping
1 Page 79. b. Small photograph of four women - one standing, three seated
1 Page 79. c. Small photograph of two women standing in front of a tree trunk - caption states, "1937 Winners"
1 Page 79. d. Small photograph of seven women and two men standing on porch steps - caption reads, 4H Club Winners Guests of Leon County of Kiwanis Luncheon"
1 Page 80. Correspondence - a handwritten letter, typed letter, and a telegram
1 Page 81. A photograph of a very large group of men and women Negro Extension Workers - caption reads, "Negro Extension Workers celebrate their nineteenth annual short course"
1 Page 82. A Certificate of Award presented to Negro 4-H club members
1 Page 83. A program - "Nineteenth Annual State 4-H Club Short Course for Negro Boys and Girls"
1 Page 84. Newspaper clippings
1 Page 85. A descriptive write up "My Three Years of 4-H Club Work", some correspondence, and a letter to Miss Keown
1 Page 85. Four small photographs
1 Page 85. a. Four women and a man near a car
1 Page 85. b. Six women and two men
1 Page 85. c. Four women and two men
1 Page 85. d. Four women
2 1951 Scrapbook
2 Page 1. Title page - "Scenes from the Florida Girls' 4-H Club Short Course 1951"
2 Page 2. "Mrs. H.G. Clayton, Director, Agricultural Extension Service, presents Katherine Abramovich her American Youth Scholarship, during the 36th annual Short Course for 4-H Girls, held at Florida State University."
2 Page 3. "Jean Harris Models the dress which won for her this beautiful sewing machine, in the state dress revue".
2 Page 4. "Jean Harris sits at the sewing machine she has just won in the state dress revue, as a group of admirers look on."
2 Page 5. "Warren County Delegation" - ten women on the lawn in front of the Governor's mansion posed with a deer lawn ornament
2 Page 6. "Representative of Pinellas 4-H Choral Group - Mrs. Phyllis Carlton, director."
2 Page 7. Blank
2 Page 8. "Brevard County Delegation" - Group of 21 young women on the grass in front of a brick building. Some hold candles.
2 Page 9. Blank
2 Page 10. "Taylor County delegation" - 16 young women posed by some of the columns at the Governor's mansion
2 Page 11. Blank
2 Page 12. "Orange County delegation" - 14 young women posed on the lawn in front of the Governor's mansion
2 Page 13. "Washington County delegation" - 5 young women on the lawn in front of the Governor's mansion with two deer lawn ornaments
2 Page 14. "Liberty County delegation" - 10 young women posed on the lawn in front of the Governor's mansion with two deer lawn ornaments
2 Page 15. "Volusia County delegation" - 14 young women on the lawn in front of the Governor's mansion
2 Page 16. "Santa Rosa County delegation" - 13 young women in front of the entry door to the Governor's mansion
2 Page 17. "Duval Country delegation" - 15 young women on the steps before the front door of the Governor's mansion
2 Page 18. Blank
2 Page 19. "4-H Short Course girls gather at the punch bowl during their visit to the Governor's mansion."
2 Page 20. "Assembly meeting in Music Hall" - Large group of women seated in a large hall. Spotted throughout are signs listing the various counties in Florida.
2 Page 21. "Short Course girls boarding busses for Wakulla trip"
2 Page 22. "A bird's-eye view of waterfront sports at the Wakulla Springs 4-H outing"
2 Page 23. "4-H mermaids in the swim at Wakulla Springs"
2 Page 24. "Getting tickets to seeing 'Henry', the pole vaulting fish, perform his amazing feat, at a depth of 180 feet."
2 Page 25. "Relaxing on the beach at Wakulla"
2 Page 26. "Time out for orange juice, milk, coke, or ice cream at the Wakulla Springs soda shop."
2 Page 27. "Souvenir seekers at the Wakulla gift counter" - young women peer into the glass case containing souvenirs
2 Page 28. "Taking it easy on the Wakulla waterfront" - Two young women relax in wood lawn chairs
2 Page 29. Blank
2 Page 30. "Milk drinking" - young women take milk bottles from the metal milk cases outside under the trees
2 Page 31. "Milk drinking" - another view of the women and the milk cases
2 Page 32. "Milk drinking" - close up of four young women drinking or holding milk bottles
2 Page 33. "Milk drinking" - a group of young women sit on the grass under the trees drinking their milk
2 Page 34. "Milk drinking" - aftermath of milk break with empty glass bottles in the cases and a group of young women and two men
2 Page 35. "Mid-morning milk drinking" - A small group of young women sitting on the grass with a large group standing beyond them in the background
2 Page 35. Girls' 4-H album (continued)
2 Page 36. "Break up of group following group picture" - a large group of young women milling about steps with a colonnade in the background
2 Page 37. "Feeding the fish in the sunken gardens at the Governor's mansion" - a group of young women stand around a small sunken pool with most of them holding small cups
2 Page 38. "Jimmie Harris seems to be keeping everyone entertained during the repection (reception) given in honor of the seniors attending short course" - Jimmie plays the piano with a woman seated on the piano bench with him and six young women and two young men stand behind them.
2 Page 39. "Group attending 4-H Short Course candlelighting ceremony" - large group of women seen slightly from above
2 Page 40. Blank

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Home demonstration work -- Florida -- History
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