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A Guide to the Conversations Collection

Finding aid created by Carl Van Ness

University of Florida Smathers Libraries - Special and Area Studies Collections
September 2009

Descriptive Summary

Creator: Gannon, Michael, 1927-
Title: Conversations Collection
Dates: 1982-1986
Abstract: Televised interviews conducted by UF Professor Michael V. Gannon.
Extent: 5 Linear feet. 46 video tapes.
Identification: Ms Coll. 128
Language(s): English

Biographical/Historical Note

Conversations was broadcast on WUFT-TV at the University of Florida. The show first aired in 1975 and ended production in 1987. Conversations was produced and hosted by Michael V. Gannon, Professor of History and Religion and Associate Dean of the College of Liberal Arts and Sciences, and directed by Hank Connor. Conversations was a thirty minute show which featured guests from the academic, administrative and athletic departments of campus as well as visiting lecturers and speakers.

Scope and Content

The collection consists of 124 episodes broadcast between 1982 and 1986. 54 of the episodes have been digitally reformatted, and the others are only available in VHS. Multiple copies of some episodes exist.

Access or Use Restrictions


The collection is open for research.

Related or Separated Material

Conversations was briefly broadcast on the radio station WRUF under the title Point of View. The audio portion of five episodes from the show's first year can be found in the University of Florida Sound Archives. Tape 135: Maxine Margolies, 1976. Tape 136: Erich Farber, 1976. Tape 137: Wilse Webb, 1975. Tape 138: Irene Thompson and Mary Ellen Caldwell, 1975. Tape 139: Richard Hiers, 1975.

Administrative Information

Preferred Citation

[Identification of item], Conversations Collection, Special and Area Studies Collections, George A. Smathers Libraries, University of Florida, Gainesville, Florida.

Contents List

GAN-A Ambassador Clare Boonstra.
GAN-A Bertram Wyatt-Brown.
GAN-B Gainesville Chamber Orchestra.
GAN-B Phillip Callahan.
GAN01 Meir Rosenne (reformatted). 1984
GAN01 Daniel O. Graham (reformatted). 1985
GAN02 Charles Mahan.
GAN02 Dr. Damodara.
GAN02 Dr. Munselle.
GAN02 Richard Thompson.
GAN02 William Woodruff.
GAN04 Bargar.
GAN05 Dr. V. Wilson.
GAN05 Erich Farber.
GAN05 William Childers.
GAN05 William Woodruff.
GAN06 Ambassador De Pinies.
GAN06 Kenneth Tefertiller.
GAN06 Linton Grinter.
GAN06 Mary L. Whitney.
GAN07 Barney Capehart.
GAN07 Bill Savis.
GAN07 David Chalmers.
GAN07 Kent Beyette.
GAN08 Harry Shaw.
GAN08 Knox T. Millsap.
GAN08 Raymond Gay-Crosier.
GAN09 Paul Doughty (reformatted). 1980
GAN09 Ramon Bela and Sam Proctor(reformatted). 1980
GAN10 Charles Fairbanks.
GAN10 Heinz Eulau.
GAN11 David Closson, Lynn Pride (reformatted).
GAN11 Don Fuqua (reformatted). 1980
GAN11 Fred Gregory (reformatted).
GAN11 George B. Tindall (reformatted).
GAN12 Lincoln Brower (reformatted).
GAN12 Robert Q. Marston (reformatted). 1981
GAN12 Shelby Foote (reformatted).
GAN13 Arthur Marshall.
GAN13 Ray Washington.
GAN13 Sam Hays.
GAN14 Charley Pell (reformatted). 1982
GAN14 Dean Rusk (reformatted).
GAN14 John Staudhammer (reformatted).
GAN14 Robert Q. Marston (reformatted). 1982
GAN15 B. Carter Randall (reformatted).
GAN15 Henry H. Fishkind (reformatted).
GAN15 John Houseman (reformatted). 1982
GAN15 William J. Winslade (reformatted).
GAN16 Irene Thompson.
GAN16 Michael Fox.
GAN16 Olga Hirschorn.
GAN16 Read Baker.
GAN16 Walter Ong.
GAN17 Barbara Purdy (reformatted). 1982
GAN17 John Faircy (reformatted). 1982
GAN17 Kathleen Deagan (reformatted). 1982
GAN17 Robert McMahon (reformatted). 1982
GAN18 John Robinson (reformatted). 1983
GAN18 Marvin Harris (reformatted). 1983
GAN18 Wayne Chen (reformatted). 1983
GAN19 Kenneth Tefertiller.
GAN20 David Challoner (reformatted).
GAN20 Elie Wiesel (reformatted). 1983
GAN21 Bishop Thomas J. Gumbleton (reformatted).
GAN21 Donald Justice (reformatted).
GAN21 George McGovern (reformatted). 1983
GAN21 Irving Redlener (reformatted). 1983
GAN22 Alexander Haig.
GAN23 Andrew Hines (reformatted).
GAN23 Charley Pell (reformatted). 1983
GAN24 Bob Edwards (reformatted).
GAN24 George Plimpton, Willie Stargell (reformatted). 1983
GAN24 Michael Gordon (reformatted).
GAN24 Pierre Ramond (reformatted).
GAN25 Jerold M. Lowenstein (reformatted). 1983
GAN25 Walter "Red" Barber (reformatted). 1983
GAN25 William Friedman (reformatted).
GAN26 Leonard Beeghley.
GAN26 Norton Baskin.
GAN27 Eugene McCarthy (reformatted). 1983
GAN27 Larry Smith (reformatted).
GAN27 Roy Hunt, George Percy (reformatted).
GAN28 Harvey Wasserman (reformatted). 1983
GAN28 Meir Rosenne (reformatted). 1984
GAN28 Parker A. Small (reformatted).
GAN28 William Westmoreland (reformatted). 1983
GAN30 Stanley I. Rutler (reformatted).
GAN30 Tom Wolfe (reformatted). 1984
GAN50 Ralph Albertazzie.
GAN50 Robert Mason.
GAN60 Alistair Duckworth (reformatted).
GAN60 Bertram Wyatt-Brown (reformatted).
GAN60 Robert Hatch, Fred Gregory (reformatted).
GAN60 William F. Buckley, Jr. (reformatted).
GAN124 Charles Sidman (reformatted).
GAN124 David Chalrmers, Paul Doughty (reformatted).
GAN124 Sidney Ives (reformatted).
GAN124 Stanley Karnow (reformatted). 1984
GAN125 Nigel Smith (reformatted). 1985
GAN125 Stephen Saxon (reformatted). 1984
GAN126 Galen Hall (reformatted). 1986
GAN126 Gene Roddenberry (reformatted). 1986
GAN126 Jack Horkheimer (reformatted).
GAN127 John Stockwell.
GAN127 Robert Bowman.
GAN127 Shannon McCune.
GAN128 John Palling.
GAN128 William Goza.
GAN129 Charles Thomas.
GAN129 David Chalmers, David Colburn.
GAN129 Martin Marty.
GAN129 Ralph Lowenstein.
GAN130 Art Daye.
GAN130 Charlie Pell.
GAN130 Jane Librant.
GAN130 Theodore Gastor.
GAN131 Dan Carter.
GAN131 Herb Doherty.
GAN131 Jerry Uelsman.
GAN132 John Spanier.
GAN132 Leonard Kapling.
GAN132 Melvin New, David Colburn.
GAN133 Marshall Criser.
GAN133 Michael Copps.
GAN133 Sam Hill.
GAN133 Sam Proctor.
GAN134 Gainesville Chamber Orchestra (reformatted).
GAN134 Otis Boggs (reformatted). 1985
GAN134 Phillip Callahan (reformatted). 1984
GAN134 Robert Bach (reformatted). 1984
GAN135 Bishop Leroy T. Matthiesen.
GAN135 John Robinson.
GAN135 Tom Rider.
GAN135 Wayne Chen.
GAN136 Alexander Haig.
GAN136 Bill Rion.
GAN137 Ambassador Clare Boonstra.
GAN137 David Webb, et al.
GAN137 Robert Lanzilotti.
GAN138 Charles Sidman.
GAN138 Tom Wolfe.
No Number Julian Pleasants (This tape has not been reformatted.). 1976

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