University of Florida Archives Moving Image Collection

Production number 4

Production title:  [Historical footage, ca.1948-1965]

Production date: various dates

Black & white and color / no sound

Total running time: 00:33:40

Derived from 16 mm film.

Available in VHS, DVD, and Sony DVCAM.

Part of Earl Jernigan's Film Archive.

This tape is composed of short film clips from various years that were spliced together on one core. There is no common theme or purpose to the clips.  Footage includes football games, homecoming, and campus events. Many of the clips cannot be identified.   The first and longest clip involves homecoming events.  The year is unknown, but the appearance of J. Hillis Miller places it in the 1948-1953 time period. Also noteworthy is a convocation of some sort that may be Miller's inauguration.


0:00    Football 1950s

0:00    Homecoming

                J. Hillis Miller and others

1:00        Swimcapades

2:45        Football game

7:10        Growl fireworks

7:55    Football scrimmage. Probably early or mid 1960s.   Quarterback with #11. (Spurrier?)

10:50  Appears to be a play or skit

11:30  Appears to be people reciting poetry

14:00  Florida wetlands and forest. Color. Lots of wood storks and ospreys.

17:30  Circus. B & W.  FSU?

21:00  Band at halftime, cheerleaders, card section. Color. Probably 1950s.

22:50  Appears to be Miller's inauguration. People receiving honorary degrees.

27:00  Football, band. Cars in parking lot outside stadium indicate late 1950s.

29:00  End of film


2:30    House decorations

3:40    Parade and reviewing stand

7:30    Swimcapades

10:00  Parade again

11:30  Football game

13:00  Half-time show and second half of game


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