University of Florida Archives Moving Image Collection

Production number 60

Production title: Band Film: Auburn Game (1958)

Total running time: 00:17:00

Color / no sound

No production credits given.

Derived from 16 mm film.

Available in VHS, DVD, and Sony DV-cam.

Part of the University of Florida Gator Band Collection.

Film documentation of the pre-game and half-time shows of the University of Florida marching band at the 1958 Auburn game.  The color quality is good and the images are fairly crisp.  The pre-game show featured both the Auburn and Florida bands.  At one point, presumably during the playing of the national anthem, the camera focuses on the flag and the north end zone.  You can see traffic on University Ave. in the background.

At half-time the Florida band re-enters the field.  There are shots of the card section including one where FSU is spelled out.  Unless the wrong footage was added to the Auburn game (there is a splice in the film), this probably refers to the upcoming game with FSU.  The scoreboard from the pre-game footage shows AUB as the visiting team. 

At one point, the camera scans the eastern horizon to depict Florida Gymnasium and the old wooden gym.

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