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A Guide to the Raymond Brown Becker Papers

Finding aid prepared by Dept. Staff

University of Florida Smathers Libraries - Special and Area Studies Collections
March 2005

Descriptive Summary

Creator: Becker, R. B. (Raymond Brown), 1892-1989
Title: Raymond Brown Becker Papers
Dates: 1928-1974
Abstract: Articles written by Becker along with related correspondence and notes, his research notebooks, and photographs depicting Becker's research and the dairy science program.
Extent: 7.5 Linear feet. 18 boxes.
Identification: Ms Coll. 9
Language(s): English

Biographical/Historical Note

Raymond Brown Becker served as Professor of Dairy Husbandry and Dairy Husbandmen at the Florida Agricultural Experiment Stations from 1929 to 1963. This collection of his correspondence, papers, and research notes provides excellent documentation of the University's dairy science program from its expansion in the late 1920s to its full development in the 1960s. The collection also reveals the close working relationship between the Agricultural Experiment Station and the state's dairy industry.

Dr. Becker was born December 18, 1892 in Clermont, Iowa, and received his B.S. in Agriculture from Iowa State College in 1916. He was employed by Edgemoor Farms of California until he entered the army during World War I. A near fatal concussion and exposure to phosgene gas during the war forced him to pursue a less strenuous career. He returned to Iowa State College and received his M.S. in 1920 and served briefly as an instructor at Kansas State University. In 1923 he accepted an instructorship at the University of Minnesota and entered graduate school there. He received his Ph. D. in 1925 under the tutorage of Dr. Charles H. Eckles. At Minnesota he studied problems related to soil mineral deficiency and its effect on cattle.

After three years of teaching and research assignments at Oklahoma A and M, Dr. Becker moved to the fledgling dairy science program at the University of Florida's in 1929. (In one of his record books, in a folder marked Various Projects, 1928-1944, Dr. Becker described the archaic conditions of the dairy on his first visit here in 1928.) In his earliest years at Florida he was involved in research related to a mineral deficiency in cattle known as "salt sick" and was instrumental in finding a cure.

In later years, Dr. Becker was influential in the promotion of citrus pulp as cattle feed. He also did extensive experimentation with silage as a replacement for forage and studied calcium and phosphorus deficiencies in Florida cattle. Dr. Becker wrote or co-authored nearly 180 titles for the station's bulletins, as well as for scholarly journals and popular diary magazines. Dr. Becker also published two books, one a biography of John Gorrie and the other a life-long project entitled Dairy Cattle Breeds: Origins and Development. Dr. Becker died in 1989 at the age of 96.

Scope and Content

The collection focuses on Dr. Becker's research and publications and contains articles written or co-authored by Dr. Becker, along with related correspondence and notes. His research notebooks are another highlight of the collection. Letters, notes, and other material that were separated from the notebooks often follow each book in the collection arrangement. The collection also includes photographs depicting Becker's research and activities of the dairy science program.

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The collection is open for research.

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Preferred Citation

[Identification of item], Raymond Brown Becker Papers, Special and Area Studies Collections, George A. Smathers Libraries, University of Florida, Gainesville, Florida.

Contents List

Becker Papers

1 Bibliographies of Dr. Becker's publications
1 Abnormal Butterfat Test-Presumably due to feeding practices
1 American Dairy Science Assoc., Southern Section. 1931-1933
1 American Society of Animal Production
1 "Animal Relationships"
1 Ante and Post Mortem Date. 1929-1932
1 Ante and Post Mortem Date. 1932-1935
2 Ante and Post Mortem Date. 1932-1935
2 Ante and Post Mortem Date. 1935-1941
2 Ante and Post Mortem Date. 1941-1944;1946
2 "Breeding Better Guernseys"
2 Breeding Efficiency Project
2 "Building a Dairy Herd"
2 Bulldog Head
3 Bull Shelter
3 Calcium and Phosphorus
3 "Certain Points in the Physiological Processes of the Cow"
3 "Changes in Weight of the Reproductive Organs of the Dairy Cow and Their Relation to Long-time Feeding Investigations"
3 "A Chemical Study of Ensiling Soybeans"
3 "Citrus Molasses-A New Feed"
3 "Citrus Pulp in Dairy Rations"
3 Citrus Pulp
3 Cobalt
3 Cobalt Study
3 Color Inheritance
3 Color Inheritance Dutch Belt x Jersey
3 Comparison of Corn silage and Napier Grass As Feed
3 "The Composition of Feedstuffs in Relation to Nutritional Anemia in Cattle"
3 "The Composition of Limonites Effective and Ineffective in Correcting 'Bush Sickness' in Cattle"
3 Copper Requirements of Cattle
3 Corn Ground Snap Corn
4 "Crampy or Progressive Posterior Paralysis in Mature Cattle" and "Crampy in Mature Cattle"
4 "Crimped Oats for Dairy Cattle". 1957
4 Crotalaria
4 Crotalaria and Florida Feed Crops
4 Crotalaria Project
4 Crotalaria Records
4 "Crotalaria For Forage". 1941
4 Crotalaria Pastures
4 "Dairy AI Sire Vital Statistics"
4 "Dairy Calves and Their Development and Survival"
4 Dairy Cattle Breeds--Their Origin and Development
4 Dairy Herd
4 "The Dairy Industry in Florida"
4 Dairy Laboratory--Florida Docket 1203
5 Dairy Research Unit
5 "Dairy Science Benefits From A Jersey Cow"
5 Dairying in Florida
5 "The Dam As A Transmitter"
5 "Defluorinated Superphosphate For Livestock"
5 "The Destiny of 'Sampler' Bulls"
5 "Determination of Mineral Deficiencies and Toxicities For Cattle in Latin America" L. R. McDowell
5 "Development of the Bovine Stomach During Fetal Life"
5 The Digestable Nutrients of Napier Grass and Crotalaria, Intermedis Silages, Natal Grass Hay, and The Dried Refuses of Grapefruit and Orange Canneries."
5 Digestion Trials. 1934
5 Dried Citrus Pulp--Feeding Trial
5 Dried Citrus Pulp in Dairy Rations
5 Dried Grapefruit Pulp
5 Dried Grapefruit Refuse
6 "Early Development and Function of the Bovine Stomach"
6 Early E-Numbers
6 Eckles, Charles H. Biographical Material
6 The Efficiency of the Trench Silo
6 "Effect of Calcium-Deficient Roughages Upon Milk Production and Welfare of Dairy Cows."
6 The Effect of Feeding Crotalaria Seed to Chickens and Other Birds
6 "The Effect of Season of the year and Advancing Lactation Upon Milk Yield of Jersey Cows."
6 "Effect of Stilbestrol on Lactation and Reproduction"
6 "Effect of Sudden Changes in Formulation on Acceptability of Feeds"
6 "An Effective and An Ineffective Limonite"
6 "The Essentiality of Cobalt in Bovine Nutrition"
6 Experiment Station. 1906-1916
6 "Experiments With Napier Grass"
6 "The Feeding Value and Nutritive Properties of Citrus By-Products"
7 Feeding Value of Crotalaria. 1931
7 Florida Dairy Industries Association, Report Requested By
7 Flourine Abstracts
7 Functions of Minerals in Nutrition
7 Gainesville Steers
7 Gestation and Its Relation to Lactation
7 Gestation in Relation to Lactation (Fetus Dissections)
8 Gestation and Its Relation to Lactation
8 Grapefruit and Orange Cannery Refuse
8 "Hairless Guernsey Cattle. Hypotrichosis--A Non-Lethal Character."
8 "The Hemoglobin Content of the Blood of Healthy and Anemic Cattle"
8 How the Cow Grinds Feeds in the Bovine Stomach
9 "How We Got Citrus Dairy Feed" Florida Grower. Aug. 1945
9 "Importance of Calcium in Dairy Rations"
9 "Influence of Arsenical Dipping on Yield of Milk By Dairy Cows"
9 "Influence of Preceding Dry Period and of Mineral Supplement on Lactation"
9 "Influence of Season of Year, and Stage of Lactation, on Butterfat Test of Jersey Milk"
9 Influence of water Soluble Phosphorus
9 John Gorrie, M. D.
9 Lactose
9 "Life Span of A. I. Bulls Increases"
9 "Lumpy Jaw: Actinomycosis and Actinobacillosis in Cattle"
9 Management of Dairy Cattle in Florida
9 "Management of Range Cattle in Alachua County, Florida" Paul D. Camp
9 Memorandum and Project Reports
9 Mineral content in Soil
9 "The Mineral content of Soil Types as Related to 'Salt Sick' of Cattle"
9 "Mineral Malnutrition in Cattle"
9 "Mineral Matter In Mixed Dairy Feeds"
10 "Mineral Nutrition, Illustrated"
10 "Mineral Requirements of Cattle"
10 "Mineral Supplements and their Use"
10 "Minerals for Dairy and Beef Cattle"
10 Miscellaneous Correspondence. 1930s
10 Miscellaneous Correspondence. 1940s and 1950s
10 Miscellaneous Correspondence. 1960s
10 Miscellaneous Correspondence. 1970s and 1980s
10 Molasses and Sugar Cane--Belle Glade
10 National Livestock Exposition of Cuba
11 "Naturally Occurring Trace Mineral Deficiencies in Cattle, and Their Correction"
11 "Nutritional Anemia in Cattle-Its Economic Importance." and "Nutritional Anemia in Ruminants and Swine"
11 "Nutritional Anemia in Ruminants and Swine"
11 "Occurrence of Protozoa in the Bovine Stomach"
11 Office of Production Management Cobalt Priority. 1941
11 Paces
11 Papers By Fellow Dairy Husbandman and Students
11 Papers Presented at Professional Conferences
11 Parasites in Cattle
11 Parrot jaw
11 "Practical Proving of Dairy Sires"
11 "Preparation of Feeds For Cattle Feeding"
11 "Production and Correction of Subnormal Milk"
11 "Productive Life-Span of Dairy Cattle"
11 "Prussic or Hydrocyanic Acid Poisoning in Livestock"
11 Purnell 133 Mineral Intakes Fe Levels. 1951-1952
11 Purnell 133 Mineral Intakes, with Different Fe Levels
12 Purnell 345 References--Breeding Efficiency
12 Raiford State Farm committee
12 "Relation of Flourine to Livestock Feeding"
12 "The Relation of Flourine to Phosphorus Supplements"
12 "The Relation of Soil Type and Composition to the Occurrence of Nutritional Anemia in Cattle"
12 "Rumen digestion and Its Effects on Milk Production"
12 Rumen Protozoa in Florida Dairy Cattle
12 Salt Sick, Coop and Field. Work--Blood Analyses
12 Salt Sick, Coop and Field. Work Sheet
12 Salt Sick. Correspondence
12 Salt Sick. Feed Record
12 Salt Sick. Field Survey. 1929
13 Salt Sick
13 Salt sick Field Survey
13 "Salt Sick--A Naturally Occurring Nutritional Anemia"
13 "Salt Sick: its cause and Prevention "
13 Work Envelope-Salt Sick Scrub Sick
13 Silage Studies
13 Sophy's Gypsy's Fern No. 284
13 Soybean silage
14 Soybean silage. 1929-1932
14 Soybean silage-- Tabulations
14 "Soybeans For Silage" Analysis Including Alfalfa, Corn
14 Silage, soybeans, soybean silage, and Mixed Grain
14 "Stiffs, or Sweeney in Cattle"
14 Stiffs or Sweeney and "Paces"
14 "Stilbestrol Not Recommended for Breeding Cattle"
14 "A Study of the Palatability and Possible Toxicity of 11 Species of Crotalaria"
14 Subnormal Butterfat
15 Subnormal Butterfat
15 [Subnormal Butterfat] Low solids-Not Fat
15 "Subnormal Butterfat Tests Affected by Roughage Supply"
15 "Subnormal Milk--Its Causes and Correction"
15 Swett, W. W.
15 Swett, W. W. Re Free Martin
15 Swett, W. W. Slaughter Measurements Project
15 Tailless Calf
15 "Tail-less-Mutation or Accident During Embryonic Development?"
15 "Tenure and Reasons for Disposal of Artificial Insemination Dairy Sires"
15 "Tenure of Dairy Bulls in Artificial Service" tick Eradication
15 "Toxicity of Crotalaria Spectabilis with Cattle"
16 "A Type of Laboratory Silo and Its Use with Crotalaria"
16 Unidentified Record Book
16 "Utilization of Citrus By-Products for Feed"
16 "Value of Crotalaria As Feed"
16 The Value of Grazing for Fattening Cattle in Beef Production
17 Various Projects. 1928-1945
17 Various Projects. 1928-1944
17 Various Projects. 1943-1958
17 "The Welfare of Cattle on Florida Pastures
17 "Winter Feed for the Milk Cow"
17 WRUF. 10-11-1945


18 Abnormalities
18 Bulldog Head
18 Calcium and Phosphorus Studies
18 Citrus Pulp
18 Cobalt Study
18 Color Inheritance (Jersey x Dutch)
18 Cottonseed
18 Crotalaria Poisoning
18 Crampy
18 De Flourinated Phosphate Palatability Trials
18 Eckles, Charles H.
18 Effect of Feed on Bone Strength
18 Feeding Experiment
18 Flexed Pattern
18 Grazing Trials
18 Hairless Guernsey Cattle - Hypotrichosis
18 Influence of Season of Year and State of Lactation
18 Irrigated vs. Non-Irrigated Pasture
18 Low Fat Project
18 Low Solids-Not Fat
18 Mineral Boxes
18 Napier Grass Test
18 Nutrition Investigations
18 Paces
18 Parrot Jaw
18 Purnell Project 239
18 Rumen Protozoa
18 Salt Sick
18 Shark Industries, Inc.
18 Silage-Silos
18 Soybeans
18 State Prison
18 Stilbestrol Injections
18 Sugar Cane and Molasses
18 Sweeney
18 Tail-less Calf
18 Tick Eradication

Selected Subjects and Access Terms

Cattle -- Diseases -- Research -- Florida.
Dairy farming -- Florida -- History.
Dairy scientists -- Florida.

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