University of Florida Archives Moving Image Collection

Production Number 9

Production title:  Homecoming 1961

Production date: 1961

Color / no sound

Total running time:  00:22:00

Producer:  Colonial Studios (Copyright 1961)

Cameraman:  W.R. Breeze

Presented by Florida Blue Key.

Derived from 16 mm film.

Available in VHS, DVD and Sony DV-cam.

The film documents much of the 1961 Homecoming celebration including the parade, the beauty contest to choose the Homecoming Queen and her court,  the Florida Blue Key Banquet with the guest speaker Vice President Lyndon B. Johnson, Gator Growl, the JMBA Skits, and the football game (UF versus LSU).


0:00    Introduction with film credits and a cartoon with drawings of the parade, football players, cheerleaders, and others.

1:05    Night scene with what is probably tryouts of skits for Gator Growl

1:36    Beauty contest. Swmsuit competition.

 7:35     Florida Blue Key Banquet

                Lyndon B. Johnson

                J. Wayne Reitz

                George Smathers

                Farris Bryant

                Lyndon B. Johnson giving his speech

9:28     Lyndon B. Johnson and two other men walk between an honor guard of men in uniform

9:36     Start of Gator Growl – Introduction of Lyndon B. Johnson

                HC Queen and her court

                Skits and band performance


 15:02   JMBA Skits 1961 – sign



15:55   Swimming pool – two male swimmers do breast stroke in pool

16:05   Century Tower

                University Auditorium

16:11   Florida Field


                Car drives on field with HC Queen and her court

                Football players run out onto Florida Field

                Card section

                Game action

                Brief half time event – presentation of silver bowls

                More of the football game action

                UF 0  LSU 23

                People leaving the Stadium

20:01   Ends with some footage of house decorations

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